yankee marshal mrgunsngear stolen valor
Courtesy Mrgunsngear
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With gun ownership under attack almost constantly, some like myself do our best to avoid the manufactured drama that the online gun community seems to breed. Sometimes that drama takes form as vicious, sometimes libelous statements in chatrooms or comment threads. Other times it’s higher profile, such as a recent video in which The Yankee Marshal falsely accused Mrgunsngear of stolen valor. It was tailor-made content intent on driving a wedge between gun-owning fans of each personality.

The initial video has been unlisted, but is still viewable if you have the link. As much as it pains me to post this, there isn’t another way to view David of The Yankee Marshal at his “finest” and it’s only fair to present what he said in its original form (NSFW language warning).

I generally dismiss most of what The Yankee Marshal has to say about almost anything. Rarely do I click on one of his videos and come away with information that I feel betters my understanding of a topic, rather than betters my understanding of gun forum lore. That isn’t to say that The Yankee Marshal is always wrong, just that I’ve found that he often is.

Here’s the accusation in the above video should you want to avoid subjecting yourself to The Yankee Marshal:

I’ve gotten some information from a few reliable sources, it’s not verifiable information and I am not presenting this as fact here. No one out there think I am presenting this as fact, but I’ve gotten some reliable information that you are a fucking valor thief. So [chuckles], if you want to talk about that, let me know. But, uh, came from some pretty reliable sources.

yankee marshal accuses mrgunsngear stolen valor
Courtesy The Yankee Marshal

Lately, The Yankee Marshal is becoming the closest the gun community has to a “Karen,” on a constant quest to speak with the manager. When another channel isn’t interested in spending time to defendd themselves, David screams louder about how the accused are cowards and not man enough to address it head-on.

yankee marshal accuses mrgunsngear stolen valor
Courtesy Mrgunsngear

Mike (A.K.A. Mrgunsngear) intentionally makes little mention of his military service in his videos beyond a small comment here and there, which is a tactic that he and I agree on. While I know more details of Mike’s service, it isn’t my place to out him, but rest assured that he not only served his country with honor, but has a pretty damned impressive resume as well.

I want to stress that I respect his decision to keep his content focused on the products being reviewed rather than taking every chance to interject aspects of his impressive service record.

yankee marshal accuses mrgunsngear stolen valor
Courtesy Mrgunsngear

I am sure that some of you will scream in the comments about my decision to leave the details of Mike’s service out, but some things aren’t for me to tell.

yankee marshal accuses mrgunsngear stolen valor
Courtesy Mrgunsngear

Reluctantly, Mike was forced to make a video responding to the stolen valor charge. He again understates his time in the military, but provided more than enough information to disprove The Yankee Marshal’s wild accusations.

I reached out to Mike ( Mrgunsngear) and asked him if he wanted to make a statement for this article beyond what was included in the video. His response was about as honorable as they come. He told me that he said his piece in the video, refuted the charge, and has no more time for baseless accusations.

yankee marshal accuses mrgunsngear stolen valor
Who in their right mind wears a road guard vest? (Courtesy Mrgunsngear

I mentioned earlier that Mike and I see eye to eye on the topic of how relevant military service is to reviewing products, a topic that we have had more than one conversation about. When reviewing products for civilian users, the lessons learned in the military — be it in garrison or in theatre — aren’t applicable to the review process.

yankee marshal accuses mrgunsngear stolen valor
Courtesy Yankee Marshal

After Mike’s response, The Yankee Marshal posted an “apology” going on for seven minutes and sixteen seconds, managing to continue to downplay Mike’s service and attacking the way that Mike produces his channel’s content.

The original video contained a quote that I thought was interesting:

If you wanna defend people that are too big a pussy to actually defend themselves, go right ahead that says a lot about you and them both.

Good…I really hope that it does, David.

I would rather stand with Mike than listen to you continue to gin up drama and polarize the gun community with videos built on rumors that have no other aim than to drive up views and rile up the online gun community.

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  1. YM: “Use reliable sources”

    Mr. G&G: *Dunks with 10 photos and 3 DD-214s*

    You love to see it.

    • And yet the rainbow fairy basically said in his video that it’s easy to forge those documents. Basically he said that Mr G&G is still stealing people’s valor, but because he can’t prove it he can’t keep saying it.

      • Yeah, but even YM has to admit that — for a guy who was never in the military — Mr. G&G sure has a lot of pictures of himself in uniform with other dudes in uniform on military bases and equipment . . . It’s almost like he actually served.

        • MADDMAX makes a good point. Resumes and proof are worthless on the internet, because everything can be faked. The arguments for against something should be compelling by their content and its relevance to the audience.

          On the other hand, cheap shots and trolling are also a hallmark of internet interaction.

          So, its not very interesting when one guy would lean on his resume (which *clould* be fake) to give weight to his point and a troll would take cheap shots at him to undermine that point. If you find this shocking, then you need to spend more time on the internet…. on second thought, you’re probably a better human being, if you haven’t spent that much time on the internet.

        • This is just another symptom of how our society has turned to an “Accuse now, prove later” mentality, away from the “Innocent until proven guilty” method our Society says it is based off of.
          MADMAXX and California Richard mention to possibility to photo shop the Federal Documentation DR.G&G presented. Of course anyone, with the right motive and time could alter anything to appear like anything. The ultimate problem is, who gives anyone the right to speculate on this?
          TYM continues to go off on tirades condemning people of actions based on allegations he even admits cannot be verified. No wonder why he isn’t in Law Enforcement anymore!
          Commonplace courtesy is gone. Gone are the days where people just show others respect. Now, everyone feels entitled to their own shitty opinions, and requires proof just to stop talking. It is sad that Mr. G&G had to stoop down to the level TYM is at just to entertain his dribble.

        • The ultimate problem is, who gives anyone the right to speculate on this?

          I wasn’t accusing anyone of anything I don’t know the guy and I really don’t care IF he served in the military or in whatever capacity he served if he did… I merely offered a supposition in contrast to a definitive statement that said in light of a couple of pictures that the evidence was basically incontrovertible without considering other possibilities.. I simply pointed out one alternative possibility of many in an age where “they” can literally put words in your mouth and sync lip movements and facial expressions to make it appear that you are actually speaking the words…. So in answer to your query, I guess I gave me the right (remember that pesky old 1st amendment) to “speculate” on this, just like you did not require anyone’s permission to “speculate” on whether or not I had the right to offer an alternative to the supposition of OmnivorousBeorn: “Innocent until proven guilty” requires an examination of all evidence and the exploration of all possibilities…

        • For the sake of clarification: I believe Mr.G&G was in the Army. I don’t care. If he renders an articulate, well informed, and compelling opinion on something, then that is worth more than any secret squirrel Delta Force 6 credentials he throws down. I respect him more for down playing the Army angle.

          As for TYM. I saw one of that guy’s videos. I’m not a fan. This only reinforces my opinion of him.

    • The photo of the TF-9J Cougar with the VT-4 Squadron ID could be from one of the training ranges at Eglin AIr Force Base, Florida, but, I don’t think so because the woods there are more jungle like and have more pine trees. VT-4 retired the last F-9s out of Sherman Field, Naval Station Pensacola around 1974. I know because I was a Plane Captain on one of the last ones to fly off. Got my picture in the paper. Great to see they are still being used in service.
      The Service tape over Guns and Gear left pocket reads US Air Force and his rank is Airman First Class, E-3, two stripes. The APC and the Forrest BDUs are turn of the century. All of the photos are more than likely post boot camp prior to unit assignment training or reserve training. In the loafing picture before or after jogging, the guy to his right is wearing an Army vest. Looks like joint training. The woods is what throws me. I thought Mr Guns and Gear was an air force PJ. If that is the case then I put him as SAR school or SERE school at Fairchild Air Force Base Spokane, Washington. I was USN later assigned to HCS-5 Special Support Squadron, Combat SAR. The SAR/Combat SAR/SERE school at Spokane trains and conducts multi service exercises. We participated in an exercise. The uniforms are genuine and the buildings are very military looking. Not photo shopped!

      • One other problem with the picture of Guns and Gear with the TF-9J.
        His Flag patch is “bright” and not subdued (black&OD,olive drab). In real world training or exercise or in theatre the flag would be subdued. Also his helmet is AFU. Looks like an old GI pot top. Definitely before NVGs.
        My guess is that picture is staged. Doesn’t make it or him a fake. GIs are always staging pictures at events, at schools whatever. Iraqvereran8888 and his buddy have a few out there themselves.
        There you have it. Vets are humble folks, to know one is to be one. Mr Guns and Gear is a brother. All you other idiots are not, just idiots. Sad, useless Americans. Who are you to question a vet?

        • Pork Rind below nailed the location as a navigation range at Fort Benning, GA.

    • The one comment I would make is that Mr G&G just proves to be another example of retired or separated military personnel who milk the system – he claims to be 100% disabled, yet watch a few videos and tell me what how he is disabled; exactly what jobs is he limited from doing? If you ever wonder WHY our nation is in such financial dire straights, it’s not just the politicians and leftist thieves, it’s the self-righteous claimed conservatives who also legally “steal” just because they meet a requirement! And by the way, I served 22 years in Special Forces, ’75-’97, and I’ve seen it all. Fake PTSD, fake back problems, etc. just to squirm another dollar out of the system.

      • I don’t pretend to be an expert into the military benefits or medical but couldn’t that be explained by a well done pain management plan? I know a guy on 100% VA disability and some days he’ll be doing tons of work but on a bad day his spine injuries make him just stay inside all day to find a bit of relief.Purely anecdotal but does provide some food for thought. Anyways thank you for your service and have great day.

      • I understand hearing loss of a certain level can get you full disability. I may be wrong, but I have seen it talked about on the news a few times.

      • I served honorably for 10 years. When I got out I went through the VA to document a few issues in case they came back to haunt me later. I didnt lie, exaggerate, just told that I occasionally had pain and that it had been happening since xx/xx/xx. A X-Rays and MRI’s later I was rated as 60% disabled. The system is weird. Im a normal guy with bum knees, but I wouldnt consider myself disabled.

    • Over the past several years, Mrgunsandgear has become less and less truthful and trustworthy. I originally thought Yankee Marshall crossed the line with his accusations, but I’m less certain in view of MrG&G becoming more of a paid sponsor and has shown a serious disrespect for the truth. I try not to jump to conclusions, but lack of honesty by MrG&G in many other videos makes me leery to trust his potentially doctored photographs.

  2. I watched one of Yankee M’s videos once. His intro ends with him saying that he is a “Grown A– Man”. Whatever dude.

    • After watching one of his videos all I could remember was his tagline, I could only ask in response: Are you sure about that?

        • I made it a couple of minutes and realized he was a world class idiot. I kind of get tired of the “You live in your parent’s basement” line because it is used so often, but this guy fits that profile 100%. Once upon a time, it could’ve been handled with a meeting like this asshole suggested, followed by him getting his teeth punched out his ass and deservedly so.

    • I watched one of YM’s vids a couple of years ago only because YouTube “suggested” it on the sidebar while I was watching The Daily Shooter. Or was it War Poet?…I don’t recall exactly. But I do remember being mildly entertained due to YM’s expressions that reminded me of a “People of Walmart” slice of society.

      Then I watched another one of his vids a few months later. The luster had worn off, and I was not impressed by the hicksville theater. One last vid another few months later, and that was enough for me. No curiosity to visit his channel ever since.

      Frankly, I’m surprised that the author here even bothered with mentioning YM at all. While I’m familiar with Mr.G&G, I don’t think he needs anyone to provide a defense for him. He seems to be capable of ignoring YM all on his own. I’ll ignore him, too.

      (Hail, this is where you tell everyone it’s the best advice ever…)

      • that reminded me of a “People of Walmart” slice of society.

        And just what IS a “People of Walmart” slice of society? Can you SMELL the Walmart dripping off of them? Or do you have to be a big time FBI Agent to detect that particular odor?

      • Review these never rambling and understand that this is the best advice ever given by the incomparable ‘I Haz A Question’.

      • The best advice ever! I start my day by checking the weather, the news headlines, and whatever gems of wisdom posted by Haz. You should, too.

  3. Best art of this article is the ad for the K6S 4″ DASA Combat. Yankee needs to take a chill pill. I think he’s lost his audience with his ravings. Maybe he isn’t making the money he used to and its starting to hurt?

  4. Call me old fashioned but I’ll stick with Hickok45 and Demo ranch…. I don’t like Yankee’s voice and he whines a lot. If he reads this he can make a 25 minute video of me, because this is me telling him to shut his yap.

    • Even demo ranch got old… Good guy and a lot of good causes, but testing plates on a lawn chair? Not really that entertaining. Back when he used his own house as an indoor range, now that was entertaining.

    • To be fair to YM, at least he shows up in Olympia when WA state tries to pull legislative BS. That’s more than a lot of people here can say.

      That said, he would never say in 2 minutes which he could beat about and draw out into 25 with the inclusion of some whiny voices, ad hominems, and straw men. The bit here he went CHAZ to show how peaceful and loving it was and got himself beat for it WAS pretty funny.

      • That’s because he doesn’t work. Yankee gets his money from the Youtube superchat money and Patreon that he claims to donate to charities and such, but when he tries to prove he made the payment he has “technical difficulties.”

        I think he’s a fraud and I feel bad for the people he’s got hoodwinked into giving him money every month so he can drive up to CHAZ and get a handy inside some 19 year old twink’s tent.

      • Casey says: “To be fair to YM, at least he shows up in Olympia when WA state tries to pull legislative BS. That’s more than a lot of people here can say.”

        To be fair… This may be true of many here, but on topic, MrGunsgear went to Richmond, VA and remains active in countering the local and federal government’s human rights violations and infringements.

    • H45 is cool. I like Honest Outlaw, he demos a lot of firearms I’m interested in. He doesn’t repeat things 10 times over, so his videos are a not 20 minutes too long for no good reason.

  5. Like a bunch of other people I’ve seen comment, I used to watch TYM videos. But then he got so deep with youtube drama that I just stopped checking. Seems like his feed was full of rants instead of actually talking about guns or, god forbid, doing any actual shooting. He seems like he’s just a youtube guy that talks about guns instead of a gun guy that has a youtube channel.

    The go-to now for me is Paul Harrell. He doesn’t do a lot of gun reviews but he does a lot of practical demonstrations and ammo comparisons with a ‘meat target’ which is nice to see for its differences to ballistic gel. And even if I skip through the chronograph sections, they’re there for a reason- he shows his work. Instead of spending most videos ranting in a basement about other Youtubers.

    • Hi. We’re out on the range today, so please bear with gunfire you might hear in the background.

      So how’d we do? You be the judge.

      • My favorite is his armed vs unarmed video… when he runs over and kicks a watermelon. Funniest shit I have ever seen aside from old PH with mutton chops.

      • “That’s a difference. But is it enough to make a difference?”

        He did make a YT drama video but I only remember one.

        • Yea the only one worth watching too. He calmly and casually destroyed that twerp.

    • Paul is my favorite. Love his style and content. His “not enough tattoos and facial hair” comment is pretty good too…although after 25 years on active duty, I have shaved about 10 days in the last 6 years for funerals when the family asked that I show up in uniform.

      I was embarrassed for the guy he did the long rebuttal. Buddy of mine went to a meeting one time that we knew was going to be bad. His description of the meeting was that he was “verbally sodomized.” That’s about what Paul did to that clown. I feel particularly bad since that clown and I wore the same uniform at one time.

      I’ll save at least one idiot the time to make the “chair force…a hu, a hu, a hu (Goofy)” remark. I have the utmost respect for anyone that serves and treated everyone that way. If my service in the Air Force is not up to someone’s standards, I have a Bronze Star somewhere in the attic that they are welcome to shove up their…

      I do like Eric and Chad at IV8888 too. The “top five redneck guns” is a riot. I watch that about once a month when I need a break from the world we live in today.

    • I’m with you Neil … “moved on” has my vote.

      While it’s true that the Yankee Marshall has made a few “entertaining” videos, he also made it clear he isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So I took his advice and stopped watching long ago, and haven’t heard anything related to him since.

      But he did happen to show up in my YouTube timeline a while back because I subscribe to Paul Harrell’s channel. Paul recorded a response to the YM for a video entitled “F#@K YOU PAUL HARRELL.” And if you’re taking notes, this was during the same time period where YM did another video called, “F#@K IraqVeteran8888, TGC & the NRA.” But I digress.

      If for no other reason than than this one rant about Harrell, any reasonable person who has even casual interest in firearms should avoid YM like the plague. Integrity and character don’t appear to be qualities that are in his wheelhouse. I don’t hate the guy, just have zero respect for him.

      One final thought on that integrity issue … for extra credit we could actually throw in his beatdown on MrGunsNGear for his “Stolen Valor” video, but that’s a story for another day.

      • Some additional videos by The Yankee Marshall may provide insight into his gun preferences, his politics and how he views his fellow man (in the gun community and elsewhere).

        ✅ For Anyone Unaware The Yankee Marshall is a Dumbass (O.K., probably parody, but not a title I’d use for myself)
        ✅ Trump Sticking his Giant Draft-Dodging Nose into Military Affairs
        ✅ US Rep. Dan Crenshaw is just another DISHONEST PIECE OF S#!T Politician (Part two)
        ✅ The Toxic Marshal says FUCK Sportsman’s Warehouse
        ✅ The Yankee Marshall becoming more like HICUCK 45 every day
        ✅ Burn Down the NRA and DANCE IN THE ASHES
        ✅ Beto O’Rourke is NOT COMING FOR YOUR GUNS
        ✅ Crenshaw Shows His TRUE ANTI-FREEDOM COLORS, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is right
        ✅ 9mm 1911s are for PUSSIES
        ✅ TYM is setting Twang-N-Bang Straight … speaking out of ignorance
        ✅ Hickok 45 No longer shilling for the NRA, at least not until the money comes back
        ✅ ANTI-FREEDOM TRUMP and his FUDD sons, worse than Hillary?
        ✅ The People in the Firearms Community SUCK!!!
        ✅ Why I think GLOCKS are TOTALLY USELESS?
        ✅ Mostest GAYEST GUN GUY T-Shirt!
        ✅ F#@K TRIGGRCON! A polite message to the organizers (really?)
        ✅ Why I think Memorial Day is a ridiculous holiday

        ➡️ I think you get my drift. Prior to 2016, TYM was experiencing some serious viewership with many presentations racking up over 100K views. Also noticed that there were fewer rants against other gun-related YouTubers during that time … I could only find three instances where TYM had recorded critical rants of this nature.

        Over the past three years the views have been tracking downward and I suspect the rise in “controversial” videos is the Marshall’s marketing mind telling him that “profits are down, time to get funky.” After all, this IS his full time job and he’s got 342K subscriber/advertiser eyeballs.

        • Dennis, thanks for a great summary of the fall of TYM. Nice list. I missed some (many) of those videos, as I unsubscribed his channel many years ago.

        • 1. The guy doesn’t accept advertisers.
          2. He is retired, and doesn’t do youtube as a business.
          3. Everything he makes off of youtube and patreon go to the pistol project, 2a charities, veteran charities, and animal charities. He has proven this on many occasions.

          While you may not agree with him on his view, and not like the things he does, you can’t deny that he does more charitable things than virtually any other guntuber.

    • I use to be a mod during Yankees live chats back in 2018. Then he banned me from his channel after I criticized him for saying racist things about White people and being adamant that Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist. There’s a reason he constantly attacks others, it’s because he doesn’t want to be on the defensive himself because he projects who he is on to others.

      Yankee is a valor thief, he signed up for the military for the benefits, not because he wanted to serve and in one of his chats he complained about having to do whatever job he had while in the Army during Desert Shield/Storm. I don’t think Yankee was ever deployed to the MidEast, but we know MrG&G was, yet he’s never complained about it.

      I think that goes to show the two people we’re dealing with.

    • “This one fits my hand better than this one.”

      I am a big fan of Paul. Love his content and demeanor.

      I’d think about buying an “action figure” if he’d sell some. 🙂

  6. The Yankee Marshal is entertainment. Nothing more. That’s his thing. I don’t think I would have takin things in that direction but this changes nothing for me either way.

    It’s an interesting way to breakup some of the craziness going on.

  7. Hate to say this but I quit watching and caring about what Yankee Marshal thinks and says anyway. I tend to watch those who give actual reviews, don’t cuss as much, and give information that actually can help people. But what do I know, I’m just a old retired deplorable livin’ in fly-over country.

  8. Always consider the source.

    Can the libitards get wind of YM and start in on him?
    That way it’s a win-win. Both can run their mouths incessantly with little regard for truth or sense AND they can both be happy!

  9. Also, it’s a good idea to get a mirror of a video when doing an article like this because I bet he’ll memory-hole the video on his own channel.

    • He is not that smart. First minute of this video he states “I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong” but never admits to shit and continues to throw people under the imaginary bus he is driving. The short bus. He lost the back half a couple beefs back. Like, only the front axle left on it, and he’s about to start a fire and be trapped inside.

    • This fucking guy is NOT a representation of any sound minded person who owns a gun, let alone carries one daily. Nobody likes him. If this guy turns you off from “the gun community” whatever the fuck that actually is, then you need to stop watching YT and stay off social media. Go to local shoots and events.

      • If no one liked him, he would not have so many people watching his channel. Clearly there are some that do. I couldn’t say for sure exactly how many but he made it all the way to TTAG. Most Youtube channels never get that.

        • He was liked, and it’s been diminishing over time. Now, his dislikes are killing him. He won’t last long. None of them do once that happens.

        • The only reason he made it to TTAG is because I was annoyed enough to write about it. He isn’t newsworthy, he just needed calling out for being a Karen.

    • Indy, YM is not representative of anyone but himself. He’s widely known as a loser who throws incessant temper tantrums.

      And when you think about it, just about every “community” or culture has a few guys like this.

    • This kind of thing happens in ALL online communities. Social media is an exchange market where you trade baseless insults, mindless cruelty, and flamboyant degeneracy for hits of sweet, sweet dopamine.

    • The thing is, no one tries to outpiss TYM……..hes the only one doing that and it usually ends up dribbling down his leg…..

  10. The Yankee Marshal is a bad person. Remember his smearing of Iraqveteran8888? It was the dumbest stuff.

    He is going to get sued sooner or later. Idk how anyone can watch him at all.

  11. What a fucking tool. Yankee Marshall is a snowflake. Never liked him. Hope he loses everything for his click bait drama bullshit and his lack of discipline. Finally starting to see the thumbs down in the thousands far outweighing the couple hundred likes on every video. Good. Bye Felicia. Maybe the failed state of chaz is hiring “security”, punks like him would fit right in, and give us good targets.

        • …as I look out and see such rhetoric in response to him

          Here and everywhere else

          This is nothing sir. So relax. The Yankee Marshal is a small thing in a big world and way too many people are ‘sensitive and butt hurt’ over this. This thread is an example of making mountains out of mole hills.

        • It’s one thread… not a months long discussion… The only people who think like you do, are also snowflakes. Try not to dwell on it.

      • Yes it does. He got triggered, badly. Not a good person. Worst apology ever, for a very serious offense. Just on a quick view with this story (I don’t follow either one of these guys, though I have stumbled on some informative reviews from the GNG dude), it’s obvious to me that GNG is a far superior person. The other asshole goes on and on about being “manly,” sounds like he’s insecure in his manhood.

  12. A pissy bitches argument…..That’s what were down to listening to?
    I couldn’t give two shits, I don’t watch or listen to any of them!

  13. TYM did not “falsely” accuse anything. The video, and the quoted text makes plain that TYM disavows the idea that he has evidence of stolen valor, only that TYM has what he considers reliable information. THEN, TYM asks Mrgunsandgear to engage in dialog about that and other subjects.

    BTW, the aircraft Mrgunsandgear is approaching with his combat gear is not a frontline Navy combat aircraft. It is an ancient trainer, the T-2 Buckeye. Not sure the intent of the wrecked jet photo, but since it is definitely not representing a combat mission/engagement, on must then wonder the intent of being photographed in the passenger/cargo compartment of what looks like a UH-1 Huey.

    Serving in uniform is not valor. Being photographed around military gear and locations is not valor. I do not know Mrgunsandgear’s alleged valorous acts, nor have I read about them anywhere. In the same light, TYM is not being speciic about what/which valor Mrgunsandgear is supposed to have stolen.

    In the end, this post is a true Nothingburger; much ado about so little.

    Oh….I do understand that people who disapprove of Trump’s style will not like TYM.

    • I heard from a reliable source that you’re a twat. I checked with a source that my reliable source says is a reliable source, and they also said you’re a twat. Now I am not at all claiming you’re a twat in any capacity, I am just letting everyone know that some people somewhere at some time who are inherently reliable have informed me you’re a twat. Would you like to take the time to prove that you are in fact not a twat with me, a person you don’t know and have no reason to talk to?

      Get it? I feel like that’s what TYM did. What about that seems reasonable to you exactly?

    • “……the intent of being photographed in the passenger/cargo compartment of what looks like a UH-1 Huey….”

      What UH-1H are you looking at? I don’t see a Huey anywhere. I see some flavor of BFV though.
      I see guys dressed in PT gear and the mandatory road guard vest we were forced to wear. I see a picture of old style BDUs with what looks like the old ‘Elvis’ collar. I have a set in a closet along with a pickle suit, jungle green slanted pocket uniform (only worn at Hood during early 80s) about 5 different uniforms I wore including the chocolate chips and the final digital camo weirdness.

      • Looks like the ass end of some version of the 113. Only about a hunnert thousand of the damed stinky things.

    • I’m trying to decide if this post is some of the best sarc you’ve ever posted or not.

      Either way, saying “No one out there think I am presenting this as fact, but I’ve gotten some reliable information that you are a fucking valor thief.” is essentially the same thing as saying “I’m not saying that you’re a coward but I’ve heard that you are”.

      That’s some passive aggressive bullshit right there. If you didn’t want to make the accusation you wouldn’t repeat it in public, you certainly wouldn’t put the repetition of the charge out on YouTube with the specific diction of “fucking valor thief”.

      Either YM is being an asshole or he’s too stupid to understand that such a charge, once made public, doesn’t need to be true to do serious damage.

      If he was the actual adult he claims to be and he had the concern he’d have gone to Mrgunsngear privately and told Mrgunsngear about said scuttlebutt, gotten a response and then either NOT addressed it or addressed it with the note that he had contacted the accused and presented BOTH SIDES of the argument. He didn’t do that.

      I’m not saying that YM is a fat twatwaffle but he sure is fat and he’s acting suspiciously like a twatwaffle. Again, I’m NOT saying that he’s a total and complete fat fuck twatwaffle, I’m just pointing out that he’s acting like one.

      • That was in no way sarcasm. He’s dead ass. Looks like we found one of the 300 thumbs up still remaining on YM’s clickbaits.

        • I don’t jump to that conclusion. Sam’s damn good with the sarc and misleading posts that then lead to another point he’s trying to make.

          He got me really good with it last year even though I’ve watched him do this for years.

      • “Either YM is being an asshole or he’s too stupid to understand that such a charge, once made public, doesn’t need to be true to do serious damage.”

        Either way, it’s a strange thing for someone who proclaims quite loudly he’s “a grown-ass man” to do in the hyper-public sphere of ‘Ewe-Tube” (and social media in general).

        Then again, I discovered years ago here in the redneck-infested freak-fest backwaters of central Florida that how loudly someone proclaims that they “are a Christian” is a fair indication that they will try and screw you, and not in a pleasant (or even kinky) sense.

        Now when I hear it, I consider it a fair warning of what may be coming and adjust my expectations accordingly…

        *snicker* 😉

      • “…the specific diction of…” *smile* One of my favorite distinctions.

        I watched one of YM’s productions out of curiosity a couple years ago. I had to choke it down, and a word came to mind. Pissant.

    • Huh? If you want to ask someone about something, posting a public youtube video saying you have ‘reliable sources’ that they are stealing valor is not the way to do it. Especially if you can’t or won’t produce them. TYM is providing no evidence to refute and yet pretends like the onus is on the aggrieved party to defend himself.

      “TYM is not being speciic about what/which valor Mrgunsandgear is supposed to have stolen…”
      – you say that as if it exculpates him? If you falsely accuse someone of something wrong you don’t get to defend yourself by saying “well, I wasn’t being specific…” as if that helps. Your non-specificity is YOUR problem, not an excuse. Again, how is someone supposed to defend themselves against such vague (but serious) claims?

      I’m not sure why you try and drag politics into this, either. I guess you’re suggesting that someone who shoots their mouth off all the time without knowing what they’re talking about (and not bothering to find out) is like Trump? Ok.

    • As a former Huey mechanic I can confirm that is not a Huey. As a person with average eyesight and moderate intelligence I can easily see that picture is not any type of helicopter because it has tracks like a tank or apc.

      Oh and TYM is an a-hole.

    • The picture with him by the aircraft was probably just a cool thing that they came upon while training stateside. I would take a picture too.

      That’s clearly not intended to be a picture of frontline service unless someone is time traveling to the Korean War.

      • That’s funny you would defend this guy, but not other veterans? I seem to remember you asking me for proof, I showed it, and you refuted it. Hypocrite.

        • You know, I’m genuinely, personally, enjoying how much you are trashing YM. Keep at it. Hell, do it on his YouTube page and enrage him even more.

    • The plane wreckage is located in the Malone Land Navigation course in Fort Benning. GA. Mr Gunsngear probably had a picture taken because it’s kind of cool to stumble upon when you’re in training. I am surprised you were able to identify a long retired trainer jet but mistook the dismount area of a M3 Bradley CFV for a Huey…you can see the tracks in the lower left corner of the photo.
      Here’s a tip: You can discern things from photos with a bit of research or; in lieu of that, life experience.

      • Yes, the T2 Buckeye wreckage is the most interesting thing I’ve seen in this article.

        It is amazingly intact, most fast-mover AC crashes don’t leave much for recovery.

        I’ve spent some time doing SAR and it’s usually more of a scrap metal collecting job, scattered over a couple hundred yards.

        Reading up on the T2, very interesting, it was in service over 40 years. That’s a heck of a record.

      • Pork Rind, thanks for pointing out where that aircraft is located. It is a TF-9 J Cougar with the squadron ID of VT-4 that’s Fixed Wing Training Four from Sherman Field, Naval Station Pensacola, FL. I was a Plane Captain on them in VT-4. We retired them in 1974. On the final fly off we had a ceremony for them, lots of aviators came out. I was also a plane captain for the show.
        I commented earlier that I thought the location was either Eglin AFB, FL or Fairchild AFB, WA. Thanks for straightening me out. Good to see one still providing a service.

    • Lying about serving is stolen valor. Lying about medals , being in combat is stolen valor.

      I don’t think MGAG has really talked much about his device other than maybe saying he was a veteran of the war and had been deployed in combat. Not exactly outrageous claims.

      He may have awake he’s a disabled vet. He proved that in the video.

      I think Yankee ( who I am a fan of ) is full of shit.

      First off saying somebody is stolen valor WITHOUT details as to WHAT they are allegedly lying about is chickenshit.

      Secondly you don’t make that claim unless you KNOW it’s true.

  14. YM is a dingleberry. What he did reveals a lot about his character (not good). Most of his videos seem to consist of a lot of attention-whoring stunts and rants. I think he’s a very small man trying to seem important and they only way he can do that (as with most small men) is to constantly tear down real men.

  15. Pretty much down to Colion Noir and Paul Harrell at this point. But that’s ok. I’d rather come on here and talk with y’all anyway.

    • Flannel Daddy, Brandon Herrera, TFB, Fieldcraft survival, Thunder Ranch, Tactical Toolbox, Haley Strategic, Vigilante Elite, Hell even Donut Operator and T-Rex Arms sometimes… there are many more.

      • I rag on T-Rex but I have to admit that their recent forays into longer-form detailed explanations of things are a vast improvement over their previous “buy shit and give us upthumbs because we shoot so fast” videos, which IMHO, were garbage.

        • Farmcraft 101 is pretty good, but infrequent video channel…

        • I agree about T-Rex, I watched him years ago for the “cool factor” of his videos, and that got old real quick. What turned me back on to him was his single handed effore in the repeal of an ammo tax. That whole group is a little odd, and one of those very sheltered communities where the wives have like 15 kids, plus very religious from my understanding, but their effort in all things pro second amendment amounts to more than the NRA has done in the past 30 years. That’s enough to get my respect, and IMHO, should from anyone else even remotely involved in organizing and training (larping) with locals.

        • Put your big boy panties on for Thunder Ranch and prepare to fall in love with another man. Clint Smith is a god amongst men and I’d have his babies any day.

        • Be aware that Flannel Daddy = a YouTuber actually called “GarandThumb”.

          God knows what you’ll get if you actually go looking for “Flannel Daddy”. But, hey, if you find good shit make sure you have a “reaction video” lol.

  16. I used to like Yankee Marshal’s channel when he did reviews and talked about guns. His gun collection is truly impressive and I could listen to him talk about it for a long time. He even splashed in some self-depricating humor on occasion. Now all he does is rant and talk about other people. I don’t know if his stroke is responsible for the change or not, but it’s unfortunate. Lately I mostly just feel sorry for him.

    • He had a stroke? I’ve seen severe personality changes and loss of “filter” result from brain injuries.

      • Stroke is a wide spectrum of what it can do.

        I have seen *maybe* 2 of his videos in past years, his ‘style’ grates on me.

        EDIT – Speaking of stroke, 83 year-old Charlie Daniels had one a few days back, and died this morning. R.I.P…

    • Depending on if and how long ago his stroke was, he may not also be cleared to use and handle firearms by his doctors yet. When my brother had his stroke, he was not allowed to handle guns for at least a year. The mandate was rigidly enforced by my sister-in-law. Between depression for being potentially crippled and potential personality chages, I can’t blame them.

      • I feel like I should add that my brother made about a 90-95% recovery, and bagged a buck last rifle season. Also, he is still the same old guy he was before the stroke.

        • Good to hear he mostly recovered.

          And at least guns are a personal responsibility thing. When my buddy took a bullet to the brainbox he couldn’t drive for a year because they yanked his license. The penalties if he got caught driving were, IMHO, a bit over the top in severity. Like worse than a repeat DUI offender.

        • Prk & S9,
          Thanks for sharing about your friends and relatives, I hope they continue to improve.

          TBI, and other brain injuries are another reasonable justification for red flag laws.

          The reality is, whether congenital, traumatic or infectious, sometimes adult humans can become mentally irresponsible and/or erratic and society needs to limit the negative impact.

          At the same time, maintaining our rights and liberties is important.

          Perhaps a citizen review board, selected from eligible voters just like a jury pool, could review the red flag decisions before implementation of any particular restrictions on any particular individual.

  17. I stopped watching that blabber-mouth (YM) years ago, and won’t even click on that video posted above to here whatever it is. I do regularly watch mrgunsngear and appreciate his informative info.

  18. Wow….I made it to 8:32….What the ****?

    If you accuse someone, whether you hide behind weasel words or not, you had better have substantiated proof. That is some low down, snake in the grass stuff.

    “Innuendo and reliable sources” is what the MSM does every day and not right for them to do it either.

  19. Why do people pull this crap? If Mike has served in uniform, this accusation is so easily refuted that it’s not even worth making.
    Yankee Marshall has set himself up to look like the idiot progressive he’s always been.

    • It is possible to be engaging in stolen valor if you have served. Some fry cook who never got outside the wire claiming to be a Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross “winner” still applies. But if you’re gonna accuse someone you need to present evidence or AT LEAST be specific in your claims…

      • In all honesty tho, if YM is calling you out, nobody is going to care lol. They’d just tell him to shut up and ignore the new “Rick Duncan”. Then they’d tell YM he’s a childish prick who needs to find better use of his time.

        • Buttplug… Pete Buttplug.. The little short gay-married guy that thought he could compete in the real world because he was mayor of the 27th largest city in Indiana or some shit…. tried the O’bozo approach “hell yeah we’re gonna take your ARs and AK-47s” worked just as well for him as it did for Francis.. Wound up being called a liar by his brother on national TV and hated by his own police department….

  20. Right up there with that young person (I do not care to honor by naming) who made similar comments about Paul Harrell. Any article or video by him is a link I will not click.

  21. If anyone watches Yankee Marshall for more than laughs, you are on your own.

    Imhave seen many of his videos and he usually makes me laugh. Almost no technical content should tell folks about his schtick.

    That said, this is pretty damned stupid on his part.

    I like Mr G&G. He looked military to me, but it matters little. Not why I watched him.

    I also enjoy watching Paul Harrell.. Most well-done videos on the interweb IMO. He too, recently had some other YouTube dipshit makes accusations about him.

    Life is too damned short. These YouTube monkeys are just trying to get some clicks.
    If people arent watching your videos, there is probably a reason. Get some decent content and present it well ….. or just hush. At least get a life.

  22. This is the 3rd gun blogger YM has gone after that I can recall. There is a reason I no longer watch him.

    He doesn’t take guns seriously enough.

    How about letting Mike continue to post videos where he or in some cases new shooters give their opinions on guns and gear instead of being the sole expert.

    Dare I admit for 3 months I subscribed to TheYankeeMarshall? Meh. I moved on.

  23. I miss FPS Russia. Now those were some funny gun videos.
    The rest of these cats I’ve not seen ever. Sounds like I’m not missing much as far as Yank Me , Marshall is concerned.

    I served in the military. I didn’t do all that gun ho shooter stuff in foreign lands but I had my share of time in boots and tents. I still marvel how the USG taught a 17 YO punk like me how to shoot a full auto machine gun and a pistol then turn around and tell me i should not own the same thing.

    • If you enjoyed FPS, you should check out the Kalashnikov Group: Gunbusters videos. Or, well, any Kalashnikov Group video for that matter. They just put out an RPK video…

    • “I miss FPS Russia.”

      There is news in that department, he has served his Federal sentence and has some stories to tell.

      One of the thing he claims he was convicted for was obliterating the serial number on an NFA device. His story is that he had an NFA device Cerekoted by a professional shop, but the Cerekote material partially filled-in the serial number on it.

      Of course, he never would have had that problem had he not have pot in his possession, but anyways.

      It’s all in the video :

      • I have seen that and heard all about it. Dude was set up. Pot is legal in so many states now, they just found some bullshit or planted it. Knowing police and their motives to raid someone like him because some brass was pressed politically, planted it. If there was ever anyone deserving help from a large organization that is pro 2A due to the fuckery of such a setup, it was him. Yet he got crickets and compiled. Glad he is out of it now, but most people who own that many guns during a no knock raid would not just throw their hands up and comply. Whole lotta fuckery going on, and I think his larping got the best of him and exposed him for who he really was. Had I been him, it would have either been death or if somehow they managed to take me peacefully, I would have spent every dime and then some fighting that shit. I suspect they froze his assets too, which is not uncommon. I dunno man… just annoys me that they were allowed to get away with it all.

  24. The truth about guns needs to put an expose on how Yankee Marshall downgraded and degraded police officers and one of his videos…Thank you Marshall basically blame police for everything that’s going on in society now..And downgraded the blue lives matter flag too..After watching that video I quit watching him..

  25. The one video I ever saw from Yankee Marshal inspired me to ignore him for the rest of my life.

    I do pay attention to Mixup98, Paul Harrell, and Clay Martin.

  26. Drama? I really have no time for it. I only read this post because it’s TTAG, and thought it might be relevant. Looks like Mike has some pretty good photos of himself. He’s probably the real thing – as real as me, or any of my shipmates. Phhhhttttt – Yankee Marshal? Is Marshal his name, or his profession? I would expect a real marshal to get his facts straight before running at the mouth.

    Oh well, I’m outta here, until the next interesting title . . .

  27. Well, looks like a pissing contest in one way. Too bad that false accusations don’t lead to an ass whupping these days. Now- that would be manly thing.

  28. To downgrade service, outside of a little inter service ribbing, is a punk move. We all had our role. He served. The end.

  29. Does anyone remember Allthingsdestinee and faliaphotography? whatever happened to them? both seemed to disappear without any trace. kinda odd.

  30. YM is doing a live right now and just accused GNG of getting discharged for being a homosexual. What a GD scumbag.

  31. I got tired of TYM long ago and unsubbed, he clearly hasn’t changed. Mr. G&G puts out interesting and informative content and I am still subscribed. Neither situation is likely to change based on the qualitity of what they both put out there.

  32. During this current time on Earth, I have watched a total of one (1) entire gun review video. It was Hickok45’s Colt Python review, and I needed to watch it to complete my review. I’ve tried to watch a few YT reviewers, but they are all full of yammering fluff and so little actual information. Crap like this makes me glad I haven’t been wasting my time.
    I’m doing my own videos for my site, and I hope they have more value. However, I’m absolutely positive they will be incredibly boring and all of 3 people will watch them. Then again, commercial suicide is all the rage these days, so who knows.

    • “Then again, commercial suicide is all the rage these days, so who knows.”

      Easy-peasy, just criticize BLM… 🙂

    • Hey JWT, what’s your site? Go ahead and give yourself a free plug. I’ve always enjoyed your reviews and hunting stories.

        • Well please let us know. I adore your reviews and hunting stories. That .480 Ruger (which I also intend to hunt with this year) Red Deer story is bookmarked. Good luck buddy, I really hope you can get it launched and meet with success!

        • I’m always looking for good gun information. I will check you out. When you start posting.

  33. Huh.. never heard of TYM, and never watched the other 2 he mentions
    But he sure swings his purse pretty well.

  34. The kids who invented “Karen”, Ihaz, and the rest of that bunch who live with their parents learned how to wank reading Yankee.

  35. Good on Mr. GunsNGear for shooting YankeeMarshall down with class. YankeeMarshall regularly tries to stir up drama with bigger channels for views and he deserves to get dunked on.

    That Cav Scout Brad though… Disgusting.

  36. Well Mrgunsngear is a favorite. Paul Harrell too. I have watched Yankee idiot but usually because it was on SootchOO 640 some “favorite” yt list. After Yankee went to Chaz he got deleted. Watched Mrgunsngear defense. He’s NEVER boasted about his military service. Kinda like my son(also Army-I wonder if he knows him?). YM is a flaming turd. He thought the black “militia” harrassing white folks at gunpoint was “swell”). He needs to lose his channel…

    • That is the crazy thing. He’s not John Kerry, reminding everybody of his military service every ten minutes. Who cares?

  37. I know it was wrong, but I snickered a little when TYM got smacked in his CHOP tour video. Karma for Drama I suppose.
    I primarily watch videos for education not entertainment (with the exception being Matt over at Demolition Ranch) so TYM is not on my watch list.

  38. That “Yankee Marshall” guy’s rants are whiny, pissy, adolescent crap. Even his “apology” was a “non-apoology-apology” where he tries to spin it right back around. You accuse a veteran of being a Valor Thief and you think you just dance around an apology and think you win? After going deep into “Valor Thief” nothing else he has to say carries any more weight than a shovel full of manure.

  39. Yankee Marshal?…Never heard of this clown…Was only able to stomach thirty seconds of this moron…..People actually follow this clown show?…..Why?…Literally offers nothing…

    • KelTec looks too much like children’s toys to me.

      Chiappa, well…..I think people are simply not too sure of what to make of their Rhino’s but they make some interesting shotguns.

      • To be honest I’m interested in them and they got my attention because I used to watch TYM’s videos. But I’m not so sure the lower bore axis is worth having the forcing cone closer to me.

  40. The bust of George Washington needs taken off of the Purple Heart after all he was a slave owner, can’t have that. And what’s with the American flag, Red and White stripes representing the first colonies, slave owners some, can’t have that. I think the American flag should be more similar to the Ugandan flag, a nice safe place for all and an exemplar country for BLM.

  41. Funny how this post doesn’t address the reason why Yankee is making these videos. It started with the CHAZ situation and free mongering about a racist black communist take over of America. Then it got more personal when people refused to speak to their social media postings outside of their safe spaces.

    So, instead of talk about the gun community dividing itself into white militia versus black militia, people thought it best to argue about military service and how patriotic they are.

    All this white on white drama does is make black lives matter people think Republicans are white supremacists because they can’t speak to the issues going on in society and make things about them. Of course Youtubers do it for the views, the followers and the money.

    I guess people didn’t see how the black militia and the white militia groups joined together to protest gun control in Virginia the other day. They even linked arms and chanted, “white supremacy sucks!” We can’t pay attention to unity among Americans when it’s against the government. We should just worship soldiers and cops because that’s what a good tax payer is supposed to do.

      • I been here the entire time and posting about the CHAZ/CHOP. I put out more info than most about what was going on in the CHOP. I even said CHOP security are murderers and don’t care about black Americans — that CHOP was mostly white people who are using BLM as a cover for their personal agendas.

        Now I am here posting about the right wing doing their protests along side BLM. Of course people ignore the facts and want to in fight with fellow countrymen because they have been trained by the government and corporations to do so.

        You have been well programmed by the rich lefty Tucker Carlson. Meanwhile, true Americans fight in the shadows as the corporations ignore the real ones and stoke division.

        Notice how this rally for human rights, which was unifying, is much smaller than the previous rally where white older males claimed their rally was diverse and inclusive? You know that one very large fluff rally where Mrgunsngear was doing some marketing for his Youtube channel by handing out a box of mags?

        Maybe if you united with the BLM of CHOP you could have made great change? Maybe if you unite with the new black militias you could make great change? Maybe if you showed up to the human rights demonstrations you can make great change? Maybe if you united with your fellow Americans instead of making teams America could finally fulfill the promises of the founders?

        • Yeah. You are a “real American out there fighting in the shadows“, huh? Right. Whatever helps you sleep at night Zorro.

        • using BLM as a cover for their personal agendas

          You DO understand that BLM is a MARXIST organization that does not give two shits about anything except the destruction of the nuclear family and the history of our country (and the country as well), RIGHT? Those dumbass WHITE folks are a bunch of brainwashed idiots being used by the Communist leadership of BLM to take the fall when it all goes south… Of course BLM is pursuing an agenda which you obviously champion evidenced by your willingness to defend them…. That should give you another 4 or 5 paragraphs of bullshit trying to explain why I’m wrong….

        • I would hardly consider Tucker Carlson leftist.

          I would hardly consider CHAZ/CHOP in it’s limited existence to be worthy of anything positive to a civil society. If that accomplished anything at all it was to further increase stress and anxiety across the board. It served as an example of what NOT to do.

      • Did you even know about the rally in Virginia? Did rich man Tucker do a huge news piece on the fight for 2nd Amendment rights that united the boogaloo crew and BLM? Hardly anyone heard about it. Even John Mark, of the trendy civil war 2.0 videos, was there with his white supremacist buddies. The Russian media did a short piece on it, but American media corporations ignored it because it doesn’t help separate Americans, instead they have to show white supremacist Trump fans fighting with BLM and scary armed black militias marching.

        Imagine if you actually did care about your fellow Americans and human rights. You would unite and fight for the common goals. Instead you eat what the rich throw on your plate and you worship your corrupt government.

        You behave just like Mrgunsngear, Guns and Gadgets and the numerous other so called patriot channels. That’s why we get no forward movement. It’s not like the supreme court is going to save you. It’s up to you to actually do something, but you rather fight with people who don’t look like you and blame them for everything or fear monger about communism as you support socialism.

        That’s why Yankee made those videos. He was talking about people like you. I bet you love Mrgunsngear and Guns and Gadgets and hate Yankee.

        Yankee went down to the CHOP multiple times. He was even attacked by one of the masked men. He wanted to talk to other Youtubers about the CHOP to set the record straight instead of fear monger, but no one wanted to talk to him. Yankee claims every time he supports or defends black Americans he loses the most subscribers. He believes other Youtubers get the same backlash from the “gun community” if they don’t “support” white people and push the talking points. When people don’t want to talk to him he tries to poke at them with a personal attack to see if they bite. It’s one of his tactics to expose people because he knows they will not speak to the original issue and will play into the drama for the financial benefits. That’s how Hickok45 and Iraqveteran8888 got exposed.

        You don’t really see the gun community unite to speak on issues. They are more worried about their personal profits than the country. Colion Noir is still trying to stay on the good side of the NRA in hopes he can get a job.

        • Colion Noir does not need the NRA.

          “You don’t really see the gun community unite to speak on issues.”
          lol…you say that on a gun website that speaks about the issues.

          “Imagine if you actually did care about your fellow Americans and human rights. You would unite and fight for the common goals. Instead you eat what the rich throw on your plate and you worship your corrupt government.”

    • People can play with words if they want and then get upset because they are easily offended.

      As for me:
      We are the militia

      Blood is red when spilled and death is forever. All this other stuff is just fluff.

    • Maybe because the things they make up are not correct and not statistically factual. There is no correlation to police brutality against blacks. You know what, I’ll just make it simple for you since you like pop-up books:


      Even if you take Shapiro with a grain of salt, you cannot provide evidence that police are targeting blacks, or that a majority of any race is actually racist, or that armed groups gathering in masses are racist, or that the media is covering this whole year unbiased without an agenda to manipulate people by utilizing race, and pretty much any other argument you can think of in relation to the current race baiting manipulation you have fallen for. The fact is, if the left were honest, we could find common ground on a lot of things they disagree with. Instead, they chose to manipulate and control their subjects into destruction rather than reform. Prove me wrong, watch the video and try. Everytime there is an issue and the left’s feelings are hurt, a change is made and people’s freedoms are limited. They have no solution other than full control over everything you do, and people are tired of it. So they arm up and gather. Are there extremists? Obviously. Always will be. But making it about race is base level stupidity, even if you are simply shouting “white supremacists suck” or “black lives matter”. It’s stupid. Grow up. We are not as divided as they make us out to be, so stop focusing on the ones who chose to remain divided, or the made up shit that is keeping them that way.

      • The system was created under white supremacy… Anyone that says this is false are liars.

        Yes, Ben Shapiro is a liar and grand manipulator. Don’t forget he was a never Trumper until it benefited him to be on Trump’s side.

        The Democrats did create an obvious white supremacist system to profit off using Africans as slave labor. They created gun control and Jim Crow. The war on drugs and three strikes laws were created to imprison non white men for as long as possible to break up the family. Redlining, the war on poverty, no child left behind, the welfare state… This is all systemic. Anyone that works for this system imposes these oppressive measures on the behalf of the white supremacists who created it. You will agree with that because you would say the Democrats control all the cities with the problems non whites complain about.

        You do know that some people are willing to sell out their own to save themselves? The same thing happened when slavery was a thing in America. The rich owner treated a few of the slaves very well so they would keep the other slaves in check. They still do the same thing with the reservations for Native Americans today.

        The study that people say shows black people don’t get shot more than white people says that non whites actually get brutalized more than whites. And the ratio of blacks getting killed is higher, they also makeup most of the prison population. There was a small study of a police department that showed cops didn’t shoot more black people than other peoples, but the study did show that cops escalate to deadly force regardless of color, meaning they kill everyone if given the chance.

        The system still has many laws that were designed to imprison non whites being enforced. Until those go away you can’t claim the system wasn’t or isn’t systemically designed to oppress non whites. When white people were in control of the system they selectively enforced those laws by allowing whites to get off and non whites to go to prison for the maximum sentence. Now that non whites get to join in they can enforce the laws on white people too, thus you finally see white cops going to prison for their crimes. The system is now shifting to oppressing poor people over non whites because poor people are not educated and can’t defend themselves against the government.

        Let’s not forget why the police were created. Of course the police oppress, that’s what they were designed for. They usurp the power of the people to enforce unconstitutional laws by supremacists. The sheriff office is accountable to the people whereas the police department is not. That’s why statists want to keep the police department around and well funded. The police is how the government will overthrow the people. As you seen over the last two months, without police the politicians have to have people consent to the rules, thus the government has to earn the respect of the people to get them to behave. Either the American people fear you or they love you, that’s how you control them.

        There is no way you can argue that America has never been a place of white supremacy, therefore not racist whatsoever. That’s is simply not true. History is very clear. The laws written were damn clear. The sixties was not that long ago. You can’t tell me Democrats were not white supremacist. You can’t tell me Democrats no longer think like white supremacists. You can’t tell me that white supremacist Democrats, who hate multiculturalism, didn’t join the Republican party and didn’t shift the American politics more to the left because of it.

        Keep in mind that race was invented to divide people in order for the rich to control their workers by separating them into smaller factions to decrease the people’s power against the wealthy. This is why communism sounds so fantastic to the youth in America. This is why most people are now on the left. The youth are uniting to take down the current culture and they will succeed at it because eventually the old people will die, thus no resistance to the change. So, better fix things now instead of pretending certain things never happened while statues are being torn down because it reminds people of those things you say never happened.

        • Damn, you are looking for the BIG payday.. Couldn’t get past the first sentence but that APPEARS to be an impressive word count…

        • Just another pseudointellectual (emphasis on the pseudo ) screed from CC to scroll past.

        • “The system was created under white supremacy”

          I’m sorry, is that frowned upon?

        • I did not even read beyond your first paragraph because it seems like missed the entire point of what I was talking about. You are focusing on useless shit. Show me a country that was founded peacefully, or without oppression. And lastly, again, there is ZERO systematic oppression by race today as there was when ours was founded. If anything, the democrats are now trying to oppress whites. They manipulated their subjects into voting for them and now it’s backfired into a full on revenge base. Show me otherwise. Show me that Rosa Parks was not a republican. Show me that Lyndon B Johnson’s did not disapprove of the civil rights bill, and constantly refer to blacks as the N words… The democrats have been pushing for one thing: vote counts. And they managed to achieve it. Show me the history of minority voters that says otherwise. Now show me what they have actually done to them, and how badly it is currently turning on them. The same people who allowed them to get away with this race baiting shit are now being called to resign. If this was back in the days, these white people would have been hung in masses. Show me otherwise. You act like because a group of racists has sympathisers and loyalists they are still not racist. You act like in a country where the majority of people are white, that even the radicalized minority groups won’t have whites in them. You continue to ignore all the facts. It’s not just a TTAG thing either, I’m willing to bet it’s anywhere you spread this crap.

  42. This happens alot in YouTube land, channels embrace drama, get a spike in views, but after a while it gets repetitive and people look elsewhere.

    He is stuck in a earlier generation of Youtune content, channels like IV8888 and demo ranch are making videos with high production values. While PH, Honest Outlaw, etc are bringing legitimate opinions from actually shooters. TYM can’t compete with ether and he knows it.

    • “…He is stuck in a earlier generation of Youtune content, channels like IV8888 and demo ranch are making videos with high production values…..”

      Exactly stated. YM is still in the ‘reply’ to my video mode. Old hat.

  43. What a D-bag drama queen. I didn’t know he was even a Vet, never heard him mention it.

    I don’t watch a lot of YT, but have appreciated MG&G videos. He is the opposite of the self-promoting jerk-offs that are so common.

  44. I watched a few minutes while I prepared dinner and that was the first and will be the last time. I have neither the time nor inclination to watch some blow-hards long ass winded videos about the most pathetically boring shit.

  45. What’s a Yankee Marshal? If it’s got a fukin’ “YANKEE” label on it, it doesn’t exist in my world

  46. And in the midst of all this bullshit the Legendary CHARLIE DANIELS passed on Monday July 6 2020 at the age of 83… God Bless you Charlie, you will be missed…

    • Ennio Morricone died, too. Some of the greatest movie theme music ever came from that man – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Fistful of Dollars, The Thing, etc., etc. …

      • Yep, he wrote the theme music for several hundred movies not just the spaghetti westerns he wrote for his buddy Sergio Leone, though those are my favorites.

  47. “The system was created under white supremacy… Anyone that says this is false are liars.”
    You have that set in you mind. Nothing can be said about that in any way that alters that perception.

    I personally have no desire to go back to worshiping kings and queens. At that time, this part of the world was unknown. There was never going to be ANY person of ANY race that could have financed the exploration required just to find this place outside of some form of royalty. That was NOT white supremacy. THAT was simple finances. Just like everything else in the world.

  48. Must have been a slow news day for TTAG. Seems like the best option would have been to ignore the whole kerfuffle but that doesn’t get a site clicks. And we all know clicks equals dollars, so judging from the number of comments, mission accomplished.

  49. that plane sure looks like the ones at the sand hill ranges of Fort Benning. lotsa POGs on here apparently.

  50. I see CC is back with a vengeance. Arguing is like arguing with a precocious 16 year old on drugs maybe because he is a precocious 16 year old on drugs.

    A lot of people have an all or nothing opinion on people. TYM has put out some good videos on practical gunsmithing and customization and he does know a lot about firearms but once he moves away from that he is just a dumb hillbilly with a YouTube channel. He has really gone off the rails since the George Floyd incident and I have unsubscribed.

  51. ObviouslyObviouslyObviouslyObviouslyObviouslyObviouslyObviouslyObviouslyObvious YM feels inadequate & is following the Dem/CNN/Twitter/Hollywood Hyperbolic model of any news is good news for views/ratings/money in the media!

    • If you don’t know who he is: he is probably the most giving YouTube gun guy. He does more for the 2a than anyone else. A lot more than the shills that wrote this article.

        • No. Not joking at all. I don’t even agree with the guy most of the time, but facts are facts. TYM has helped raise millions over the years for 2a related fights. He has given away over 150 guns to those in need. He actually gives away about 5 guns a month. He has gone out and gotten paper petitions signed. Was the front runner in the fight against 1639. Not to mention the animal charities the he has raised about 17,000 for this year alone. Pick any gun tuner you can think of and ask them what they have done for the 2a lately.

        • Okay, let’s ask Paul Harrell, Hickok45, T-Rex Arms, Colion Noir, School of the American Rifle, Guns America, Thunder Ranch…

          Want more?

      • Jory, I don’t shill. Ever. I say nice things about things I believe in and the things I don’t believe in are openly talked about. All you have to do is look at any content that I have put out in the last 2 or 3 years once I got out from under the thumb of that other gun blog.

        • You wrote this? Why didn’t you mention his charity work? Or could you not add any of that to the article, because that wouldn’t coincide with your agenda? And lastly, what have you done for the 2a lately?

        • Jory, everyone has an “agenda”. Always. Especially media. This was not to focus on what you are mentioning, it’s calling him out for straying from it.

        • Montana, I believe everyone has an agenda. TYM’s agenda is the charities. I however, don’t believe he strayed. This valor thing was just part of him and guns n gear’s squabble. While the valor issue may have gone a little far, he did not accuse guns n gear of lying about his whole military service, he claimed that guns n gear may have embellished. Now again, I think TYM went too far with it, and I don’t believe his claims. I’m defending yankee because of his charities. And we should question these other channels. In fact one channel apologized today because said channel didn’t realize all that yankee does.

  52. i only ever watched some ashley dugan and model specific greg kinman.
    my kid likes forgotten weapons.
    i’ll check out a paul harrel.
    and i’m going to watch filthy rich.
    can confirm.

  53. Biggest surprise of this article: Seeing M85 pattern camo in a woodland enviroment
    Least surprising thing in this artcile: Seeing UCP in a woodland enviroment and seeing it utterly fail to blend in.

    • I had to wear that crap. In IRQ and AFG. Ugh… Glad they got away from it. Why can’t they just have uniforms that are environment dependant? Stateside (or overseas but not deployed), how about a flat color, like OD Green? Deployed to AFG? Multicam? Deployed to IRQ? Marpat Arid? etc etc… I would have killed for some DCU stuff, but nooooo… we got fucken ACU and BDU mopp gear.

  54. Should I care about TYM, or any other Ytube personality beyond their gun info? I don’t. Posting about a Ytube channel cat fight on TTAG is a pretty simp excuse for writing. Politely ask your husband if you can get your balls back.

    • “Posting about a Ytube channel cat fight on TTAG is a pretty simp excuse for writing.” — It is an op-ed, I don’t need an excuse to have an opinion. Personally, I felt a video accusing someone who has served our country in the manner that Mike did is plenty good of an excuse to write about.

      “Politely ask your husband if you can get your balls back.” — Cute. Shame that you have to resort to gay jokes rather than articulate why you feel downplaying someone’s contributions to our country is acceptable and shouldn’t be discussed.

      • If you get your buttons pushed by Ytubers angling for more views and want to write about it in a gun blog, yep, you be you.

        And I’ve got nothing against you if you prefer the company of men; show your pride if that’s your thing. It has to do with carrying on about online vids and how schoolgirl it looks. I’m saying that Soap Opera Digest might be a more appropriate place for crying about Youtube channels.

  55. Yankee Marshal is lucky that this guy is too busy to sue him for Slander and defamation of character. The fact that Mrgunsngear does not talk about his service much helps to prove that he is not a valor stealer since he is wise enough to not speak about potentially classified missions whereas if he was a valor stealer he would never stop talking about missions. Even if some one were to claim forged paperwork and photoshopped photos the refusal to talk at length about service is not what a valor stealer would do.

  56. This has to be one of the lesser ttag articles around or in some time; now don’t bother to tell me that I didn’t have to read it or click on it. But it wasn’t surprising that it seemed perfect for MA > Paid… McChrystal… Troll!!! somebody suggested, but he’s too low grade to be that. He should have kept his Knowbody handle but spelled correct – for him – as ‘Nobody’ .

    Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D. says:

    The fact is, if the left were honest, …

    ___They have been honest just recently about part of what they, the leftist blacks and BLM in general, want as ‘reparations’ …

    New York Times editorial/economic manifesto lays out a radical left-wing vision for redesigning the American economy calls for the Federal Reserve to target black unemployment instead of overall unemployment: “Instead of targeting overall unemployment, the Fed can correct its aim by targeting the Black unemployment rate. If the Fed provides enough stimulus to bring down Black unemployment, everyone benefits.”

    Also, [banks] must apologize for their culpability for and complicity in structural racism. And they need to “Cancel consumer debt for black customers”; “Eliminate banking fees for black customers”; “Provide interest-free mortgages to black home buyers”; & “Provide interest-free loans to black-owned businesses.”

    The manifesto also calls for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution to enshrine something called “voter equality,” which appears to mean a guarantee of high turnout among poorer voters. The amendment would grant “all adult citizens the right to vote in federal elections,” with no exceptions.

    There’s more but you get the idea. Seems fair as whites need to pay reparations? for all their dead evil ancestors did? all those years ago. There has to be more to pay and, over time, hell to pay, but this as a start to paying reparations and relieving some of the guilt trip whites have been put on… Well it’s just a start. Paying off a ‘systemic racism’ tab is hell.

    • You could give certain people all the money in the world…………….

      ……..and theyd have it all pissed away on tacky jewelry, mcmansions and spinning gold rims for their escalades by dinnertime the next day……

      Poverty is more a mindset than reality.

  57. MADDMAXX says: July 7, 2020 at 00:35
    that APPEARS to be an impressive word count… Damn, you are looking for the BIG payday…

    ___Yeah, and as this is very much a trash thread I can post some books too – right?

    Chief Censor says: July 7, 2020 at 00:26

    There is no way you can argue that America has never been a place of white supremacy …

    ___Yeah? So re-think ole honest abe when you may ever settle down from your rant.

    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races — that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of n*****s, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

    -Abraham Lincoln, First Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Ottawa, Illinois, Sept. 18, 1858, in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln vol.3, pp. 145-146.

    “I agree with Judge Douglas he [African Americans] is not my equal in many respects certainly not in color, perhaps not in moral or intellectual endowment.”

    -1858 Abraham Lincoln Response to Supreme court Dread Scott ruling

    Lincoln feared whites and blacks interbreeding and on June 26 1857 said he was “Horrified at the thought of the mixing blood by the white and black races” saying and god has “made us separate” from the black race.

    Chief Censor says: July 7, 2020 at 00:26

    blacks …, they also makeup most of the prison population

    __Part of the reason why might be Black males make up about 8% of the U.S. population but commit 53% of all the murders in the U.S. In 2018, there were ~4,800 African-Americans killed – 93% of them were killed by fellow African-Americans.

    Keep in mind that race was invented to divide people

    ___And Soros and BLM and the fascists/communists are using it to divide and conquer for all it’s worth.

    ___Thanks to Haunted Tank or whomever he was for pointing out some things about Lincoln; I never knew, and yes, had he not been killed by Booth he really did intend to send freed slaves away to foreign countries. Doubt it then just look into it before you run your clap trap.

  58. Yankee marshal is literally one of the most honest people in the gun community, and does more for the second amendment than almost anyone else. In telling the truth, he hurts the feelings many of the snowflake shills of the gun community. Before anyone draws a conclusion based on this one sided article, please do your research. Don’t let an article written by some B.s. shills decide for you.

    • Jory, I don’t shill.

      How exactly is it one-sided? Did I misquote The Yankee Marshal?

      He hasn’t hurt my feelings at all, the only thing he HAS done is to lose my respect entirely.

      • For one example: you reached out to guns n gear for the article, but not TYM. Guess it wasn’t relevant to your story to get any info from him personally.

      • The more I think about this, I realize I owe you an apology. I judged you before actually knowing much about you. I’m making the same mistake many are making about the yankee marshal here. And I can admit that I am wrong so: I am sorry for calling you a shill and any other insults I threw your way. I still believe your article is one sided, but I made a mistake here as well. So again, i am sorry.

  59. Doubt it then just look into it >>>>>>>>>
    ___I’ll do some of it for you before you spout off, and why not as this is the longest most trashy ttag thread ever.

    “What I would most desire would be the separation of the white and black races,”
    -Abraham Lincoln Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 2, p. 521 17 July 1858

    “If all earthly power were given to me…my first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land”
    -Abraham Lincoln 1854

    Lincoln allocated millions of federal dollars to be used for his African colonization plan to send the future freed slaves back to Africa. He either wanted them deported or in their own all black state. While in the White House he held a meeting with free blacks, he asked them to lead by example for future freed slaves and go to Africa.
    He stated to them “You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffers very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence…. It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated.”

    -Abraham Lincoln, speech to a group of black freedmen in Washington D.C., August 1862
    According to African American historian Lerone Bennett, Jr In his book Forced into Glory Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream. Lincoln stated publicly that “America was made for the White people and not for the Negroes” he called the declaration of independence “The white man’s charter of freedom” and At least twenty-one times Lincoln said publicly that he was opposed to equal rights for Blacks. He said he was against equal rights for n*****s because “My own feeling will not admit this. [negro equality]” He spoke often of “slaves as cattle.”

    “Lincoln never pretended to be a racial liberal or a social innovator. He said repeatedly , in public and in private, that he believed in white supremacy”
    -African American historian Lerone Bennett JR Forced into Glory Abraham Lincolns White dream

    The Haunted Tank says: June 26, 2020 at 09:19
    You fought a bloody 4 year war to collect unfair tariffs and taxes and keep bankers and steel barons in power. 3% of people owned slaves, and many union states did not free their until after the war. The famed emancipation proclamation only “freed” slaves in state the union no longer controlled and was nothing more than a propaganda ploy in the hopes of started a slave revolt. Nice work keeping the poor southern boys who had nothing to do with slavery down. If Booth hadn’t shot Lincoln then Lincoln would have gone through with his plan to forcibly deport all blacks and we wouldn’t be having these problems.

    ___All I can say is hmmm … fascinating comment Tank … And after looking into it you were proven, by the facts, correct.

    “All de slaves hate de Yankees an when de southern soldiers came late in de night all de ******* got out of de bed an holdin torches high dey march behin de soldiers, all of dem singing We’ll hang Abe Lincoln on de Sour Apple Tree. yes mam, dey wuz sorry dat dey wuz freeman’ dey ain’t got no reason tu be glad, case dey wuz happier den dan now”
    Former slave Alice Baugh North Carolina Slave Narratives

  60. When I get my time machine finished, I will go back in time to Yankee’s high school days and lock him inside his gym locker with his rainbow underwear pulled up real high. You can thank me in the future, I think.

  61. I’ve had enough of the Internet purse-swinging by TYM. While there is a sliver of information among the static it’s not something I can’t find elsewhere.

    If you are going to accuse someone of stolen valor be it outright fakery or minor embellishment you had fucking better have your ducks in line and in this case TYM has nothing.

  62. I have to agree that someone’s service to the country is their business and no one else’s. Especially when they’re not using their service record as a Curriculum Vitae for their qualifications to review products, which I’ve not heard Mrgunsngear do in the videos I’ve watched. I spent 3 years as a Federal Civil Service employee in the 80’s. Back then, we swore an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution as well. Do I equate that as similar to Military Service? No way, no how, but I still consider the oath as binding to me personally, and that’s all that matters to me.

  63. I unsubscribed from TYM years ago when he attacked Hickok for not sharing his YT revenue with smaller gun channels… That’s when I knew he was a bitch! As far as GnG, I usually watch him because he does pretty good reviews and seems like a decent guy…

  64. So I am super late here, but I stopped watching TYM when he went after Hickok and Iraqveteran8888. But to go after Mr. Gunsandgear is asinine. I always thought stolen valor was holding yourself up as a Vet to get something out of it. O have watched at least 100 MR. GNG and only remeber him briefly mentioning his service. It’s not like in his videos he always alludes to his service, he legit just reviews the weapons, or gives his opinions on a subject. He reminds me of the quiet older men, who will never mention any war time they seen but saw the most and saved our country. He just seem like a good man, trying to help a community he cares about.

  65. Yankee Marshall AKA David Marshall Atkinson lives well off these videos. His home is valued at 456,900 in Washougal , Wa. He and the second owner ( male) are doing well .

  66. Yankee Marshal’s Instagram page says it all. It reads: “Left of Center gun nut living in the Pacific Northwest. FYI “left of center” is a purely political reference regarding his party affiliation and position on social and economic issues. I don’t care one bit that he is a firearms enthusiast. I’d wager good money that he votes solid Dem…regardless of his position on the 2A.

  67. You mean by “Karen” someone like Patrick Roberts who puts himself in the middle a situation he is not involved in to drum up drama?

  68. Mike considers it braggadocious to say that he’s a “social-media influencer.”
    In my considered opinion he’s a hero.
    A lot looks differently depending upon one’s own vantage point, his position arrived at through his experiences.
    I can say with absolute certainty that people who haven’t been there themselves see things differently than those who have–especially these matters.
    It also breaks my heart, disgusts me, and flat pisses me off how common it is that people who owe so much to ones such as Mike choose not to thank or honor them as they should but rather literally add insults to their injuries. I see it all the time.
    Thank you for your service, Mike, my brother! And God bless you, always!

  69. Simple as this; anyone who brings into question someone’s service or nature or service has some serious insecurity issues. The way TYM presents his content is just a no-go for me, personally. What really struck me was Mike’s demeanor when replying to TYM’s video. You could tell there was something else behind it that no one, except for him and the men he served with understand. TYM is just useless drama and I blocked him before even delving into his content as he exhibited what his character is really made of….pure fecal matter.

  70. Mrgunsnshill has become the biggest liar and hypocrite on Youtube….which is quite a feat. While everyone can have an opinion, when this shill gives an opinion and CALLS IT A PROVEN FACT, he proves himself to have no integrity, no honor and certainly no respect for the truth. Will I initially thought YM was way off base, it would not surprise me if Mrgunsnshill actually made up all his alleged “service” and doctored pictures…which even he could do in about 5 minutes. In the end, we in the 2A community deserve better than to have a lying, deceiving, pandering, fear-mongering shill like Mrguns represent us. All that poser cares about is selling more shirts and hoodies and getting more payoffs.


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