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Courtesy Mrgunsngear (YouTube)
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Glock has essentially confirmed that the photo of the military prototype [AR-15] is genuine, but added that there are no present plans to produce a civilian version.

“Glock is always in development of future products and technologies through the pursuit of perfection,” read a statement from the company to The Daily Beast last week. “The image shared is of a product developed for select solicitations and it is not available for the general market at this time.”

The statement has a high-brow tone indicative of an attitude that [anti-gun activist Ryan] Busse suspects is the reason Glock has held off making an AR-15 for so long.

“Glock has always been very, very egotistical, kind of hoity-toity about everything they do,” Busse said. “You know, they’re the smart Europeans. They don’t have to build American-style guns. They do it their way. They kind of give the finger to everybody.” …

“I think Glock would instantly have a sizable portion of the market,” Busse said. “Glock would be an instant player with a sizable market share.”

It could become the hot new accessory in the street. …

But with that popularity could come public condemnation.

Glocks have been used to horrific effect in numerous mass shootings, including one in 2011 at a “Congress on Your Corner” event in Tucson where a gunman killed six and disabled Rep. Gabby Giffords, who went on to found the gun control law center where Busse now works. A man with two Glocks killed 32 at Virginia State in 2007.

But handgun attacks with adult victims have not sparked the same outrage toward the manufacturer as makers of assault weapons have faced after their weapons were used to kill youngsters in their classrooms

Should Glock go into the AR-15 business, it would be only one mass school shooting away from finding itself widely condemned, as was Daniel Defense after one of its products was used to kill 19 students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, in May.

— Michael Daly in Glock Ar-15 Rumors Run Rampant. That Would Be a Nightmare.


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  1. The killer at Virginia Tech used a Glock 9mm and a purse full of 10 round magazines and a Walther 22. I don’t believe he shot anyone with the 22.

    • The only people who have something to be ashamed of are azzholes who continue to wallow around in sneaky backdoor Gun Control rot. After all History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide.

      Well meaning knee jerk incompetent senators like the worthless bill cassidy forget there is a huge difference between The Second Amendment and the criminal.misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. That huge difference needs be chiseled otherwise a Constitutional Right hinges on the actions of the next adam lanza out there and they are out there.

      • Agree. Most people don’t know that most gun control legislation was sponsored by Jewish congressmen and congresswomen, and senators. Why do you think that is?

        • Sponsored by Jewish congressmen and congresswomen, Jamaal?

          That’s hilarious, considering gun control’ has always been about making sure the “wrong people” (translation, blacks or disfavored ‘immigrants’) can never have guns.

          Why are you so paranoid about the Jews, anyways?

        • Sometimes I wonder if there’s a competition for tools to see who can make the biggest ass out of themselves on the internet. Is there a “Tool of the Day” award?

        • jamaal is a paid troll. The left uses people like this to make us look bad. I would not be surprised to find that jamaal is dacian or miner.

        • The last assault weapon ban *was* named for sponsors Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein and you’d be hard pressed to find a Jew in Congress or Supreme Court who is not pro gun control.

        • There are plenty of Jews who aren’t in favor of gun control. They aren’t typically found in public office though, as they’d rather be controlling your life (just you though, one who sees through it all) from another angle in their vast Jewish conspiracy network. They pop up everywhere just to say “that’s right, there’s a Jew here too, clearly it’s a linked conspiracy!” and then laugh as you panic at the sight of another jew.

          They leave most of us alone, because they don’t get a rise out of us merely for existing.

        • Tim U:

          “There are plenty of Jews who aren’t in favor of gun control ….” 🤔

          90%+ of Jews vote Democrat ie. for those seeking to deny us our rights so tell me other than my fiancee’ (whose family save for one or two are rabidly anti-gun) just where are those “plenty of Jews” who support the 2nd Amendment ….. maybe they’re in Israel as they sure ain’t here in the USA.

      • Elitism, racism and sexism are what drive gun control freaks.

        I have always wondered about the Jews and the people of Japanese descent and their clinging to the very party that persecuted them.

        The dimokrautik president Roosevelt was the one who signed the executive order putting tens of thousands of U.S. citizens in concentration camps during WWII. And most of them are still registered dimokrauts.

        The dimokrautik president Roosevelt forbad the landing of a shipload of Jewish refugees from landing in the U.S. during WWII. They had escaped Nazi Germany and were seeking refuge somewhere, anywhere — except the U.S. turned them away. Right off hand, I don’t remember if they made it to Palestine after slipping a British blockade or not.

        Maybe it is Stockholm syndrome that makes them so pathetically dimokrautik. It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me.

        Of course, we have to remember the infamous Jewish rabbi who advised his congregation not to make the Nazis angry. Not make them angry? What more could they do if they were angry? The Nazis were already rounding them up brutally, transporting them worse than cattle, stripping them naked when they arrived and then gassing them or shooting them. Many Jews were buried still alive. I am sure some were shoved into the ovens still alive. They tortured them with macabre “medical” experiments and worked them to death making munitions and rockets for the Nazi war effort. I just don’t have enough sadistic imagination to imagine what more they could have done if they were “angry.”

  2. Oh, so now the VTech shooting happened at Virginia State, and the shooter used 2 Glocks and not 1 Glock 19 and 1 Walther P22? These people I swear to christ….

    • Yup, never let facts affect constantly advancing the narrative…we won’t even think about the fact (completely verifiable) that knives are the weapon used in 4 times more homicides than ALL rifles combined.

    • Now corrected, but no notification that it was. Mr. Daly being a SPECIAL correspondent must entitle him to hide what a shoddy job he did checking the facts before hitting the key to publish.

  3. Form the article “Glock would be an instant player with a sizable market share.” is almost laughable. Glock will sell a few thousand a year, to the fanboys, but there are already enough customers for AR-15’s, they will only be taking someone else’s boutique AR-15 market share. The average AR-15 customer probably won’t buy it unless they were looking at a Daniel Defense or other premium maker’s products also.

    • Not so sure…..For many decades there was a saying in the computer procurement departments for government purchases by saying “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” . I can imagine that a similar saying might appear in government procurement departments for firearms “Nobody ever got fired for buying Glock”.

      BTW, I realize that nobody gets fired from government now days so maybe the phrase isn’t as prevalent today.

      • You have to understand how the goobermint works in hiring. The Human Relations Department does the hiring. They are experts in what they do and so they never make a mistake when they hir a candidate who meets the job specifications the HR Department decided were needed for the job.

        The supervisor who gives an employee poor ratings in job performance or attitude or any other ratable category has not done his job as supervisor to correctly guide the employee who is superior for the job according to HR. Thus the supervisor is called upon to justify his unsatisfactory rating for the superior employee who was hired by HR. Why get hauled on the carpet for the slug that HR hired? Thus, on evaluation everyone is good or better until they shoot somebody. It doesn’t matter if they don’t show up at all, the supervisor has merely failed to instruct them that they have to show up every work day. It doesn’t matter if they have a drug or alcohol addiction problem. They need counseling for their problem which will cure them and return them to the job they are so eminently qualified for. Now, if they make a comment about someone’s sexual preference or ethnicity, that is an unforgivable act and requires immediate termination. Also if they believe 9 month term pregnancies should not be terminated by medical procedure that also is a terminatable offense.

        That’s why even though a federal government employee issued green cards to the 9/11 bombers AFTER their names had been plastered in news media probably over a million times, was not fired and actually received a meritorious commendation before she retired on her taxpayer funded retirement. Possibly partially funded by some of the victims of the 9/11 attack.

    • Would probably sell more than Colt will sell of their latest “M5”. Two grand retail and they couldn’t even be bothered to Dremel off the flashing on the front of the forged lower? A lower that’s also incompatible with many aftermarket triggers because it uses longer, proprietary hammer and trigger pins? The tongue-and-groove anti-rotation system on the handguard and the “heat sink” barrel nut are interesting but not $2000 interesting.

    • Glock is the most popular firearm among law enforcement agencies. I assume it’s the most popular handgun brand among everyone else. It’s a smart move. They’ll sell a ton of these to existing customers alone.

      • That’ funny because I watch all these cop videos on youtube…you know, body cams and such and watch how many times the cop fires his GLOCK and the thing jams. LOL I’m sorry, no wait, I’m NOT sorry but GLOCK does nothing for me and I’d never carry one.

        • Any firearm will jam, ftf, fte if old and/or cheap ammo is used or the gun is not properly maintained even a cop’s gun that will most likely be fired only once a year at qualifying (if that is even required) and doesn’t get the periodic cleaning and oiling that ALL precision machinery requires. Hate em or love em nobody really cares what you (or I) think about a particular firearm or manufacturer, but don’t blame the gun for human error/failure I’ve NEVER had a failure with my G29, but it is the only Glock I own AND the only Glock I have ever fired others experiences WILL vary. I would never own a Hi-Point, not because they are not reliable (hint: they are reliable) but because they are just butt ugly, someone may take exception to THAT, but who cares.

        • Nobody cares? Sure someone cares, GLOCK owners care. As far as maintenance, I’m sure that has something to do with it. Lots of folks are simply lazy slobs when it comes right down to it. They NEVER change the oil in their lawn mower, their cars oil hasn’t been changed in two years, has low tires even though the TPMS light is on, a burned out headlight, the battery terminals have corrosion all over them and their daily carry, they NEVER clean them.
          I’m the polar opposite of those people. I maintain my equipment but I still don’t like GLOCK and care less that nobody cares.

        • Limpwristing a Glock or other polymer-framed gun is easier than limpwristing a metal-framed gun because heavier weight in the frame gives them more inertial resistance to the recoil action. I’ve heard about this happening more with Glock 10mms and .45s, but I took a newby to the rental range once who limpwristed a G19 (and also managed to put the safety on an AR with the hammer forward).

        • The Glock is a super reliable gun – unless you have a shitty grip.
          Which is almost every real life gunfight a police officer may get in. So it failed in the one scenario it was supposed to excel in.

        • You’re lying. I’ve seen a ton of OIS videos on YouTube. Sig, m&p, Glock never seen any of those guns malfunction in a firefight on vest unless it was out battery contact shot or one officer who was limp wristing an m&p because he was shot in the hand. Malfunctions with modern handguns are rare especially ones in the holster of the average cop are pretty reliable

        • Your comment is awaiting moderation
          I am fastidious about cleaning and oiling ALL of my firearms even the ones that don’t get much range time (the Mauser, the Mosin). Any gun that jams once is suspect, twice? it belongs to someone else ASAP. I’ve had my Ruger P90 for over 20 years and the Glock G29 for nearly as long, both see regular range time and have eaten 1000s of rounds, neither of them has reached the level of suspect yet and the G29 has been my EDC for over 10 years. Wife carries a .38 spec (and she is deadly with it) I like my revolvers but not for EDC.

          WTF is WRONG with this? Your fukkin algorithm doesn’t understand fastidious? This is the dumbest shit I’ve seen, Hell you are becoming “twitbook” in fact you are WORSE than that.

      • Supposedly, the Glock 19 9mm is the most popular pistol in the United States, if not the entire planet. Many copies and knock-offs exist. I like my Glock fine for what it is, but the lack of a positive safety takes some getting used to. Don’t blather to me about the so-called trigger safety, the Glock can and does fire when replaced in the holster if the user isnt VERY careful. For that reason I carry mine in a flap holster that has plenty of room for the pistol to slide in…
        ALL THAT said, I will not be buying a Glock AR-15, as I have a stable full of Colt AR15’s. I suspect that the Glock-15 will be a boutique item for Gaston

        • yea, I feel the same way. I own a Glock 19, it comes out of the safe every two years for an oil and wipe down, then goes back in the safe. Glock’s are duty guns as far as I’m concerned. I’d never carry one in a ccw holster inside the wasteband, tucked. Its an accidental (or negligent if you think all accidents are negligent) waiting to happen.

      • @Leigh If you have $800 to spend, are you buying a S&W or a Del-Ton, or you going to cough up almost twice as much for a Glock AR-15? BTW, a S&W M&P Shield Plus is $500, a Glock 19 is just under $700 and a G26 is $600 …..This Glock AR will not be $600-700 like most budget AR’s

  4. It’s only a matter of time before the shitlibs find a way to condemn, nike, adidas, and Jordan’s for being the most commonly used getaway shoes that criminals use to evade prosecution. They seriously think that Glock = any black handgun and that brand names are indicative of lethality. The level of ignorance and idiocy on display here is profound.

    • TV show Big Sky, ALL Glocks all the time, good guys, bad guys, cops, drug dealers, everyone carries a Glock.

      • Glock could go with the terrifying 9mm that removes entire lungs with one shot, or go with the even scarier .223
        that vaporizes entire human bodies !! And that color it’s shown in makes it easy to hide in playground sandboxes
        more easily…where will they hide outside during recess? OMG – the horrors these companies are coming up with.

      • Ever notice how the sound techs on TV shows add the ubiquitous “hammer back click” sound whenever anyone with a Glock (which is, as you point out, most everyone on TV nowadays) unholsters, or enters a room, or enters the next room, or…

        Sometimes I’ll perturb Mrs. Haz by audibly counting the total number of times a particular Mr. Fed Agent “racks and clicks” his same Glock as he and his buddy go through a house to clear it.

        • I swear that during a show last night, the perps CROSSBOW had the phantom ” GlockC_ _k ” dubbed in. (had to use dashes to avoid moderation purgatory again)

        • The same applies to revolvers. They show the holder of the revolver opening the cylinder to check to see if it’s loaded and then to show how much of a gunny he is, flips the cylinder closed, not knowing that is a good way to knock the timing off

          Hold over from the old cowboy movies where the actors really were shooters and knew that nobody walked around with 6 rounds in the cylinder and the firing pin resting on the primer of the round under the hammer. So, yeah, before going into a gunfight, the shooter, loaded the sixth round in his single action Colt.

          What? The actor forgot whether he loaded his revolver that morning? His memory is so bad he has to check to see if it is loaded or not? He doesn’t know he can check by looking at the back of the cylinder and seeing if there are rounds in it? Or is it because he habitually only loads a couple of round rather than a full five or six or whatever it holds?

          I also love the way a guy with a 2 inch dick special outshoots the bad guy with an MP5. Why do we equip our troops with very expensive M240s when they can outshoot the enemy with a cheapo Saturday night special 2-incher?

          By the way, does anybody know what the original name was for a Sat night special? I would post it here but it would be sure to get zapped.

  5. The way this author puts it makes it sound as though the guns themselves hunted people down and killed them. No harsh words for the actual criminal!? As has been demonstrated around the world, if a person has murderous intent, they’ll find whatever tool is available to them to do it whether it be a gun, knife, baseball bat, pipe bomb, car, truck, etc. It is totally disingenuous and dangerous to blame the tool and not the perpetrator. Ah, but that’s not their agenda, is it?

    • I am always surprised by the number of cops on tv shows (usually detectives) who don’t chamber a round until they are ready to go through the door. Really? Or the guy on Criminal Minds (who knows better) pointing his 1911 at someone, and THEN cocking the hammer for “emphasis.” Gimme a break!

  6. I’m tickled that there are still people who think that, if we’re going to allow a man with murder on his mind to lock himself in a room with women and children for an hour, it really matters what kind of weapon he has, let alone what brand.

    • all ceremic with a special stealth coating so it will be invisible to x-ray and scanner devices, of course.

        • Here’s a 3D printed replica of the composite gunn used by John Malkovich’s character in the 1993 movie In The Line Of Fire.

        • That appears to be a two-shot veterinary euthanasia gun, Haz.

          Like when a horse at a racetrack breaks its leg, for example. The thing at the back is how you cock it…

        • Actually, the “thing at the back” is the long threaded screw that holds the front (barrel) and back (frame) together upon assembly. The two tabs at the top are how it’s cocked.

  7. But with that popularity could come public condemnation.

    But it’s not one of those scary black things. I’d probably buy one depending on the price point.

    • Glock AR. Whatever. I could have bought a glock pistol. I hate the grip angle. I may buy another AR but it won’t be a GLOCK brand GLOCK©

      • I could have bought a glock pistol. I hate the grip angle.

        That’s why there are so many different makes, models, styles, types and shapes of handguns. My EDC is a Glock G29, not everyone has the ability to handle that piece, but I am very comfortable with it. I sometimes carry a Ruger P90 (.45 APC) also a very heavy gun but it’s all about preference and I “prefer the G29 for the power and ammo capacity (can use 15 round G20 mags with an extended floor plate for 16 plus one in the chamber). Make it about what you are comfortable with not the name engraved in the slide. I also carry a subcompact 9mm (SCCY) in an ankle holster and a 4 1/2-inch barrel AR platform 9mm pistol with several 33 round magazines in the tour pack on my Harley. I’m not a “fanboy” of any brand or caliber (but I am partial to 10mm) I’ve been doing this for over 60 years, and I know what works for me will not necessarily work for you.

        • Nuance and thoughtful contemplation in a Glock/AR thread? With that said how does the G29 compare to others in that size category? More likely to pick up something in 357 sig for excessive power in sub size but the 29 does seem like an impressive option.

        • I’ve not tried other makes or even the G20 which is just a longer slightly heavier version of the G29, I can hit a 10-inch plate at 100 yards 5 out of five shots and hold a 2-inch group at 30 yards all day. The G29 packs the power of much larger handguns, is easily concealable (I carry all day IWB in the kidney position) with adequate round count at 16 plus 1. Never fired the .357 sig which is actually a necked down 10mm and from what I understand is pretty costly to shoot (even compared to 10mm) If you get an opportunity to shoot a G29 try it, best results are with longer G20 mags with grip extensions as the stock grip is a bit short. Bottom line 10mm is 10mm no matter what brand of gun it comes out of from 180 grain hollow point to 220 grain hard cast lead it is a very effective round on man-bear or pig… Yep, I went there.

        • 357 sig was necked down 40 (10mm short and weak so close enough) but yeah cost is similar either way I just would more typically go for a lower recoil option re carry but 10mm would be a go to for Mr. Gore. I can see now that I look closer that the extended mag would allow for a full grip when using buffalo bore/underwood/double tap etc for truly fun loadings. Nothing in rental lanes around my region so I will look into it next time I head south.

        • I use mainly Underwood and Double Tap for hard cast, Sellier and Belloit for HP and range ammo… There can be up to a dollar a round cost difference 10mm runs average around 60 cents .357 Sig closer to buck I’ve seen nearly two bucks a round for basically a glorified 9mm? Recoil is an issue, but practice can make it doable. It doesn’t need to be a Glock there are a lot of 10mm out there but price, size, capacity, reliability sold me on this one.

        • There is a lot more 10mm out in stock now than 357 sig but when you can find same brand/type of loading for both they are within a few cents per round of each other. It is a 9mm where +p+ is the starting point and underwood does equally nasty things with it as you have seen with 10mm. Generally I lean more towards larger guns for 10 but I can see the value in your pick especially if the loss of barrel length doesn’t matter too much re velocity. I also like both options for potential in bypassing lower end ballistic armor for pistol ratings and given time would end up with both as I enjoy reloading challenges. Now if we want to really get silly with glorified 9mm there is always 9×25 Dillon.

        • Whatever you ultimately decide on enjoy it I shoot all of my handguns regularly from the AMT .22 Automag to my .44 magnum each has its place and I enjoy them all, I also feel blessed that at my age I am still able to shoot and control the big guns, must be from a lifetime of motorcycle riding and weightlifting, (not so much the latter now) but I still ride almost daily.

        • Lifting absolutely helps with all of that and need to hit the kettlebells more if 480 Ruger will be messed with. Also very neat re AMT automag, on first glance I would have misidentified it as a one of the Ruger semi’s but looks like it would be a fun one.

        • Hard to misidentify that pretty stainless-steel slide over that 6-inch barrel, mine is an early model built in Irwindale CA, bought about 15 years ago for $100, been appraised at $650. Did replace the firing pin and the ejector. Sounds like a big gun, hits hard, some noticeable recoil but yeah, cheap to shoot and a lot of fun, gets a lot of attention.

        • It was the grips that showed up on the first google image that threw me but yeah not as familiar with either series so found a segment to study this week.

        • Have a set of hand carved Rosewood grips on mine. I understand High Standard has bought the rights and is manufacturing now… Anyway, your interest got me looking around and I find that I might need a new appraisal since the 6-inch model seems to have gained a bit of popularity running into the $900/$1000 range. The High Standard version is retailing for $895

      • couldn’t hit diddley-dick with my glock 17…then I put oversized rubber grips on it…now it’s dead-on….

  8. The rifle for NYPD procurement bids will have a spongy 12 pound trigger, for consistency in cross-training with their handguns.

  9. “It could become the hot new accessory in the street.”

    So will we see people stuffing these in their sweat pants, wearing to the club, park basketball game, rap videos? Brings new meaning to the term “Glock leg.” I hope it will be compatible with auto switches.

    Have previous Glock releases or in general any gun models been referred to as “the hot new accessory in the street?” Based on crime data the street won’t likely see these Glock ARs at all.

  10. Its almost as though they believe that attaching the Glock machine mark will make the firearm the double secret deadliest gun evvah.

  11. Widely condemned?
    I’m not sure where that comes from. Every gun manufacturer is widely condemned as it is. That’s already there regardless of what Glock does one way or the other. To be so caught up in THAT is just plain ridiculous.

    As to the AR15:
    I doubt very seriously I’d ever own one. I would sooner buy a Daniel Defense and I’m not all that likely to do that. Why cares what gun was used by who, when, or where? DD being used in a school shooting means nothing. If your hung up on that then maybe you should move on dot org anyway. Any AR15 I’m likely to ever own will be one I build myself so this entire line of BS becomes meaningless.

    This is all a whole bunch of hype about nothing. It’s a nothin burger (as they say). It’s what becomes so irritating about either side. Everyone goes nuts over the silliest stupidest things.

    • Still trying to accept that the Uvalde shooter could afford TWO Daniel Defense ARs and a new pickup truck after working ,PART TIME, at Wendys.

      • No other bills and no girlfriend to spend money on. It’s doable. I lived on my own while paying for full time college, had a new Toyota truck (made payments), and took my girlfriend out every weekend. I didn’t make much over minimum wage at my regular job plus I mowed yards.

  12. FIY, the FBI Uniform Crime Report (yes, I know) finds that in 2021, 1,035 people were killed “with knives or cutting instruments.”
    And only 447 people were killed with rifles.

    As to the OP, another AR15. What is the difference between it and the others manufactures out there?
    What makes it better than a Ruger? A PSA? A S&W? Colt?

  13. I call BS, doesn’t make sense for Glock to spend a few million on rifle development and new manufacturing machinery just to enter an already over saturated market. Contractors already have the role filled with FNH, Geissle, and Sig. Why would they change? That is unless their product is AR patterned but offers significant improvement over previous designs. But then again POF already has that corner of the market too. Just doesn’t make sense.

    • “Contractors already have the role filled with FNH, Geissle, and Sig. Why would they change?”

      Because that rifle is supposed to have a number of Glock-only patents, all in one package. I can easily see Glock producing it for the LE-Military market, since they won’t flinch at it’s likely $2,500 + price tag.

      This isn’t intended to compete in the sub-$1,000 segment…

    • Glock confirmed the trials prototype is real, though not necessarily a mass market product.

      AR15 making isn’t THAT expensive. Look at how many no budget companies do it here. It’s a bunch of relatively small aluminum and polymer parts, with the only critical steel being springs (Glock is already set up for), trigger (same), pins (same), BCG and barrel.

    • It will be expensive if it hits the market. Glocks considers itself to be a premium brand, not a commodity.

      Example – Here’s a review of a Glock-compatible 9mm pistol by Palmetto State Armory at the bottom of the market, it’s about $300 compared to $600 for a Glock :

      • My brain hurts thinking about Glock as a premium brand but I guess we have a Honda Accord vs Civic comparison here.

        • Glock has a well-earned reputation as being a boringly-reliable handgun.

          So yeah, the comparison is a valid one…

  14. I love it when the “military-industrial complex” comes up with new and exciting products.

  15. WHat GLOCK does is for GLOCK to decide and it f GLOCK id notov erlyn impressed by the Americvsan gun nuts then so be it Why do Americans think the whole world revolves around them. The fact is that most of the world, or at least the more civilised parts of it simply does not have the fascination with firearms that America has even in those countries that have what I would call ‘loose gun controls. Most of EASTERN EUROPE for example has serious HUNTING traditions but very very few people have hand guns of any kind of semi-autos rifles and they certainly do not see the poseewssiion of a HUNTING rifle as some kind of reflection on personal freedoms a or the lack of firearms a threat.
    For most of them firearms are seen as tools NOT as objects of veneration and towns folk without access to hunting have no interest in firearms as far as I can see-and I have been there in my travels. Yes you do see people carruying Rifles in the countryside but I’ve never ever seen one in towns apart from those used by the POLICE or Armed Services and even then the Armed services do not wander around with firearms unless on ARMED DUTY. IN most countries witgh a strong hunting tradition TRAINING and nessessity are very strict conditions of license -far away more stringent than anything that exists in the USA . A IN most case you would certainly NOT get a l.icense with any kind of Police record or history of mental instability.

    • Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter says what????

      Even if you were a Brit, Prince Albert, still no one here would give a shit what you say, so just dry up and blow away. Oh, and next time you need us to come bail your sorry, monarchy-worshipping asses out? Don’t bother calling, we’re busy.

    • WHat GLOCK does is for GLOCK to decide and it f GLOCK id notov erlyn impressed

      What the fuk is THAT gibberish? Tried spell check no mas, tried two translation programs nada, zilch, zip (maybe Klingon?). Speak English please. And yes, the fucking world does revolve around the US, without us most of the free aka “civilized” world would be speaking German today, most international transactions are done in US dollars, most international corps use English language (American version) and if we can get the fucking progressive liberals out of the way the civilized world will be coming to us for their energy needs.

      • Albert, while you ponder your witty comeback, might we suggest less 80 proof imbibing and more actual proofreading.

  16. Lamp-
    A bit harsh, I’d say. Whatever we may think of their gun laws or the trappings of their government(s) (GB and Commonwealth) they are our closest kin both racially and historically. Blood is thicker than water, in this case at least. YMMV!

  17. Glocks got the money to withstand a lawsuit. When every gunm company is going to be sued for A PERSON killing someone with their gunm , gotta plan ahead

  18. I hope people that read the article did see the ‘OPINION’ at the top of the article. This is the author’s (Ryan Busse) thoughts and ideas. It did cause me some thought when he mentioned Clocks were used in Die Hard 2. Had to stir up the old memory cells there and remember it was the bad guys with the Glocks. Willis’ character uses a Beretta. And has anybody here shot a full auto Glock? I have and it had a shoulder stock on it. It would take a LOT of practice to shoot it so these idiots that are buying these ‘switches’ don’t scare me as after the first round is touched off, they will be shooting into the sky. And if Glock wants to get into the military assault RIFLE business, so be it.

    • these idiots that are buying these ‘switches’ don’t scare me

      After watching video after video on the news of these clowns firing and seeing rounds flying wildly hitting the ground six feet in front of them, I would not worry about any of them, giggle switch or not, outside of ten feet… But apparently a 15 year old in NC with a shotgun is pretty deadly.

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