Dianna Muller Assault Weapons Ban
Diana Muller (Fox News)
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You may know Dianna Muller as a prominent professional shooter. She’s sponsored by companies like Benelli and won the 2015 NRA World Shooting Championship ladies title. So it’s safe to say that she has more firearms knowledge than all of the members of the House Judiciary Committee before whom she testified this afternoon. Combined.

Muller was also a 22-year Tulsa Police Department officer. As a law-abiding gun owner, she let Jerry Nadler’s committee know that if another assault weapons ban becomes the law of the land, she chooses not to participate.

As she told the committee today:

“Please don’t legislate the 150 million people just like me into being criminals. It has happened. You’ve already done it,” Muller said, referring to the Trump administration’s ban on bump stocks, the devices that use a semi-automatic weapon’s recoil to make it rapidly fire like an automatic. “I was a bump stock owner, and I had to make a decision: do I become a felon, or do I comply?”

Should the government pass an assault-weapons ban, Muller declared, “I will not comply.”

Here’s video of her testimony (starting at 4:00) . . .


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  1. She is now on the no fly list and FBI watch list. Count on it. The dems do not book defiance from the slaves.

  2. Good for her. Hopefully she’s not the only one-current or former LEOs-that will speak unambiguously opposing infringement.

    • I am a retired law enforcement officer who has served for 35 years of his life. I’ve seen the ugly side of crime and what evil things people do. I know of multiple cases in my county where citizens who were armed protected themselves and prevented a crime. I will not comply with mandatory buyback or confiscation. They can come arrest me if they want to but I will not comply. If they attempt to do this there will be people who will not allow themselves to be arrested and will not allow their firearms to be taken there will be blood shed. If their intention is to start a civil war this would be a good way to do it. At some point time they’ll realize that we’re not slaves we’re not peasants they work for us we don’t work for them. They seem to have forgotten that.

  3. Good for her. I decline to comply also. That attitude causes the left’s head to explode. “What do you mean you won’t obey!? We passed a law! You must!” Yeah, right.

      • If they pass this completely unconstitutional law, simply state, “I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request at this time, or any other.”

        The 2nd amendment was passed to recognize and enshrine a pre-existing right to bear arms in defense of self, liberty and property, to prevent the federal government from infringing upon the right. In United States vs Miller the US attorneys argued “The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia.” In Heller, it was broadened, that firearms in common use are protected and may not legally be banned, (and the AR15 is the most popular rifle in America, with more than 9 million being manufactured and sold during just the 8 years of the Obama presidency). The right to bear arms was also found to be an individual right irrespective of militia service. In McDonald vs City of Chicago, the Court reiterated that “the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense”; that “individual self-defense is ‘the central component’ of the Second Amendment right”.

        • Unless you want to travel to another state and be able to defend yourself, then there is no such thing as a second amendment or rights.
          Just die like the peasant you are.

        • Not to mention, pursuant to 10 USC 311, if you’re registered with the SSS, you ARE a member of the militia

        • @BentCircuit Thanks, I completely forgot about that. That registration number has officially made me a member of an organized militia since I was 18 years old. And, I just checked with SSS and I am still active.

    • I spent today in Harrisburg, the PA state Capitol with several hundred others there to promote the 2A. It was a long day, but invigorating. The police staffing the gun-check desk said we, by far, broke the record for checked guns (you have to check your gun in order to enter the building). And only about half went inside. The rest stayed outside to hold signs, wave flags, and keep firearms visible.

      I head a lot of “…will not comply…” statements. I believed every one of them. This was a fiercely determined crowd.

      When I went inside, 3 state representatives stopped me to say “Thank you for being here”.

      I also got to meet The Crimson Pirate and his wife. With an eye-patch and a parrot he would be the real deal! 😉

      It was a great day.

    • There is much of her sentiment in this nation,BeatOff Boy will not find his “Hell Yes” plans as easy as he has deluded himself into believing it might be.

      If he wants a clue how many will bow down,he might want to take a look at the numbers of people from NJ who have surrendered their magazines.

  4. I will not comply.

    I will not register or surrender firearms.

    The echo chamber needs to hear it. Far more of us than them. They need to realize how many of us are telling you to stick it in your ass.

  5. Registration, identification, confiscation, concentration.

    Ask any elderly jew from pre war Germany how that works.

    • False. It is a myth, the Jews had very few guns to begin with and few complied with the punitive gun laws created to disarm them. For that matter very few people complied with German gun laws pre WW2.

      • Yeah… I’m sure that there are almost no recorded incidents of the Nazi squads getting shot by their victims are pure coincidence. Go fuck yourself commie.

        • Yeah.. …who exactly was going to report Jews who fought back? The dead? or maybe the Nazis? I can’t believe that didn’t make it into the Nazi propaganda machine.

        • Man, you don’t even know what a “commie” is. Pathetic.

          Gun confiscation was the idea of the Allied powers at the end of WW1. Germany was forced to create laws and citizens ordered to turn in guns. It all failed and badly.

          Jews had few guns to begin with, there wasn’t much to take. But “I WILL NOT COMPLY” was as common a reaction then as it is today. Among all Germans and among most people of most nations. Very few countries have managed to disarm their populations.

        • 3rd step says confiscate.
          dreidles? latkes? kreplach? gefilte?
          “a nice piece fish.”
          i got such a shpilkus in my gezetnagezoink.

      • You may want to consider these two actions taken by the German State as controlled by the German National Socialists Workers Party in forming your opion:

        On April 26, 1938, the “Decree for the Reporting of Jewish-Owned Property” issued by Hitler’s government took effect, requiring all Jews in both Germany and Austria to register any property or assets valued at more than 5,000 Reichsmarks (around $2,000 in American currency of the period, or $34,000 today).

        On November 11, 1938, the 1938 “Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons”, which came into force the day after Kristallnacht,effectively deprived all Jews living under the Third Reich within the occupied Sudetenland and Austria of the right to possess any form of weapons, including truncheons, knives, firearms and ammunition. Exceptions were made for Jews and Poles who were foreign nationals under Section 3 of the act.

        • Yes they wrote bunches of laws. Bragged about them too.

          Very few people complied with anti-gun laws. More than that, for non-Jews the gun laws under the Nazis were a relaxation of the laws forced on Germany by the 1919 Treaty of Paris. Which the citizens of Germany had also ignored.

          The Nazi fascists were hideously evil. But they were also unsuccessful in many things. Including trying to take all the guns in the country away from those they did not want to have them.

          Non-compliance, pretty much the standard human response to trying to take weapons away.

      • Nope. There’s no such thing as “liberal fascism”. Fascism is an enemy of Liberalism, an enemy in the most severe way. There was nothing liberal or left wing about the Nazis or other fascists.

        The “National Socialism” in their party name was about propaganda, it had nothing to do with their ideology.

  6. It’s good to have her voice and many other current and veterans of military and police that share her stance. I am a military retiree and I will not comply with a ban or confiscation attempts.

  7. It says a great deal for a retired police officer to say I will not comply. Just as you have elected sheriffs say they will not enforce the unconstitutional laws. Thank you Miss Muller.

    Now what about the rest of the entire gun competition world???

    • btw
      I found Miss Muller on the old “Stop The Threat” program on the Pursuit Channel. For a new gun owner like me this program was very helpful. Since then I’ve taken four gun training classes. video 21 minutes long.

      ATSN Stop the Threat – “Unlocked Door” Season 7

  8. Remember that ultimately all laws mean the government can jail or kill you! Every law backed by police, army or special “agent” has death penalty as final stop if you don’t comply or respect their authority. It might not be written in but it is how all governments work.

    • Yeah….. Whatever…. Two way street there bud!
      They may not know it but the penalty for unconstitutional laws is death as well 😉

  9. I hear/read the “I will not comply” sentiment a lot. What is the magical “red line” that government must not cross or else everyone strikes back?

    We know that if government realizes that you have a full-featured AR-15 rifle in New York or California, government agents will most definitely consider coming to your home to confiscate it.

    And we hear on various forums that “it is go time” when government agents begin confiscating rifles.

    Sounds like we are already there in California and New York.


      • The SAFE act is only complied with to the extent that gun stores can’t stock certain kinds of merchandise (especially modern sporting rifles, but also standard capacity magazines, etc. dating to earlier state legislation). Those items can’t be bought in NY, at least not easily or legally, which is quite oppressive and offensive.

        On the other hand, individual gun owners largely do not follow the other provisions of the act, i.e. registration, since this is largely unenforceable. Many local law enforcement agencies, especially upstate sheriffs departments, have stated they won’t enforce the law in any case.

        I remember the “7 bullet” restriction (since struck down) that was part of the SAFE act as originally passed. My first act upon learning of it was to load ten .22LR cartridges into what had suddenly become a “high capacity” magazine as an act of ironic defiance. This was to feed my highly dangerous, sniper-style bolt action varmint gun. Quite a stupid and malicious law when you think about it.

        • The government has long since crossed the line beyond which I will not comply.

          The line where I join other people and make the government back off…well, I honestly don’t know where that is yet. I hope I never have to find out.

        • Outside of NYC it really just makes things more expensive/time consuming which unfortunately does have a chilling effect on new shooters. Thankfully several of the local gun stores have staff that are great at navigating (finding every workaround possible) the mess of a law. Took a few years but we do have only mildly silly AR pistols.

        • “On the other hand, individual gun owners largely do not follow the other provisions of the act, i.e. registration, since this is largely unenforceable. Many local law enforcement agencies, especially upstate sheriffs departments, have stated they won’t enforce the law in any case.”

          That was the point I was going for. I know new stuff that isn’t compliant will no longer be sold, but there’s no way that registration can be enforced. Not without going door-to-door, at least.

    • Ask yourself ‘where is the line’ that you will hit back if crossed by .gov agents? Will you only hit back if it effects you directly or will you go several states over to join with like minded folk to fight back on behalf of a person who you’ve never heard of before the incident?

      An individual digging in at his own place and waiting for the jack boots to show up has already lost. If you have no units, no leaders, no logistics what are you going to accomplish?

      • Had a fellow tell me if you try to defend your home from an organized attack from your mailbox in, you will likely die in the attempt. When I asked for clarification he said you should be on a hill, three hundred plus yards away with a scoped rifle when the stack assembles to take down your door. He said black tip preferred, though I failed to ask him where you would get black tip. The last I saw of that stuff was about a hundred rounds my brother shot through an old 03A3 almost forty years ago.

        • “I failed to ask him where you would get black tip.”

          Gun show is the easiest, but all ‘black tip’ 9mm is, is a +P+ overpressure 9mm round the Israelis reputed to use in compact SMGs like the Uzi.

          I’m sure recipes exist to ‘roll your own’…

        • Funny, that’s exactly the position I’ve always thought would be optimum for my own house perimeter, but the trick is to be already in position when they come for you at their preferred 4:00am no-knock.

          Plus, nowadays you also must watch for the small camera drone they put into the sky as overwatch. Shotgun with 00 buck would work.

      • jwm,

        An individual digging in at his own place and waiting for the jack boots to show up has already lost. If you have no units, no leaders, no logistics what are you going to accomplish?

        Well said.

        Food for thought: while a single person digging in at his/her own place will not effect policy change, thousands of people digging in at their own places WILL effect policy change.

        Furthermore, I imagine that a LOT of people will readily dig in IF they know that thousands of other people are doing the same.

        The real hurdle: getting thousands of people on the same page.

    • Non-compliance is a thing here in CA. I know multiple people who have refused to comply, and don’t register.

      Of course, I also know some Fudds who don’t want to rock the boat and defy the Gov in any capacity, so you still have to be careful regarding what you say, and with whom.

  10. Fortunately Congress can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Because Nancy Pelosi has chosen to go for impeachment all the gun control nonsense is a dead issue until at least after next years election. If the impeachment circus goes the way I expect, then it is dead for at least another two years beyond that, because the Democrats will lose control of the House, and likely a couple of Senate seats.

    • And then we’ll only have more Republican gun control to watch out for. Be mindful you don’t end of clamoring for it.

    • Re: “at least until after the next election”

      Or sooner, if the SCOTUS comes through on NYSRPA v. City of New York. If they decide for the gun club, there may be other stuff in there, such as establishing the proper level of scrutiny for 2A cases. Both Heller and McDonald were silent on that issue, which, if put into precedent, will screw up a lot of state restrictions as they are challenged.

      • So we hope and reminds me I need to get the donation out as they will have a lot of work to do after the case.

  11. An actual requirement to prosecute every case in court would put a quick end to any such ban because it would quickly create an easy 20+ year backlog in the courts.

  12. I will not comply…I guess that if this AWB passes that will make me a criminal….that’ll mean I’ll have more rights than law abiding citizens anyways so all will be good.

    • “that’ll mean I’ll have more rights than law abiding citizens anyways so all will be good.”

      That is a very sad truth. A criminal unless already served the punishment for the crime should have no rights except to pay for the crime committed.

  13. This year will go down in history.” “For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration.” “Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future.” ADOLPH HITLER 1935

    Remember how well that turned out?

  14. I built a pistol grip stock for an M 1. I wonder what they’d think about that. More powerful than a 5.56.

  15. She speaks well, states some hard and firm truths.

    Millions of gun owners would be made instant criminals if any one of many of these stupid laws being proposed ever made it to a friendly President’s desk.

  16. Arrest them all. The look aw is the law. If it changes and you dont comply then I’ll pay taxes to build the prisons we will need to jail ALL of you!!!

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