atlanta black panther protest march actors
(AP Photo/Ron Harris)
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They said they were Black Panthers, and they looked the part with all-black attire and black berets adorned with a cat-head patch. Their leader was a tall, thin black woman armed with an assault rifle and a determined look. Photos of the group popped up in local news outlets, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but also in the British tabloid press.

“Armed female Black Panther leads her comrades including a white recruit on a march through Georgia,” The Daily Mail wrote in an online story about the June 3 demonstration Decatur. The story featured several dramatic photos and embedded Instagram posts.

It is easy to see why the group attracted attention. In a moment of fury over police shootings of black people, the group was perfectly cast. Maybe too perfect.

Within a few days, an activist on Twitter sussed out that the group was comprised of models and actors from Atlanta’s film and entertainment industries. A Twitter user who goes by Wolf The Red identified them from their Instagram accounts where he found the group modeling haute couture or publicizing their film credits, but “zero prior demonstrations. No posts with guns. No calls to action.”

A group of Atlanta-area models and actors dressed as Black Panthers pose for a photo on the Decatur Square after a march and rally Wednesday afternoon, June 3, 2020. Members of the group say their intent was genuine, even if the outfits weren’t.

The AJC reached out to members of the group, including Whitney Oni, the striking woman who drew so much attention. Oni, an Atlanta-based graphic designer and model, said the recent protests were not her first time taking to the streets.

(AP Photo/Ron Harris)

“I started back with the Trayvon Martin case,” she said, referring to the 2012 shooting death of the Florida teenager by a neighborhood watch coordinator in a gated community.

After the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers last month, Oni said she believed it was “important to use my voice.”

And to dress the part.

“The outfits? We just pulled inspiration from (the Black Panthers),” she said. “It was mostly black and leather — pleather. Some of us are vegans, vegetarians.”

– Chris Joyner in Dressed the part, ‘Panther’ group came straight from central casting

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      • It would be funny…if it wasn’t…deception, subterfuge, lies and misinformation are coin of the realm for these people…as is playing to the camera….

        • Oh no, we’re still giving them Texas. During the negotiations one of the BLM delegates screamed at me for 15 minutes and called me a racist. Before the negotiations I fully prostratied myself before him/her/xe(?) and begged for forgiveness for being white, so I don’t know why they thought I was racist. To prove that I’m totally not racist, I convinced the Congressional delegation to give BLM Florida too. I’m such an effective negotiator that Joe Biden said that he’s considering me as a possible V.P. behind Stacy Abrams.

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Better yet, why don’t we give them San Francisco or Los Angeles. We wouldn’t miss them and besides, these “Pseudo Black Panthers” could pay for the Food Stamps and medicare for all these fakers so we, the citizens of the US of A won’t have to.

    • I’m wary to believe anyone paid them at this point. In all likelihood, they’re just middle class idiots LARPing.

      • It’s unlikely that enough black people could come together to LARP, especially for something like this. This isn’t D&D.

    • And why? A publicity stunt to gain internet search hits, and/or to guide people the real BPR? Regardless, this is old news. To make it gun related, the S&W AR 22LR is a great intro/trainer for the AR15. I still bring mine to every range session.

      • Excellent training weapon. Have used it for intro training with 4 people. Who now have moved up to AR-15’s. As for the LARPers. MEH

    • Here in Aurora, the protests were funded and organized by The Socialist Party for Liberation and Freedom. I kid you not. It was even published in the newspaper articles, which you can google for yourself.

      Socialists. the party that has brought liberation and freedom for billions worldwide!

  1. So the left is literally hiring actual actors, to pose for fake protests in fake outfits. Then they broadcast their fake outing all over social media. The politburo would be proud of that one.

    Good job exposing them.

    • Armed to the teeth with . 22lr S&W with empty mags?… the force is not strong in these droids.

      • You’re going to give professional pretty boy “booth babes” and “models” real hardware?

    • With apologies to the late Charlie Daniels… “the Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal, he was in a bind ‘cuz he was way behind and he was willing to make a deal….”. question is, Who is the devil, and how many other souls can he buy ??

    • Nothing new here. ALL protesters are actors (well, mostly). AOC did a video audition and now she’s a congress woman. Hollywood fools who spew their venom at conservatism. Image is over substance seems to be gaining a foothold.

  2. Maybe that’s why the Gun Community scares them so much – They know that when gun rights advocates go armed to a protest, they’re the real deal.

  3. They’re finally upset that black people are being killed, and they’ve identified the enemy as….the police and white supremacists. The fearless model will protect them with her .22 LR.

    “Both Spiike and Oni claim the guns were real. Spiike said his was a Springfield Saint AR15; Oni carried a Smith & Wesson 22LR assault rifle.”

  4. It’s War of the Worlds for 2020.
    Dress up a few actors in alien costumes.
    Post some blurry photos online.
    Make sure to hashtag it with triggers like #drumpfbad
    MSNBC and CNN will be first on scene and every other presstitute will follow in their footsteps believing every bit of it because of course #drumpfbad.
    Orson would be epic if he were alive today.

  5. These people are Marxist LARPers, who want to play Revolutionary, while their parents pay their rent.

    • You can’t blame TTAG for outing a fake leftist event. Those events should be outed.

      Not that I disagree with your assessment about militias. I believe we should all be forming militias, right now…. Now about that picture, is there some more reporting done on that?

      • Just wish the gun owners and writers would cease using the term assault rifle when describing a semi-auto.

        • Also, an assault rifle must be chambered in an intermediate cartridge. Even if it were select fire, a .22LR is still just a pistol caliber carbine, or maybe a submachine gun.

          • The “lr” in .22lr literally stands for “long rifle”, so, no, a rifle chambered in .22lr is not a “pistol caliber carbine”.

      • neighborhood groups…if you want to label them “militia”…i’m fine with that…..

    • Comically sad. In all reporting I see they get to be “marchers, protesting white supremacists”. Any 2A/freedom rally = violent right wing extremists.

      (It took place at Georgia’s stone mountain)

      • Now imagine a 2A/freedom rally full of white people chanting “white power” while raising their fist in the air. How would the media report on that? It’s almost like the activist media isn’t really interested in treating people equally regardless of their skin color.

        • They aren’t at all. If you want white people in power or in movies or whatever you are a raicst kkk member that eats black babies faster than the inner city planned parenthood. If you say the same about black people then you are a good person that cannot be questioned. Sounds pretty racist to me, but what do I or MLK know?

        • It seems you take the message out of context. The common understanding of chanting “white power” is used by white supremacists who do not treat others fairly. It is not the understanding that black activists want to treat people unfairly but rather are simply trying to defend themselves from unwarranted racial attacks and do so nonviolently. You are a racist.

        • Me: We should treat everyone the same regardless of skin color.

          Troll Joseph Malone: You are a racist.

        • Any actual non-racist would look at the context of a given situation for an explanation. Any racist (such as you) would look at someone’s skin color for an explanation. I didn’t even mention this specific situation. I merely asked how the media would portray it. Any honest person knows exactly how the race-baiting media would portray it REGARDLESS of context.

          While we’re on the subject, let’s look at the specific context of this situation. The video is posted below by BOBO. Go to 6:18 of the video. “This is for black people. We can’t never have nothin to our damn selves. We gonna have this to our damn selves.” He even throws shade on the rainbow people immediately before that.

        • a better chant might be “Power to the powerless”…but,..based on recent events.. i’d call that into question…

    • Just watched a video of these folks holding up traffic and apparently harassing and in one instance threatening motorists on the road at the Stone Mountain event.

      Not a peep from MSM on why that might be wrong. Surprise, surprise.

      • Yeah I saw some videos like that too. Looked like a good defensive gun use waiting to happen. Blocking a public roadway while surrounding a vehicle with rifles at low ready is enough to make me start having Mr. 12 gauge ride up front from now on.

        • The media will call you a white supremacist killing peaceful protestors and the local DA will treat you as such.

          It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  6. The tough part is coming up with a name. Everything to do with black panthers has already been taken.

    “For one, the nascent revolutionaries called themselves the “new” Black Panthers at first, without realizing that there were other people still around who also called themselves New Black Panthers. They corrected themselves to say they’re “Black Panther Revolutionaries,” apparently unaware that there’s yet another group that calls themselves the Revolutionary Black Panther Party … which hates the first group, and had never heard of Tillman’s team. And the actual original Black Panthers want nothing to do with any of them.”

  7. “Oni carried a Smith & Wesson 22LR assault rifle.”

    I literally can’t even with this whole thing.

  8. In saner times, actors had a social status little better than prostitutes. Our ancestors were wise.

    • considerable overland and qualifications.

      “Actor” = phoney, fake, pretend person. “A person who behaves in a way that is not genuine.”

  9. “armed with an assault rifle”

    Please tell me that this is an un-cited quote from an ignorant source and not the TTAG author.

    • SteveM, if you see that vertical grey line along the left side of the text, it is a quote. It’s a copy and paste from a “real” and “reliable” news source. No TTAG staff were involved in the writing of that story.

  10. Many actors are afraid of guns. Very few like them. But being a fake is what actors do. They prefer the guns from the prop department. All non firing. But historically this has happened before.

    Way back in 1964 a black group tried to copy the real Black Panthers for Self Defense. They went to a Panther rally with empty guns. They thought they fooled everyone. Until the panthers discovered their insincerity. That group was NRA. Not Real Activists. The Panthers threatened them with violence if they ever returned to Sacramento again.

    Besides carrying guns and following the Oakland Police around. To make sure they didn’t violate anyone’s civil rights. The Panthers also operated food nutrient programs. and ran health clinics. Having people tested and treated for VD. They also ran firearms education classes for children. And that is something that the establishment just went crazy over.
    Including the establishment press. The current New Panthers doesn’t do this type of charity work. I don’t think they do any charity at all.

    And less than 10 years later Tom Ammiano a LGBTQxyz man, got himself elected to the local school board. And he engineered the destruction of the high school rifle teams and all 2A education in the San Francisco public schools. It seems having children learn about their birthright to Arms made him uncomfortable.

  11. As I mentioned yesterday The Yankee Marshall stated he was completely supportive of these idiot’s. Stopping white folks and pointing guns at them makes them criminals. Even a .22caliber rifle! Try that with any non-neutured cop’s…

  12. They’re all poser and actors! Only difference is some of them have a script. And most of them cant spell militia!

    • Almost certainly, or perhaps a few dozen others that would bankroll this type of window dressing. Fair sure the starving guild members wouldn’t have thought this up on their own, nor went out to purchase legit weapons on their own dime.

      Reeks of a wizard pulling levers and mashing buttons, behind the curtain stage left.

  13. This cultural war is being waged in technological, philosophical, and propaganda terms.
    In the end it’s going to come down to who has bigger balls and is willing to go the extra step.

  14. This article seems to speak about something that happened the beginning of June, and does not address the march that happened a few days ago. Why TTAG would bring up that event only seems to confuse people about the match in stone mountain. We have two totally separate events here.

  15. I think if these were white kids in NRA shirts all would be cheering

    The KKK and Aryan nation are their enemies. They should be prepared to face these
    monsters. The police are not their enemy, at least not individual police —-
    Interesting times. Harmless people pretending to be formidable.
    Hope they practice with those rifles. They may be gun owners and proud one day.

    • lol, you mean the organizations so thoroughly infiltrated by feds that they are essentially federal government operations?

      “The irony of the federal government’s desire to obtain informants within the Aryan Nations is that different branches of federal law enforcement and intelligence gathering occupied five of the six key positions in the organization. This means that the Aryan Nations were effectively a government-run shop, with agents spying on each other to ensure the integrity of an investigation – into an organization almost entirely run by the federal government.”

      There is no real significant number of actual white supremacist terrorists in America. There hasn’t been for decades, if there ever were. But there are a growing number of black militants who that believe that there are white supremacists terrorist groups everywhere and the majority of white me with guns belong to those organizations. Eventually, as attacks on whites by para military blacks rise, white people will organize for self defense. Some of them will be more proactive about it. Thus the black militant para military organizations will create the very thing that they fear but that does not yet exist.

      Nietzsche, Freud, and Jung would be so proud of them.

      • All masons are white terrorists. The blacks who support them traitors. Will masons step down without a fight? I hold the opinion that masons are white supramacists. The neonazi hate groups are nonsanctioned by governemnt so don’t last. The masons are sanctioned by government so are pervasive and run the country. Black people have enemies and arming themselves for defense did not create blowback and invent an enemy for them to fight. Philosophy is for lazy thinkers who want to use others ideas of the past instead of look at the current situtation and use original thought to derive truth.

        • Dude… seriously. You should not smoke weed with angel dust on it. It puts worms into your brain…

        • ” All masons are white terrorists. ”

          I hate to bust your bubble, Joey-boy, but there are a lot of blacks that are Masons as well.

        • joooeeey, i had a white supra, but it wasn’t the macists edition.
          do you mean af&m, af&am, knife and fork or prince hall? might want to research that last bunch.
          the illuminati runs lou malnati’s.
          koc runs kfc.
          the hibernians are still sleeping.
          shrine circus has a bunch of clowns, although they don’t call them that.
          and the jesters are not kidding.
          bob’s lives matter.

    • Yet blacks commit violence against Whites at a rate 10 times that violence Whites commit against blacks. But hey virtue signal against the KKK and Aryan Nations. Maybe the cannibals will eat you last.

    • And tell you, and tell you, and tell you….the real problem is getting them to shut up about it.

        • Yep. Nature is just as violent too. Plants killing other plants… non “self aware” life forms killing each other and eating those plants…

    • So mention you’re a member of the Vegetable Liberation Front and we should get our nutrients from rocks. “Allotments are concentration camps for cabbages!”

      The VLF was a parody from the 2000AD comic.

  16. Actors? That’s great that means they know how to play dead when they march thru the wrong hood !!
    Only panther you can’t shoot in FL is a FL panther
    Patiently waiting in dixie..

  17. Have to say this again

    you should see the video of these clowns!

    Where is the safety at? one utters….is something you should not say after you have loaded an AK with live ammo!!!

    maybe just maybe you should do a range or training day BEFORE you hand a AK to a person and have them walk around in public….ya know for the kids that he might kill nearby??? just saying!

    then add even the leader of this group of morons “flags” the whole world more than once with a loaded gun…Flagging is aiming the barrel of ANY weapon without care at a lesson one and this guy was in the military he says???

    then add in one video I watch as dozens did just that many times…morons

    no wonder the cops watched from a distance…they did not want to get shot by idots

    bunch of LARPing fools go play x-box call of duty or go airsoft/bb guns

    • The problem is, the article above is about something that took place in early June and not about the Stone Mountain march over the past weekend.

    • LMFAO
      The guy doing the video gets muzzle swept in the face no less than three times before backing off just before the 1m30sec mark. Second, who the hell wears all black in the summertime but a fool? You’re just asking to fall out from heat exhaustion. I learned real fast to ditch dark cotton anything while working in the desert heat a loooooong time ago.

  18. Actually, I think the whole thing was rather cool. The “protest” environment is one that is perfectly suited for performance art like this. Does it really matter whether or not the Panthers were “legitimate” or not? I don’t think so. The thing about performance art is that it takes the mundane, everyday world, and slyly creates an imagined reality that is only slightly “off”—just enough to raise a question about what we just saw, but only afterwards and never while the art was taking place. These actors may have been too clever by half, however.

    It looks to me like they’ve revealed something about the Antifa-BLM activities that the organizers would rather keep secret: most of what they are doing is staged by professionals who are no more “authentic” than the fake Black Panthers.

    • Interesting perspective.

      I think it was self generated performance art, meant to raise the actors and artists individual profiles.

      Their true identities were far too visible for this to have been some sort of Deep cover or disinformation operation.
      These artists just saw the opportunity to garner some national publicityby reenacting a protest march.

      The Civil War reenactor and other military reenactors do it all the time, history is history, whether last century or last week.

  19. its all fun and games… until heads start exploding….better save the acting for hollywood

  20. Really? Whoever organized this could not find a sufficient number of real Black Panthers?

  21. The “unit” marching on Stone Mountain the other day call themselves NAFC which stands for “Not Fucking Around Coalition.” I’m not making this shit up….

    This totally legit unit of operators (comprised of who ever showed up) claimed to be battle hardened combat vets and expert marksmen as they marched up the mountain muzzling one another and motorists with their jammed .22lr ARs.

    They went to Stone Mountain that fateful day to battle with white supremacists while under police escort mind you….

    When the battle with the white supremacists
    didn’t ensue (not sure they got the memo) they commenced to harassing white motorists stuck in traffic with threats like “I’m your worst nightmare cracka” and “you’re gonna pay for your evil white ancestors..” In response, the motorist laughed in their faces and went about his day being stuck in traffic.

    The NFAC has demands too. They want reparations and to be given the State of Texas where they will form their own country. If their demands aren’t met they said they’ll just have to take Texas by force…..

    I’ve said before…. 2020 has been endless material!!!!

    • “They want reparations”

      Me too. I want reparations for multiple generations of welfare leaches and billions in excess taxes that we had to pay.

      Enough of this fvcking charade.

      • I’ll settle for a lifetime supply of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. You can keep the monies. Some Euro motherfucker forced my ancestors into slavery before anyone even knew Africa existed. I WANT MY DAMN COOKIES.
        Source: The Byzantine–Ottoman wars.

  22. If it is staged then it is CIA. If you do not know what that means then I don’t know what to say. Heres a clue. Use CIA as a distraction/smokescreen to do what needs to be done. Afterwards terminate the CIA. This isnt going to end good for them. Something about revenge for them murdering the leaders of the BBP.

    • Isn’t termination the usual closure strategy for the CIA? It is a company tradition along with setting up a heroine smuggling operation in foreign countries.

  23. Why is anyone surprised? The latest big deal in the House is a person selected and hired to play a Representative thru a casting call.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was hired and plays a part. She’s scripted and coached by others and more will soon join her.

    Selected for her personality and looks alone.

  24. The whole thing stinks of something more offensive than “fishy”. One, people have the right and responsibility to march in peaceful protests against their grievances. I have no problem with that. However, once people start bringing weapons to protests, we all have to be on a higher alert. Why, we must ask ourselves, do those people see it necessary to carry firearms at a protest rally or march? Is this a parade with Jr. ROTC, National Guard, Police, and other typically “armed” units marching in uniform carrying firearms as part of their expected attire or accroutrements? Maybe the ACTUAL Black Panther Party might indeed march at such a parade, but posers? Actors and Models portraying themselves deceptively as Black Panthers dressing themselves up like 1960s radicals. Maybe REAL Black Panthers might take offense? Might have a little “talk” with them. Is this what we should expect? OR, is this more stoopid “woke” role-playing with a purpose that is supposed to be greater than the means of getting to a particular conclusion? Is this to threaten the community, and therefore society at large that IF they do not acquiesce to the purposes of the protest, that there will be a race war? This really isn’t about racism, it is about control. Racism is merely the means to instill fear and subject people to an expected behavior. The actors and models who do these things are like the idiot who brings a toy gun to a liquor store and thinks that nobody will pull a real gun on them and shoot them.

  25. Crisis actors? Obviously, this is all about selling a completely false narrative. If it doesn’t go your way, just hire actors to get the publicity you want. Who paid for it? Soros of course.

  26. If you look at video footage of many of these “protests” in the last three+ weeks, you notice something:

    You can notice that the people on the front line (literally face-to-face with the LEO’s) are

    a) not black. Noooo. They’re white. And a very desk-jockey pale white they are, too.
    b) often female,
    c) and chubby females,
    d) dressed more than occasionally in yoga attire.

    I’ll bet that much of this “protesting” is done for the benefit of Instagram. There’s a surfeit of young, white females posturing (either in bikinis or in SJW action) for approval on Instagram – it seems as tho the platform was tailor-made to serve the narcissism of young females.

    • Which is guaranteed to bring out flabby little mommies basement dwelling “Call of Duty” commandos desperate to find a gal. Same as the sixties antiwar bowel movement (except to video games ).

  27. That’s it incite violence by blacks! Third grade mentality,

  28. But you are not treating everyone fairly. You use fake lohic in your arguments. White power is only used at white supremacist marches. I defended white people at the Temple of Justice in Olympia,Wa who were noviolent and openly carring to defend 2A. To call me a troll is to say I lie and do not really believe what I am saying.

    YOU are the one who advocates white people chant “WHITE POWER” at peaceful protests. That IS associated with white supremacy so IT IS NOT the same as chanting “BLACK POWER”. Black means = fight against unprovoked attacks. White power means = be racist. Whites do not want to use that phrase and do not want to be associated with it because it aligns them with political ideas they are uncomfortable with.

    You are putting words in their mouth to force them to side with you as a racist. You hurt their cause and make them seem guilty through association.

    If they are not chanting white power then why speak on hypotheticals instead of what actually happened? Because you are trying to change the subject from reality to fiction so that what you are saying becomes a reality. You are a threat to truth and freedom. Instead of using logic to prove your point you name call me to discredit me without offering any evidence. You are a conservate who acts like a libtard. Neither side wants you because you re an embarrassment.

    Do you want to say white power at marches? That at phrase is already taken by white supremacists so you have to find something else or you WILL be associated with them and that will add confusion to the situation instead of clarity. Since you only seek to add confusion you are the troll not me. Instead of saying white power chant “gun power” or something that speaks to the issue at hand. ANY person who chants white power is a racist or at risk of being confused with one. Any person who does sloppy things and conducts themselves so carelessy that they allow themselves to be identified as a member of a group they do not support but imiatate deserve what they get. Ignorance is not an excuse and noone is going to give benefit of doubt or show mercy.

    Honestly you sound like a jew who is trying to bait to het whites who are not racist killed. Black people do not need or want an alliance with Jews who only care about themselves. We do not need to lie to accomplish our political objectives but you do. This whole sight is either a) Jews who pretend to be white supremacists for political reasons or b) Jews who use fear to jack up gun and ammo sales.

    • I assume you’re continuing the above conversation. Next time, click on Reply.

      “YOU are the one who advocates white people chant “WHITE POWER” at peaceful protests.”

      Please show me where I advocated for this troll. The only reason I called you a troll is because I can’t imagine someone being this slow in real life, but maybe I’m wrong. The rest of your post is unhinged, and not worth commenting on. Please seek help.

    • Hey Joe where you going with that racist BS? White Power is attributed to the democRat Party. Jew hating is attributed to the nazi party.
      The 2A is attributed to the Constitution of The United States. That means today in The United States your race does not determine if you can own a firearm or not.
      How long you keep a firearm and your freedom is determined by your content if character.

    • Context? Googling “White Rose” gives a plethora of results, mostly pertaining to actual white roses. Like, German White Rose?

  29. Black panthers, they used to chase those around here. Nobody ever got one. My boss and I used to laugh about the stories as some had supposedly seen one on his ranch, all it was was a large feral cat, but standing out there it did seem rather large, ( we called him “Ole Blacky”). Here in the U.S. most confuse a black panther with a color inversion of the Mountain Lion, and to my knowledge that is incorrect. I believe if one sees or is lucky enough to capture one it would be a Jaguar.

    • “Panthers” can be jaguars, lions, tigers or leopards. You are correct that this is limited to jaguars in the US. They are all members of the genus Panthera.

      In any case an all black variant, usually with bright yellow eyes, is referred to as a “panther” irregardless of actual species. In the US those would be all black jaguars. Elsewhere they may be other species within the genus, which also have the genetic abnormality that causes all black fur.

      That’s my understanding, which actually initially arose from looking up the term due to Thundercats but that’s not really germane to this conversation.

        • there was a black jaguar/ leopard at the zoo; if the light angle was correct you could plainly see the spots.
          i’m still not comfortable with irregardless. maybe after maw passes.

  30. The end justifies the means. Say and do anything to advance the cause. If you want more and more fake news and communism vote democRat.

  31. I imagine that some will take this over the edge.
    Start marching down a nice residential peaceful street? A couple or 3 homeowners pass the word and the marchers, armed of course, get fuckin lit up by pissed off homeowners who get threatened when 1. They’re threatened and 2. It’s been 15 minutes and LE hasn’t arrived because their mayor claims its a peaceful demonstration
    Another Lexington.
    FYI I’m a charter member of MLM. My Life Matters.

  32. These folks would appear to be, to a person, what Immortal Technique referred to as a “coffee shop revolutionary son-of-a-bitch”.

  33. If those are actors, I doubt they each went out and purchased those firearms. Which means that whoever organized it handed out a bunch of functional firearms to a bunch of un-vetted people without doing a background check. Isn’t there something about a private transfer loophole in the gun control agenda?

  34. Carries a .22, slung incorrectly the whole time, and a hockey? vest. One totally unarmed in a rothco vest with no plates, one in an old school LBE, no arms, some spray attached to the vests of both these idiots, possibly two real rifles, could be airsoft, who knows… Either way, larping hward here. Cringe worthy hard, and like their panther daddies, escorted by police the entire time.

    • oh, and her shitty magpul polymers sights are flipped down. lol.

      One to disperse them all.

  35. Here in Aurora, the protests were funded and organized by The Socialist Party for Liberation and Freedom. I kid you not. It was even published in the newspaper articles, which you can google for yourself.

    Socialists. the party that has brought liberation and freedom for billions worldwide!

  36. It’s pretty clear who hired them and gave them their Halloween outfits. Who owns all the black film studios in Atlanta and has close ties to the Muslim separatist churches in Atlanta. (The same people who took out Malcolm x by the way. where was your out cry for that?) ya you guessed it the cross dressing Tyler perry. Seems like racism is only a one way street these days. but BLM means a fat advertising check. The ones calling all white people racist are the same black leaders that are saying that native Americans are racist and Latinos are racist aganist black people. Who wants to help anyone that calls you are racist cuz your not black. Recruitment must be a pain .The millionaires are taking advantage of a already messed up situation. Cashing in on BLM ads hell even video games have BLM ads. The fake panthers should have been holding up a big sign that said brought to you by Tyler perry studios. He was too much of a coward to admit he organized this protest. #all life’s matter how about that. Call me a racist I dare ya

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