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Bad guys sometimes act like police to gain a momentary advantage against their potential victims. Harris County, Texas Sheriff Ed Gonzalez let members of the community know about a pair of pretend cops who met a most satisfactory ending after forcing entry on a home in Katy, Texas west of Houston.

The intruders, dressed in what looked like “body armor” stormed the residence while firing shots. It seems their marksmanship could have used some improvement, though, along with their muzzle discipline. Darwin interceded when one thug plugged the other, causing him to drop his gun and run towards the home’s exit.

Hold on, though…it gets better. Captain Overwatch, who moments before shot his own partner, then ran into his own difficulties.

The occupants of the home, a woman and her two adult male children, saw their opportunity. One son grabbed the gun the wounded invader dropped and fired shots at the the other one.

One of the rounds found its mark, killing him deader than disco.

ABC13 puts it all together . . .

A home invasion suspect was shot and killed inside a Katy home overnight, and deputies believe he accidently (sic) shot his own accomplice before his death.

Just before 11:30 p.m. Thursday, deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home invasion in the 3200 block of Windmoor Drive.

There were three people inside the home at the time — a mother and her two adult sons.

Base image courtesy of Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Cops are still looking for the wounded perp and the getaway driver. Given that the gunshot wound will need treatment, it’s probably just a matter of time until the aspiring brain surgeon meets up with Sheriff Gonzalez’s men. And maybe the getaway driver, too.

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    • It does reinforce what I’ve said for years. Some people are too specialized in their use of firearms. ‘I only shoot Sig,’ ‘I only shoot glock.’ ‘I’ve never even used or owned a revolver, they’re obsolete.’.

      If the only gun you have is a ‘battlefield pickup’ you should be able to run it. If you have to learn it at that moment you may die.

      • Just got back from DCF a local gun shop and range here in Castle Rock, Colorado. Shot my S&W 9mm, my Springfield 10mm, and my 1911 in 45cal. All with the defense rounds that I carry instead of the FMJ’s that I normally practice with. 100 rounds through each. Expensive hour and a half but fun and needed.

        • @…

          If someone has body armor above the waist you can waste your time trying to get a head shot first, and some can. But the better and easier way is to take them down first by hitting the crotch and legs below the waist (and body armor) first, its areas easier to hit. This is how mass/other criminal shooters wearing body armor and armed with an MSR are taken down by normal citizens armed with a hand gun.

          dacian says a shooter armed with an MSR and wearing body armor can’t be taken down by a normal armed citizen with a hand gun, but that’s 100% false because it does happen and has happened many times. This is how they did it, crotch and legs first.

        • …,
          I guess I could carrying my AR15 with my “fuck your body armor rounds”. Tungsten tipped 5.56 but I don’t want to bring attention to myself. I carry concealed to protect me and mine and I avoid conflicts. In other words I am always aware of my surroundings and have a smile for everyone.

        • Can always go with high velocity copper solids and still practice the failure drill (high or low whatever works for you). Unless the perp is springing for newer (and much more expensive) UHMWPE 3a panels there is a very good chance the +P 9mm, 10mm, and 357 sig are going to do nasty things to kevlar (and beyond) at contact distance.

        • Thanks Safe,
          I was just looking at those solid copper rounds at the range. Forgot the name but they looked like phillips head screwdriver tips. Might have to give them a try. I’m also hoping that any perp I run into is just as stupid as most of them are.

        • muck outside of grey area handloading tinkering and/or FFL I don’t even want to begin to know why you are mentioning tungsten tips in regards to an AR (assuming 15) especially when I can’t even think of anything in the US inventory that covers that. With that said the +p 90gr and 68g in the 9mm/357 sig seemed to work best in the .355 calibers and for the 10 ……..well we only had a longslide glock for testing that on the ballistic fiberglass, kevlar, and low end UHMWPE (all materials at least 10 years old) so not sure if there is an ideal 10mm weight for the underwood options of the phillips head variety. Sadly we cannot easily do further redneck testing in NY for the immediate future so stuck with that limited data point and youtube for now.

        • Safe,
          When I carry the 10mm I have custom loads my buddy does. Spicy 10mm rounds.
          200 gr fmj. 8.2 – 8.3 gr of Hodgdon longshot powder. CCI large pistol primer. 1150 fps out of the longslide 5.25 Springfield XDm. He’s gonna up it to see if he can get 1200 fps. It can be done safely.

      • I don’t know if I would quite go that far. Might introduce some weird liability concerns, especially if there is an accident. You don’t know how it’s been maintained, how it might have been modified, or even if the darned thing works correctly. You also probably don’t know what caliber it is, or whether it has been loaded with the correct ammunition. You don’t know what kind of bullets are in it, how old they are, or if they are some kind of spicy handloads. You don’t even know if it’s a real gun–some criminals don’t carry real guns, so as to avoid catching additional charges if they get picked up.

        But I would recommend that, at a minimum, everyone should know how to unload and make safe all types of firearms.

        Any hunter ed class, or NRA basic class, should cover enough material to be able to figure it out.

        • “I don’t know if I would quite go that far. Might introduce some weird liability concerns”

          You are trying to save your life and lives of others, the bad guy is armed and firing at you and will kill you if he is not stopped, but you would not go far enough to pick up a gun laying right there and seize at least a chance at staying alive because you have “some weird liability concerns” ?

      • big waste of time and money. keep YOUR gun ON your person and there’s zero reason to bother with battlefield pickups this is just bs to get you to buy guns that they want to sell.

    • As a very well known and highly respected firearms trainer and writer has so monumentally put it:
      “any gun will do if YOU will do”.

      He NEEDED a gun, NOW. Saw one lying on the floor, there it is,pick it up and USE it.

      So glad it was one of those stupid guns that will fire no matter WHO has their hand on the grip.

      such a very happy ending to this account. One notch better would be for the already perforated accomplice to be located, then relocated, swiftly. AND charged with felony murder, chargeable in this instance because HIS participation in a felony (armed robbery) involved a death.. that of his erstwhile partner in crime.
      For both of them, they played a stupid game they’ve both won stupid prizes. For one of them it will certainly be his last.

      • hopefully when they find him he’s DRT.
        If a pick up is what you got to use, use it.
        I like to explore the workings of every gun I encounter. most newer handguns all function pretty much the same but there are some strange ones out there. it’s the older ones especially long guns that are often interesting to figure out.

    • True enough. During our war to rid ourselves of the tyrant Brit king way bac when, more soliders died from gunshot wounds getting infected than from the wounds themselves. I know of one young man who stood in action at the North bridge at Concord on 19 Paril 1775, took a grazing wound on his shoulder from a Redcoat’s ball. He died of that wound’s infection in August. He sw good action for quite some time, but that infection could not be stopped.

      • “on 19 Paril 1775”

        Ahhhh the month of Paril, can’t wait for it to arrive. Its when the Gun Llama comes and brings guns to all the good boys and girls.


        • I’ll never forget my first Paril! I could barely keep still waiting in the Paril trunk at the foot of our bed for the Gun Llama to spit into the 4ft spittoon at the center of our living room letting us know we could come see what treasures he had left behind under the Paril spittoon.

          It was magical when we saw how much Paril chewing tobacco (aka P.chew) and Bourbon he had taken from what we had left upon the for him.

      • That sad fact continued up to WWII and the introduction of antibiotics, namely penicillin. Wounds and diseases, the two biggest killers of warfare until the 20th century and WWII.

  1. Given the overall results of the 2022 elections, we will just have to be happy with bedtime stories like this one.

    • I do believe you missed a step there. It is my understanding that MK&T was bought by Southern Pacific (where my great grandfather was a track maintainer) and stayed that way until Union Pacific bought Southern Pacific.

      On another note, I went to Katy High school and was under the impression all households had clever gun storage solutions around the entire house.

      • Probably so, at any rate it’s got Pacific in it and Pacific is what’s on the west coast so its them damned Californians fcking everything up again

  2. Of course, if they happen to actually be LE at the wrong address you’re going up the river, if you’re lucky.

    Keep in mind that we now have “officers” running around who will light up a car and put a teen on life support for the heinous crime of eating a burger in a parking lot with a girl in the car.

    Sure, the cop tried to argue that the car eluded officers the night before. Turns out he was wrong and would have figured that out with a normal traffic stop that he didn’t perform. Now he’s up on felony charges and out of a job. Of course, that doesn’t help the kid who’s going to, at minimum, end up with more in medical bills than Officer Fuckface would make in a career.

    But if the kid ran the cop the fuck over or was older and returned solid fire, which the cop deserved, there would be charges waiting for this kid too if he manages to survive.

    This is why we need less government and fewer bullshit laws. These things increase the contact between LE “acting in its capacity” and citizens. This, in turn, creates more opportunities for imposters and shitheel cops to completely fuck over the innocent, something the latter will get away with more than is acceptable.

    This is also why “forgetting to turn on” a body cam, or “losing the video” should result in immediate suspension without pay and unless a very good extenuating circumstance can be described, the people in question should lose their jobs in a manner similar to a military disciplinary action. Oh, you lost a rank? You owe the difference in pay back. The same thing should be applied here but with the rank reduction to nothing. You owe it ALL back. Also, fuck your pension.

    That seems like it’s OTT given the situation but it’s not. You want trust back you need to earn it and that means crucifying your own for actions that harm trust, something the cops will never do.

    • I have found that some good ideas will be universally condemned by those in/seeking power. I do believe you hit on one rather solidly. Would also love to see police limited to only what citizens in their jurisdictions can own.

      • The suggestions of radical penalties for minor transgressions by LE sound wonderful, I figure we can begin enforcing them soon after we triple salaries for all LE. Otherwise, why would anyone take the job?

        • Sure, cut the laws by 2/3rds, now you need way fewer cops. Fire 2/3rds of them, install a merit system and triple the pay of the rest.

          Or are you one of those “I’m all about freedom but there oughta be a law” types?

          We don’t need all these laws. It’s not like the cops enforce most of them anyway. That means, by definition, they’re selectively enforced when convenient in pursuing a secondary goal.

    • This is the problem with hiring sandbox vets almost exclusively as new police officers. They have already learned the military comradery and the “us against them” attitude. We do NOT need a militarization of police in our country. They are civilians, just like the people they police and should treat us ALL like we are.
      There is NO room for gangs inside of the police force, this just causes groups of potential criminals inside the force, ready and able to work for the corruption that we follow.

      • I agree but this problem certainly predates the sandbox and the GWOT. Heck, there’s TV specials on corrupt gangs of cops going back many decades.

        The LAPD’s Rampart Division “CRASH scandal” being but a singular example out of many.

        • If anything sandbox vets were avoided as they were not typically part of the club at least for Philly/Delaware and Southern NJ. But I remember the south was looking for them in recruiting so results will vary.

  3. You know, that’s just a crying shame. It used to be fun to be a scum-bag with a gun. You’d walk in, flash a gun, threaten to blow someones brains out and get respect and compliance!
    Not anymore, EVERYONE has a GUN.

    Its a lot of work when you want to get paid and folks are shooting at you! Damn, it might be better to get an actual job!

    • The LEAST this pair of clowns could have done was to have kept control over the tools they brought to the scene. Hah, drop your heater on the floor just when your victims are lamenting the fact they are unarmed facing two armed punks… BAD timing for them. Glad the clock ran out on the stupider of the pair. Hopefully the clock will also run out on his trusty sidekick-the-bucket.

  4. What if it were real cops that botched a no knock and this is just cya 🤔. Or a hit squad. Just saying, this is the type of headline you’d expect to see in either scenario if there was an attempted cover up

  5. I hope this family now realizes the benefits of gun ownership ship and goes out and buys a couple of revolvers.

  6. Ok Safe!
    I’m gonna give a couple of boxes of that some range time. Gonna try the 140gr also. As an aside that tungsten tipped 5.56 ammo is legal according to my lgs and the research I did shows only explosive rounds are illegal here in Colorado along with some flame throwing 12guage shells. Expensive too 3 bucks a round. Will take out an engine block I’ve been told.

    • State laws be fine it’s the federal that can get tricky with “pistol” ammo re 5.56 and manufactured ammo typically fine with milsurp and bullet pulls being reloaded but new manufacture is typically ffl only often even for new bullets. My state is ban at all levels so outside of military and some friends in other states I only know of what I have read/seen tested

      • Oops – State laws can be fine and comma after reloaded. Late night phone posting is not always advisable. Also not familiar with any tungston (carbide or base) tipped ammo in standard military use which would probably mean by default “new manufacture” which can be all kinds of tricky legal fun. 855a1 is going to be an interesting test on what will be legal/available for us commoners as they went after 855 hard years ago and that is marginally better then M80 ball (except against UHMWPE). I would not want to call attention to the shop doing what I assume would be entirely legal where they are but questionable elsewhere and interstate commerce clause involved for fed attention so not going to ask what shop unless I happen to meet you in person at some point.

        • Agreed on not calling attention to my lgs.
          I also need to learn to keep some things to myself. Some things are better unsaid. With this administration I’m positive we have no friends in the alphabet agencies.

        • Guaranteed they are already known to the alphabets but priorities can change if they sense an opening. With that said a very interesting area of study is the effectiveness of tungsten vs tungsten carbide. It is important to note that while both are heavier than lead the carbide is substantially harder (and more useful for breaking up ceramics stronger than the typical aluminum oxide). But military loadings M995 (5.56) and M993 (7.62×51) are both readily stopped by XSAPI plates from a decade ago and the M995 is stopped by ESAPI plates revision G and later (almost a decade). There may be a few civilian accessable plates that can stop both as well but a good bit heavier even with the icw soft armor for military options. I think its the adept colossus but there are likely a few others or will be in the next few years.

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