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Leupold’s Performance Eyewear line are some of the best sun/shooting glasses in the business. They’re made of top quality materials, designed and made in the US, feature polarized lenses, and come in a range of styles. That range just got a little bigger with the addition of their new DeSoto lens and frame combinations.

Here’s their press release . . .

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., provider of the world’s most rugged, lightweight, and clear sport optics, is pleased to announce the addition of a new frame style to its Performance Eyewear line: the DeSoto.

The DeSoto is available in multiple lens and frame combinations, adding four total new sets of eyewear to Leupold’s catalog. Like the rest of the Performance Eyewear line, the DeSoto is made from lightweight, ballistic-rated materials and ship with scratch-resistant polarized lenses as rugged and clear as Leupold’s legendary sporting optics. The DeSoto is inspired by trailbreakers who push boundaries and redraw maps. Its shatterproof lenses with In-Fused polarization offer unbeatable protection against harsh glare and impacts, while its no-slip bridge ensures a comfortable fit. From its temple tips to its hinges, every aspect of the DeSoto can handle the rigors of prolonged expeditions.

“Just like every product line we build, the Performance Eyewear line will outperform the competition under the harshest conditions,” said Zach Bird, Product Line Manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “The DeSoto brings that performance to an exciting new style that’ll be at home with hunters, anglers, and adventurers alike.”

Like all Leupold Performance Eyewear, the DeSoto offers Daylight Max technology to provide UV protection for optimal performance in bright conditions. Diamondcoat Scratch Resistance, meanwhile, reduce surface scratches with a hardened surface coating.

A No-Slip Bridge provides all-day comfort with no-slip, soft-touch rubber bridge pads. In-Fused Polarized Lenses eliminate glare and keep your eyes fresh on the water and in the field.

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  1. The Leupold DeSoto is only $189.99 at Optics Planet.

    My current shades have polarized lenses and cost 5 bucks at Wal-Mart.

    Considering how often I lose/wreck/destroy sunglasses from working in the great outdoors, I’ll keep buying mine from Wal-Mart, and pocket the cash for ammo, hookers, and blow… 🙂

  2. Sunglasses cost to much.
    Luna catchatorie.
    To many humans in the daytime. And Geoff how much blow and hookers you think you can get with $189?
    Ahhhhhh hah, you’ve got connections with Hunter Biden dont’cha.

    • ” And Geoff how much blow and hookers you think you can get with $189?”

      No where near enough to satisfy, my clever four-pawed marsupial friend… 😉

  3. I’ve spent a lot of time behind a windshield. My ex used to complain about how much I spent on sunglasses. Ray Bans. Aviators for me. Wayfariers [sic?] for her. Until we were fishing in the Bahamas one day. The captain was a retired British Airways pilot. He had a lot of screen time too. He remarked on our choice of eyewear. Said his optometrist told him if he had chosen lesser eyewear he would probably have cataracts. My ex never said another word about the cost of shades. I wear Costa now. Better on the water.

    • “Ray Bans. Aviators for me.”

      That’s my ‘good’ pair of shades. I lost a prescription polarized pair with the cable loop temples somewhere out in Tampa Bay about 25 years back. 🙁

      After cataract surgery, I have the standard polarized ones now. Love ’em to death… 🙂

      • i bought a pair at erehwon for $35 back around ’80. very spendy for a minimum wage kid. green, not neutral gray. thought the loop arms would keep ’em on my head at speed while riding bikey. learned about gaps between lenses and eyes filled with tears.
        put them on the passsenger after i got her answer, upon arrival she said they blew off.
        you can’t hurt that, and i was salty.

        • Check eBay if you want to find another pair…

  4. Oh! I have a Leupold scope on every rifle I own that has a scope. Two of their binoculars and one spotting scope.

  5. Meh, I care not for consumer crap like this. Zero shits for fashion sunglasses.

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