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Part-time South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg currently spends his days running far behind people like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democrat presidential nomination. That’s probably more fun than running his increasingly crime-ridden city. And like all of the other Democrats running for President, he doesn’t like guns.

But what he said in recent days says more about him than it does about America’s gun owners.

Begging for votes in Iowa, he talked about his experience serving in Afghanistan and how carrying a firearm affected him.

From Buzzfeed:

“Over time,” he said, “I realized having a gun made me feel smaller, not bigger.”

Was he playing on the old anti-gun trope that American men own guns to compensate for small genitals? You make the call on that.

Mayor Pete was all-in on reaching a deal with Congressional Republicans to get more gun control restrictions passed into law while President Trump at least appeared open to a compromise.

From CNN:

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor argued now is a “golden moment” to pass gun legislation, telling CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that the majority of Americans support so-called red flag laws, banning high-capacity magazines and prohibiting the sale of assault weapons.

“When even this President and even (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell are at least pretending to be open to reforms, we know that we have a moment on our hands,” Buttigieg said. “Let’s make the most of it and get these things done.”

That, of course, was before House Dems decided to press for Trump’s impeachment, in all likelihood killing any chance for a grand bargain on gun control before the election.

Buttigieg isn’t a fan of Robert Francis O’Rourke’s radical honesty about where the Democrats stand on civilian disarmament, either.

“I frankly think that that clip (about confiscation) will be played for years at Second Amendment rallies with organizations that try to scare people by saying Democrats are coming for your guns,” Coons told CNN Friday morning.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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  1. Smaller Pete Buttsomething cannot manage to keep his own mid sized town from becoming a drug addled crime zone. I don’t think he even understands that his party platform is Hate Trump, Ban Guns, Kill Preborn, Maybe Kill Infants, and Let Illegal Aliens across the border to receive welfare and vote!

  2. Again, if good feelings are your endgame, nothing will make your feel good/safe/not hungry. You will always want more more more of something (until there is no more left to be had). Feelings are a gauge not a compass.

  3. His poll numbers are a smaller 1 or 2 %,can’t get much smaller,WGAF what mayor Pete says or feelz.

  4. Holy crap. What a sanctimonious jerk. Buttigieg was a REMF, a FOBBIT, he was a Navy reservist intel puke who sat behind a desk in a nice, relatively secure area and went outside the wire in only the most controlled circumstances. He’s a wannabe tough guy, yet he constantly talks about his military service as though it makes him a f’ing expert on guns.

    The insinuation that normal people own guns to make up for their lack of personal “endowment” is a bigoted trope that says more about Buttigieg’s mental state than anything else. The guy’s got some serious mental issues.

    • The Navy Staff personnel like Bootie in Iraq or Afghanistan carry Beretta M9. M9s make anyone feel smaller because the pistol’s loud noises does almost nothing to protect against insurgents RPGs / PKMs / PKCs or even AKs. A pre-deployment familiarization fire and probably minimal handgun proficiency, Bootie is forgiven for feeling small with his 9mm paperweight but he should not imply he did anything more with his M9 than sign a card and conduct an inventory during his deployment.

      • SURFGW, haven’t seen you post a comment for a few months? Don’t know about you but this time of the year, end FY19, I’ve been busy insuring my projects are being executed and expended. I barely have time to read all the comments here.

        • You’re correct Jack, it’s been a very busy end of FY and planning for next FY. Hope all is well with you.

        • Yeah and it’s the same reason the FBI dropped the 10mm in favor of the 40, too bad that it’s polically incorrect to have a gun for the men and another for the “girls”… Hell I know women that prefer the 45 and 10mm over the 40 and the 9mm… saddddd bunch of Girley-men being turned out today, but hey at least they have a shelf full of “participation” trophies… (if mommy let them play)..

    • It’s the same with the other fraud. Gabbard. Us military folks know the fraud when we here it. Truly disgusting

  5. So he was never taught about responsibility in life?

    Responsible law-abiding adults know that responsibility in life doesn’t make you feel ‘big’.

    Apparently it took the military and ownership of a gun to teach him the life lesson that his parents never taught him? Based on his life ‘choices’ they didn’t teach him much, must’ve been one of those kids raised by the ‘community’?

  6. Weird statement.

    Having a gun has never made me feel anything. Having a NEW gun sometimes makes me feel pretty awesome. Just as having a new car does. But after maybe a couple of weeks, its just something i drive, or in the case of gun, put in the holster and tuck my shirt around.

    Perhaps Pete should consider that.

  7. He’ll felt smaller because he realized it meant his political class couldn’t protect him if he managed to seize power.

  8. (“Over time,” he said, “I realized having a gun made me feel smaller, not bigger.”) Mental “stature” is not derived from the clothes you wear, your jewelry, your haircut or even how much money you have. Carrying a gun has nothing to do with feeling “big” (although there are some with that screwed up mindset) owning and carrying a firearm is about reinforcing your own personal confidence that you are prepared to defend yourself and those around you against whatever threat you may be confronted with.. From what I’ve seen of this small town mayor, (way too much already) he is no different (mostly) than any of the other 20 or so idiots that are competeing to get their ass handed to them (although he might enjoy that more than most) on Nov/2/2020… He’s a proven liar just like the rest, he has tried to pass himself off as a biblical scholar (FAIL) and in addition to his below average physical stature he is also a small minded person with no chance in hell of EVER being POTUS.. (What would they call his husband? 1st ___________)
    Could you picture his 1st (and probably last) trip to the middle east….

  9. Hey, Mayor Alsorun, you are doing it wrong. That’s not what guns are for! I don’t know about any of you guys, but I don’t buy/build guns to feel bigger.

  10. Thats great. You dont like guns. Thats fine. But I dont understand when these politicians like him or jackson-lee used thier sample size of one when deciding to make historic massive shifts in US policy and/or culture.
    Who cares how YOU feel.

  11. Unfortunately, what Mayor Pete Buttigieg says is true about Hillbillies and Jethro’s. Because of the inadequate education of most of the posters here, there is no comprehension level that can define the nature of owning a gun except the sexual parameters of penis compensation. That is the underlying factor here. It is difficult to explain such ideas to a population that lacks any imaginative or creative will. Hillbillies and Jethro’s cannot describe the artistic difference between a Picasso and a Goya. They have no idea who who the playwright for “Waiting for Godot” is. Thus my comments are adjusted for lower I.Q.’s.

    Now then. Because of the lack of intelligence in Hillbillies and Jethro’s their concern with gun control is really irrelevant to their cause. Hillbillies and Jethro’s do not vote. They do not understand the intricacies of politics. They are one big mob of low I.Q. neanderthals. They dare to insult president to be Kamala Harris without realizing that in 2021 a blue tidal wave will encompass and take over the country. They have no imagination to figure out what is going to happen to them and their families when we take over. The socialist doctrine may be fair in most respects but it will not tolerate a violent, aggressive people. Colt has already shut down it’s civilian arm. More major firearms industries will follow. Until the white racist/supremacist is wiped out and buried will we be safe from the phallic worshipers. Until we, the POC of this country delete the Second Amendment and ratify the constitution will we be rid of those that stole our land. Accept the socialist doctrine, accept your fate, and you will suffer less than you deserve.

      • Meh, he’s not the real Vlad, but he’s bored and wants to put on Vlad’s costume for a while and dance on stage. It’s not the same, though.

        The best show is when Vlad, Fake Vlad, Some Other Vlad, and Vlad’s Dad all dogpile on a thread together. I never reply to any of their nonsense because I don’t want to get the poo on me, but I sometimes read them

    • “Hillbillies and Jethro’s cannot describe the artistic difference between a Picasso and a Goya. They have no idea who who the playwright for “Waiting for Godot” is.”

      Explain it to me, please. I only have a master’s degree in English literature, so I clearly need your help.

      Also, I’d love to hear exactly why not knowing those things would make someone like me (am I a Hillbilly or a Jethro? So confused) unworthy of owning the worlds’ most effective means of self-defense.

      I’m willing to learn. Enlighten me.

      • Any “educated” democrat/socialist would know that the difference between Picasso and Goya is in their characteristic painting styles of cubism and romanticism. Guernica vs. The 3rd of May 1080 so to speak. “Waiting for Godot” of course was authored by Samuel Beckett.

        We POC of the educated democrat/socialist class have one important advantage over Hillbillies and Jethro’s. We have a knack for creativity and imagination. We don’t dwell on the “mechanics” of life, we create life in the form of change and direction. Our change is represented by president to be Kamala Harris. Our direction is represented by the immigrant class and the indigenous peoples of America and Hawaii. We are in effect several steps ahead of you all who insist on your aggressive nature and violent tools to accomplish your goals. Every immigrant that crosses the border will vote blue. Every POC will vote blue. Every indigenous person will vote blue. The media is on our side. The money is on our side. Your guns are ours now.

        You Hillbillies and Jethro’s will not win in 2021. Every state in the union will be blue by 2021. A national red flag law will be in place to handle your phallic tools of aggression. Assault weapons will be banned and ammo will be strictly regulated. Your time is up. You may have your guns now but in 2021 you will have nothing.

        • Cool, elect a slut puppet, disarm the country, either kill off or imprison anyone who refuses to fall in line and then import a whole new slave class to mow your lawns, prepare your meals and wipe your asses… I’ve read the book and seen the movie It does not nor has it ever go/gone as planned and has never ended well for those who would oppress… 2021 will be irrelevant as your collective asses will have been kicked in Nov. 2020.

        • “Your guns are ours now.” Nah… just looked over my shoulder. The safes are still there and unlike you, undisturbed. You lied again. You are either in some sort of drug induced euphoria or having another episode.

      • This kind of post isn’t for responding, it’s for giggling. I’m pretty sure that was the intent. Regardless, I was grinning frequently reading it.

    • implying that gun owners don’t vote is a blatant falsehood…the fact that they do…and often as a solid bloc…is not lost on politicians…

    • You are a racist assclown. I’m not a hillbilly, I am an Appalachian American. Oh and I vote! I don’t vote for the pink hat sky screaming ugly as sin commie traitors like you obviously do either.

    • Joey
      He probably did the one week course for “specialists” that doctors can opt to do if that. There are some very interesting ways connected people get into reserve units. Others (usually the better ones) do full basic so they have some idea of what regular troops do.

  12. I don’t really get why people have “feels” about being bigger or smaller because they have a gun.

    IME the gun you have has little to do with how big you feel and when bullets are coming in your direction you’d like to be as small as possible.

    • He must “feel” microscopic these days with the large, heavily armed security detail with more than one gun…

  13. “Over time,” he said, “I realized having a gun made me feel smaller, not bigger.”

    That’s because your a neurotic. Normal people don’t even think that way.

  14. Mayor Buttiplug sure is opinionated. Did a horde of Taliban set upon him? Kinda doubt it. Hey if you don’t want a gun don’t have one. Take care of your crime riddled town. And your boyf er “hubby”…

    • There is a saying in the tribal areas. “Women for duty. Boy for pleasure”. The Taliban must have used him for lots of pleasure.

  15. In some ways, owning and carrying a gun does make me feel smaller.

    That’s not a bad thing.

    It reminds me that there are things in the world that I can’t take care of without help. A gun could potentially be that help, and I’m glad I have the ability to carry one with me.

    It also reminds me that I can’t always count on someone else to save me or my loved ones. And while the thought that I may be standing alone staring death in the face with my family behind me is pretty damn scary, I realize that having a gun and knowing how to use it gives me the best possible chance to ensure their safety when no one else can.

    So yes, a gun can make a man feel small. I submit that if it doesn’t do that at some level, you’re probably doing it wrong.

    And if your own feelings of inadequacy in the presence of this powerful tool lead you to the conclusion that everyone else must be prohibited from choosing said tools, you are DEFINITELY doing it wrong (and you’re almost certainly a Democrat).

  16. I wonder why all the gun grabbing, seeing as all the cities with high crime and murder are under the purview of Democrats. Maybe the Democrats need to have a deeper look into their parties policies like soft on crime, early release, open border, nanny state criminal welcoming solutions to problems. They need to get tough on crime. You won’t solve crime by regulating it away and you definitely won’t dent any crime stats by pushing laws unto the people who don’t commit crimes. It’s like they want to push the people they see as weak and don’t even bother with criminals. They don’t want red flag laws for people on gang databases…

    • Fight against crime is not what motivates gun grabbers. That’s just a useful camouflage to hang in front of our eyes.
      The same people who want to take rifles from law abiding citizens want to release real criminals from prisons. They need crime to be able to take the rights and power away from us, pretending it’s for our own safety. The more crime, the better for them. You can see the glee with which gun grabbers jump at each mass murder.

      If there isn’t enough of real crime, if the crime rates are falling while gun ownership soars, they make up statistics to make it look like crime’s rising. Ask your friends and family members about crime rates today compared to 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Thanks to unending leftist politicians and complicit mass media’s propaganda, very few will know that the US have the most guns today and one of the lowest crime rates in history. “Epidemy of gun violence” my ass!

  17. He was hired for a job and the job requires certain tools. He isn’t supposed to feel big, small, neglected, underbanked, overwhelmed, or purple. Why does he think his personal feelings about his army toolkit are relevant to civilian gun rights?

    • Buttiplug was not in the Army. Or even the “military” He was a direct commission Navy REMF POGUE. No rational reason the freaking Navy has such scum in freaking AFGANISTAN.

      He twit also has claimed to have LEAD dozens of convoy “outside the wire”. But while driving a HMMWV. Obviously the SOB as no freaking clue. The pixie is perfect for the navy of nation/ocean/era.

  18. I think it is mushrooms that make you feel various sizes, not guns. A common mistake among mushroom consumers

    • (“I think it is mushrooms that make you feel various size”) Naw man, it’s pills not shrooms, (Go ask Alice when she’s 10 feet tall?) or Grace Slick if you prefer.
      “One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small and the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all” White Rabbit/Jefferson Airplane/Live at Woodstock 1969

        • Sorry,I really didn’t consider Mario because he didn’t just “FEEL” larger/smaller those magic mushrooms physically changed his stature..

        • Sorry, I really didn’t consider Mario because he didn’t just “FEEL” larger/smaller those magic mushrooms physically changed his stature..

  19. Once upon a time in a land far away, I got to shoot a friend’s .500 Nitro Express double and it definitely made me feel smaller, not bigger. But if I had a spare $30k laying around I’d buy my own in a heartbeat because you never know when you’re going to have an elephant infestation in the tomato patch.

  20. Your a little dipstick twerp of a man as is ButterBall.
    Why in any ones name would a gun make a mental midget like you feel bigger??
    What for that matter why would a gun make any person feel anything let alone “Bigger”???
    Unless they are mental midget Libitards to begin with. Like yourself ButterNuttz.

  21. Well if it’s a refection on penis size, it’s my understanding that Mayor Pete doesn’t measure his sexual prowess on penis size but that of his rectum.

  22. one would think that as a military man that he would fully grasp the notion that
    this world is ruled by the overwhelming use of force
    he reminds me of the guy in the meme where the woman says “my boyfriend told me hes afraid of guns-so i told him we should both see other men”
    hes a hoplophobe and as such is unworthy of the office he seeks
    can you just imagine the spectacle and the embarassment it would be to have somebody like him sitting across from vladimir putin or xi jinping or kim jung un or ali khamenei

  23. Most of the time, you can put out of your mind the reality that there are people in the world ready and willing to kill you for their own reasons. Actually having a gun on you puts that reality front and center. Pete doesn’t like having to face that.

  24. That’s because he’s never been shot at, only squirted at. He’s only been in the rear, with some other guy’s gear. Assclowns like him always suffer from myopia, because they only see through one eye….the Brown Eye, and it’s already plugged. So he cries with his buddy, Vlad to ease their insecurities.

  25. Carrying a gun makes me feel like I am carrying a gun.

    This is very similar to how carrying a cheeseburger makes me feel like I am carrying a cheeseburger.

    Your experience may be wildly different, but for me the thing I have in my hands just feels what it feels like. It is just a thing, does not alter my sense of self worth.

    If he feels smaller, or bigger, or rounder or trapizoidal … Well now maybe he needs a good therapist to help in his moment of personal inner turmoil.

    • Ooooooo. Cheeseburger! I think I’ll have one with extra bacon on top of my bacon. Yeah! Lovin’ my infidel diet. They say, “you are what you eat”, so that makes me a pig. Yes!!! Woohoo!

      But wait, so that makes Bootyjig….A DICK! Aaaaaaaa! Look out, incoming!!!!

      • My name is Peter Bootyjig, and I come from a small town of Bend South, Inda-anus. I feel small around guns. Makes me uptight. I prefer feeling big. Less pressure on my hemorrhoids. Let’s my turds just roll on out…. friendly like.

        • if the dems pick this guy…they better be prepared to hear a lot more stuff like this…just sayin’,,,

          • Naw, it’s going to be even better when they nominate Liz “Pocahontas” Warren and she starts in on Trump for real… She WILL understand what it means to have your entire life flash before your eyes only it will happen over and over again for months as she watches her political career disintegrate as quikly as it came to life… Going to be a great show…

  26. Too bad it didn’t make him feel so small that he wanted to insert it fully loaded into his mangina for some lively bump stock action.

  27. I ruined this guys political run awhile back. The joke I made about his name was “butt I gig” like he was a sex worker hence thats his gig. After I did that media disowned him. I am a political beast and pretty much am calling shots. I have influence over voters and legislature. I am not happy with kamela but can change her if I want. The questions becomes after everything that has happened do I even want to?

    Soon I will be moving to bellevue to talk tax reform with susan hutchison. Hopefully by then I can buy a place in LA and move in with Kaci Lay Sommers and Jessica Weaver (ig models).

    Colt quit so good riddance. I am sure with the vast gun knowledge the ex military and police have here it would not be hard to create a firearms company that is better than Colt or any other “major” manufacturer. What have they done for us lately? I am offering jobs for those who want to collaborate and make a decent living turning their hobby into a career. Police and military input into weapons design would give models street credibility as opposed to the crappy cost saving or impractical designs we have seen from corporate mindsets. Plus if people are as pro 2nd ammendment as they say then designs could also circumvent any anti laws created. I believe that enough money from sales could be used to sway local and state government because of all the tax dollars and revenue being created. Look at what is happening with marijuana. That is just nuts. So really it will be less a threat of losing gun rights but rather owning guns without being shamed or insulted for doing so. Guns, shooting ranges, classes, pellet and .22 caliber teams for age 12 and up, political ngo’s,music, apparrel, media, news and entertainment. So that is basically a conglomerate right there. When gun culture trumps communism it proves that America has passed the test of defending it’s democracy.

    • Walter Williams: The word Democracy is found no where in the US Constitution..
      The Founders saw Democracy as another form of Tyranny.
      They condemnded the idea of a Democracy.

  28. The 2nd Amend is a RESTRICTIVE admendment. It states such in the Preamble to Bill of Rights. the 2A does not grant nor convey any right, but RESTRICTS and PROHIBITS the government from infringing upon this enumerated, pre-existing, God given right.

    Our rights, written BEFORE the Constitution, are unalienable and are endowed from our CREATOR – not our legislators, not our government and certainly not from the United Nations and their attempt at gaining control.

  29. It’s always an impressive thing, in 2019, to read how white homosexuals who say they are a “minority” and who are working to deny civil rights to black american citizens. The proud gay Mayor does work very hard to protect the racist police force he controls in his city.

    He is part of a long list of white homosexual elected officials who have worked against civil-rights in this country. Senator Tammy Baldwin, congressman Barney Frank, California state senator Tom Ammiano are a few examples.

    My question is why is the gun community so nervous to talk about this anti-civil rights gay man?
    Yes gun community, you can be gay and at the same time be anti-civil rights. I know the phrase “civil rights” is unfortunately associated with only black people. But the phase “civil rights” is for everyone. Not just those with non white or dark skin color.

    As far as I’m concerned the gay mayor Pete Buttigieg is just as anti-civil right as congressman Elijah Cummings. I don’t care how they suffered in the past. They and anyone else who deny me my gun civil rights is the enemy. They are both as anti-civil rights as any Dixiecrat from the past.

    People like them use sex acts and skin color to throw people off message. This is a distraction. The group Black Guns Matter is not distracted.

    My question is, have the Pink Pistols or Blazing Sword publicly addressed the mayor in a public forum?

    Many gun owners have gone to public meetings to speak their mind in front of these anti-civil rights candidates. Its past time for gay gun owners to speak out in public settings. You say you want to be “out of the closet”. Well it seems to me that gay gun owners are still “in the closet”. At least on this issue.

    Have the Pink Pistols or Blazing Sword even sent out a press release challenging the mayor on his anti-civil rights stance? If they have send me the Link.

  30. Having a gun made me feel the same size, but better prepared. Maybe his firearm was something fundamentally unsafe like a Nambu?

  31. The “made him feel small” comment is just another form of dem apology politics: I’m sorry for being: White, Male, Rich, Privileged, having two parents at home, having gone to good schools, Mom & Dad paying all my college bills.

    News Flash: It wasn’t the gun that made you feel small then or inconsequential now!

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