Kathy Hochul
N.Y. Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks at the Delavan Grider Community Center in Buffalo, N.Y., Tuesday, May 17, 2022, following Saturday's shooting at a supermarket. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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It only took 30 seconds, that’s all. New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul held a press conference calling back her state’s legislature for an “extraordinary” session to pass more gun control after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down New York’s restrictive and subjective “may issue” pistol permit license scheme.

In 30 seconds, she vocalized why her gun control agenda is destined to fail.

Failed Approach

Gov. Hochul exclaimed, “I’m absolutely shocked,” after the Supreme Court held in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen that the Second Amendment protects the right of law-abiding Americans to carry a firearm in public for self-protection. She shouldn’t be. It only takes a simple reading of the actual amendment.

She called her state’s Democratically-controlled legislature back to Albany to restrict where licensed conceal carry permit holders can lawfully carry their firearms. The new laws include even more restrictive provisions like background checks and a state database for ammunition purchases, increased training requirements to obtain the permit, a mandatory sit-down, in-person interview and even requiring applicants to submit social media accounts for content review.

“Do you have the numbers to show that it’s the concealed carry permit holders that are committing crimes? The lawful gun owner will say you’re attacking the wrong person,” asked Albany-based CBS 6 News anchor Anne McCloy. “It’s really people that are getting these guns illegally that are causing the violence, not the people that are going to get the permit legally and that’s the basis for the whole Supreme Court argument. Do you have the numbers?”

“I don’t need to have numbers,” the governor shot back. “I don’t have to have a data point to point to to say this is going to matter.”

That’s what’s called a “tell.”  These laws aren’t aimed at stopping criminals. They’re designed to rob law-abiding citizens of their rights.

What’s The Data Say?

Some estimates suggest New York has more than 200,000 conceal carry permit holders. For the entire United States, it’s over 21.5 million. These are law-abiding gun owners that meet state requirements and were approved after an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification. New York is one of the states with the most stringent conceal carry requirements.

The actual data shows concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding people in America. The Heritage Foundation’s 2019 data says, “… concealed-carry permit holders accounted for 801 firearm-related homicides over a 15-year span, which amounts to roughly 0.7% of all firearm-related homicides during that time.”

A Fox News report paints a picture Gov. Hochul would rather ignore. According to the FBI, Census Bureau and Rand Corporation data, states with lower rates of gun ownership and more restrictive gun control – like New York – have more firearm murders per 100,000 residents as a percentage of gun-owning population than states with high gun owner rates.

New York ranks fifth, with just 19.9 percent of households saying they possess a firearm and 1.53 firearm homicides per 100,000 residents. The Violence Policy Center attempted to “fact check” a claim about concealed carry holders committing fewer crimes but ended up “revealing” there were 37 firearm incidents (not specifically intentional homicide) involving concealed carry permit holders between May 2007 and May 2022. That’s less than 2.5 per year in the entire country.

Crime rates, especially in New York City, continue to climb.

Kathy Hochul
(AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)

Gov. Hochul and Albany Democrats patted themselves on the back for their “fast work” to jam through more restrictions on law-abiding New Yorkers. The policies won’t stop criminals from perpetrating their crimes. It will, however, turn law-abiding New Yorkers into criminals overnight when enacted in a few months.

Gov. Hochul isn’t about to be bothered with the facts. She’s doesn’t need data or science. She doesn’t even need to focus laws on holding criminals accountable. When it comes to gun rights, Gov. Hochul needs only the echo chamber of New York’s legislature to dutifully nod in agreement as they strip New Yorkers of their rights.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • She must be following Newsom’s lead. Somehow, both NY and CA keep voting in the same haters of life (abortion), liberty (freedom, BOR), and pursuit of happiness (you will own nothing).

      Same as it ever was.

      • Such intellect are those who rollover to present concealed carry permit stats as rebuttal to a sick Jim Crow Gun Control democRat like hochul.

        Presenting concealed carry stats to a worthless democRat like hochul does nothing but provide cover for her sneaky backdoor KKK Nazi level Gun Control.

        Wandering off target to concealed carry permit stats is neither here nor there when hochul’s bag full of tyranny alone should be Center X.

  1. What little data there is on the topic suggests that the average citizen is about 25 TIMES more likely to murder you with a gun than someone who has a Concealed Carry Permit. This seems counter-intuitive to folks like Albert, but it’s really obvious when even an ounce of thought is put into it.

    A gun owner willing to jump through hoops and pay money out of pocket just to keep following the law is not the person who’s gonna just start blasting.

    • “A gun owner willing to jump through hoops and pay money out of pocket just to keep following the law is not the person who’s gonna just start blasting.”

      Well, now, jess hold on there, Son. Anti-gun people are sane, reasonable, normal people, and they recognize that they shouldn’t have themselves no guns, cuz they gonna git mad, and shoot someone who cuts in front, in line. That means all reasonable persons are the same way. Anyone who thinks guns is normal ain’t right in the head; they are unreasonable, not normal, and likely to start shooting jess fer the joy of sound and fury.

      Respect these reasonable people some slack for recko-nizing the danger they pose to society.

      • Far from it possum. I wholly support Constitutional Carry. The percentage of bad people with guns doesn’t go up when a state moves to Constitutional Carry and that’s why there’s never been an increase in crime.

        I’m just pointing out that there is verifiable statistics on what crimes are committed concealed carriers and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

        • Yep, if a crook wants a gunm he’ll get a gunm , laws be damned .
          I think the Powers that be know this, however it’s their way of saying “Fck you” to Our constitutional rights.
          All them restrictions NY is putting on its citizens is proof.
          I Have The Power no matter what the Supreme Court says.

        • If I were to wax philosophical, I’d guess that pro gun control politicians generally fall into 3 groups of thinkers.

          1, those that want to expand the power of government by disarming others.

          2, those that genuinely believe disarming the general population will help.

          3, those that don’t care, but think it’ll earn them points to go along with the “narrative”.

          New York probably has many politicians that don’t care, but want to get reelected and don’t want to try to sail against the party in power.

        • Hit Enter too soon.

          What’s good for the nation is that we’ve had decades of states moving from May to Shall Issue and states moving from Shall Issue to Constitutional Carry. That means there are decades of numbers proving the streets don’t run red with blood when law abiding citizens are armed.

          The 3rd group is increasingly finding themselves trying to restrict rights without any benefit. I think in a decade, New York will be considering going Constitutional Carry.

          Democrats have chosen to make the metaphorical “Gun Control Hill” their last stand before the midterms. They will lose and the next couple of years will see several lawsuits undo their work. They will squeal about the safety of children, but by the time they’re able to return to majority, more data will come out proving their narrative foolish.

        • Yeah Tim, it’s like the left thinks there is a host of people waiting for CC to be passed before they carry and do bad things. The bad people aren’t waiting on some law to be passed and the left has to know that. Truth is the left does NOT care.

  2. The true beauty of the NYSRPA ruling is that the left has been forced to show their true colors in the light of day now.

  3. Although a 2A absolutist, myself, I would be fine disarming everyone north of the red river border between Texas and Oklahoma.

  4. “That is so Fuddish.”

    You new, around here?

    Quiet suggestion: stand up, then re-read the comment. The whole thing went right over your head.

    • “Hochul: “I no need facts. I has got feels.”

      From whom? Not seeing people lining up to boast of it.

      • All this virtue signalling, harridan grifter really needs though is her gavel and her celebratory pelosi pen. I’d be surprised if it even has feelings. Or a shadow. Or a reflection.

        • “. I’d be surprised if it even has feelings. Or a shadow. Or a reflection.”

          So True

        • Lamp, I’ll be right behind you with a stake n a hammer. Then we can drag her already bloodless corpse into the daylight n watch it burn. Best to be sure…

  5. Now they will be able to arrest that grandmother playing with her grandkids at a park who has a gun, the single armed woman on a subway, a father stopping in a corner store that doesn’t specify “gun owners served here.” All of them would be criminals, no doubt waiting to unload a cloud of (NY approved mag count) bullets with the slightest provocation. Because concealed carry permit means license to kill, Hunter of men. Or something.

      • For sure. NY isn’t playing this very smart, provoking slam dunk lawsuits that are likely to disintegrate the rest of its existing gun control regime. But… no one ever said leftists were smart.

        • Distracting/bankrupting pro Freedom organizations is, I am quite sure, what’s called a ‘bonus’ in their malevolent mafia mentality.

      • Napresto and Rider two sides of our crooked coin well articulated by both of you. One of the dumbasses who voted for the semi auto rifle licencing scheme apparently didn’t realize how much a pain in the ass the pistol permit was.

        • Yup. They truly haven’t a clue other than to push an agenda by any means possible. How a person lowers themselves to such a position is beyond me, other than the True Believers, far outnumbered by the liars. Not a good look for our species or it’s longevity, in either case.

  6. The combination the Second Amendment ruling and the abortion ruling by the Supreme Court is really driving the Liberals in this country crazy.

    I fully expect to see Democrats openly defy court decisions. Just like Alabama Governor George Wallace openly defied a court decision. They already think irrationally and, have no ability to use reason in their thinking process. I fully expect them to begin some kind of gun confiscation actions.

    The leak of gun owner information and permit holders in the state of California is a perfect example. The government has and will find any way possible to undermine gun ownership in these red Communist States.

    I know in many states concealed carry permits are all controlled, by law, at the county level. Not the state level. So Statewide release of who has a carry permit is impossible, in these states where this information has been decentralized.

    • Do you think we will see anything like Executive Order 11111 of June 11, 1963 ? Is Biden going to federalize the New York National Guard and have them enforce the law?

      It sure would look hypocritical of him if he failed to take action to protect the New Yorker’s civil rights.

      (some sarcasm may be detected)

  7. Ho chul.
    Only criminals have gunms and we’ll do our best to make you a lawbreaker.
    That background check for emu is a bad deal.

  8. Why is anyone surprised? Leftist/fascists and “Progressives” (ah, but I repeat myself!!) don’t need facts, don’t recognize them when they see them, and don’t pay attention to them when their noses are rubbed in them. Leftist/fascist/”Progressives” only care about their narrative – just see any comment from dacian the stupid or MinorIQ.

  9. & what does this say about the voting population in these affected areas that keep on putting these anti American politicians back in office every election….?
    Be careful with your response or you’ll be labeled a RACIST!!! Doesn’t matter what you think or say , you’re going to still be a RACIST to the uneducated morons .

  10. When Hochul got her last face lift i think the doc lifted a little brain while at it.

    Don’t need numbers
    Don’t need facts
    Just need me!

    NY Attorney General preping for the case:
    “Governor, you have those numbers?”

    Hochul: “Me! I say so. We don’t need numbers or data points”

    NY Attorney General: “uhhh yes ma’am… would you like me to carry you to the bench or throw you?”

  11. Too many people make the mistake of looking for logic, common sense, facts or ethics when Democrats explain the rationale for doing something. They just do whatever they want to do and that includes breaking the law. So don’t try to explain a rationale because there is none. The Country is being run by a group of immature adults who act like 3 year olds and the people who vote for them are just as clueless.

  12. Kathy Hokum Hochul was raised in a trailer park. From the way it sounds, she never got out. Will New York vote Trailer Park Kathy out of office this November?

    • Hey, Bill, don’t insult trailer park dwellers. They wouldn’t claim Hochul the Bridge Troll for a new double-wide. She’s too toxic for even them.

  13. I think it’s kind of fun watching the left continually grabbing the third rail, getting an electric shock and doing it again. At this point we have enough ammo to just burn down all the gun laws and NY and CA are giving everyone else the fuel to do it. I’d think the left would be smarter than this, but I guess not.

    • AR15,

      While I am, personally, a major fan of individual liberty and inherent human rights, I do find myself inclined to the wisdom of H.L. Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” If the idiot voters in NY, CA, NJ, MA, RI, DE, VT, HI insist on voting for this fascist nonsense, perhaps we should (i) rely on Bruen and our various states’ “constitutional carry” laws, and (ii) let them disarm themselves. After all, if their fascist Antifa stormtroopers actually do manage to remove their heads from rectal difilade long enough to foment a “revolution”?? I’m OK with them being disarmed. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.

      • Lamp, it’s not polite to address someone just by their surname. You should’ve started your reply with: My Pretty…

  14. Frau Hochul doesn’t need facts or science. It’s enough for her if she doesn’t like the shape of your nose.

  15. Does it really need me, from the UK, to point out that the function of the State is CRIME PREVENTION not firefighting. Firefighting after the fact is too bloody late especially when so much deadly crime could demonstrable be prevented by greatly restricting the availability of firearms, especially the completely unnessessary categories of handguns and Semi -Auto Rifles and at the same time introducing far more rigorous conditions of license.> Good cause and need must be the watchword.
    Nobody needs [as opposed to childish ‘want’s] for any legitimate purpose anything other than a SINGLE decent 9mm or .38 calibre and certainly not for self defence. Statistics tell us anyway that any attempt to actually trying to use a handgun in the hands of an amateur is far more likely to end up inn the death of the user than it is to save their life or that of others.
    Equally nobody needs anythjing other than a five shot bolt actioin Rifle of a suitable calibre for any legitimate ppurpose and they most certainly do NOT heed a MIlitary spec Semi-Automatic and EVERY Semi -Auto IS of a Military Spec, no matter what it says on the bloody tin, bec Socially inadequate gun-freak-fools of America buy them – in the hope that they WILL get the chance to slot some poor bugger! YOU KNOW IT and I KNOW IT.
    [If that’s their aim let them join the MILITARY and get some discipline – if they can , which is as far as I can see is unlikley, pass the PSYCHOLOGICAL requirements.
    Additionally nobody actually needs more than 25 rounds of ammunition for immediate use. All other ammo to be purchased at licensed ranges and it be made a CRIMINAL< OFFENCE as it is in the Miolitary, to remove unfired ammunition from the licensed range. It's about timje the law distinguished the difference between NEEDand just6 cause and mere childish I wants, I wants I wants!

    • @Albert

      You are complete moron. I can’t even begin to take the time right now to go into how wrong you are, but this little gem of ignorance stands out and I’ll say a little bit about it…

      “EVERY Semi -Auto IS of a Military Spec”‘

      that is 100% false. You have confused terms and their application, and you have done this because you are ignorant on the subject. I’ll give you a hint – ‘Military Spec’ is not the same as ‘mil-spec’ and mil-spec does not mean its a military firearm.

      • “Equally nobody needs anythjing other than a five shot bolt actioin Rifle of a suitable calibre for any legitimate ppurpose and they most certainly do NOT heed a MIlitary spec Semi-Automatic and EVERY Semi -Auto IS of a Military Spec, no matter what it says on the bloody tin”


        There are exactly zero firearms owner in the U.S. with a firearm that was manufactured for the civilian market (including the parts) that is using a ‘Military Spec’ firearm when they own, possess, carry, or use that firearm. This also includes self made firearms intended for civilian use.

        There has never been a firearms owner in the U.S. with a firearm that was manufactured for the civilian market (including the parts) that has used or was using a ‘Military Spec’ firearm when they owned, possessed, carried, or used that firearm. This also includes self made firearms intended for civilian use.

        Semi -Auto function IS NOT of “a Military Spec”.

        like the rest of your missive…. this old concept “nobody needs anythjing other than a five shot bolt actioin Rifle of a suitable calibre for any legitimate ppurpose” is also a load of BS.

        Tell me, how many rounds do I need facing two bad guys one with a knife and the other with a gun in the progress of abducting a woman with intent to rape and kill her?

        Long story short, I’ve related this before here at TTAG: I went through multiple 15 round magazines easy in this situation to save the life of my wife. Had to fire and advance to keep them pinned down to keep them from getting to my wife after she had initially broken free of them after a struggle but then got caught between them unable to escape with them trying to get to her. They would have gotten to her and killed her had I not had my semi-auto Glock and multiple 15 round magazines. I was down to only a couple of rounds left when the bad guy with the gun finally went down. Had I needed to fire those remaining rounds and the bad guy still did not go down (he had been hit multiple times but was still able to fire at me and at my trapped wife – definitively stopping shots are difficult when you are having to move around and the target is moving too) my wife and I would have died because I was out of ammo and he wasn’t. I now carry four 15 round magazines with my EDC and my wife now never leaves home without her EDC (she had not carried her gun that day of the attack, I had, and before this event she sometimes did not carry it.)

        So tell me… how many rounds should I have fired that day? Maybe gotten to five and stopped?

        Yeah, your going to say “but but but that’s so rare” it somehow doesn’t count sentiment. No, its not rare in society – it happens every day around the country thousands of times in different forms that we call violent crime. Sure, the number of rounds fired by the defender may not be many if the defender does need to fire – but no one, not you not me not the governor not the president not anyone can predict when the defender might need more than “5 rounds’ so don’t pretend like you do know because you don’t.

        One can never predict how many rounds one would need for self defense which is a legitimate purpose.

        You are an idiot Albert, more specifically you are an uninformed, ill-informed, ignorant, unqualified moron.

    • “Does it really need me, from the UK, to point out that the function of the State is CRIME PREVENTION”

      No… The State’s primary function, from a legal point of view, should be LAW ENFORCEMENT. Any government could easily prevent crime by not allowing humans to have any contact with others, or so tightly regulate their travel, movement and interaction to the point where contact would be impractical. North Korea comes to mind.

      The prevention aspect is really up to the individual in a free society- seeing to it by demanding their elected officials and their hired surrogates remove from the general public those who habitually break the accepted laws so we don’t have situations like NYC, Baltimore, LA, Chicago, etc., where known criminals and thugs are released, free of charge, and control the entire inner cities of metropolitan areas.

      For the most part, I am a living, walking, crime prevention operator in that I can defend myself fairly well, even against mutliple, and/or larger individuals bent on doing me harm or causing me loss, financial or otherwise. It’s rather amazing what a few ounces of polymer and steel can do in the proper hands… Adds to one’s confidence, as Thomas Jefferson once noted. Of cuorse the Brits wouldn’t be ones to respect him all that much.

    • “Does it really need me, from the UK, to point out that the function of the State is CRIME PREVENTION not firefighting.” In the first instance, Albert the d***less Subject, no, no it really doesn’t “need you”. NO ONE asked for your f***ing ignorant, subject opinion. Feel free to keep it to yourself.

      In the second instance, NO, “CRIME PREVENTION” is not the “function of the State”, because that is impossible unless you are some kind of idiot “Minority Report” fascist. Until crime OCCURS, the only “preventive” measures are (i) a police presence to TRY to discourage criminals, and (ii) MUCH more effectively, allow your citizens (AH! Therein lies the problem! Britain HAS no “citizens”, only subjects.) to protect themselves.

      You remain too stupid to insult, Albert the Subject. Sod off, swampy.

    • Well, Albert L J Hall, I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. The US Supreme Court says that the State (police) do not have a “duty” to protect you. Taking a gun from a law abiding citizen makes that citizen a potential victim

  16. “Statistics tell us anyway…” What statistics? Give your source or don’t expect to be taken seriously. According to John Lott, a PhD economist who has studied defensive firearms use for about 20 years, guns are used defensively in the US about 2 million times a year.

    “EVERY Semi -Auto IS of a Military Spec…” A .22LR is a military weapon? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA… Now you’ve just beclowned yourself.

    I’ll tell you what, my funny little friend. Learn something and come back. I’m happy to discuss and debate but you have to display some tiny modicum of factual knowledge and understanding. You only know the slop you’ve heard on the BBC.

  17. What this comes down to is Hochul and other state leaders don’t trust law abiding black and brown Americans to use guns safely. So they make the bar to ownership and conceal carry as high as possible.

    Urban areas are often high crime areas in NY. Hochul simply can’t wrap her head around law abiding minorities using guns responsibly.

  18. It amuses (and frightens) me when Libs get caught in a lie and just go anyway don’t dwell on the facts just look over here at this shiny object you bunch of gunm loving fools. This wacko clown guv and the Jan6 tribunal after Secret Service agents denied Barbies “sworn” testimony are the latest examples.

      • Gee, Rider, I remember my dear daddy saying, “Son, don’t get mad; get even.” The Left freaks the f*** out when parents want to end “Drag Queen Story Time” in their local school or library . . . and equally freak out when free states adopt “constitutional carry”.

        Don’t start none; won’t be none. Or, f*** around and find out. (I find it highly amusing when the Left says that . . . like they think that’s a threat. It is to laugh!)

        • There was a two picture meme floating around: the first was of the Hulk in a rage with the caption: “how the left sees itself”. The second was of a crying toddler in a buggy with the caption: “how the right sees them”.

  19. I didn’t realize NY had 200k CCW holders. Under the old system, that means they were mostly rich, famous, and politically connected (and their security details). Truly, the 1% of the elite. I wonder how they feel about their current permits basically being neutered. No businesses unless sign allowing, many places being labeled sensitive areas, no unionized hotels (and probably soon to be restaurants)

    • On average vs state location, in the last 40 years over 93% of New Yorks CCW holders who got permits under their may-issue had an average annual income (including complete net worth) of over $5.7 million.

      • .40 cal,

        In SoCal, the only two ways there used to be to get a CCW were (i) a $10,000 donation to the County Sheriff’s re-election fund (and that was a LOT, back in those days; I’m sure it’s higher, now), or (ii) be a “celebrity”. Actors and actresses got CCWs. Politicians got CCWs (INCLUDING that vile, ugly, geriatric hypocrite, Dianne Feinstein). Silicon Valley billionaires got CCWs. An average person, without a spare $10,000 to contribute to “law and order” could more easily give LIVE, PHYSICAL birth to a handgun than get a CCW. Why I left that horrible socialist s***hole of a state.

      • NY city permits or NY state? Two different systems and one would fit your average income better than another. As to actual numbers of either in circulation I honestly don’t know. As to how many of us feel re neutering our permits #OKKaren sums it up nicely before court.

  20. Violating the SC ruling is just another version of the Democrats redistribution scheme, they can’t pass their rep-purr-ray-shunz legilation so they’ll render the populace incapable of defending themselves and their family members from the murderous ghetto-types.

    I am hopeful that some day, somewhere, N.Y.’s grotesque “Pelosi clone”, Kathy Hochul, gets “Billy Batts'” by the same dysfunctional, violent urbanites she protects with her and her cronies Anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

  21. Will be great to see New York kicked in the seeds again by the SCOTUS. Unhinged Liberals never learn from their mental illnesses and voters are just as bad for continuing to reelect these same cretins over and over which is a chief symptom of mental illness. So who’s worse ?

  22. Never, ever forget that their main agenda is to disarm the American citizen. They fear us because they know that the Second Amendment was written to protect ‘We the People’ from tyrants like them. They are not concerned about our safety. They are concerned about theirs.

  23. Gee…wouldn’t it be great to have Lily Munster as a guv? Telling you she doesn’t need numbers and you and your family don’t deserve the right to self-defense…all the while surrounded by armed security. Tyrants gonna tyrant.

  24. I smell more lawsuits coming. You leave ur house legally armed but you can’t get on the subway, this was the very scenario the justices brought up during arguments in the breun case. And Albert, you still here adding your views as an English ‘subject’ regarding. situations that concern American ‘citizens’. Especially since you and your fellow subjects do not have a right to self defense


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