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He was going to be Biden's gun control czar...remember? (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)
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An Ipsos poll just released shows two-thirds of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. Not only that, but President Joe Biden’s polling numbers continue to swirl around in the toilet bowl. The befuddled Big Guy has fallen to under 50% approval on every one of the top ten issues Americans care about most.

What’s more remarkable about the Ipsos results is that gun control doesn’t even make the top ten. Could it be that Americans are figuring out that gun control doesn’t work? And that it makes it harder for them to defend themselves? If gun control worked, cities like New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago would likely be among the most peaceful in America.

Image by Boch. Via Google Maps.

In Lori Lightfoot’s Windy City, they now stand at 561 564 (Editor: what a difference a day makes!) homicides for the year. One single street in Chicago (pictured above) has seen ten shot and three killed so far this year. The street isn’t in a poverty-stricken slum either. Instead, it’s not far from downtown. In fact, there’s a Chicago Fire Department Station on the same block.

The Daily Wire has the bad news for Ol’ Joe and Kamala:

With less than a month to go until the midterm elections, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the dumper.

Now, a new poll shows just how bad things really are.

Fewer than 1 in 4 people (24%) think America is going in the right direction, the Ipsos poll of 1,003 people found. Sixty-three percent think the U.S. is on the wrong track.

But there was one section of the survey that was shocking: Biden’s approval rating is less than 50% on every single one of the top 10 issues Americans most care about.

COVID-19 — 47%
Environment — 44%
Racial Inequality — 42%
Employment/Jobs — 38%
Unifying Country — 37%
International Trade — 37%
Taxation — 34%
Economy — 33%
Immigration — 33%
Corruption — 31%

And Americans weighed in on what they most want Biden to focus on.

Economy — 55%
Employment/Jobs — 24%
Immigration — 21%
Environment — 16%
Unifying Country — 15%
Corruption — 12%
COVID-19 — 9%
Racial Inequality — 8%
International Trade — 2%
Other — 5%

“The economy has been at the top of Americans’ list for a full year now,” the pollsters wrote. “All partisans agree that the economy is the top issue, with Republicans (40%) most likely to say so, followed by independents (30%), and then Democrats (22%).”

Despite the fact that Ipsos didn’t show meaningful numbers of Americans want the government to focus on further limiting their gun rights, that hasn’t stopped Joe and crew from crowing about their plans to do exactly that.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. Joe Biden has come down on the wrong side of every major issue during he half century he’s been in government.

Keep talkin’ Joe. Just keep running your mouth.

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    • A vocal minority cares and they are overwhelmingly in locked in democrat states so no need to do anything for them to keep the votes.

  1. Those approval ratings are still WAY too high considering what the Puppet Administration has inflicted on this country with no end in sight. Propaganda still works.

  2. “I’ll do it again!”

    When did grandpa shitty-pants ban ‘assault rifles’? I must have missed that.

  3. The weather is going to do what the weather wants to do so for those falling for the money hungry environment hoaxes you look like damned fools.

    Gun Control should be just as palatable as nooses, slave shacks, concentration camps, gas chambers, etc. Simply because Gun Control walks hand in hand with all of it…History says so.

    If you fail to show up to vote democRats out in November equates to a vote for democRats.

    • Gun control is very important to me and many others. That says exactly nothing, since many of us will eliminate you from the possibility of our vote if you advocate it, and many others will eliminate you if you do not. A really useless metric, “Is gun control important to you?”, damn right it is!
      And the climate changes 4 times every year, always has and always will, regardless of human activity. Giving $trillions to Joe’s buddies (or relatives!) will not change that in either direction.

  4. Those two clowns got a total IQ of -3. I recently watched a video from the 1980s where Joe puts down some guy claiming his IQ was much higher than his. They shoulda had a battle!

  5. “Poll Shows ‘Gun Control’ Doesn’t Register in Top 10 Issues Americans Care About”

    How about:

    Poll Shows ‘Beto’ Doesn’t Register in Top 10 Issues Americans Care About


    • I see republicans gaining the House. Dunno about anything else. Vote. Whatever happens I ain’t giving up any gats! Oh & Beatoff is the Harold Stassen of our era(look it up).

      • I hope you’re right, but democrats have their Ballot Harvest Scams down pat & control most of the populous big blue cities………it ain’t necessarily over yet. I can see thousands of votes suddenly showing up a month after the election.

        • The swing will be so big even their fraud won’t be able to override it…

          I believe we will swing the Senate too, and watch the fires start burning, when even the MSM admits the DEMOCATS went to far, after the election!!!!

          BLM/ANTIFA/DEMOCATS will respond with violence!!!

  6. It’s not about what we want, it’s about taking away our ability to fight back. It’s easier to make me eat shit if I am unarmed.

  7. Less then four weeks to the election and I’ve seen a whopping ONE Robert Francis O’Rorke bumper sticker, ZERO yard signs.

    He’s a 3 time loser! 🤣

    • I saw one yard sign, almost wrecked I was laughing so hard. BTW, that sign was downtown Austin, way far liberal/insane.

  8. Corruption is too low on that list and I’m glad to see the top three are real things and not ephemeral existential nonsense.

    • Yes. If you listened to the lying MSM you would think the top three issues were
      1. Abortion
      2. Jan 6/MAGA/basket of deplorable
      3. Climate control spending and regs
      Honorable mention: Sending more money to Ukraine

  9. Joe’s medication is not working. And the fake Hispanic did say he would legalize marijuana. So perhaps the drug legalization crowd can now come out of the closet. And openly support him.

  10. One thing to keep in mind here, if the issue is not critically important to the gun-hate voters, that may also mean the pro-gun rights candidates won’t spend a lot of time on it as well.

    I’ve seen great candidates get raked over the coals because they weren’t “vocal enough” about their strong gun-rights position, but this is very much a “big picture please!” issue. There are districts where the demographics are such that a strong gun-rights campaign can hurt the candidate more than it might help. Remember not everyone feels as strongly on gun-rights as we do, there are fence-sitters who may vote for a candidate “even though” they are strong supporters of gun-rights, but that vote might go to the other side if they push it too hard.

    It’s all about knowing the electorate, and running a campaign that will get the most votes.

    So yes, absolutely vet your candidates on their positions, but if they choose to emphasize other things over gun-rights, consider why that might not be a terrible thing, and support them anyway!

    • “It’s all about knowing the electorate, and running a campaign that will get the most votes.”

      Ok…that’s what Trump said.

  11. You are going to see a big turnout in women voters madder than hell that the Jack Booted Republicans have now made sex slaves out of women by banning abortions, just like the German Nazi’s did when Hitler was in power. Republicans are the same gang just another name and another era.

    As per the Monmouth University survey, 26% of Americans say the economy is the top topic influencing their vote for Congress this November, while 25% say abortion is the big issue. The next-biggest issues are health care (16%), immigration (14%), gun control (9%), and taxes (8%).

    If one lists the various beliefs of the Nazi’s they are identical to what the Republicans believe and push today.

    Both gangs tried to destroy Unions.

    Both gangs tried to destroy paid for health care.

    Both gangs tried to privatise utilities and other governmental institutions.

    Both gangs hated minorities.

    Both gangs hated all other religions except their own and tried to establish a caliphate.

    Both gangs were and are xenophobic

    Both gangs hated refugees.

    Both gangs burned books

    Both ganges treated women as sex slaves and second class citizens.

    Both ganges believe women did not have the right to work and should not work except in the home.

    Both gangs were and are paranoid of Communists, liberals, and socialists. Hitler’s gang shot it out in the streets with the Socialists. Yet the ignorant Far Right call Hitler a liberal and socialist when he hated both with a passion. Subconscious guilt for sure.

    And both gangs hated any gun control. Contrary to right wing fantasies Hitler actually relaxed gun control laws for everyone except of course he Jews who did not want them anyway. Republicans have fought even sane gun control laws that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and maniacs. Laws that had zero to do with banning guns.

    • Even polling here in NY does not support any of this but good luck with your draft picks. I am picking the slim majority gain in congress and maybe a 1-3 seat gain in the senate box.

      • “Show me a sex slave.”

        Human trafficking is thriving under the Puppet Regime. Modern day slaves and sex slaves exist in this country. They’re usually illegal immigrants. I’m not even talking about all of the reported rape (and death) going on during the travel to the border. What do successful businesses do when they suddenly make huge profits? They reinvest in their business and expand their operations. We’ll be paying the price for helping the cartels for years to come.

        The US Department of Homeland Security reports that the Mexican cartels’ income from smuggling illegal migrants into America has soared from $500 million in 2018 to $13 billion this year — up 2,500%.

        Oh wait, were you talking about that Handmaid’s Tale fantasy/conspiracy theory? Yeah it looks like nothing came from that. More lies.

        It’s important to note that easy access abortion helps to hide sexual abuse. It empowers the abuser to keep on secretly abusing.

        • Perhaps most importantly of all it keeps them at work, where they belong, and reduces their employers overhead.

        • To Dud Brain the hypocrite

          Strange you are quoting the NY Post when you constantly scream from the rooftops the left wing liberal media are always lying

          Now which is it Dud Brain you cannot have it both ways.

        • dacian, the Dundedrhead, sorry, but often your Leftist Lame Stream Meida is caught lying. The NY Post has not been to my recollection. Maybe you can tell us when the NYP was caught “lying”?
          Speaking of Dud Brains…

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. One would not have to predict you would sidestep the issue raised.
      Face it, your DEMONcRAT buds are going down in November.


    • Love yah NTexas.
      I’ll send you my address, you can light the fuse on the UniverseEndingPerpetualFussionNuetrinoBlomb.

    • Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Please realize that people don’t give a rat’s behind about your “issues”?

    • Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Please realize that people don’t give a rat’s behind about your “issues”? Tsk! Tsk!

  13. Well that’s all fine and dandy, however the poll needs to ask the illegal immigrants what they think of theBiden.
    The future is now.

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