Palm Pistol Prototype

Palm Pistol has prepared their first working prototype. The company reports that “all critical components are working as designed. The low bore axis results in no detectable muzzle rise as predicted. Trigger ‘push’ is 9-10 pounds and unloaded weight without the optional Picatinny rail is 13.4 ounces. Endurance testing has begun and should be completed this summer. This will be followed by drop testing. Production is estimated to begin late this year or first half of 2011.” That said, “specifications are subject to change.” That’s the gunmaker’s equivalent of “It’s a long way to Tipperary.” And yet . .

To date, 458 units have been pre-reserved with paid deposits and an additional 666 individuals have completed our online reservation form.

Hello? Mark of the beast, guys. Anyway . . .

Only 1000 units will be built during the first production run and these are expected to sell out quickly. Retail pricing has not yet been established.

Hats off to the brave souls who’ve put a deposit down on an untested gun that faces an uphill battle for federal approval that will sell at an undetermined price with as-yet undetermined specifications. Subject to change.


  1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    WOW – and I think Glock's are ugly!

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