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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Oh Yeah Explosives (ATF) has announced the resolution of their case against Shawn Michael Nealon. On February 18, the 38-year-old Mesa, Arizona resident plead guilty to illegal firearms sales to an out-of-state resident. The 38-year-old owner ofCalvary Arms was sentenced to three years probation, 300 hours of community service, and a $10,000 fine. Calvary Arms of Gilbert, Arizona was also placed on probation and fined $10,000. For the time being, the company cannot sell, manufacture or possess firearms. So, will the residents of Townsville sleep a little better tonight knowing that justice was done? Let’s ask the ATF!

First, it seems to us that Calvary doesn’t actually make firearms, per se. Just lots of bits and pieces: AR-15 furniture, grips, etc.

One wonders what, if anything, they can and cannot sell, manufacture of possess, now. If Cavalry can’t have firearms upon which to test its parts, what then?

Anyway, the ATF’s press release explores the world of cod Q&A. AC John A. Torres answers the key question: what’s it all about Alfie? I mean, “Did Cavalry Arms conviction have an impact on violent crime?”

This conviction was a good thing for all law abiding citizens of the United States, as was the sentencing. Nealon is now a felon who can no longer possess or own firearms. He cannot continue in the business of being a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer nor can he sell firearms at gun shows. The system worked and I applaud the efforts of the ATF agents who investigated Shawn Nealon’s illegal activities and the prosecutors who perfected the court case. They all had a role in keeping the citizens safe!

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  1. I live next to Gilbert and work in Mesa, and I haven't even heard a peep about this on the radio or on the local news stations!

  2. Moreover, the AR lowers that they did make were made of polymer so they were some of the lightest on the market. I shot a 9MM version and was really impressed. I love metal but sometimes you gotta give it to the plastic-fanstastics. A Glock-inspired AR- who would have thought?

    Apparently not Shawn Nealson…

  3. So let down by the result of that investigation. Was on the verge of ordering a couple CavArms Scouts on the advice of some good friends in Tennessee who swear by those polymer frames. Gonna be hard to find one word of mouth.

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