University of Virginia Shots
A Charlottesville Police vehicle is parked on Culbreath Road during an active shooter situation on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Va., on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. (Mike Kropf /The Daily Progress via AP)
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No one is really sure why three people were shot to death and two more were wounded in a University of Viriginia parking garage last night. The university has a policy which clearly prohibits firearms. That really should have been more than enough to keep anyone from bringing a gun onto the school’s beautiful campus.

And yet Christopher Darnell Jones, a former UVA football player, is suspected of not only bringing a gun on campus, but opening fire and murdering three people. The reason for what happened isn’t yet known.

The university sent word out that an “active attacker firearm” was endangering lives on the UVA campus. From the Associated Press . . .

The university’s emergency management issued an alert on Sunday night notifying the campus community of an “active attacker firearm.” The message warned students to shelter in place following a report of shots fired on Culbreth Road on the northern outskirts of campus. Classes were canceled Monday.

The UVA Police Department posted a notice online saying multiple police agencies including the state police were searching for a suspect who was considered “armed and dangerous.”

In his letter to campus, the university president said Jones was suspected to have committed the shooting. The campus emergency management twitter account said that he was believed to be wearing blue jeans and a burgundy jacket and driving a black SUV with Virginia tags.

The gun control industry wasted no time in issuing its prescriptions for preventing future shootings in university “gun-free” zones.

Six hundred? They’re obviously just making it up as they go along now.

The fact that the motive, the firearm and the circumstances behind the UVA shooting haven’t been determined yet, let alone reported, obviously makes no difference at all. Jones likely used a handgun, not an “assault weapon” but that isn’t yet known. People like Volsky, however, don’t give a damn. He also has no idea how Jones got whatever firearm he used, so there’s zero evidence yet that he didn’t undergo a background check.

As for “community investment” — whatever that means — we’re eagerly awaiting clarification from Volsky as to how throwing more cash at who-knows-what perceived societal iniquity would have made any difference at all in preventing what happened last night in Charlottesville.

The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex stands for one thing and one thing only. They want average citizens disarmed, whatever it takes. That’s why they toss out nonsense like this in the aftermath of a murder without knowing anything about what happened or why.

Their responses are always the same, no matter the circumstances. More gun control laws along with more bans and more prohibitions. That’s they square policy peg they try to ram into every round news hold they find when a high profile crime is committed with a gun.

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      • DW, Is there a sign-up sheet circulating for Albuqueturkey, Nu Meh-ico? I’d REALLY like to do my civic duty…. smirk!😎

    • The problem we have in this country isn’t that there are too many guns in the wrong hands. The problem is that there are too few guns in the right hands and stupid “GUN FREE ZONES” are really “KILLING ZONES.”

  1. If the ‘firearm did it’, we need to know what kind it was. All they gave us was a picture of an aspiring young scholar who had nothing to do with it.

  2. A lack of opportunity or inability to see a future is often cited as an excuse for why so many of these incidents affect a particular demographic.

    Would seem that this fella had opportunity and a future yet he still chose this path. What is worth ending the lives of others and throwing your own away for? Money? Women? The all elusive existential “street cred?”

    Antis and activists will always jump hoops and bend themselves every which way to present some disjointed ivory tower high academia rationale that inevitably ends with “we must ban guns” yet they never land on perhaps the one factor that could actually lend some credibility to their final goal: some people are just violent reptile brained assholes regardless of any opportunity, academic or economic state they may find themselves in. Wild cards. Also, the same factor that lends credibility to the pro-2a side.

    • Good guy civilians with guns, have stopped school shootings before. And we have covered this on TTAG in the past. A “gun free zone” never stops a criminal from bringing a gun and killing anyone there.

      • Yup. “gun free” did not prevent one AR style rifle being brought on campus by an individual, having committed at least three felony level crimes for which he was never prosecuted, AND being the subject of a court order prohibiting him from entering that campus at any time for any reason, at the Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. One school ossufur of some worthless class WATCHED the banned perp walk onto the campus carrying his rifle in a branded rifle case, KNOWING he had a court order against entering that property, and KNOWING it was a rifle in that bag.. yet went back to his computer games or shows or whatever means by which he was wasting tax dollars instead of doing that which he was ostensiby paid to DO…..twenty seven people died because HE did nothing and NOT ONE of the laws or court orders kept him away.

        • “having committed at least three felony level crimes for which he was never prosecuted”

          the average inmate convict has 7 felony arrests before he ever sees the inside of a jail.

  3. Nothing to see here, move along.
    Won’t make the evening nuz.
    (Not a skinny white kid on meds with a fully semi automatic rifle)

  4. Maybe colleges ought to take a look at their students and be a little more selective. If they barely passed high school and had troubles, they should, at least, assign them a counselor that is aware of past problems, so they don’t come back to haunt them.

  5. The mass shooting number has lost all meaning. Every source cities a different number and there is every reason to believe that the Brady’s and Gifford’s of the world just want high numbers damn accuracy to push their agendas.

    I’ll start my own org. Our methodology is more inclusive and diverse than any others and we count over 20,000 mass shootings this year. If you wish to support our efforts to shine light on tragedies other, less concerned, orgs are missig please visit our panhandling page and give, give, give. Christmas is coming. Did I mention our board is entirely made up of polyamorous trans women OC? We firmly believe in inclusion through exclusion. So give double.

    • Ho hum…”mass shootings” quite often in Chiraq. Rarely reported nationally. Get a gat & protect yourself.

      • by the fbi’s definition, 2/3 of all mass shootings are by blacks, usually against other blacks. that’s why you don’t hear about them.

    • I would like to see where you get your stats on 20,000 mass shooting since there are only around 50 thousand deaths by firearms yearly and two thirds of them are suicides. If a mass shooting is defined by deaths of 2 or more people your number of deaths would be 40,000 plus and does not jive with FBI stats on the topic. You are lying. So report where you got your info or shut up.

      • FedGov agencies that deal with this stuff have set the definition of “mass shootings” as four or more deceased victims in the same incident, not including the perpetrator.

        Anyone else remember the nutjob in Sata Barbara Caifornia a few years back. went on a “mass shooting spree”…. what they failed to realise (lack of reading comprehension skills, or wilful lying?) is that of the six deceased victims of this rampage, three were killed using a handgun three ore killed using “edged weapons”. Mass killin,g yes, but NOT mass shootings. And I read NOT ONE call for “knife control laws” being needed.

        smoke and mirrors are thick with this people.

  6. Number of times a ‘gun free zone’ sign or designation has stopped a firearm armed criminal from shooting someone in a ‘gun free zone’ : zero.

    I’m not sure why anti-gun and their duped followers think that a ‘gun free zone’ sign or designation wards off a criminal shooter like garlic and crosses ward off the traditional movie vampire.

    • “I’m not sure why anti-gun and their duped followers think that a ‘gun free zone’ sign or designation wards off a criminal shooter”

      they don’t think any such thing. rather they push “gun free” target ranges in order to get more shootings so they can push for confiscating everyone else’s guns but their own.

      • “I’m not sure why anti-gun and their duped followers think that a ‘gun free zone’ sign or designation wards off a criminal shooter”

        They don’t think that; Gun free zones are not to ward off criminals, gun free zones are a tool to use against gun owners who don’t give a flying fuck about their “zones” it gives them the moral high ground when some criminal dares to invade their sanctuaries and they immediately point to us as the ones responsible because we insist on exercising our natural right to personal protection by calling upon our bestowed right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution.

  7. If President Obama had a bastard son, he would look like Christopher Darnell Jones.

    Black people are now committing 60% of the homicides in the United States. No doubt a significant fraction of these killings are morally justified if not legally justified. In spite of the culpability of the African American community in the nation’s murder rate, Black people are among the most ardent supporters of gun control laws. The sponsor of Oregon Ballot Measure 114 is the pastor of a church in Portland ‘s Black community. Demonizing guns and gun owners is a convenient scapegoat.

    • “Black people are now committing 60% of the homicides in the United States.”

      That needs to be corrected and clarified some.

      To be correct and factual: Black people commit OVER 60% of the MURDERS in the United States.

      ‘homicide’ doesn’t always mean murder. For example, a valid legal self-defense DGU where the criminal perpetrator is killed is a ‘justified homicide’ but because it was a ‘killing’ its included in stats as just ‘homicide’. Over 60% of those listed in stats as ‘homicide’ are actually valid legal DGU ‘justified homicide’ (which includes law enforcement justified police shootings and civilian self/home-defense).

      The majority of murders by black perpetrators in the U.S. are committed by black males.

      • And it also needs to be added that the near 100% of these black criminals have been raised by single mothers. Something that the Libertarians Liberals and the Left supported. When they disagreed with the Christians who said a father is necessary in the home. The three L’s supported replacing the father with a welfare check.

        And they supported replacing the Father’s Love, discipline, and his guns, for the guns of a big city police department. That doesn’t excuse the criminal acts committed by these black criminals. But if you look at the statistics you will see the most of the white criminals who have committed crimes also came from single-parent homes.

        These criminals whatever their skin color is should be in prison. And the people who advocated for the destruction of traditional family of man one man and one woman, should be in prison right next to them.

        • You are 100% right Chris T. The left has been slowly destroying the concept of the Family Unit. Have you ever seen a Liberal admit making a mistake? No these arrogant SOB’s just double down on their stupid ideas and then can’t understand why there are so many social problems. Too many guns in this country? Hell no, too many Liberals in this country.

        • “No these arrogant SOB’s just double down on their stupid ideas and then can’t understand why there are so many social problems.”

          you don’t understand. their ideas are deliberate, and the consequences are deliberate. they’re not making any mistakes at all – it’s all intentional.

        • Prison for many of them yes, ut to follow your meme of upholding biblical principles, EVERY ONE of them who has murdered an innocent MUST be executed.. God’sWord declares plainly that “whosoever by his hand sheds innocent blood, by the hand of man shall HIS blood be shed”. Life for a life… until we begin to imolement God’s law in this matter, the killings WILL continue, as we invite such wilful lawlessness by refusing to make use of JUSTICE, which requires murderers be executed.

          My personal preference is for all those who used firearms to terminate innocent lives, the only means of execution must be.. the firing squad. No hood, face the shooters, ten rounds each volunteer, fire on signal and continue firing until ammo is gone or moderator calls CEASE FIRE.

          When perps like this dirtbag understand clearly that when they shoot someone else who is innocent, they in turn will be shot… the difference being they are shot at a known time and place.. plenty of time to think about what they infliced upon innocents, and perhaps to get right with the One who made them and put them here.

    • Please do not use the perp’s name. This helps promote the notoriety many of these misfits crave. Use other terms when referring to such evil abominations.

  8. Interesting that here is a case of another black person killing others and there is no crying out by white people that more whites are killed by blacks and more blacks are killed by blacks than racist whites killing blacks. And no, I am not racist to make this comment. I am white and have 4 black cousins, 2 Chinese cousins, and a grandson from South Korea. I simply call things the way I see them and if you think my stats are wrong check the FBI stats on who are the principal criminals when it comes to shooting deaths. Don’t believe anthing the media or Leftist try to tell you on this particular topic.

  9. active attacker firearm?

    Not ANOTHER dastardly firearm running around shooting people… We need more laws prohibiting guns from being allowed out in public unsupervised, they obviously have no sense of right and wrong.

    • Oh noes….not another wikipedia ‘gun-violence’ warrior who thinks the attributions used are gospel.

      There have not been “~ 600 mass shootings in the US in 2022”.

      • I’ll give you a clue… the number of ‘gun violence’ victims in 2022 in official stats dont add up to make it ~600 mass shootings at three or more from the attributions used in the Wikipedia entry. it’s BS.

        this has been pointed out before to anti-gun, their response has been that the bodys weren’t counted because they were vaporized by the bullet and no longer existed and this accounts for the victims missing from official stats.

    • ….It was also reported in da newds dat he had an unlicensed hammer unda da seat and an “assault rock” in da trunk! At dis tyme said “victim” was THREATENED wit bodily harm by dee’s fine gentlemen by hazing the por yute when he pledged dare Frathouse SHU… (Pelican Bay annex)…

      They were such nice Boyz DAMN! Annudder tree bite dee dust , good shootin’ there Sparky!

  10. the trend appears to be:
    as democrats have made college possible for anybody
    (lowered academic and testing requirements for admission…free college money…etc)
    combined with less policing (blm…defund the police…etc)
    and gun free zones
    they have essentially brought the worst problems of the inner cities
    to college campuses nationwide
    higher eduation has made itself a big part of the everything bubble right now
    and it is about to run headlong
    into steins law:
    “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

  11. “they have essentially brought the worst problems of the inner cities to college campuses nationwide”

    all part of the plan to destroy the nation.

  12. “Jones likely used a handgun, not an “assault weapon” but that isn’t yet known. People like Volsky, however, don’t give a damn. He also has no idea how Jones got whatever firearm he used, so there’s zero evidence yet that he didn’t undergo a background check.”

    If you bother to look into the function of propaganda you will find this behavior repetitive and directed towards a goal that you cannot counter until you stop saying that someone “don’t give a damn”.

    He gives a damn. A big one. This is an element of propaganda that he’s pushing and he’s doing it knowingly. Until you accept that you will not counter it effectively.


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