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Lauren Boebert begins her first term in Congress today. Yesterday we noted that it appears that Nancy Pelosi won’t alter the rules of the House of Representatives to prevent her from carrying a firearm in the Capitol. So Rep. Boebert will be able to carry her GLOCK as she walks to work and represents the people of Colorado every day.

That’s nice for her. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for other residents of the District of Columbia or Americans who choose to visit the seat of government. Boebert’s carry privileges come with her status as a member of Congress. Average citizens have to ask permission to do that in D.C. and are prohibited from carrying in the Capitol building.

Yesterday Boebert announced that she, along with Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, are forming the Second Amendment Caucus in the House (evidently the last version of the caucus didn’t take). And as today is her first day in her new job, we’ll wish her good luck and hope that her efforts to defend and extend the Second Amendment are successful.

Even though I now work in one of the most liberal cities in America, I refuse to give up my rights. Especially my Second Amendment rights. I will carry my firearm in D.C. and in Congress.

This caused outrage from Democrats and the media. Why? It’s our job in Congress to defend your rights. Including your Second Amendment. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

In D.C., of all places, we should be encouraged to practice our rights. So forget what you hear in the fake news. Here are the real reasons I choose to defend myself in our nation’s capital.

I’m a woman and a mother of four. I choose to defend my family with all of the force the Constitution provides. D.C. is one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in our country. Homicide rates and violent crimes are skyrocketing here.

Being a member of Congress is pretty basic. I don’t go to work in a motorcade or armored car. I don’t get police escorts everywhere I go. I walk to my office every morning by myself. So as a five-foot tall, 100-pound woman, I choose to protect myself legally because I am my best security.

One of the challenges of working in D.C. is people here don’t understand how we live in real America. The Second Amendment is part of our lives. Gun ownership is cherished and it makes our little towns safer.

As a young woman working late nights at a restaurant, I learned real fast how important it was to defend myself. After a violent incident outside my business, I took advantage of Colorado’s open carry laws and began to carry at work. My waitresses asked if they could open carry too, and now Shooters Grill has mandatory firearm training and target practice available for my staff, most of whom are young women.

Educated, law-abiding gun owners are the safest people in America to be around. So when anyone comes in to limit the rights and safety of my family, I’ll tell them exactly what this mom thinks.

So this is why I choose to defend myself and my family. Not only is it my right, but it’s a right I was sent here to protect from Rifle, Colorado. So if you see me in D.C., say hi. You’re safe with me.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert

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  1. Washington D.C. is Shall-Issue now,,, not to say what might happen to Rep. Boebert if she ventures into Maryland since Maryland remains May-Issue, where CCW is at the discretion of the Md. State Police, and the Citizenry have to show a “Good and Substantial” reason to be privileged with a Carry Permit.

    • I don’t demand it, but I would be forever entertained by the theater which would surround a Congressperson being arrested in MD for exercising a right specified and protected by the US Constitution. That would be epic.

    • But don’t you have to be a DC resident in order to get a permit? Is that just more special treatment for the VIP’s?

      • “But don’t you have to be a DC resident in order to get a permit?”

        Did you watch the video?

        She says she’s walking to work every morning, that implies she’s renting an apartment in DC. That will legally make her a resident…

    • Being a 5 foot zero inch female is a “Good and Substantial” reason to carry a gun.

      Soo too is being a 6 foot and more male a “Good and Substantial” reason to carry a gun.

      “Good and Substantial” reasons can readily be found for all persons regardless of height, gender, muscle mass and numerous other factors.

      I’d expect a Smith & Wesson EZ would better suit a petite person and a member of the US Congress ought to carry a true American Made gun. Other than that, good for her.

      • Glocks are now also made in the U.S. Used to carry S&W and liked them. But am more accurate with a Glock.

  2. I agree with her. Even if she has painted a target on her back. That could be seen as a form of self sacrifice though. Perhaps the one most significant thing to come from a Trump admin. is an attitude of fighting back. It is becoming obvious to me that the younger generation is getting ready to through out the old guard. People on both sides are assuming a harder more staunch position.

    …and yes, she is hot…maybe its her assertive posture.

    • As she states, she’s a 5-foot-even, 100-lb mom who straps iron (ok, a Glock, but bear with me, lol) to provide herself with the proverbial “force equalizer” for her personal defense.

      • Personally, I hope as she steps outside to walk to work, she notices a few other Congress-critters of her political variety also heading to work, and they can walk to work as an informal group.

        A bit of “safety in numbers” may be prudent…

    • “Even if she has painted a target on her back.”

      She does have a target on her back. She is a white female Republican. That’s all that’s required to have a target on your back. Or if you’re a non white Republican, Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. Then you also have a target on your back.

      • “She does have a target on her back. She is a white female Republican.”

        And hate for Trump is fresh in DC…

  3. Where is she getting her research showing DC is in the top 10 of most violent cities?
    Her writing is of low quality. Learn proper homophones and how to use the : and ; symbols.

    • Hubert Jazz asks; Where is she getting her research showing DC is in the top 10 of most violent cities?

      Clearly she hasn’t been getting her information from the approved sources. Many researchers have spent a considerable amount of time and grant money to manipulate data sets to show that large cities, like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and Washington D.C. are not dangerous at all.

      The question I have for Hubert is; would you feel safe walking around unarmed in Washington D.C.? Not just the tourist areas, but everywhere in our nation’s capitol?

      • DC is the sort of place where thieves won’t think twice about killing you for your stuff, then forget to even take your stuff. Just ask Seth Rich.

  4. Good luck, Lauren.

    Mitch has been the biggest obstacle to national reciprocity and other pro-gun legislation for many years. I’m not sure McCarthy is all that much better.

    And obviously Beijing’s man (men?) in the incoming Biden regime aren’t going to go to bat for anyone except criminals, illegals and their crony capitalist friends.

  5. I’d rather die then give up the right to defend myself. That’s what she’s saying. People are calling her a target now. We must all stand along side people like this! She’s a Patriot not a Chinese sell out like make a buck Swalwell. The left has been on full psycho for years! One of Jovan Pulitzer’s team members took 5 shots right through daughters windows in a drive by. Doubt it? look it up on twitter. — Jovan Hutton Pulitzer on January 3, 2021 twitter. Free Kyle!!!

  6. Well that’s swell for you Ms. Congresscritter. As long as “you people”are safe. I’m getting some kind of gat/ammo with my meager pork check. So us peaons are “safe”…

  7. I would vote for her if I lived in her district, but since I am here in Georgia I will be getting to the polls tomorrow to vote for Perdue and Loeffler along with my daughter and son-in-law. My wife already voted via absentee ballot since she is reluctant to get out around folks who might be sick. Hard to believe that the two Socialists have done as well as they have here in Georgia, but we have places like DeKalb and Fulton that are always going to vote for whoever has a D next to their name on the ballot.

    If you live here, show up and vote!

    • I used to believe that about certain parts of my state and used to say Jesus Christ couldn’t get elected Savior if he ran as a Republican. Then about 15 years ago my state started turning R from D. Now with a R. Governor for the last 12 years and R controlled state legislature and senate. The people have begun to realized that liberal Ideals do not equate to Conservative Values. So don’t give up the fight. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  8. She’s taking an enormous amount of shit from the libs on Twitter. I am tempted to start a twitter account just to show her some support.

  9. Good for this lady, I hope her courage inspires others to stand as she does.

    My U.S. Representative would be recognized by all as a serious conservative, and my State Representative, well, he owns a local small business, and he and his sons teach concealed carry classes. My wife and I took their class a few years ago, and my daughter will when she becomes of age. State Senator is a good guy also. U.S. Senators, well one is a D who rates an F minus and the other is a meh minus. Encourage and support the good ones if/while you have them, because things can change quickly.

  10. my kid’s in d.c. for a couple years, and he’s not strapped.
    but is shooters grill really in rifle, co.?

  11. Now this is how we separate the children from the adults. I care less about the point of only selected government people being allowed to carry in DC. That’s not the point here. This woman is openly defying the establishment. We have asked for aggressive defenders of the 2A.
    Well now here is a elected woman doing just that. An aggressive woman standing up for her rights. And everyone else’s.

    She is doing basically doing what the people who open carry guns are doing now. Aggressive but polite. That’s how you should be when speaking out about your civil rights.

    • Video I saw was demo-ing concealed carry, I would love her for open carry, but not sure that is what’s coming. I’ll be donating next time she is running.

  12. According to Nancy Pelosi, you’re not a mom. That’s very binary of you, and very intolerant. You’re a parent. Much more inclusive. Just saying…

  13. She has no D.C. permit to carry, and she’ll be rightfully arrested and prosecuted for being the criminal Republican scum that she is.

  14. It’s time to return the District of Columbia to a full federal enclave as set up in the Constitution and remove the authority to home rule. DC has been violating its people constitutional civil rights forever. Does Heller ring a bell. Move to or live in DC and you acknowledge your giving up states rights and are subject to the Federal Executive and Legislative branches whims.

  15. Incredibly intelligent, articulate and damn good looking lady.

    I hope she sticks around and leads some of the old politicians to do the right thing and actually work for the citizens they represent.

    Good for you, and you definitely have my support.

  16. No doubt someone will pay attackers and she will end up fighting criminal cases within the year. They will bury her in a cell just like they plan to do with Rittenhouse.

    If we let them.

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