U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
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The American anti-gun left is only too happy to give the New Zealand shooter exactly what he said he wanted.

…U.S. leaders on the left like California Sen. Dianne Feinstein called on Americans to follow New Zealand’s example and enact bans on military-style guns.

“In country after country, massacres are followed by sweeping changes to gun laws, as logic would dictate,” Feinstein said Thursday on Twitter. “The United States needs to follow these examples and take action to protect Americans from this deadly public health scourge.”

“The U.S. hasn’t taken similar action because we have a real Constitution that protects real rights, and because the majority of the American people would not tolerate it,” said Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition, based in Sacramento. “What New Zealand is doing would, in America, lead to civil disobedience and armed resistance, if not outright armed conflict. This isn’t even a close call.”

The accused New Zealand gunman is an anti-immigrant Australian man who authorities say fired upon Muslims in mosques during Friday prayers. He carried five guns, two modified semiautomatic rifles, two shotguns and a lever-action gun. In a rambling manifesto, he said he chose his weapons in part to spark a destabilizing debate over stricter gun control in the United States.

– John Woolfolk in New Zealand banned military style guns after massacre. What about U.S.?

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  1. I’m pretty sure NZ doesn’t have that pesky thing called the 2nd Amendment.

    Brandon Combs is right, the US citizens will not comply.

    • Ya think.

      ” the majority of the American people would not tolerate it,” said Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition, based in Sacramento. “What New Zealand is doing would, in America, lead to civil disobedience and armed resistance, if not outright armed conflict. This isn’t even a close call.”

      Perhaps the Second “Shot Heard Round The World”.

  2. You people need to stop salivating as you’re giving your ” OPINIONS” on why should follow the sheep from other countries. What we actually need to do is elect constitutionalists to public office again and bring back actual deterrents for criminal activity.

    • “and bring back actual deterrents for criminal activity.”

      Criminal activity like owning a bump stock?

      How about stop infringing on the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms while, at the same time, stop infringing on the unalienable individual right to protect themselves, their family, and their property? Do THAT and the crime problem solves itself. Constitutionalist or not, call for more government intervention/crack-down and liberty dies even more.

  3. Hey everyone, let’s confuse quick action* for an actual solution. We’ll follow NZ’s example and be in a hurry to fvck up!

    *banning firearms, censoring the internet, and arresting people for having a video…

  4. “AOC, Feinstein Call For America to Follow New Zealand’s Lead on Gun Control”
    Why, of course they do!
    Leftist D’s just dreaming of a socialist utopia.

    People in hell want ice water.

    • “Ardern announced the ban Thursday and said it would be followed by legislation to be introduced next month.”

      They wish they could dictate law NOW and legislate it next month. Only in a tyranny,…. which this isn’t. Only to subjects,…. who we aren’t.

  5. Reread your oath of office Diane – you will be violating it.
    Reread the Constitution paying attention to the 2nd amendment
    Now, get out of my face and go to New Zealand……

  6. This is what happens when you give women the franchise – both in NZ and here. You get emotionally driven, knee-jerk reactions offered up as public policy – with no thought given to the secondary and knock-on consequences. This is because the majority of women don’t view government as a protector of rights; most women now view government as an alternative provider for their material needs.

    The highly accomplished shootist Annie Oakley’s arguments against giving women the vote have now been proven quite prescient.

      • @ Dyspeptic Gunsmith This is what you get for electing to a position of power a gender that thinks with it’s emotions instead of logic and reason. “A mass of conflicting emotions” (Star Trek, 1966)

    • “The highly accomplished shootist Annie Oakley’s arguments against giving women the vote have now been proven quite prescient.”

      No wonder TTAG’s own Ralph puts Annie Oakley on a pedestal.

      I suspected it was just so he could look up her dress…

      *snicker* 😉

    • Very true. If you look at the gender percentage of anti-gun groups they are overwhelmingly women. The men involved are communist soy boys hoping to get laid by being subservient cucks to the women they follow behind.

    • I don’t think that’s exclusively or even primarily a female problem. Bernie Bros are a thing, and there are a LOT of them. It’s a societal problem.

    • Great…. A Right Wing that is as dangerous in thought as the Left. Being Pro gun is nice. Pro garbage political thought, no thanks.

    • Too many stupid women in Congress. Where did the men leave their equipment that they don’t say anything to stop them?

    • It was fascinating to read an interview with the guy. He apparently found an empty shotgun dropped by the evil bastard. Since it was empty, he threw it like a spear at the shooter who was in or around the car. (Exactly where the goblin was wasn’t made clear.) In doing so, he broke one of the car windows. Apparently that was sufficient to make the shooter think someone was shooting back. (Gun + broken window = Run away!)

      I gotta admire the guys who fought back. Imagine how many lives could have been saved if the guy at the first mosque had his own loaded gun!

      • The American’s advice to “run, hide, then fight” didn’t work until the gunman ran out of ammo and had to get more from his car. People tried to play dead, that didn’t work either. One person survived when all the people playing dead were executed and he was on the bottom of a dozen corpses. As those people were being killed a man (who was hiding) tried to run out the door while the gunman was reloading — he had about four seconds to make it out — he was shot down at the doorway of the exit.

        There are more unfortunate stories from that shooting to learn lessons from. For instance, some people were still alive after being shot, but they couldn’t run due to their injuries. It’s possible those people could have saved themselves if they had a handgun.

        Instead of allowing the human right of self preservation, the “western” government of New Zealand decided the people won’t have that right and they will take the means away from all the people who don’t work for the government. Thus giving the terrorist (who is from another country) what he wanted, like how America gave the terrorists what they wanted after 9/11.

        • I’ve made this point elsewhere: Our “enlightened” leaders aren’t giving that murderous piece of garbage what he wanted; he gave them what THEY wanted. As far as I’m concerned, they were all in on it.

        • That was a lot of gunfire, a bunch of it outside. Nobody in the surrounding community didn’t call the cops? No cops anywhere heard it? I know the cops are only minutes away, but good Lord, this guy was almost leisurely going about his e-veel deeds.

  7. I certainly have no idea why we’re opposed to letting the people who tell us they want to confiscate our firearms making progress in that direction. It’s truly a mystery.

    As the leftist advance removing the electoral college and packing the supreme court, I see fewer options that allow us to retrain our liberty without blood and fire. The coastal elites believe they are entitled to rule over the rest of the country like Rome over the provinces and are willing to change the structure of our government to make that reality.

    I would suggest that if you are not pondering what you are going to do if push comes to shove, who you are going to do it to, who will help you do it, and who your friends and enemies are, you’re behind the curve.

    • Eliminating the electoral college requires a constitutional amendment which isn’t going to happen.

      The court is a little easier to tamper with, but Lil’ Marco is putting a constitutional amend out to keep the number at 9. That’s one amendment I would enthusiastically support.

      Rome actually granted a great deal of autonomy to the provinces.

      • They’ve discovered though that they don’t need to do that.

        Each state is free to allocate its electoral votes by whatever method it deems fit, and they want to switch to ‘national popular vote takes all’

        They’re forgetting that the electoral college exists so that flyover America votes instead of simply crossing their arms and watching with amusement as the coastal urbes starve to death noisily.

        • Sian the moment the breadbelt stops sending food bridges are going to get blocked then dropped. Already told my family around Philly to gtfo towards the crazy farmer uncle. As for up my way deer will be an endangered species by years end and I would avoid Albany/Schenectady/Troy until they are willing to be Americans again. Hudson may need to be sealed off as well…….not sure Rennsalear would notice.

      • Never say never. If one of the wacko Marxo-Fascists gets elected in 2020 or 2024 and they win back the Senate, the Republic is probably doomed.

      • That pact to deny the will of voters of their states is pretty feckless, even if they do reach a majority. These are all deep blue states. The Democrats will never win an election without the popular vote. So when a Republican wins the popular vote he’ll carry virtually every state but if a Democrat wins he’ll (if he identifies as a he) barely win a majority. Unless states like WY and SD start signing on, which they won’t. Plus, it’s far from assured that that scheme would survive a challenge in the courts.

        And if the Democrats keep talking about eliminating the electoral college, packing the supreme court and taking our guns they won’t be in a position to pack the court for quite a while.

        • Unfortunately, I don’t agree with that assessment Gov. Hitler won election legitimately and convinced the Reichstag to give him dictatorial powers. Can’t happen here? I don’t buy it. I personally believe that is the end-game the Democrat party is playing for.

          Sure, I know plenty of millennial conservatives in my neck of the woods, but they are massively out-numbered by the clueless, give me free stuff types in their generation. Us OFWG’s are dying off and can’t hold the fort forever. The demographics are shifting, and not in a good way.

  8. You want to be a leader, AOC? Propose legislation to ban firearms and abolish the Second Amendment. Put your money where your big mouth is.

    • She’s just doing what her puppet masters want her to do. IMHO, she is part of an experiment. Polls show the majority of the Dem voters see Socialism as a dirty work, but there is a significant, but small percentage that accept Dem-Socialism. That’s unsettling. We must neutralize this threat before it gains more support.

      • Too late, to do what you suggest you would have to dismantle and rebuild the whole ” educational” system in our country.

        • @Dennis, Would that be such a bad thing, the education system is F’d now, no time like the present to fix it. 50 years of indoctrination into communism won’t get fixed overnight.

        • No , it definately wouldn’t be a bad thing. Problem is, youd need a full majority of the populace to even admit it was a problem, much less actually do something to remedy it. Complacency =stupidity, dependency and entitlement.

  9. New Zealand’s rights are not considered “natural rights.” They were granted by the King and were now taken away by the King’s replacement.. representative democracy, i.e. mob rule.

    • Mob rule is ‘direct democracy’ – Two wolves and one sheep vote on what’s for dinner.

      The US government is representative…

  10. “In country after country, massacres are followed by sweeping changes to gun laws, as logic would dictate,”

    Yeah, just like in France, and Norway.

    Oh wait

  11. I’m fighting a loosing battle here, but I wish writers would refuse to call this woman by her preferred brand name “AOC”. Her name is Alexandria Occasio-Cortez that is a mouthful, is easily garbled into endless humorous variations, and ultimately will give her much less name recognition.

    As to the rest:

    When British Empire bureaucrats created new nations from British colonies they apparently assumed the fundamental human right of self defense. Unlike America, that had been through a bloody Revolution that began with an attempt to disarm the people, they didn’t see the need to formalize the human right of self defense. This was either intentional or a grave error perpetrated on the people of many new English speaking nations. This is what generated the Second Amendment and keeps the likes of Diane Feinstein in check in the United States of America

  12. Yet another case of leftists gleefully embracing the demands of a murderer/terrorist. One could be forgiven for believing that leftists actually endorse terrorism, considering it’s an effective way for them to pass their agenda without getting their hands directly dirty.

  13. For all those who would like to claim “other countries have strict gun control and haven’t lost their freedom!”:



    For those who don’t think arresting people for sharing videos of atrocities, or expressing approval for the same, constitutes a loss of liberty, remember that there was a time in Western Culture when it was considered morally reprobate and beyond civilized discussion to not practice Catholicism. Or to marry outside your race. Freedom always means the freedom to do what others find abhorrent, so long as it doesn’t infringe on their equal personal rights.

  14. New Zealand is just about as much as a free country as mainland China is… The ruling class there are afraid the people will revolt like what’s happening in France, and from what a read, many are more than willing to “turn in their guns” . What a F’d up attitude, i’ll give up my gun so some crazy can kill indiscriminately with his gun.. yup, that will work. Maybe these bozos should ask the people of Venezuela how that’s working out for them. I’ll give up my guns NEVER, and I pity the fools who try and take them.

  15. Better get used to seeing AOC. She will be become President 2024. Trump re-elected in 2020, stringing the country along for another 4 years until the hardline communists can take over.

  16. Senator Frankenstein and Representative AOC (the bartender) need to move to one of these countries so they can FEEL safe and LEAVE US ALONE.

    • What stopped you before? Not enough evidence in the UK or California?

      When a politician says you don’t need it, you truly do need it.

  17. Tarrants manifesto clearly stated these events would occur after the shooting. He even stated Civil War2 in America as one of his primary goals, as the Leftists kneejerk reaction would cause a final confrontation over the 2nd Amendment.

    His entire goal was to spark further tension between the ruler elites and the populations they lord over, and in particular, bring attention to unchecked immigration and its effect on established societies.

    His was not a random act of insane violence, but a calculated precipitated event.

  18. New Zealand’s response to the shooting practically guarantees that there will be more mass shootings around the world by anti-gun zealots wishing to manipulate politicians into doing their bidding.

    • Amazing how fast that happened. They haven’t even finished the investigation.
      Cheaper than multi million dollar campaigns and buying politicians.

  19. Run our Constitution based on the actions of other countries?? Hell No! We have that Constitution so we won’t be like others and enact laws at the drop of a hat. These two can go to hell.

  20. New Zealand’s emotional rush to legislatively ban many types of firearms is the result of the parliamentary system of government that they and so many Commonwealth nations have, in emulation of the original in the UK. Having watched a national parliament in action (in Canada) for a few years, I learned that unlike the U.S. government with its constitutional checks, balances and Bill of Rights, parliaments have no such things. All actual power is vested in a House of Commons, where the majority is led by the Prime Minister (the head of government, whereas the head of state is a ceremonial position, held by a president or monarch (usually through a Governor-General), with little actual power). With that MP majority, the PM can ram through whatever legislation he/she wants in a very short time with little meaningful dissent. Only if the Commons votes affirmatively on a no-confidence motion can the PM be forced to resign and a possible new government elected. Parliament’s upper house (Lords or a Senate) has little power and is usually a rubber-stamp. The Supreme Court equivalent and the lower courts usually have much less power to counterbalance Parliament than they have in the U.S. So, if the PM wants a law passed, it can be done almost instantly with little deliberation and little chance of being judicially overturned.

    That’s what is happening in NZ now. It is likewise the way the Aussie and the UK parliaments slapped austere emotional anti-gun laws on their countries in the wake of mass shootings. To achieve similar results in the U.S., the liberal Democratic left would need super-majorities in both the House and Senate, a packed Supreme Court and subordinate courts, and a liberal Democratic leftist president. Nevertheless, even though our republican system of government often appears to be broken and excessively slow, I still think it is the best of the forms of free government in this world.

    I know TTAG has Aussies, Canadians and others who currently or have in the past lived under parliamentary governments. Perhaps they have some comments. Am I off base here?

    My question to Feinstein and other leftist anti-gunners: Do we in the U.S. really want or need to give up our unique rights and freedoms to be in lock-step with the rest of the one-world types? Or should we be the free country we’ve always been?

    • “My question to Feinstein and other leftist anti-gunners: Do we in the U.S. really want or need to give up our unique rights and freedoms to be in lock-step with the rest of the one-world types? Or should we be the free country we’ve always been?”

      Their past rhetoric and actions show pretty clear how they would answer that.

  21. OFWG, love it! I’m in that minority now. Funny thing, I dont feel entitled, angry, disrespected or entitled. Am I doin it wrong?

  22. In NZ, they are subjects of the government not real citizens. NZ gun owners should be protesting this ban. They should be calling and writing their representatives and saying I will not vote for you if this passes. Is anyone or group standing up against these actions. It is like this proposed situation in the US. If, a drunk driver kills someone will the Democrats take away all vehicles in the US? I sure there are move motor vehicle deaths than firearm deaths in the US or NZ.

  23. So the ancient Steinhag and A Occasional-Cortex want bans? Term limits folks. And that sex tape for the comely Cortex…

  24. We know how cynical and self-serving this is. We need to help the persuadable middle see that too.

    Illuminate their character n goals to complement the on-point policy arguments.

  25. Calif needs term limits to deal with this senile goat. Would someone Run for her office and kick her back into the Home?

  26. Refreshingly honest for a change. From the woman who helped created the “gun free zone” where Supervisor Harvey Milk and SF Mayor George Moscone were murdered in. Milk being a gun owner followed the law, and didn’t have his gun with him when he was shot.

  27. “The American anti-gun left is only too happy to give the New Zealand shooter exactly what he said he wanted.”

    This is backwards. The New Zealand murderer gave the authoritarian Left what they wanted: dead people to exploit.

    • The terrorist said he wanted to get guns taken away from people in the western world so they will revolt, which would create a civil war where identity politics will become its most strongest. He knew by giving western politicians this event they would respond in this manner.

      The Christchurch terrorist appears to have studied the Mandalay Bay shooter. The Mandalay Bay gunman wanted to give a female politician in America [Hillary] the event necessary to ban guns, but he didn’t foresee her losing and he chose the wrong targets.

      The Christchurch gunman chose New Zealand instead of Australia specifically because it had all the necessary attributes that were lacking in the Mandalay Bay attack. His mission was a success in terms of number of deaths, guns legally acquired and used, political timing, type of victims, the audacity of using social media, etc. It was a 100% logically calculated mission unlike the emotional synagogue shooting done in America by a man who associated with the same people.

      Oddly, unlike the Mandalay Bay gunman (far as we are aware), the Christchurch gunman decided to release his motive. Apparently he doesn’t mind telling everyone because he knows the media and politicians will still do what they want and his “manifesto” will inspire others to commit violence. People troll for a reason…

  28. I love AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). She chooses not to be informed – like a innocent star eyed child refusing to poop in the toilet and instead poops in her pants. I’m sure she owns a Benchmade.

    • Probably owns a Benchmade, a custom order, with instructions on which end to use. Hopefully without a no running with, warning.😀

  29. Last time I checked, we stopped taking orders from, or following the lead of Britain and their commonwealth lap dogs 243 years ago.

  30. I’ll be happy to give up my guns just as soon as all 100 members of the Senate and 435 members of the House, and all Federal officers give up their armed security.

  31. Yet more evidence on how all immigration has been bad for Americans and our rights. We must close the borders and give Puerto Rico it’s independence.

  32. Poke that bear. Keep poking.

    When it does actually fully wake up you’re going to regret having poked it so much. Well, for a few moments.

  33. The truth is this. If the US gives up the 2nd amendment, it will become a global-socialist hell hole in a matter of weeks. The socialist will bankrupt the US within a few short years, and at such time, the socialists will start looking for resources to gobble up to replenish their depleted coffers. Since NZ has a disarmed populace and plenty of raw resources, I would think that the socialists in the world would do what socialist typically do and force NZ to “share” their wealth.

  34. Of course there is always the risk that American citizens might follow Romania’s lead, in ridding ourselves of corrupt politicians…

  35. The following laws were in place on April 20, 1999.

    * The 1934 National Firearms Act
    * The 1968 Gun Control Act
    * The 1986 Hughes Amendment
    * The 1993 Brady Bill
    * The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban
    * The 1996 Lautenberg Amendment

    It is a good thing these laws were in place; otherwise, someone at school might have gotten shot that day…

  36. Diane, did you forget this…….

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.


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