BREAKING: LA County Sheriff Throws in the Towel, Will Allow Gun Stores to Reopen

Please see my statement regarding clarification on essential businesses during the #Covid19 Crisis: #LASD #FlattenTheCurve #SheriffV — Alex Villanueva (@LACoSheriff) March 31, 2020 Another win for the right to armed self defense. Sheriff Alex Villanueva — for the second time — has reversed himself and announced that LA County gun stores will not be […]

Everest Launches a Marketplace for the Shooting Sports and Outdoor Communities

From Everest . . . Everest, the shooting sports and outdoor gear industry’s first customer-centric, community-driven, multi-merchant marketplace has officially launched. Everest is a nondiscriminatory platform for hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, anglers, campers and hikers across the country, linking consumers and retailers with a robust marketplace where they can interact, participate, contribute, learn, transact, and […]

Gun Owners: Be Goodwill Ambassadors to Your Neighbors, Community

When most folks think about emergency preparedness, they think about having guns, ammo, food and water themselves and their families. In reality though, any well-rounded preparedness plan has at least as much to do with building personal relationships with neighbors and city officials as building a super-sized ammo stash in your basement. In fact, by […]

Can’t Find the Gun You Want Locally During the Emergency? Shop From Home Right Now

With the gun buying surge that’s taken place during the current COVID19 emergency, it’s gotten more difficult to find the guns and gear you need. Whether you’re an experienced prepper looking to stock up or a first time buyer, getting what you’re looking for has become more complicated. During this national emergency, is making the […]

DIY Guns, Part 2: 3D Guns You Can Build Right Now

[This is the second post in a series on 3D printing for producing your own homemade firearms and accessories. See our first post here. Despite the best efforts of federal and state level politicians, making your own guns at home for your own use is still legal in almost every state (some require registration…check your […]