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“Violent criminals should be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” [Aidan Johnston of Gun Owners of America] said. “But possessing a firearm, carrying a firearm in public, is not a crime. And New York has been violating the right of New Yorkers to carry firearms in public for decades.”

Racial equity is a key reason that the defenders supported two upstate residents’ successful challenge to the century-old gun law, which they said was too often applied in a discriminatory fashion. The law had mandated that those who wished to carry guns publicly in New York show a particularly pressing need. Justice Thomas wrote in the decision that the law offered local officials too much discretion and generally trampled on the second amendment.

In a brief filed with the court before it ruled, city defender groups, including Black Attorneys of Legal Aid, Bronx Defenders and the Brooklyn Defender Service, said they supported overturning the law. They argued that “New York enacted its firearm licensing requirements to criminalize gun ownership by racial and ethnic minorities. That remains the effect of its enforcement by police and prosecutors today.”

But some prosecutors and elected officials, even when sympathetic to arguments about equity in enforcement, say that the court’s decision left the state with the rights to enforce reasonable gun regulations.

“More guns on our streets leads to more violence,” said the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, in a statement. “New York’s strong gun regulations and strict licensing regime have been indispensable to keeping us safe, and it is imperative we uphold those laws.”

A spokesman for the Brooklyn district attorney, Eric Gonzalez, called the court’s ruling a “disaster” but said that the office did not believe it would affect people charged with illegal weapon possession who never applied for a license or were denied one.

“We will continue to take every step to protect the people of Brooklyn from illegal guns,” he said.

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  1. “More guns on our streets leads to more violence,” said the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, in a statement. “New York’s strong gun regulations and strict licensing regime have been indispensable to keeping us safe, and it is imperative we uphold those laws.”

    No Mr. Bragg New York gun laws have had the exact opposite effect. The city is overrun with violent crime that you will not prosecute instead you’ve done everything in your power to deny people ability to carry a firearm to defend themselves in their neighbors. And now you continue to double down on stupid.

    • Two quick edits/translations from NY to American. More guns should be read as More criminals and protect the people of Brooklyn from illegal guns should be read as deprive the people of Brooklyn from owning guns.

    • ny Gun Control democRats have a whole lot in common with Gun Control kkk democRats and german nazis from days gone by.

      That’s right Jim Crow Gun Control ny democRats…Citizens cornered by criminals are safer without a firearm. You ratbassturds have been blowing smoke for far too long and the time has come for you sick, pompous democRat Party hypocrites with armed security to go pound sand.

    • They are allowing strong-arm robbery along with other types of in-person robbery. You can get robbed by a gang of thugs and have no recourse if you are smaller or outnumbered. Just empty your pockets and hope they/them don’t hurt you. (good luck with that)
      Law of the jungle is just that, it belongs in the jungle. In human society the gazelle is packing a .357 when the tigers show up, but not in democrat controlled cities like NYC.
      It makes no sense to me that the citizens of NYC don’t march and demand the right to be armed.

      • More than a few have (see previous Supreme Court cases involving NYSRPA) but we have a large apathetic to ban guns population with a government willing to oblige and even more willing to take money from groups looking to ban self defense let alone guns. Hate to say it but would need a truly nasty disaster followed by brutal riots and gang predation to wake up more than half the state. Hoping enough court slapdowns will at least get them in line with let’s say Pennsylvania but realistically things will get worse before they improve.

  2. “More guns on our streets leads to more violence,” said the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, in a statement.”

    There is such a thing as “good violence” Bragg, you clown…

        • Clowns are trained professionals who practice daily to improve their acts to entertain their customers, the audience. There are schools to learn clowning, unlike no schools to learn how to be an effective politician. It is a slur on professional clowns everywhere to compare semi-literate, lowIQ, greed-driven politicians to well-trained and schooled professional clowns. Please get another pejorative when comparing politicians to something else. How about a piranha? Or a jackal?

    • That has been the mantra of LA and LA County for years. That is why the whole county had fewer than 1000 CCWs issued before Bruen. The current sheriff says he supports the right, but the backlog is incredibly long. I cannot imagine what it is like in San Francisco which, like Hawaii, hasn’t issued a CCW to a non-Leo for over twenty years.

      P.S.: After Bruen, the California AG Bonta sent a letter to all issuing agencies stating that although “good cause” was out, “good moral character” was still effective, and the sheriffs etc could use that as an excuse to engage in invasive investigations, demand three letters of recommendation (at least one by the spouse or significant other), etc. HOWEVER, the most recent draft of the new CCW law (which has some major flaws) eliminates the good moral character condition. The only objective criteria are 21 and lawfully entitled to possess firearms. Plus 14 hours of training, and and and egregious limitations (a la NY) of where CCW is permitted.

      • And the backlog will be processed by the summer intern during their lunch break?

  3. Remember when maybe 25 years ago NYC went after crime with “clean teams” (making punks clean up their graffiti vandalism) and arresting drug dealers at subway stations? They arrested for loitering and seized his drugs and gun and released him due to lack of probable cause. Then dropped them off at locations with good backstops and told them they could “loiter” there. The result was the “clean team” attacked anyone later messing up their cleaning and drug dealers could shoot competition and nobody cared. Huge reduction of stray shot deaths and crime overall. Nothing prevents this from being done again, except the lack of will.

    • Before I retired I worked for a large metro area city in Mn. The same division I was in also cleaned up graffiti. There were two taggers in particular that decorated EVERYTHING. Once when we closed a road for lighting repairs, the graffiti team came out to remove artwork. I showed one of their team an alternative, by adding “is gay” after one of the taggers large masterpiece… Two days later, the tagger sprayed out the entire guardrail in gray primer, which lasted that way for months.

    • Been hearing it for two and a half years (well at present shrieking intensity) right after we enacted bail reform actually……..

  4. More guns on the street may or may not lead to more “gun violence”. However, if their definition of “gun violence” includes crime victims shooting their assailants, this is a good thing, not a bad one.

    In my opinion, we should throw the “gun violence” argument back in the gun grabbers’ faces. Agree that a robber sticking a gun in the face of a convenience store clerk qualifies as “gun violence”. The clerk shooting the robber isn’t “gun violence”. It’s self defense which is justified morally and should be justified legally. Victims come first. Until their safety is assured, criminals are due no consideration.

    • Col. Jeff Coooer once wrote: One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that ‘violence begets violence.’ I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure – and in some cases I have – that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.

  5. These corrupt commies will say anything. They don’t believe a word of it. I remember the fight for MMA legalization in NY. Even after they had the votes to pass it, the Speaker of the NY Assembly, Sheldon Silver, wouldn’t allow a vote on it. He said he couldn’t because, “violence begets more violence.” It turned out that the Culinary Union from Las Vegas was paying him to do that because they were punishing the then owners of the UFC for not having a union at their ka seen oes* in Vegas. It was finally voted on after Speaker Silver was arrested on unrelated corruption charges and left office. That’s how politics works. So who’s paying these commies?

    *misspelled to avoid moderation

    • I remember that……we also redefined the legal definition of those corruption changes he appealed got a retrial and still got convicted but I think he ended up with less time to serve.

      • Figures. The reason these guys are so bold is because they know justice isn’t equally applied. Hillary, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe are a few examples. When someone of little consequence does what they did, they get the book thrown at them. Meanwhile, the commies are financially rewarded for their illegal efforts with book deals and contracts.

    • Marxist Billionaires like Soros are funding the intentional destruction of our Constitutional Republic or what’s still left of it. And there are more of them than anybody realizes. So don’t take any “Red Wave” midterms for granted. It ain’t over ’till the Fat Commie Swings, er, Sings’.

  6. “More guns on our streets leads to more violence”

    No, it doesn’t. You have lots of law abiding people carrying a gun in your state and city and that didn’t lead to more violence. But more criminals on your streets does for a fact lead to more violence.

    I’m pretty sure in the arguments phase of the case for what was to become the (now) Bruen decision your own State Attorney General admitted that it is not true that, in your words, “More guns on our streets leads to more violence” when challenged on that concept by the justices.

    • Or they just get the CDC/ State&local Department of Health to declare a health emergency regarding gun violence (including police use of force and lawful self defense) and use some nonsense emergency powers to temporarily suspend civil rights and do what they want……..oh right NY is still running on temporary Covid health emergency powers.

      • Oh and of course include suicides to the number need big numbers to scare people especially with no context.

  7. What made a gunm illegal, did it swim across a river or something?
    I’m certainly glad theBiden was unanimously elected by over 7/8ths of the voters in America.
    Whew 4 more years of Trump and America might have become a real sht hole again.
    Thank you American voters, we dodged the bullet this time.
    Some Democrat in 2024, doesn’t matter who as long as it’s a democrat.
    Vote often, Vote late.

  8. The Supreme Court has no authority to make New York do anything it does want to do. New York has already laughed at the Courts decision and put so many restrictions on carrying a legal gun you cannot take it anywhere to carry except in your backyard assuming you even have one.

    • Wrong again lil’dtard.

      The fed.gov is REQUIRED to intervene when ANY state interfere with US citizens rights as defined by the Constitution.

      Read the Federalist papers you total moron!

      Dumber then dog sh!t you are.

      • And remember when Governor George Wallace tried to bar blacks from attending “white” universities in Alabama? I seem to remember the National Guard being mobilized to put teeth n that Supreme Court order. Conceptually, there is nothing preventing the Supreme court from declaring the entire licensing scheme unconstitutional, just as the Seventh Circuit did to Illinois, making it such that ANY prosecution for possessing or carrying a firearm would be a violation of civil rights, I think that the State might become a bit more compliant.

  9. “New York’s strong gun regulations…have been indispensable in keeping us safe.”…yes, I just feel so safe in New York…

  10. Election cheating hasn’t given them the power they crave so if they can ban guns and disarm the American people, they can then ban elections altogether and achieve that total power that they crave so much.

  11. Is it just me or does Soros look a bit like the emperor of the dark side? I hope he doesn’t use the force and have me kilt!

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