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Matthew Carmel is the owner/inventor of the Palm Pistol. Earlier today, TTAG updated readers on the pistol’s progress. Mr. Carmel was not pleased with our blog post. He fired off an email defending his ballistic baby. And here it is, republished with the author’s permission.

I read your blog post this afternoon and I frankly don’t understand your suspicion. The Palm Pistol has been classified as a “standard pistol” by ATF and a copy of this letter, obtained with the help of Steve Halbrook is posted on the Palm Pistol website. So I am unclear what uphill battle, besides ingenuity, hard work, persistence and financial risk, you are referring to. Can the ATF change its mind? Yes, but that risk is part of the entrepreneurial process . . .

Further, your comment about “brave souls” trusting me with their deposit money, which by the way sits and will remain untouched in a separate escrow account, clearly implies I am dishonest. I would be happy to provide you with a bank certified copy of the account statement. If you think it takes bravery to risk $25, you should only know how much money I have risked to date, with more to come.

I have stated repeatedly that anyone who wishes may have their deposit returned at any time for any reason. The sole purpose of the deposit was to gauge the market for the Palm Pistol and identify potential buyers who are serious enough to take the trouble to actually sit down and write a check.

If I have done anything or acted in any way that is unethical that serves as the basis for the tone of you post, please let me know and I would be happy to respond.

Matthew Carmel

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  1. In the words of the Bard: "Me thinks he doth protest too much."

    Be careful if someone tries to sneak up behind you with an Afrin bottle at your next party, Robert.

  2. OK my big question is… why would anyone in the world use/buy this gun? It looks to be a single shot (VERY effective in a gun fight!), subsonic caliber pistol that you hold in your palm. Size wise, it looks to be not much smaller than my Model 36 J-Frame. At least that gun holds 5 rounds of .38 SPL!

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