ATI Adds the New MilSport AR 410 Shotgun

American Tactical is adding another fun .410 bore option with the introduction of the new MilSport AR 410 shotgun. While their Omni Hybrid AR-15 410 shotgun is built around American Tactical’s Omni Hybrid polymer lower, the new MilSport AR 410 uses a standard American-made milspec aluminum AR-15 lower. Here’s their press release . . . […]

Gun Review: Verney-Carron Azur SD Eloge Grade 20 Gauge Shotgun

The origin of the firm name, Verney-Carron, goes back to 1830. The hyphenated name that arose following the marriage of Claude Verney and Antoinette Carron is an appropriate metaphor for the exquisite double-barreled firearms for which the company is known. The firm actually opened for business in Saint-Etienne, France a decade earlier, following Claude’s securing […]

Chicago Revolving Door: 18-Year-Old Tries Boarding a Flight With a Pistol While on Bond From Earlier Gun Charge

Chicago’s criminal justice is every bit as dysfunctional as many of its neighborhoods. Violent criminals, including those found illegally possessing and carrying guns, are released with little more than a slap on the wrist. And then they re-offend. Which makes Chicago’s notorious crime problem a mystery no one can seem to solve. Take Jaden Goldsberry, […]

This is Why ‘Universal Background Checks’ Are a Really Bad Idea

As is the case with every further restriction the anti-gun left promotes, when it comes to enacting “universal background checks,” the most demonic devil is always in the details. National Review‘s Charles C.W. Cooke, an escaped Brit who’s a tireless defender of Second Amendment rights, tears into a recent Bloomberg editorial advocating UBCs. The Bloomberg editors insist […]

5 Ways to Up Your Concealed Carry Game

So you’ve decided to get yourself a concealed carry gun, have you? Congratulations, you’re about to become one of the well-armed Second Amendment supporters who know the importance of personal protection. You can count yourself as ready, but you’re probably not taking full advantage of the resources available now that you’re determined to join the […]

Lawsuit Challenging California ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Filed in San Diego Federal Court

A press release from the Firearms Policy Coalition: Attorneys for three San Diego residents and one San Diego-based advocacy organization filed a federal lawsuit challenging California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons”. A copy of the complaint can be viewed or downloaded at “This District Court already ruled the state’s prohibition on the possession of large-capacity […]

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: Taking Guns Away From Law-Abiding Citizens Makes Us Less Safe

From the NRA’s statement: [T]here’s nothing about an insane criminal committing a horrible act that should lead to the government taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. That will only make us less safe. Yet, that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. A highly-orchestrated effort to disarm American citizens unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this […]

SAF: Philadelphia Shootout Was Another Massive Failure of Gun Control Laws

By the Second Amendment Foundation Wednesday’s shootout in Philadelphia that left six of that city’s courageous police officers injured stands as yet another example of the failure of gun control because the suspect in this case has been identified as having a lengthy criminal background that precluded him from possessing firearms, the Second Amendment Foundation […]

Dayton Shooter Had Drugs, Alcohol in His System, Hit by ‘At Least’ 24 Rounds Fired By Police

The Dayton spree killer who murdered 10 people and injured 27 more had cocaine, alcohol and an anti-depressant in his system when he opened fire. A coroner’s report indicates that he was hit by “at least” 24 rounds during a shootout with police. According to, Betts suffered at least 24 gunshot wounds, [Montgomery County […]