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Thomas: Make ‘Good Guys With Assault Rifles’ Pay for Those Who Are Killed With Their Guns

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If personal responsibility is now the answer to the issue of unwanted pregnancies, we need to make it the answer to gun shootings as well. Sure, like with having sex, U.S. citizens have the right to bear arms. But if a woman gets pregnant when her or her partner’s contraceptive fails, in the eyes of the antiabortion crowd she holds full responsibility.

So the same should apply to gun purchasers. If the gun they purchased ends up killing or wounding someone else, they should be held personally responsible. Have them pay the funeral costs and medical bills and a lifetime worth of income for the family of the dead — or go and rot in jail.

The majority of the world manages to be safe without “good guys” with assault rifles. It’s time we tried the same. There are not enough “good guys” in this country to save all the innocent victims.

— K. Thomas in Good Guys With Guns Isn’t the Answer 

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    • We’re not supposed to talk about the majority of the world. Only select enclaves that meet certain criteria. We’re supposed to ignore Disney censoring their products for Muslim nations, unchallenged slavery in Asian and Africa and white people only being 16% of the population.

      The “majority of the world” consists of three nations and their lauded or derided aspects are cherry picked to fit the talking point of the moment.

  1. K. Thomas needs to go live in “the majority of the world” where he/she thinks that it is “safe”

    • Like Afghanistan or Pakistan where AKs are ubiquitous. (I don’t know about the other ‘stans.) Then there is Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, and a bunch of other places where there are not nearly enough good guys with guns.

  2. How about the sicko k.thomas take its nazi-kkk-democRat Gun Control filth and go rot in hell?

  3. So following the leftie illogical program of this twit, if his car gets stolen and they run over a bunch of children at a bus stop he is fine with being held financially responsible for it.

    • Suppose his car is stolen on a flat-bed truck then packed in a container, and shipped overseas. The buyer in Asia/Africa/South-America runs over a bunch of children. He is fine with being held financially responsible.

      In America, I suspect that most stolen cars go to chop-shops to be parted-out. So the “runs over a bunch of children” scenario might be an acceptable risk. Not so for cars stolen for export. Will Thomas insist on the US government blocking such lawsuits?

      Flip it around.

      So, suppose guns are smuggled into the US from foreign countries. They are distributed via the black market. Innocent victims are shot. How will they, or their heirs, seek recourse?

      • What if K. Thomas’ words upset someone and they go out and harm innocents? Should K. Thomas be held accountable for their action inducing words?

    • Actually, anything these Leftist said or wrote, should be used as evidence of incitement to riot and they should all have to pay for all the billions in property damage and police time they caused and enabled. Sounds fair to me.

      • Too many lawsuits gumming up the works. There’s a reason why the Bard penned the line that all lawyers should be “removed”.

        • Haz:
          I don’t think I’ve read any Shakespeare since high school, when I read “The Merchant of Venice” and “Julius Caesar.” But your comment enticed me to know more, so I’ve looked into it.
          The quote is: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” It’s from Shakespeare’s play, King Henry VI, Part II, (Act IV), Scene 2. And the words are uttered by a character named “Dick the Butcher” supposedly during Cade’s Rebellion, an historical event in English history. But it turns out that Shakespeare was playing fast and loose with the history of English rebellion in that he conflated Cade’s Rebellion with the Peasant’s Revolt in the late Middle Ages. (Cade’s Rebellion didn’t kill any lawyers, but the Peasants did.) So…was Shakespeare really advocating the mass murder of lawyers?
          Most lawyers think not. They argue that Shakespeare has a villain of the piece speak this (in)famous line as a demonstration of his villainy (or something to that effect). Here are the links to a couple of articles that take that tack:



          On the other hand, here is another very scholarly article by a guy, who says not so fast. Maybe Shakespeare really DID mean it.


          Anyway, not being a lawyer, myself, I’ve had to consult lawyers a couple of times on legal matters that I could not handle myself. So… like them or not, it seems to me that they are a necessary component of a civilized society.

        • Two or more links within the same comment usually results in a hold.

          That, and sometimes a spin of the roulette wheel. Nobody here knows exactly why, and nobody at TTAG will answer.

        • LOL! See? My reply to you was just held up for moderation. My second one today alone.

          Why, you may ask?

          Don’t know!

    • This is already a thing, as any high profile crime will go through the “where’d the gun come from” to determine how the perps got the weapons and who all you can blame for it. See Las Vegas ammo seller, Columbine straw purchaser, those parents who went on the run after their son’s shooting, etc. Depending on your state, especially those with “safe storage” laws, you may be more or less at fault even if a criminal steals your weapon.

      Of course you have cases like the Remington settlement for Sandy Hook , and attempts like the Lucky ammo suit, where the blame has been laid against dealers and manufacturers.

      Even without any special new legislation, you can already be in legal jeopardy if you knowingly provided arms (or really any assistance) to a perp, left a weapon unattended or accessible, sold a weapon to a questionable person (and had knowledge of it), etc.

      Any kind of blanket fault law would go way too far, and even in the legal cases we have already seen it frequently goes too far in seeking to assign blame and punishment.

      • Let’s be real here, there are people out there who think we still have ready access to machine guns. So their side is made up by liars, idiots and lying idiots, nothing they say comes from a credible place.

        • when you make readily available guns that look like machine guns it’s easy to see how they might get that wrong….

        • Frank,
          Whether a gun is a machine gun or not has absolutely nothing to do with how it looks. Anyone making that argument is helping to enable the chosen ignorance of the hoplophobe.

      • did the Federal agent who left that handgun on the seat of his unmarked gummit car, the doors UNlOCKED, ever face any consequences after HIS gun was usedby a man illegally having invaded US territory, and being coddled and covered by cnarity organisations despite being her eillegally, to kill an innocent walking on the pier at Fishermans’ Wharf in San Francisco?
        Not the Fed agent, not the folks who protected the illegal foreign invader, or the invader himself ever faced any liability for the death of this innocent woman.

        • federal agents…[and,yes…BIden wants to hire a bunch of them, arm them with little or no training and turn them loose on the rest of us]…are notorious for losing their guns in bathrooms….something you rarely hear about…

        • turn them loose on the rest of us

          One of the main requirements will be “able to carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force” against some poor shit that forgot to include that last four dollar tip.

    • Better yet he runs a daycare and Children run around inside all day long.
      With inside walls covered with toxic drywall from China and Chinese toys that have high lead levels.

  4. Holding a victim of theft, or non-involved 3rd party as being equally accountable for another persons crimes?

    Mouth breathing stupid, this one is.

  5. “Sure, like with having sex, U.S. citizens have the right to bear arms.”

    Well, first of all – there is not constitutional right to have sex….

    “So the same should apply to gun purchasers. If the gun they purchased ends up killing or wounding someone else, they should be held personally responsible. Have them pay the funeral costs and medical bills and a lifetime worth of income for the family of the dead — or go and rot in jail.”

    You exercised your ‘first amendment’ right so pay my bills.

    A law abiding gun owner is held ‘personally responsible’ if they shoot someone with their gun you fool, just not liable in some cases civil or criminal if it was adjudged self-defense. A person that steals a gun or procures one illegally and shoots someone with it is held ‘personally responsible’ criminally also, and liable in some cases civil.

    Do you even know what country you live in? Have you never heard of the Constitution or Bill of Rights?

    Seriously, did you dream this complete nonsense up during a whisky enema or are you simply brain damaged?

    • “Well, first of all – there is (no) constitutional right to have sex….”
      You are absolutely correct: That right must be conferred upon each other by the participants.

  6. I’ll keep this advice in mind in case my gunn I purchased “ends up killing or wounding someone else”. Because as everyone knows, gunns are sentient and capable of doing such things all by themselves. Lawd help me if my gunn misbehaves when I’m not there to stop it.

    • Look at that…my very first comment of the day and already held for moderation. The TTAG spirits are up early this morning.

  7. The Communist are all in panic mode over the Constitution actually meaning what it says. They have always wanted to burn the United States down and build a new Socialist Paradise upon the ashes.

    These people need to be challenge and exposed for what they are, totalitarians who want power for themselves at the expense of you and your freedoms.

  8. I have no patience for these F tards anymore. The only thing that will cure their vile need to nanny others is the curing of their lead deficiency.

    • Hey every day I’m accused of being a criminal for the “crime” of having an AR15. Especially after a deranged punk Incel boy murdered several on July 4th. Meanwhile the raciss colored fella who killed old ladies n little kids in Wisconsin(with a suv) is memory rabbit holed. As mentioned the world is not safe. I betcha the Christian’s being slaughtered by moose-lambs in Nigeria wish they could defend themselves!

  9. this nutjobs comparison makes ZERO sense…have you ever heard of a person stealing a man’s DICK and making a woman pregnant with it?

    then lets go with the rest of the comparison…2 people are having sex and are willing? right?
    So with this statement above 2 people got together one with a gun and the other with a death wish and one says “Hey baby shoot me in the head I like it rough!”

    • And if a woman gets pregnant, do they want all of the other women be liable for one’s irresponsibility ?

    • Bobo very good I was scrolling down wondering when someone would catch that. I wonder when the eggheads will figure out that they never seen a transsexual animal? I done seen about everything when I seen a bull have a calf.

    • “… have you ever heard of a person stealing a man’s DICK and making a woman pregnant with it?”

      How do you think dacian got here.

  10. 1) It is precisely the assault rifle that has helped keep the barbarians on foreign soil by our military throughout its history.

    2) so few (if any) assault rifles have been used by the people in question that there would still NOT be any such payments made by anyone. Making the whole idea pointless. Assault Rifles simply are not used like that.

    3) abortion is NOT contraception. Those are two very different things.


    The authors ignorance is showing.

    • Is there any documented case where a shooter used an actual military assault rifle to commit a crime?

    • obviously they WANT abortion to be a form of contraception…that’s the core of the argument

  11. I’m so impressed with K. Thomas. We must live in a nation of geniuses to have produced such an intellectual giant. I haven’t read anything so penetrating or insightful since the early writings of Dr. Seuss or L. Frank Baum.

    More K, please. I’m sure that after solving the gun problem, s/he will turn its sharp wit to curing cancer.

  12. I’m more selective of whom I shoot than Thomas and a lot of women are with whom they screw. I fail to see the balance of justice and/or valid correlation here.

  13. K. Thomas – why progs should be required to complete a fed gov’t form before they can speak (under the 1st).

    Also why the Washington Post is worse than useless.

  14. There are not enough “good guys” in this country to save all the innocent victims.

    But if they can save ONE child, THINK about the children! Fucking moron…

  15. As with ALL leftists, there isn’t one aspect of your life that they don’t want to control. Just another clown trying to pass on his MISERY to humanity.

  16. Thomas is a communist and a Goatophile…why are we even entertaining the sewage that comes from his mouth and pen?

    • Most people who want the ‘good guy with the gun’ to be held liable for a criminals misdeed with a gun, themselves have some criminal misdeed they have committed in their background.

    • Because the idea is to go after political rivals. Those are the only bad guys that matter to them. Communism doesn’t get implemented here by thoughtful, moral law and order. It gets implemented by taking out rivals. Know what you’re up against.

  17. Could they PLEEEEZE stop using the term “assault rifle” !!!!!!! Us civilians do not own any assault rifles. Just stop it !!!

    • I have no doubt that they are out there. There are so few though that anyone using it for criminal purposes have likely stolen it. That situation makes the idea of this kind of financial responsibility completely ridiculous.

  18. I lost brain cells reading the article and the actual comments at the Compost paper……need to save what little I have left..

  19. Never accept the premise of a leftists’ argument. They won’t hear your take as much as your agreement with the setup they’ve presented.

    As in the printed diarrhea cited above: no, women aren’t expected to bear all responsibility for an unplanned pregnancy; that’s merely the projection of bias. So the weak analogy fails at that point. The next point is the shift of blame from the offender to spreading it to anyone who was probably involved. Do you also hold responsible the Uber driver who carried him to his murderous venue? The guy at McDonald’s who sold him the Big Mac that fueled his rampage?

    Where do they stop? Oh, right, with the people they really want to demonize and do away with: us. It always boils down to their hatred of us, because we stand in their way to ultimate dominion of the nation.

    • “Never accept the premise of a leftists’ argument. They won’t hear your take as much as your agreement with the setup they’ve presented.”

      THIS. A thousand times, this.

    • The guy at McDonald’s who sold him the Big Mac that fueled his rampage?

      Using that premise the kid that was recently murdered at a Brooklyn McDonald’s is responsible for his own death because he worked at THE McDonald’s where SOMEONE sold some French Frys to some woman who later complained to her “banger” son that they were cold (never mentioned how much later) inciting HIM to go to that McDonald’s and shoot SOMEONE/ANYONE in the head causing their death. Hmmmmmmmmmm…

  20. I want him to do when the police/feds/etc fail to interdict in a mass shooting.

    “No other industry is immune from lawsuits………….”

    Sure, they forgot the government.

  21. Not sure where to go with this, but
    Woman in this case doesn’t bear full responsibility as it takes 2 to tango.
    Last time I checked can’t go to prison for failure to pay debts, but I guess we better start building more prisons cause every gang banger or other criminal who shoots and kills another person is going to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Guess we won’t have to worry about repeater offerenders.

  22. great
    now do bad politicians
    in blue cities and blue states
    make them pay for those killed
    as a result of their failed policies

  23. This article is yet another example of why trying to reason with our enemies is futile.

    They are evil authoritarians who want us in jail or dead.

  24. Guess that means under the author’s premise that those who actually commit the crimes will be held accountable. Nice to hear. Better get the memo to the Soros funded DA’s and the left wing judges who hand out nothing sentences.
    If the anti gun crowd is demanding those only peripherally involved, with no control of third party action be held liable for criminal acts, perhaps they will hold the car dealers, or automobile manufacturers liable for the criminal misuse of their products. Or perhaps the shoe store or manufacturer who sold the shoes to the criminal who runs from police.

  25. Ace Grace. Are you aware that you have just recommended SHARIA LAW regarding BLOOD MONEY and Personal resoponsibility ?

    • Some say Sharia law, others say it’s just a practical application of the concept of “Tough Love”… 🙂

    • Personal resoponsibility ?

      FUKS A Brit know about “personal responsibility” can’t spell either fucking moron…

  26. It is the criminal who is responsible for crimes committed. Not society, not inanimate objects, not anything except the individual.

    • they just want the guns gone..especially from those who don’t buy into their convoluted way of thinking….it’s your gun they want…criminals are not relevant to this process…

  27. Nobody in America has ever been killed by an assault rifle fired by a civilian.
    Nobody. For the ten millionth time, an Ar-15 is not an assault rifle, and the letters AR merely stand for ARmalite.

    Some people ask, “What about the North Hollywood shooting, where the criminals used rifles that were illegally modified to be fully automatic assault rifles?”
    No, in that North Hollywood shooting, nobody was killed by assault rifles fired by a civilian, as nobody died except the criminals themselves, who were killed by police.

    Or they ask, “What about the Prohibition-era gangsters using Tommy guns 90 years ago?”
    No, Tommy guns (Thompson submachine guns) were not assault rifles, they were submachine guns (firing a pistol caliber, not an intermediate rifle caliber).

    • Good Answer, I try to tell these stupid retards this all the time. However it makes no difference. The DemoRats and the CCP have infiltrated so far, and dumbed down our education system so much, that 80% of Americans are complete and utter imbeciles. You could engrave the truth in their bones, or tattoo it on their eyelid, and they would still claim the truth is a lie. They are just that brainwashed and ignorant.

  28. 20 million plus AR-15s, about 500 killings with rifles of all types each year, I’m pretty sure there are more than enough good guys around if retards would get out of the way from people defending themselves.

  29. This is the stupidest garbage I have ever read. This appears to have been written by someone in middle school after the teacher asked them to write an essay on how to destroy freedom in America.

  30. I love the logic that if contraception fails, or a woman is irresponsible, she’s held responsible for the pregnancy (well duh), right, so we must hold gun owners responsible if their gun harms somebody.

    However, sex is supposed to make babies. Contraception prevents fertilization.
    Either of these works and there is no issue.

    A gun used responsibly for self-defense also works (as designed). No issue.

    Irresponsible owners or criminals? We already have that covered both criminally and civilly.

    Bless her heart, nice try.

  31. Go live in one of those safer. Countries!

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