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By Theresa Inacker

Have you ever noticed that the red-shirted redcoats of Moms Demand Action are a gaggle of “Karens” demanding to speak with the manager?

Although the ubiquitous Karen meme is a joke, there is nothing funny about a group that’s hellbent on taking away the rights of other people.

Karens are not problem solvers, they are complainers. They demand that others abide by their feelings and whims, whereas responsible adults take action for themselves.

Instead of simply deciding not to buy a gun if you do not want one, the Karens insist, demand and whine that no one else should have a gun.

Of course, never do they propose how to disarm violent criminals, because that is too difficult. They are blinded by a fantasy of civilian disarmament, disregarding basic civil rights, history and reality.

These tactics are actually a twisted form of political correctness. You cannot say certain things. You cannot do certain things.

Sorry, but we’re not sorry, Karen! We are not relinquishing our natural and God-given human rights because of your irrational fear.

Listen up, demanding Karens: you have no say-so over my life, and thankfully our Founders structured our government as a Republic, wherein individual rights are protected. I don’t care if I’m the last and only person in the USA who wants to exercise her Second Amendment civil rights. In our Republic, I have every individual right to do so, and that right is not subject to the whims of mob rule.

But the truth is, I am not alone. There are more like me than you can imagine.

So the Karens can flood city halls and capitols demanding to speak with the managers, but their mob mentality will not win the day. The Constitution, which is designed to restrain Government will prevail. And even if the Judiciary should fail to preserve the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, my rights pre-exist that document.


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey Delegate to The DC Project, and serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

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    • And that’s what happens when you have to use a tazor instead of hollow point ammo. Thank the bleeding hearts who take criminals sides.

      • I knee capped anyone who resisted arrest plain and simple, have a nice ride to the ER and reconstructive surgery rule number one don’t resist arrest

        • I view knee caps as malicious intent / maiming / revenge, and would not be kind to them on a jury; however, several good flesh wounds are perfectly acceptable, preferably to the ass.

        • That’s an academy approved technique, down ward strikes with nightstick for non-compliant resisting arrest, have a nice day.

        • I spent about 16yrs in the NYC subway and took care of business, no partner and no back up, radios that did not work. I like to know were you get a jury out of this.

        • A knee strike to the thigh puts people on the ground NOW. And leaves no permanent injuries.

        • I think that’s better than getting shot, right? The combination of removing access to less-lethal weapons (tazers, batons) and hiring people who aren’t physically qualified to be in law enforcement results in more people getting shot while resisting arrest.

      • Nah, this is what happens when you send a boy and a woman to do the job of a grown ass man. We’ve gotten so PC that we have to hire women to do work that in many cases is too physically demanding for them, and the diminutive men then have to be hired as well. It essentially puts more people (even suspects) in danger, because the default defense for this kind of resistance has to be a taser or a gun.

      • Here is yet another example of affirmative action. In the push to put more women on police forces they had to lower the height, weight, and strength standards for new officers. Because they cant’ have one standard for men and another for women, they lowered the standards for everybody. Because the officers are now smaller, and not as strong they need to go to the gun sooner. Luckily for him this miscreant had more patience and better control of his temper that did the police officers. It didn’t generate into a situation where somebody got shot and I find that simply amazing. We’ve all seen videos of totally cooperative people summarily executed by police simply for not understanding confusing and or conflicted orders screamed at them. The real irony is that police scream orders at people they are trying to arrest to confuse and cloud thinking. Then they shoot the person they want to arrest because they don’t do what they are told. Not saying this guy didn’t deserve a really rough rid to the jail.

        • “…this miscreant had more patience and better control of his temper that did the police officers.”

          Based on his total lack of ability to communicate rationally, as evidenced by his simple repetition if “I need a supervisor” several hundred times while not engaging in AMY dialogue with the arresting officer or complying with his reasonable demands I would take this as a sign of some dangerous mental instability of I were on the scene.

          All things considered I think the officer exhibited remarkable self control and I kept waiting for him to just say “Fuck it” and shoot the guy. Based on the video evidence I think that might have been written off as a good shoot once they were wrestling inside the store and the Taser failed to work.

        • “Because they cant’ have one standard for men and another for women,”

          Its so cute that you believe this BS.

      • I think the cop is actually just of average (or slightly lower) height ~5″9′ or so. The then football player throwing him around is 6 foot 6 inches and built like well… a football player, so everyone looks small.

        • Same thing with Penn and Teller. Penn is 6’6″ and teller is 5’9 I didn’t realize how tall he was until my brother was standing next to him in a picture and Penn dwarfed my brother. My brother is 6′

        • When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away. The laws of physics don’t change because it’s cop calling for help.

    • He seems to have a limited vocabulary. I wonder how his behavior would change is someone showed up with a cap that said “supervisor”.

      And, that Taser was pretty useless.

    • I understand the ‘not shooting them right off the bat’, but why Taser into a winter coat?
      I’m sure the face would be sufficient. I’m sure that is ‘against procedure’, but sometimes, the procedure needs ‘adjustment’. Also, being from N.Y.C. a long time ago, WTF happened to the billy club ?

  1. This is a great example of just how much crap some LEOs have to deal with to do their job. While I do not doubt there have been cases of police brutality, that sure didn’t happen here. My hat’s off to all LEOs who deal with crap none of the rest of us want to deal with and maintain their integrity. All the dumb Ass had to do was simply comply, sit down and give him the license and registration. He already admitted he was sliding around. That’s a good stop. If the guy would have complied and had a decent traffic record, no outstanding warrants that could have been a verbal “Drive careful in the weather.” The LEO was lucky the other guy (with the coffee) didn’t decide to jump in to the fray and help the first guy beat the cop down.

    • Next time battery powered toy in one hand Glocks in the other. He gets up off the floor after tazzing throw a few federals in him.

    • Actually, I thought the guy’s repeated demands to see a supervisor while he was throwing the little cop around was a pretty effective bit intentional misdirection. It reminded me of how some cops shout “stop resisting!!” while they beat the crap out of a perp they don’t like.

  2. that’s what all these idiots posting videos pushing their rights causes because it causes the truly uninformed and some plan stupid people to try it when they are guilty of crimes

  3. Back to the topic on-hand, she looks like a stepford clone of Monsanto Mommy. Unfortunately reality often hits these types very hard.

  4. History repeats itself,,, didn’t the Karens push for prohibition in 1920? So maybe moms demand action isn’t a new idea after all.

  5. I think that picture is one of the girls at that gangbang last week, I seam to recognize that nose, it tore through the paper sack.

      • Im a liberal shill because I do not like Trump? Or am I a liberal shill because I do not like anything the Democrats have to offer either? Or am I a liberal shill because in the long run its just a game that the same organization plays using different party names. Let me ask this. After all these years of voting why is it America cannot find one party that satisfies the wants and needs of this country. If the Republicans are the best why did the Democrats have it last term, and same same for the Democrats. No I’m not a socialist either, I am realitist, and I realise America is owned by China. Vote for whoever , it won’t change anything

        • You know why you’re a liberal shill. Don’t get all philosophical now that you’ve been outed. Justify it all you want, you’re a shill.

  6. As Theresa pointed out a few days ago there’s a direct connection to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union activists of the Prohibition era and the Mom’s. Both groups were completely unwavering in their demands, both populated with moralistic scolds (See Carrie Nation and her hatchet) who were absolutely convinced that their claimed moral imperative (i.e. Mom’s rather than women) gave them the right to impose their views on everyone else.

    The scary thing about their activism—and something we shouldn’t loose sight of—is that they won: National Prohibition was achieved through the creation of a new constitutional amendment banning strong drink. It ultimately failed but only after decades of governmental efforts to force people to do things they didn’t want to do.. The Karens of the world are perfectly OK with that so long as it is their values that are made into law and enforced by government.

  7. How ironically appropriate for those paid for Bloomberg prostitutes , the British wanted to take our guns and they wore red coats and now Bloombergs paid army of nothing better to do moms wear red. Also ironically we called the old soviet communist army was reffered to the red army. And now these women all across american soil wear red and sell themselves to the authoritarian buttwipe Bloomberg in a defiance of our constitutions 2nd amendment that was put in place to help guaranty their freedoms and their future prodigy. This is an assault on the possible future of the U.S.,and I’m sure that future communist and wanna be dictators just love and chear it.

  8. I’m sure she can convince a man not to hurt her and just leave her alone.

    The rest of us rely.on machinery.

      • I think it’s past time for men to be honest with women. No, man is going to come and help you. You are on your own lady. That feminism thing you embraced. Needs to be realistic. And if a woman is attacked. It’s almost always going to be by a man.

        Culturally there was a time when a man would come to a woman’s rescue. That is not the case of the 21st Century. Feminism rejected that type of cultural norm. And at the same time feminism rejected gun ownership for women???

        So they say call a police MAN. Women, you can’t understand them, but you can’t live without them.

        • Case in point. I am a southern bred, born and raised man. My mom and dad instilled in me respect of all, especially women. I was in New York and I approached a solid door in a building. I was aware there were two young ladies behind so I opened it, stepped to the side and said after you. One of the girls flew into a cuss word filled rant. The areas on both sides of the door was crowded with people so many witnessed it. To sum up her rant which lasted a couple of minutes: I am not weak and I don’t need a man to open my jars or doors, how dare you think I am so weak that I can’t open a door. So I went on in closing the door behind and held the knob from the other side. She finally quit pulling and cussing and knocked. So I opened the door, not even a thank you, just a whipped look. Suddenly out of the crowd someone shouted I thought you didn’t need a man to open doors for you. She yelled a quick expletive and stormed through the crowd. I went back out into the other room and almost everyone in the area was teary eyed from laughing. I got so many handshakes and compliments that day. The girl that was with “Karen” gave me her number. Turns out it was her girlfriend and she was done with her. We went out that evening and the whole time I was there. She said I didn’t have to open doors for her but I could if I wanted to. Not only did I get one over on a feminist, equal rights Karen but I converted a lesbian.

  9. Iza needz a supavisa….iza needs a supsvisa…

    Yeah his ghetto dweller is DAM lucky it wasn’t me arresting his retarded azz….

    Isaneedasupavisa!!!! What a FKN MORON…. no way I could deal with that trash all day without doing something that would have me screaming ISA NEEDSA SUPAVISA!!!!

    SOME people….I swear lol

  10. Moms demand “muh bans” are a fact, reason, and evidence free organization. They fight on pure emotion coupled with ignorance. A dangerous combination.

  11. They really are the least diverse groups ever. 100% middle aged busybody white women with time and a man’s money to burn.

  12. And that group of people wonders why so many of them get shot. No brains, feeling entitled and completely belligerent. Just do what your told and you will more than likely be on your way home. All the ones like this deserve to be in a 6 ft deep hole. One less thug, hundreds less problems. Millions less paid out on lawsuits and incarceration.


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