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Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has opened his mouth and removed all doubt that he is a partisan political hack. Testifying before a Colorado State Senate committee about sheriffs who refuse to enforce Colorado’s proposed “red flag” law, Weiser said, “The right thing to do for a sheriff who says ‘I can’t follow the law’ is to resign.”

The Colorado Sun has the story:

As county after county responds to the red flag gun bill making its way through the state legislature by declaring themselves a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary, Colorado’s attorney general says that any sheriff who disregards a court order under the measure “should resign.”

“If a sheriff cannot follow the law, the sheriff cannot do his or her job,” Phil Weiser, a Democrat, testified before a state Senate committee Friday. “The right thing to do for a sheriff who says ‘I can’t follow the law’ is to resign.”

The legislation, House Bill 1177, would give judges the authority to issue an order to temporarily seize firearms from a person considered a significant risk to themselves or others. It has faced immense backlash from Republicans and gun-rights groups, who question its constitutionality and want to see a mental health-treatment option instead.

County commissions that have made their counties “sanctuaries” say they don’t want their elected sheriffs enforcing a law they don’t think is legally sound. But what’s not totally clear is if that means refusing to use the tools provided under the measure, or defying a court order to seize weapons.

The demand for sheriffs to resign is pretty bold coming from the same attorney general who upholds Colorado’s sanctuary status when it comes to illegal aliens. Yes, Colorado is a sanctuary state. They refuse to enforce federal immigration laws when it comes to illegals committing immigration fraud, identity fraud, tax fraud, welfare fraud, not to mention ignoring deportation orders.

So what we have here is an anti-gun Democrat who’s fine with taking guns away from law-abiding Americans without due process while he turns a blind eye to crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

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    • Totally agree, the best thing for a state attorney general to do, who cannot follow the Constitution of the United States, is resign.

    • Weiser is one of two sons born to a Holocaust survivor who came to the United States at a young age. His mother was born in a German concentration camp before coming to the United States at age six

      You’d think he would understand the dangers of gun control. I guess he doesn’t care about what hitler did.

        • Ummmmmm, we’re ALL immigrants, save for the tiny minority of actual Native Americans…

          UNCONTROLLED immigration however….

        • Sorry, but no. Both sides of my family were already here when the first shots were fired at Concord. The “everyone but native Americans is an immigrant” argument gets old in a hurry. And if you want to go with that argument, they are immigrants too, since their ancestors crossed the land bridge where the Bering Strait is now and came south. And either eradicated or drove the Anasazi out of the Four Corners area.

        • “…Ummmmmm, we’re ALL immigrants”

          There is quite a bit of difference between immigrating to a land and building a civilization and just showing up and asking for benefits.

      • Most jews are socialists. Or they are socialist progressive. Or just flat out communist. Some are even fascists. It means nothing to me that the holocaust happened to their family, when they work to deny civil rights to ME. This is the United States. Not Europe.
        I’m sure this son of holocaust survivors will play his “holocaust card” and say civilians need to be disarmed for the better of society.

        This Left wing jewish lawyer believes in authoritarian government. As a member of the JPFO since 1993 I have no problem saying the things I say. I Will also say the JPFO is a better civil rights group than the NAACP. Which is much larger than the JPFO. Both were founded by white jewish people. If anyone is interested in learning more I suggest you read the following. Burgess Owens is old school, former NFL player, and black conservative.

        Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism Paperback 2018
        by Burgess Owens

    • And is there some reason a recall election is not in the works?

      It was not too long ago that the PO’d citizens of Colorado booted out some political hacks.

      It could happen again….

    • He should be arrested for allowing illegal aliens into the state. Then he wouldn’t have to resign! Another beautiful state ruin by these filthy demorat/communist cults

    • Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is just one new Colorado politicians that need to be kicked out of office our new pink pantied governor is another and there are many more! The fack this so-called red flag bill is being pushed through and the anti-oil drilling bill that we defeated and now they try this run around crap and the electrical College vote bill they pushed thew are all concerns that should have been left as they were or the people allowed to vote instead of a few socialist communist gay bastards being allowed to ramrod this crap down the Coloradians through is reason enough to kick many of these socialist communists out of office and even out of the state as far as I am concerned, but the idea that Sheriffs should resign, I believe that Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser should resign and then be escorted out of the state with do not return orders!

    • Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is just one of the new Colorado politicians that need to be kicked out of office, our new pink panties governor is another and there are many more! The fact this so-called red flag bill is being pushed through and the anti-oil drilling bill that we defeated and now they try this run around crap and the electrical College vote bill they pushed thew are all concerns that should have been left as they were or the people allowed to vote instead of a few socialist communist gay bastards being allowed to ramrod this crap down the Coloradans throat is reason enough to kick many of these socialist communists out of office and even out of the state as far as I am concerned, but the idea that Sheriffs should resign, I believe that Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser should resign and then be escorted out of the state with do not return orders! And Why are we not actively working to eliminate the illegal invading criminal leeches that are invading Colorado? Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser Why are you attacking lawful gun owners while ignoring these illegal thieving invading illegals! Yes Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser we the Colorado People need you out of office and now! Take your socialist fag Governor with you as well!

    • …what happens if Sheriffs start enforcing the immigration laws the AG refuses to uphold? Either directly, or just by coordinating with the feds?

      • You get Albany where you have a sanctuary city but the dept of corrections is reliant on federal funds and does ICE detentions which are quietly ignored by the city/state to keep the system running

    • EDIT – Oh, and this just dropped :

      A *new* trailer for ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ where Reeves actually says “Guns. Lots of guns.” :

        • I fear “Guns. Lots of guns.” is the new “I’ll be back”…

      • Not sure I have any interest in that. The second was profoundly stupid and seemed a lot like something the Wachowski siblings would puke out.

        • “The second was profoundly stupid…”

          Yeah, and?

          It looked good, he had a dog, and it had a ton of action…

        • Well, it’s basically in the same vein as a comic book movie. Sure, the movies are a little stupid; I mean the premise of the first one is that they kill his dog so he kills EVERYONE. But they are damn enjoyable movies that don’t try to pretend to be anything more than fun

          (Plus they are part of the, like, 6 movies in existence that actually get guns right)

        • Jerry Nadler – I am pretty sure that cutting their peckers off and running around playing girl has disqualified them as men. I am not saying they now are women, which is why I called them siblings. Their films are more like fashion shows with nonsensical plots to try to qualify them as movies. I do concede that almost everyone else in the world (including professional critics) liked Wick II as well as all of the Matrix films. I am the freak, I know. I won’t be invited to the super hip rave in a giant cave as the end of the world approaches:-)

      • Let’s see: guns, bikes, swords, Neo, Morpheus, and gallons and gallons of toxic masculinity… this gets my nod for trailer of the year. Cannot wait.

        • “…and gallons and gallons of toxic masculinity…”

          Gallons? ‘Toxic Masculinity’ by the tanker-car load…

        • SAW IT! Looks fabulously violent…is this idiot related to Mike “the gun goof” Weiser?!?

        • “Guns, bikes, swords, Neo, Morpheus, and gallons and gallons of toxic masculinity” are all fine. I just hope they leave out the oh so cool secret societies with harebrained rules and rites, and all of the coolest people in the world knowing each other. I might have to send in Homey to clean things up if they try it.

  1. Hippies California’ed the sh*t out of Colorado.
    I would image some Coloradans would like to be able to protect themselves from this Utopia you’re creating there, Mr Attorney General.

  2. The Sheriffs should arrest the AG for dereliction of duty for failure to enforce a constitutional legal law.
    The Constitution says that the sheriffs are the supreme law of the land.

  3. Just one more piece of the pie that shows that liberals are divisive, and NOT uniting…left unchecked, liberals will tear this country apart, state by state…We’re starting to see this evidenced across the country…

  4. Whats right for the goose aint the same for the gander. Every sheriff is duty bound to disobey an unconstitutional law. Might be the same for an AG. That I dont know.

  5. Why people openly wonder ‘why’ there’s such a thing as *elected* law enforcement officials…….this is ‘why’.

  6. has that ignorant governor ever read the constitution? Is he aware that the sheriffs are right and the law is unconstitutional?
    He needs to resign and go back to a vocational school and find a more productive line of work.

  7. Not only is Colorado a sanctuary state, the overwhelming Dimwitocrat control of the legislature is having no trouble violating their own constitution, even when voters re-affirm a constitutional amendment by defeating a ballot initiative to defend a constitutional amendment.

    My squadron buddy in Colorado writes that in 1992, the Colorado constitution was amended to create a taxpayer bill of rights, where any budget surplus must be returned to the citizens, not used as a slush fund for boondoogles. Seems the legislature is trying to find away to bypass the constitution so they can keep the budget surplus to fund pet projects they couldn’t otherwise.

    Evil never rests. The onslaught is all along the line, not just affecting guns.

    • I’ve heard from some people from the city here that there is a MASSIVE surplus in tax revenue from…you guessed it, weed.

      Somehow, with zero deductions, and a flat rate state income tax, I owed the state money this year.

      Housing has literally doubled, if not more, in the last 3 years. Homes that people wouldn’t buy for $100k are now flying off of the market at $250k+. I understand supply and demand, but the state is becoming CA faster than most in the country realize. If this trend continues, I will be forced to leave the state just on the basis of not being able to 1)find a place to live, and 2)not being able to afford it. Apartments, lot rents, HOA’s, have all doubled.

      Denver County and Boulder are destroying what was a great place to live.

      • “Denver County and Boulder are destroying what was a great place to live.”

        Boulder? Always thought Denver was Colorado.

        • Not 100% sure I’m following your comment.

          Edit: Ah, I get it. Yes. I think Boulder went long before Denver. It’s a shame, other than 5PTS and a couple areas, Denver is a beautiful place. I’m in CO Springs. There’s 5 Mil bases within 20 miles of center, so there’s still some red flowing through.

          They’ve done really good things with the tax money they have gotten. City/public transportation here has gotten a lot better. Repairs, disability vehicles have been purchased and renovated to move around people in wheelchairs and such, it’s good to see.

          I’m not sure what the answer is. The Governor is an absolute hack, the AG (speaks for himself), and the state houses are gone. I don’t want this state to become CA, CT, MA, MD, etc., but these are the types that are getting elected. Seems like ever since weed, everything has crashed and gotten worse.

        • “I’m in CO Springs.”

          Stationed in Cheyenne Mtn for awhile. Lived in Village Seven. One Saturday morning, about 0700, we awoke to a loud rushing, whooshing sound; intermittent, but moving closer. Then we heard voices just outside our second floor bedroom window. The whole thing was irritating, and after slinging aside the curtains, the window was filled with a hot air baloon basket, with three guys desperately trying to avoid landing on our roof. Fortunately, they passed over, and landed in the greenbelt/park area just beyond our backyard fence. We’ve seen nothing like it since.

        • Jon, you seem to approve of a lot of free stuff. Are any of those programs (public transportation, disabled catering, etc) paying for themselves, or are they simply more wealth redistribution?

        • Colorado was on the downslope before legal pot.

          Been watching it slowly slide sideways for years. I used to live in Brighton. Five years ago it was really nice. Now, the housing situation you mentioned has happened, there’s trash on the street, armed robbery has become shockingly common, drug addicts everywhere because Adams County goes all the way down to Colfax and the jail is in Brighton. Last year saw a high number of stabbings and the first drive by shooting anyone could remember. Property crimes and drunk driving wrecks are off the charts. Meth use is crazy common…

          In the last year I was there fully 1/3rd of the people on my street moved out for greener pastures. Expand that to two years and half of us left. Every single house ended up sold to corporate rental agencies that just outbid every private buyer. A house worth, really, $200K has a price tag of $275K and those companies initial offer is $325K. Then they rent it out for $5K or more a month. The house a few down and across the street was identical to mine. The people who moved in were renters paying $6800/month plus utilities, HOA and rental fees.

          We moved at the same time as our next door neighbors, the guy said to me on moving day “Good to see you’re getting out too. Used to be a nice place here and it tears me up to leave but this town is turning into a shithole just like Aurora.”

          30,000 people from California, on average, move to Colorado each month according to the DMV.

          Just look at how trashed 25 is around the Expo Center (where the Tanner gun show is). That road used to be clean, now I’ve seen people tossing whole bags of trash out the window.

        • Time is a cruel mistress.

          I still have to fight to understand that Colorado is no longer the laid back, western style place it was when I was there. I always want places like that to be stuck in the transporter buffer, never changing.

          I’m also not happy that Andy, Barney, Floyd and Aunt Bea left Mayberry.

        • That’s what happens when you let those libtards come in from the People’s Republic of Calicommia. They want it to be just like that cesspool they left behind.

          To the people of Texas, build a wall on the west side of your state to keep those bleeding heart libtards from the PRC out. If you don’t, you will be next.

  8. Let me see if I understand the AG,the sheriff is elected by the people and the AG is a political appointee of the governor,message to the AG,go Eff yourself.

  9. I know a little about the law. I know the US Constitution is consider the law of the land. One of those laws says, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Can “law enforcement” enforce that law or rather will they choose to?

    Every law enforcement officer chooses what they want to enforce. They’re not robots; they are an individual human beings that can make their own decisions using their free will. Ultimately, they’re morally responsible for the individual actions they take or fail to take. Failing to do a certain thing causes a lot of military and police to eventually commit suicide…

    • Every law enforcement officer chooses what they want to enforce

      We are a nation of laws. I do not agree with the CO AG, however, if LE can choose which laws to enforce, then by the same token, civilians, CITIZENS, should be able to choose which laws to follow, as well.

      Sanctuary Cities are a dangerous precedent, as too is LE choosing not to enforce what is believed to be an illegal law; ultimately the courts decide what is illegal in our current system of Government, and judges are NOT ELECTED, thus, they are not ‘for, of and by The People’.

      • Slavery, eugenics and genocide was legal in the U.S. at one point. Politicians and judges were okay with it for a very long time.

        So called law enforcement are the ones that make things happen. Without them it’s hard for the aristocracy to do very bad things. Law enforcement needs to enforce the orders given to them by their masters for the rulers to maintain their control of their subjects.

        An overweight pale ruler isn’t going to put on their armor, grab their weaponry and mount their transport to actively enforce their rule on the peasants. They will send their men… Those men will ultimately determine the outcome.

        Until the day comes when humans are replaced by AI machines, men will determine the course of events. At this point not everything is like a Boeing 737 Max.

      • That is why there are felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies will get you put away for crimes that actually hurt people, misdemeanors get you fined for peddling without a license, looking for love in the wrong places, and/or pursuing happiness that church ladies do not like.

        • Plenty of non violent felonies you can get arrested for. And lose your right to vote and to keep and bear arms.

  10. The Colorado Attorney General’s last name was spelled incorrectly in the article.

    It’s Weiner, not Weiser.


  11. Lol good luck asshole. Outside of the front range most counties actively refuse to enforce the 15rd mag cap or our “universal background check” laws here in CO. Hell, every one of the half dozen or so gun stores/pawn shops in my county openly sells full size magazines.

    The red flag law will most likely pass (I hate the retards of Denver and Boulder), and it’ll most likely effect those of us in the rest of the state as much as the post Aurora package of laws did

    • You find the same thing from gun stores in the front range. The exceptions, that I know of, are inside Boulder proper and Cabela’s/Bass Pro. I can’t speak to the stores in Denver proper since I’ve never been to one other than Scottie’s Guns on Colfax (cool store, that).

      Every LGS I’ve seen in the last year, outside Boulder, openly sells mags in excess of 15 rounds. It’s so common that at first I thought the law had been changed and I just missed it. Which would be like missing that ELE asteroid strike but that’s kinda how last year was for me.

    • Ditto for the LGS in Ft Collins. The Larimer County Sheriff does not enforce the magazine ban. The LGS instead sells a “parts kit”, which is adroitly created when the counter clerk pokes a screwdriver in the plastic bag and removes the base plate.

      Ka-Sproing !!! Parts kit.

  12. “Colorado’s Attorney General Tells Sheriffs to Resign Over Gun Control While Refusing to Enforce Immigration Laws”

    And his is exactly what happens when liberals are elected, the first thing they do is try to circumvent the rights of the people, whether the be civil, Constitutional, or even Constitutionally protected…

    The ONLY way to stop these people, is to stop them cold at the polls…

    • Funny I see just as many violations of basic rights coming from the so called “conservatives”. Both sides seem to have forgotten the 9th Amendment. Both sides love big government and laws oppressing citizens.

      • Oh, I see, you’re a Ben Shapiro wannabe…stick a sock in it, you know exactly what this is all about, and you just want to be as divisive as the liberals, of course, there’s a chance that you’re just a liberal troll…

        • He is correct. Americans are the ball and the rackets are the Democrats and Republicans.

          Evaluate Trump. What did he say he was going to do? What did he actually do? Who has benefited the most in his first term? Why are the Republican politicians now supporting him when they refused to do so when he was campaigning and first got into office? Why is a never Trumper like Ben “The Neo Con” Shapiro now supporting him and is going to vote for him in 2020? Why is there so many swap monsters surrounding Trump than ever before? Why is Trump only talking big now that the 2020 campaigning has begun? Why didn’t he just do what he said he was going to do [Make America Great Again]?

          Actions speak louder than words. Before Trump America had “Hope and Change,” now they have “Make America Great Again,” but nothing has really changed for the better. Will Americans do what they did when they had a half black President who was promising change, vote for a second term just to make sure he was lying? Will America have three full term presidencies with the same people in charge? Can the people and the country still take such abuse? It appears at least the American youth have reached their limit.

        • “American youth” are brainwashed airheads who only know “free stuff”. Lowest unemployment ever, booming economy, you see “nothing”. What a moron.

        • If my memory serves me correctly, Chis is one of the least trollish people here. I can’t think of any ethical or rational reason to tell him to shut up. That was just plain rude. Saying that he wasn’t on topic was also inaccurate. It sounds like you are implying there something about the topic that hasn’t been said and is best left unsaid. What is that?

        • Nope I hate Lil Ben. I am just old enough to know not to trust anyone who wants power over other people.
          You are right i am a liberal. The right to bear arms is a liberal concept. The right of free speech is a liberal concept.

          The man who founded this nation were liberals. The conservatives fought for the king then ran away to Canada.

  13. There is nothing unconstitutional about Colorado being a sanctuary state. Immigration law is Federal and nothing in the Constitution gives the Feds any authority to force state law to mirror Federal law. That is why to pass the speed limit and seat belt laws on the state level, the Feds had to threaten to hold back Federal Highway funds to states that did not comply.
    The Congress could do that for immigration laws, but hasn’t.
    The Feds cannot make state or local officials enforce Federal law. A sheriff cannot be made to enforce the NFA or GCA. Of course most of them will refer their citizens to the Feds and cooperate with Federal LEOs.

    The Feds cannot force state or local governments to spend money to enforce or cooperate with Federal law.

    Really this stuff is basic high school civics.

    • Isn’t the U.S. Constitution federal law? Doesn’t the U.S. government have the powers of interstate commerce, general welfare, etc?

      I don’t think they need an amendment specifically outlining the power to protect the government and citizens from foreign nationals who are committing crimes of malicious illegal residency, fraud, theft, insurrection, subversion, etc.

      I assume the Americans who actively support or knowingly protect foreign nationals in their crimes against the government and the people are providing illegal aid and comfort or are rebelling/overthrowing the Union indirectly by colour of law and authority. They know that an illegal resident can give birth to an American citizen and this child will likely have loyalty to those that supported their parents and the home nation of their parents birth. Sounds rather treasonous when put into the perspective of a passive aggressive coup d’état.

      Actively allow the flood of illegal immigrants and/or refuges of illegal wars/conflicts you started in order to create a population of subverters, who will destroy the current structure of your target government, as to allow you the opportunity to personally restructure the current order to your liking without the need of civil war. Stoke the flames of race/tribalism to accelerate the downfall and to allow for the disarming of the citizenry who remain loyal to liberty and the people over the corrupt government and their subverters/sabotagers.

      • Partner i would close the border and start deporting everyone who doesn’t have a direct ancestor listed in the 1790 census. But that does not change the fact that the Feds cannot force the states to enforce Federal law or to pass any law the Feds want.

  14. There is an important lesson here. In our Constitutional Republic, the federal government has no authority to require state, county or city governments to enforce federal laws. federal statutes can only be enforced by federal law enforcement and federal courts. If a state, county or city government refuses to expend their resources cooperating with federal investigations of criminal illegal aliens, they get to do that. This is a necessary part of the balance of power between the federal government and the states.

    That being said, any state, county or city official who actively interferes with federal agents, in an attempt to protect criminals, should go to prison for a very long time.

    County sheriffs are also a part of the great power equation. They have tremendous latitude in setting priorities for enforcement of the law in their counties. To some extent, they get to pick and choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore.

    • Not enforcing federal law is different from violating federal law, which is what sanctuary policies are doing.

      • So, what you are saying is that if you do not enforce a federal law, it’s ok? How about the fact that you are now conspiring with known felons and then aiding and abetting those known felons? Are they not criminal acts and shouldn’t the co-conspirators be prosecuted? Certainly sounds like it to me.

        It’s very hypocritical of an officer of the court (the AG) to ignore certain laws and then expect sheriffs to comply with that which they (the sheriffs) believe to be overly intrusive and in violation of the Constitution. The AG doesn’t have the right to go by the old adage “do as I say, not as I do”. They must hold themselves to the same or higher standards.

  15. Students are brain washed to be anti gun in law school. It should not be a requirement to have a law degree to be an attorney general, district attorney, or judge.

  16. All of you sheriffs that are opposing these lousy red flag laws are doing the right thing. Tell that clown of an Attorney General to go pound sand. If it is acceptable for the AG to ignore immigration laws and to support sanctuary cities, then it is just as acceptable for you sheriff’s to ignore laws that clearly violate our Constitutional rights. The fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendments to be specific.

  17. Have these elected officials, County Sheriffs, told the State Attorney General to Piss Up a Rope, which I believe would be entirely appropriate.

  18. It’s okay for ME to take a moral stand on allowing criminal illegals to stay in your community, but THEY should resign for taking a moral stand to uphold a constitutional right.

  19. First of all, I’m tired of hearing that this guy is the descendant of Holocaust Survivors.. I command his parents and respect them..He was just born and riding their coattails..

    The sheriff’s need to show this attorney general who is the real boss in law enforcement.. it’s the ones that were the cloth and brass and do the work.. and they should shut his ass down.. and they most certainly can.. there are many ways to skin this big rat.. they can start by refusing to go to or support anything that glorifies his office and treat him as an enemy of law enforcement..

  20. The sheriffs stepped up in 2013 and said they wouldn’t enforce a magazine ban, they havent, currently several counties have stepped up to say they won’t enforce red flag laws, and as a colorado native I tend to believe our sheriffs office over state government at all, who do you think MOST citizens are going to support in colorado? Just because Denver and other shithole cities are widely left, doesn’t mean you can step out of the city safely when you start picking on the rural people that lean comfortably right.

  21. You’re aware that the state AG is a state position, and not at all responsible for administering federal laws, right? It makes sense that he could have a position on enforcement of state law (over which he has jurisdiction) and not enforce federal laws (which he has no jurisdiction or obligation). I swear, you guys are just looking for shit to whine about. It’s kinda sad.

    • Not quite. The constitution/scotus trumps state law.

      Examples of federal law > state law…

      Banning gay marriage at the state level can’t be done

      Trying to stop the south’s integration did not turn out too well either.

  22. Uh, no. Colorado’s attorney general should resign. Those sheriffs were “elected” by the people of those communities. If they don’t want those laws, the area of enforcement should be reduced. And ideally reduced to the individual(in other words if you don’t want a gun, you don’t have to have one, but you have no say over your neighbors freedom.)

  23. Colorado used to be a great place to live then the Tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god nosy cant mind their own Fing business LIBTARD coward sheeple anusfornians started moving in and weaseled their way into government job titles. They are now spreading their brain dead Nazi wannabe power happy control freak Anti everything stupidology disease to whomever they can infect with it. Well for one LIBTURDS, We are not owned by anyone ESPECIALLY NOT BY A BUNCH OF FING LIBTARDS. NO HUMAN OWNS ANOTHER HUMAN PERIOD. Which means, regardless of your little government job titles, YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL ANYONE WHAT THEY CAN OR CANNOT HAVE OR DO PERIOD. As long as they are not intentionally hurting someone else or someone else’s property YOU HAVE NO SAY PERIOD. So I would highly suggest “LIBTURDS” you take your power happy control freak anti everything B.S., pack it up, and YOU LIBTARD Tyrants get the F out of AMERICA. Move to your already established dreamland utopia China or North Korea. Cause you keep up your Tyrannical anti everything Nazi wannabe power happy control freak B.S and your going to get put in the ground. I highly suggest you leave the Sheriffs Department alone that stand for FREEDOM and RIGHTS of the PEOPLE and YOU LIBTURDS get the F out. cause America will NEVER be turned into your little Nazi wannabe power happy control freak Tutu wearing sissy land.


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