Ruger SP101 Model KSP-321XEN Special Edition Premier for $1095. Or Less.

This, dear friends, is the Talo Ruger SP101 Model KSP-321XEN Special Edition Premier. It’s a stainless steel .357 revolver with [Rolling Stones archivist-pleasing] Altamont Walnut Grip Panel Inserts. Automated Finishing did the engraving (such as it is). What’s the best they’d would be happy to engrave a $607 Ruger SP101 to your specifications? If you went that route, you’d end-up spending less than the $1,095 the Gallery of Guns is asking for the SP101 Model KSP-321XEN Special Edition Premier. Fortunately (I think), Allen’s Gun Shop wants $725 for the same weapon, which almost makes sense. Still, if I’m spending my money on a tacky gun, I prefer Talo’s Gold Glock. Just sayin’.


  1. avatar Zealot says:

    I love the SP101 revolvers as much as the next guy. they're rugged, dependable, concealable and as accurate as the shooter out to 25 yards. Best of all, for such a relatively, small package, they handle the magnum loads gracefully.

    Having said that, this special edition reminds me of the Toyota Corollas I see with spoilers and rims; it misses the point and tries to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, ruining the exceptional qualities/strengths inherent to its design. Simply put, these Rugers are workin' guns, not collector's pieces. But that's just me talkin'

  2. avatar CJ says:

    Wanted something with engraving as all my other “kids” are plain Jane. Long story short it’s beautiful in person and the pic does make it look a little tacky, no justice at all. Guess that’s what happens when you’re a chick…I’m not into pink, but I wanted something a little fancy looking and dependable without breaking the bank. Got a good deal and by the way…I hate Corollas with spoilers and rims…lol ;-D

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