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By Jeff Hulbert

Alongside the swirl of headlines about the Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia, there are the echoes of other courageous American patriots who have battled lawless tyrants in their time.

The wailing, gun-confiscating leftists of 2019 need to know this: declarations of “We will not comply!” in America are as old as the fruited plain.

In 1775, British General Thomas Gage led a regiment of Boston-based Redcoats out into the countryside to confiscate caches of ammunition and firearms from American colonists who had refused to comply with his demands to surrender them.

The farmers and tradesman fired on the Redcoats, forcing the historic British retreat from Lexington and Concord. The cost was high.  At least seven patriots lost their lives in the battles that day, and many more were gravely wounded.

lexington concord battle revolutionary war america britain
By Godefroy, François, 1743?-1819 – Scanned by me from an old German book: Welst-Geschichte Herausgegeben von Professor Dr J.v.Pflugk-Harttung Neuzeit seit 1815 Berlin Ullstein & Co (copyright 1910)Another copy of this image is in the New York Public Library Digital Collection.  Public Domain, Link

The colonists in 1775 were not fighting to preserve the Second Amendment. It didn’t yet exist. They were fighting the despotic tyranny of King George. Our Second Amendment would not arrive until sixteen years later with the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791.

This is all just “ancient history” according to the Bloomberg-financed politicians who are now zealously planning firearm confiscation sweeps in modern-day Virginia. Tyranny?  That is so 18th century declare the leftists.

What they fail to acknowledge is that in our lifetime there has actually been a shooting war on American soil, with Constitution-loving patriots facing off against corrupt, tyrannical Democrats and their minions. And the patriots won.

Battle of Athens Tennessee
By Brian StansberryOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link

It’s called “The Battle of Athens, Tennessee” and it happened in 1946. Citizens there, long brutalized by rogue police and dirty politicians, learned that a ballot-stuffing effort was underway after a county election. Waves of armed patriots — most of whom were World War II veterans — converged on the town center.

Courtesy The McMinn County War, published by Encounter Books and the Blue Ridge Independent

Some news accounts from 1946 put the number of armed Tennesseans in the hundreds, but other publications reported that as many as 2,000 patriots arrived with their rifles and sidearms.

After refusing to comply with demands from corrupt officials to disperse, shots rang out and the battle was on. In addition to the volleys of gunfire, armed citizens threw flaming bottle-bombs and even dynamited the building where the corrupt officials had barricaded themselves.

The armed patriots of the Volunteer State prevailed, driving out the cheating politicians and rogue cops who had terrorized them for years. A shooting war in America against unconstitutional tyranny is not off the table.

To get a sense of what a crowd of hundreds—or perhaps thousands— of patriots would look like converging on a county courthouse, one need look no further than last week in Fauquier County, Virginia.

Fauquier County, Virginia gun owners
Courtesy Facebook

In just the last month, a majority of Virginia’s counties and incorporated towns have passed Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions in response to incessant threats from gun-hating radicals that semi-automatic firearms will be stripped from the citizens of the Old Dominion.

Across Virginia, declarations of “We will not comply!” have been heard regularly on the courthouse commons and in Board of Supervisor meetings.

For many across America, the battle cry seems to have emerged only recently. Yet the stance has had real traction elsewhere— it just hasn’t been reported by the mainstream media.

Maryland Gun Owners Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Almost a year ago in Maryland, Democrat legislators gleefully stuffed almost two-dozen gun control bills into the hopper, then were shocked to find their hearing rooms and hallways filled to capacity with hundreds of my fellow “free state” patriots wearing WWNC shirts.

Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

To make sure the gun grabbers didn’t miss the message on our shirts, our folks regularly staged a gauntlet right outside the House and Senate chambers as legislators filed in.

Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

And to drive the message home, we shouted “We will not comply!” from the visitors gallery when the infringement-minded Democrats rose to blather about their bills. Of course, it was followed with ejection from the chambers.

Courtesy Kevin Hulbert

Were our demonstrations worth it? Our stance seemed to drive a wedge into the debate, and the result was this: not one bill passed. Not one.

Next door in Delaware, “We will not comply!” was brought to their statehouse, but in-state Second Amendment organizers were without a budget to get t-shirts printed. Wearing WWNC messages pinned to their shirts, the “First State” patriots overshadowed a Moms Demand Action rally big-time with a much larger turnout. Democrat efforts to pile on gun rights infringements failed there, too.

Fast forward to September to the Congressional Democrats’ hearing on Capitol Hill to reinstate an “assault weapons” ban. Once again, we stood up in the gallery, and on live television declared: “We will not comply!” with a new AWB.  That was followed, as expected, by ejection from the building.


>Democrats’ hopes at that hearing that their Infringement train would stay on track were dashed just moments later with the courageous testimony of Dianna Muller of the DC Project.
A former police officer, Ms. Muller appeared as a scheduled witness. She stunned the panel by saying she would not comply with any new “assault weapons” ban.

Courtesy Fox News

Within hours of Dianna Muller’s gutsy remarks, the Congressional Democrats’ zeal for major infringement schemes evaporated.

Now the fight for our Second Amendment rights comes back, full circle, to Virginia, where patriots fly a state flag with the sword-and-spear-carrying Goddess Virtus grinding her foot into the chest of a prone tyrant.

Virginia state flag

The Latin motto, Sic Semper Tyrannis, means thus always to tyrants. The flag was adopted in 1776, the year Virginia native George Mason’s Declaration Of Rights was used as the model for our Bill of Rights.

With Michael Bloomberg’s dollars having flooded into Virginia, the threats to Second Amendment rights there constitute a threat to the Second Amendment rights everywhere. This is not just Virginia’s fight.

For that reason, I am leading a contingent of my fellow Marylanders across state lines to stand with Virginia patriots in just a few days.

On Wednesday, December 18th, the Accomack County’s Board of Supervisors will vote on a proposed Second Amendment sanctuary resolution. The meeting begins at 5:00 pm.

Accomack County is on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and holds the distinction of being the ancestral home of Michael Bloomberg’s puppet governor, Ralph Northam.

Starting mid-afternoon, my group will be staging a “We will not comply!” demonstration there and we look forward to seeing a flood of other gun rights supporters into the township of Accomac. Here’s the address:

Accomack County Administration Building
23296 Courthouse Avenue
Accomac, Virginia   23301

Suffice it to say that with the county’s ties to the ardently anti-gun governor, the energy in Accomac this Wednesday should be something to see. I hope to see you there.

Jeff Hulbert is founder of The Patriot Picket

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    • Damn straight. All the lUberal trolls are crying about how the police and military will be on “their side and come take all our guns”.

      Yeah. The same police and military you liberals constantly trash, treat like shit, threaten, and complain about. Yeah all those guys are just real motivated to step in and defend liberal asshats. Right. All you idiotic lUberals reading this are all the same. Keep the tears coming because it’s what I lube my guns with.

      • Where there is the most Americans living usually has the most anti gun law enforcement.

        Look at the police chief of Houston, Texas. He is corrupt and took part of a cover up of a double homicide of a veteran and his wife. He used those murders done by his corrupt police department to push for gun control. Then he used the ambush killing of a Houston officer to push for gun control. Remember that the mayor puts this guy into that position, so that means the mayor is also corrupt and pushing to disarm Texans.

        Texas residents are now majority blue. Texas Republicans already lost the ideological battle and are increasingly being outnumbered. Simply a matter of time.

        • Oh whatever. Defeatist liberal trolls like you are a dime a dozen. I‘m not impressed. I know you have a lot to lose in the event of the establishment collapsing. Keep crying.

        • We say the same thing about you.

          …its only a matter of time.

          however we mean it in an entirely different way.

        • How about complying with the suggested proper mounting position of an eotech holographic weapon sight? The picture looks like an abomination of Coopers Scout Rifle concept.

  1. Well, to be rather honest, I’ve never much complied in the first place! Now at 62, there’s a snowballs chance in hell they’ll tame me enough to make me start. I’m in Washington State, what, me comply??? Yeah right!

  2. With Michael Bloomberg’s dollars having flooded into Virginia, the threats to Second Amendment rights there constitute a threat to the Second Amendment rights everywhere. This is not just Virginia’s fight.

    Well, Bloomie’s ego-gratification “presidential run” will show more people his one-trick of dispatching paid thugs to get his way about literally everything. It’ll make his association with gun-confiscation a political negative. That was always a possibility, but it’s nice to see it come true.

  3. Any bets the Virginia Governor activates the VA Guard to surround the Capital Building to make a point?

    • Any better if the National Guard is surrounding the capital building it’s a dead giveaway to the first building that needs to be cleared of tyrants!

      • What would be great if the National Guard were activated is that they fix bayonets and faced the capital building and refused to allow the dirtbags to leave until the anti-2A bills are withdrawn.

        • The National Guard shouldn’t even exist. They killed the militia as much as the Army did. They are not on your side because they were designed to get rid of you.

        • Get rid of who, Chief? The NG is us. Also, street scale unrest is NOT what is going on. The youngsters in the NG are more likely to go back to mom and dad’s house than get their asses shot off. Smell the Folgers.

        • Chief censor is just another resident leftist troll here, who simply can type better then Vlad. If you pay attention to the majority of his posts it shines right through. Like Vlad, he:

          1. He’s usually an anti cop troll, until it comes time to talk about confiscations. Then like Vlad, all the sudden he’s mr “you are helpless and the invincible liberal statist police will put their boots on your neck.”

          2. Hrs ussually an anti military troll, until like vlad, it’s time to talk confiscations.

          3. He just LOVES the cartel and sees them as heroic.

          4. He hates jews, like arc, another liberal troll here.

          5. He praises Antifa on numerous occasions.

          6. Chief may be the same person as Miner, or arc, but not Vlad.

        • Not outside the realms of possibility. Honestly having the more combat orientated units go for training out of state may be the smartest move for the governor not that it would help much.

      • But…but…the National Guard all carry those nasty assault-type weapons. We don’t want all the Democrats to simultaneously piss in the their pants when they see them. Maybe they could all carry Bug-A-Salts.

      • There may well be significant forces on the KY, TN, NC, and WV borders waiting on the call. Hopefully any NG will stand down and VA State Police will inform Ralph that they cannot be responsible for his own safety. One way or another, it seems there’s a hell of a surprise for tyrants. The BOR is not complicated and the stupidity needs to end.

        • What doesn’t the Leftard crown understand,America was founded in non compliance,perhaps gov. “Coonman” wants to open the ball to the next round of noncompliance.

  4. Illinois is the epicenter of the Sanctuary movement. I’m old and POed. I will not comply!

  5. You have no Constitutional Rights you never did. The super Rich (Corrupt Representative Government) have all the rights, you have no rights except those that the courts or the legislatures give you and those you do have can be taken away at any time. That is reality in the U.S. and always has been the reality.

    The no comply tee shirts are about as worthless as Trumps Maga Red Hats, they are fantasies for Morons to wear. When anti-gun laws are passed they are seldom overturned by the courts that has been their history.

    When the laws are passed the penalties are too severe for the average worker to ignore. Loss of job, loss of bank account, loss of children, loss of freedom because of jail time, heavy fines and bankruptcy defending yourself in court. In short you will obey “or else”. And of course there are always the “Storm Troopers” trained to kill without thinking, without remorse, without regret and of course with no conscience that tells them there is a right or wrong about anything. Only Big Brother is to be obeyed without question.

    Resistance or non-compliance is a fantasy of the Far Right. This is not 1776 this is 2019 and you are a worker drone troglodyte slave. Only the Rich have rights, only the Rich pay no taxes, only the Rich can afford health care. You are expendable,

    You are watched every day with over 300 security cameras, your car is tracked by a black spy box, you cell phone tracks you, your credit card and your check book track what you spend money on. Your phone cell phone calls are monitored with trip words for the government computerized spy system called CARNIVORE which as been in place now for over 25 years. Your every computer entry is tracked by the Government. Resistance is suicidal, you exist only at the pleasure of the Deep State.

    The jack booted police have a camera system that can see right through the walls of your house as they drive by. And its all legal according to the corrupt jack booted courts.

    The great patriot Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the deep state spying on everyone and had to flee for his life afterword.

    President Jimmy Carter blew the whistle by telling everyone that the deep state was even spying on him and listening in to his every phone call and every entry on his computer. The deep state is doing the same to you every day and every hour of the day.

    Facial technology is now being put in more and more buildings which is another way to nab your ass if you do not comply.

    The National Guard was Federalized years ago to prevent any group or State from fighting for the rights of the people. No State can now secede because the Fed’s control all of the military and police even down to the local level either through funds or brute jack booted force.

    The corrupt courts and the powers that be can and do shit on the Second Amendment at will and always have. It has gradually been eroded to the point that just a few more laws and it will cease to even exist except on paper.

    Virginia has declared the Second Amendment dead on arrival in 2020. The proletariat will comply “or else”. And everyone by now should realize what “or else” means.

    Welcome to Capitalvania in the 21st Century.

    But do not sweat the anti-gun laws because in a few short years you will all be dead of starvation anyway when the food supply is destroyed by Global warming and you will all eat your ignorance and remember the words of “Greta” when she warned “How Dare You”. Well you did dare because of ignorance and the blind greed of your Rich and Wealthy Masters. Now you will all die together because there is no other planet to escape to. You have reaped what you have sewn, the destruction of the human race through blind greed and ignorance, while you choke on Trumps polluted air and water and you starve to death from massive crop failures.

    Yes Ignorance and blind greed have always been the hallmark of the Far Right. Go now to your living God Herr Drumpf and asked to be saved but he cannot now even save himself.

      • Ugh, how does anyone manage to wade through all that keyboard diarrhea? Disgusting Democratic drivel dressed up in psuedo intellectual terms he dug out of a thesaurus in an attempt to be thought of as an educated man. Pathetic.

        • Most of what he says might be true, but I refuse to die on my knees while thanking our rulers for letting me be a slave. He needs to grow a pair and fight for his rights.

    • I’ve lost track of the names Vladimir Jr. uses to post, the only one I know for sure is “Vlad Tepes”, but he may also be miner49er, Carlos Danger/Roza Shanina on Calguns, and perhaps some others. Back when he was in high school, in Fresno, he used to go on weird rants in class, where he was enabled by his weird MALE hippie teacher, that wanted to be called Ms., The other kids bullied him because of these bizarre outbursts, and they were kind of country boys, so he likes to attack gun owners out of revenge for the “stupid Hicks” that would bully him in school

      • He used to also annoy his siblings all day about how his classmates were “uneducated peckerwoods”, and was gifted a copy of Mao’s Red Book by said teacher, who was a flaming hoplophobe as well as a flaming homo. I think that teacher really left an impression on him.

    • Looks like moreadventuresonotherplanets needs to rent a rocket and leave since he is truly showing his ignorance. Guess he never heard of Heller and other Court decisions. Bet he was one of the ones that claimed he would move to Canada if Trump got elected. Looks like he did not go like the rest of them

      • Look Genius read the whole damn Scalia decision if you think this guy was so pro gun. He specifically stated that he “the power elite” did indeed have the right to ban guns.

        And where in the hell did you come up with this bullshit that I said I was leaving for Canada. Please sober up before making fantasy comments.

        • MoreAdventuresOnOtherPlanets,

          Rumor has it that the four conservative United States Supreme Court justices did NOT want the mealy-mouthed “exceptions” in the Heller decision. Rather, Justice Kennedy insisted on the exceptions before he would vote with the four conservative justices. And thus the four conservative justices agreed figuring that a watered-down decision was better than no decision or finding in favor of Washington D.C.

          Whether or not that is true I don’t know. Maybe that was just outstanding politics: the Court placated the masses and still empowered the Almighty State to prohibit firearms pretty much anywhere and everywhere. In other words the Court made it look like they gave a huge victory to the masses when, in actuality, the Court gave the masses almost nothing while giving the Ruling Class what they really wanted.

      • An objection is raised to that comment, as I know Vladimir Jr. is not gay, but as stated above, in high school, he had a teacher who was a flagrant homo, who almost always had an odor of skunkish cigarettes.

    • MoreAdventuresOnOtherPlanets,

      Your comment was actually surprisingly accurate/factual except for the last two paragraphs where you went off the deep end.

    • You foolish democrats think you are so strong but you are not. You are like weak frail little puppy stricken with fever. You could not even beat Trump and now Trump is your God. You cannot beat him. He will send all democrat to salt and coal mines. Any attempt at revolt and he will use spetznatz to put them down. All the sudden everyone start dying of mysterious uranium poisoning.

    • wow, that was the most number of words I’ve seen in a long time that can be boiled down to, “I hate my life”

      • Envy is what comes to mind. Don’t know what goes on in his world but I find myself feeling pity more than anything the more he posts.

  6. Actions speak louder than words, and while “we will not comply” is a great concept, when push comes to shove, we shall see how many will truly “not comply”…

    • I have nothing to lose. So no, I won’t comply. I mean really; what are they going to do? Kill me? We all started dying the day we were born. I got over being afraid of death decades ago when I seriously believed I was about to die in a traffic crash. We ought to be more afraid of being born.

    • Stand up and be counted!
      Those in VA are practically neighbors. Sweat and tears I’ll give gladly. The Liberty Tree thirsts for tyrants.

  7. Are you listening, Sacramento? There’s buzz going on among us patriots here in CA as well. Just waiting for the blowing point, like VA…

  8. Death will always come. You have a choice, die on your feet in defiance or in your knee’s begging for your life.

    Or you can in your sleep while the passengers in your car scream.

  9. Cold dead hands sort of compliance is what I’m gonna do.

    Ex-Marine infantry officer here…just short of 8 years. I know what I’m doing with a semi-automatic rifle.

  10. I mock all you Chairborne Rangers. Y’all cowards will be the very first to comply, one way or another…

    • Derp, why don’t you be the first to volunteer to make us comply? See how that works out for you. What do you know about Rangers anyway? Ever even seen the inside of a C-130?

      • Maybe he saw a photo? He doesn’t seem to know the difference between a Ranger and Paratrooper. Maybe he conflates the two out of jealousy. Maybe he was jodied? Could have been me who did if she was at least cute on the 4th Sobrano Cerveza.

        • Former, I went through jump school with a leg that was Ranger qualified. Those Black Hats gave him hell. Even more than the rest of us. He was a butter bar of course. Then I went through Ranger School with a leg. Another butter bar. If it was a jump, as opposed to an air mobile insertion, he had to be driven to the DZ. You could tell he was embarrassed. Rangers can be paratroopers, but not all paratroopers are Rangers. Both are tough schools. I was always most proud of my wings. I was afraid of heights all my life. The first time I flew in an airplane I had to jump out of it.

        • Gadsen, I still have my wings wherever I go. Very proud of them. It was my second time on a airplane for me. I still remember looking up at my parachute that jump and thinking it was the most beautiful green I had ever seen.

          LTC Leonard B Scott was my commander. I remember he telling us Oklahoma was the greatest thing G-D created and paratroopers were the second.

      • You ever been in a cockpit before? You ever seen a grown man naked? Do you like movies about gladiators? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

    • The only times I have seen a loud mouth not comply with the enforcers is when they are a retiree or have been in combat overseas and got messed up from it. All the others are not prepared to kill police the moment they step onto their lawn and they have no actual plans to assassinate treasonous traitors of the republic. All they do is put on their Chinese made NRA hat and complain about Democrats being anti America. They also complain about the “extremist” talk that sounds very much like the founders of the country because they believe the government will eventually listen and save them with a supreme court ruling.

      You can’t say you won’t comply and have zero plans for actual violence or civil disobedience. Most of those guys probably don’t have enough mags, any hard body armor and thousands of high quality rounds for their rifle to get into a gun fight with the enforcers.

      The government knows this and laughs at the idea of Republicans actually standing up to their government with violence like the Democrat “soy boys” do. They have already made a hugely successful push with Trump to get many states to pass gun confiscation powers for law enforcement and are now executing those orders without any major problems. They were able to get Republicans on board with the gun confiscation and still have the majority of them thinking it’s a good idea to protect the public safety by disarming loud mouths and fatherless youth before they become a threat.

      • Chief, as some of us have aged, we have seen this Country change. The ethics we learned from our fathers and grandfathers seemed to have ended and more people are wanting a handout without the effort of working for something.

        My service began during the Cold War. Today the very political systems I was prepared to fight is becoming mainstream in this Country. Socialism and Communism were evil then, and those systems have not changed. The last years of my service were dedicated to the eradication of those who used religion to subjugate and dehumanize others.

        Not all who fought overseas are ” messed up “. That is the same myth perpetuated on those who served in Vietnam. I for one are wiser and less prone to violence than the average civilian who never served a day because of my service in combat around the globe.

        I don’t know a lot of things, but I am sure the majority of the enforcers you speak of will not take the task of confiscating people’s firearms as they are of the same cloth of those who won’t comply. Maybe the city folk will be more willing to do so if ordered, but they are the minority. I am also sure a very small percentage of keyboard warriors are up to the task as well. It doesn’t take a big effort to start something big, just ask Franz Ferdinand .

        Once the spark is struck, it will be a violent, uncivil nasty affair. What happens in the aftermath is not known. Maybe a return to what the Constitution prescribed or something worse than we have now? Does anyone of intelligence really want to find out? The extremes of the left and right are hellbent on pushing it without the thought of what they are leading to.

        I know one thing for sure, I don’t want to see a civil war here. I don’t want violence. I have seen what it looks like, it is ugly. Millions die unnecessarily, humanity is lost and the worst part of people’s souls are set free to do evil. And in a Country as divided as we are now that violence won’t be left vs right only. It will have many dimensions as the fringes use it as an excuse to inflict violence .

        Yet, I will not comply because the traditions of what we are as a nation demand that of me and others. We must stand for what is right and just . We must stand for the rights of all and not just those who we agree with.

      • Well chief, perhaps you should head east to Virginia and “edumakaat” um.

        Here’s the deal, They’ll hold their ground as long as they feel they can win. That’s kinda how this thing works. When/if they feel they can’t win, they’ll have many tragic fishing accidents. But in no case, should the Virginia think they’ll ever get more than a mere fraction of the firearms or laws obeyed.

    • Go suck Blumturds d!ck DERP.
      Nothing more then one of the herd. Pathetic loser who’s own mom thinks he’s an assholes.

  11. I have never complied in the past I do not plan to comply in the future. I have studied our founding documents and am familiar with the thoughts of our founding fathers freedom and liberty are my religion. You cannot enslave a free man. I will not comply !

  12. I like my coffee black and my tea in the harbor.

    Remember Lexington. Remember Concord. To fear death is a choice. We are many and they are few. They can’t kill us all.

    • Fucking keyboard jockeys, the lots of you. They don’t have to kill you all. Just YOU Earth Pig. See that is how the game is played.

      List of names, pick you off one by one middle of night w/ a no knock dynamic entry raid. Poof, you disappear. You are a ‘domestic terrorist’ who was agitating for violence on the interwebz.

      Lather, rinse, repeat for all you keyboard commandos here with the greasy t-shirt and the cheeto dust stains on your clothes. You can’t even be arsed to get off the couch and go to the State House to protest in person, but you are going to fight a sustained guerilla action over months living like rat? Fuck off w/ your black ops fantasies. You will be bagged and tagged in the dead of a night under a Red Flag / ERPO just like they have already started doing nation wide.

      • Sure would be ironic if the station got stormed by hundreds or thousands while planning that very caper you suggest, wouldn’t it? I guess nobody is supposed to think of that.

        • Next level clueless Realist.
          Come to Texas and play the “no knock” game. Good luck getting the group out of the neighborhood in one piece. If these raids WERE to become a thing, cross fire from adjacent homes (even high power rounds from blocks away), will be the norm.
          The confiscation agents will not know if they are shot, fucked, powder burned, or snake bit.
          Anyone who has been in a war zone taking fire from ALL sides knows what I speak of.

      • Reality you fool the reality is democrats wil be rounded up by the millions and sent to gulags and mines. Brave Cossack soldier already here to support Trump. You Democrat cannot fight against superior Russian.

      • Agree’ 110%. Many of the posters here are fake AstroTurf posters, intentionally making the gun community look like ignorant shit bags to the casual reader. And not just that, but also supporting big government and further restrictions on all other individual freedoms wherever and whenever possible. Very transparent.

  13. I’m a *Democrat* and I won’t put up with this anti-gun anti 2A crap. I’ve bought two AR’s this year *because of* the left wing nuts running amok in our party. If what Beto O’Rourke said … “hell yes we’re taking your ARs and AKs” … didn’t wake you up — then nothing will. Patriots unite. Shall not be infringed.

  14. Jeff, do you have an update for us on Accomack? Franklin County’s vote is today. We are one of the last to vote and I’ll be there.

  15. About going to VA, I have always strongly disapproved of getting involved in the politics of other towns/counties/states. I don’t think that’s how it should work. Governments should represent the interests of those who live and pay taxes there, and nobody else.

    But if the leftists are going to do it…

  16. You’ll comply when the MRAP rolls up to your house and the nice LAW enforcement officers kill you and your family. It happens everyday so I have to wonder why you would think it won’t happen to you.

    • You have to be alive to comply. So no, if that happens, I will NOT be complying. I’m already not complying, and you can’t do anything about it.

  17. The fight over guns isnt worth it. Turn them in and STOP DENYING THE SCIENCE; you dont need guns when you can just call 911 on your full time surveillance system smartfone.

    Besides, once you give up the guns the Democrats will be able to offer all the things that OUR VALUES really are about; tranny strippers in libraries, kids skipping school to protest breathable molecules, legal heroin, 75% tax rates on everything, bestiality, Satanism, and a borderless amorphous quasi nation state that will be free from GUN VIOLENCE (although machete violence may become part and parcel of living in a modern world, mate.)


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