Maryland Gun Owners Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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TTAG got an email from Jeff Hulbert, founder of Maryland-based pro-Second Amendment organization, Patriot Picket:

We have been staging “We Will Not Comply” demonstrations at the Maryland State Capitol all this past week, and have occupied ALL the seats in day-long hearings on gun bills.

Maryland Gun Owners Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

This is what Democracy looks like.

Maryland Gun Owners Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Here I am with Wicomico County Sheriff Michael Lewis, who says he “will not comply” with onerous gun laws like long gun licensing and confiscation.

Maryland Gun Owners Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Our presence has prompted Democrat legislators to tweet objections and complaints. Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary wasn’t happy to see us.

Neither was Shannon Watts, head of Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demanding Action gun control operation. She complained that our “Will Not Comply” promise is a threat and labeled us “gun extremists.”

The secretary of the MD Democrat Party, Robbie Leonard, has lost his job for a Facebook post calling us “homegrown terrorists” who should be “doxed” and have our personal info spewed on the internet:


A Maryland Democratic Party official and former state Senate candidate has now deleted a controversial social media post that has sparked some to call for an apology – and even his resignation.

Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard on Monday posted to his personal Facebook page a photograph of a Second Amendment activist standing on a street corner in Annapolis holding a sign that reads “We Will Not Comply,” a slogan adopted by gun rights advocates to broadcast their frustration with restrictive gun laws.

“Time to dox some homegrown terrorists,” wrote Leonard.

Maryland Gun Owners Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out
Courtesy A Miner Detail and Facebook

We are going back to Annapolis this coming Monday night to stage another “Will Not Comply” demonstration.

It is our intent for Patriot Picket to ignite a national “Will Not Comply” movement this year.

We can be found on Facebook at ThePatriotPicket.

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  1. Anyone who disagrees is an extremist. I love the sheriffs in MD and WA who are going on record saying, in effect, pass all the unconstitutional legislation you want but don’t look to my department to enforce anything.

    • Agreed, but here in WA it won’t matter until more “pro-gun” people get off their butts and acquire the same courage that the Pro-gun people of MD are showing.
      I completely love the shirt and idea, I hope we can do the same, even though it is a hassle for most pro-gun people as many do not live near the state capitol. However, what are your rights worth to you people of WA?
      That said, and I’ve said it before, we will all lose our gun right as a group if we do not stand up for ourselves, and for future gun owners.
      Thanks Rad-man

      • Marc,

        I agree with you, but I also recognize that not everyone here in WA would be comfortable showing up at the Capitol wearing a “We will not comply” t shirt, and allowing their faces to to photographed…since governmental targeting is a thing.

        So I have an idea: how about all WA gun owners who agree with the Maryland gun owners, send an actual mail to their legislator, with a copy of I-1639, stamped with “We will not comply” across the face. No need to sign it, or put a return address on it, or any other identifying info; just the fact that we will not comply. Imagine the news impact of legislators getting thousands of these from all across the state.

        Now…how do we go about starting this “mail-in campaign”?

        • Imagine how fast those legislators and the MSM will work to bury the existence of the mail flooding in. How many pieces will hit the shredder without being counted?

          The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. How is another plea to “write your congress critter” not another example?

          What the Patriot Picket is doing can’t be ignored because it’s right there in their face where it can’t be hidden away.

          “They” need to be shown we aren’t going to just follow the rules. Because When Tyranny Becomes Law, Resistance Is Duty.

        • Ansel Hazen,
          (I’m answering my own post, since I can’t reply to you).

          You might be right about the legislators destroying the mails…but that just means we need to also send a copy to our local MSM every time we send one to the legislators. I know what you’re saying, that Maryland’s efforts are much more visible. Gun owners in WA might be more visible if we did the same thing; I’m just not sure there’s a good coordinated effort here in WA like they have in Maryland.

          I, for one, am going to do exactly as I’ve suggested, and I’m going to encourage other WA gun owners to do the same. Maybe we can get some momentum going from this that would turn into a Maryland-type effort.

        • Pretty hard to bury the statement when it’s plastered across *EVERY* member of the gallery in the committee meeting. We had people carrying signs on the sidewalk outside the House of Delegates and Senate buildings for both hearing days. Legislators and staffers walked past hundred of everyday citizens holding “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” signs. No violence, no screaming, no obstruction … just a simple message.

          It’s rather telling when County Sheriffs (I counted six on Monday, five on Wednesday) show up and testify with that same message.

        • Rick, I live in a state that got flipped blue in the 2018 midterms because of Dem shenanigans. So I’m more of an action speaks louder than words kinda guy now. Wearing a “We Will Not Comply” shirt would be the mildest form of activity I am encouraging these days.

        • If you are not comfortable showing up for your rights because of repercussions and targeting, you have already lost your rights period.

        • Sad day for any American that has to worry about being “identified ” for making a constitutional statement or protesting to your own representative government. You’re getting what you voted for.

        • IF we all we all just stand up and fight hard with our We will not comply shirts on, it will be hard for the government to do anything. Sending in emails won’t help. action helps and if all march to the congress building and surround it with our guns, and demand that they back off on getting rid of the 2nd amendment rights for everyone, that might show them a message or two. Until we all act on this, our rights will get diminished more and more everyday until the whole Constitution is gone.

        • Seems to me ‘Michael Moore’ said it best: “Sad day for any American that has to worry about being “identified ” for making a constitutional statement or protesting to your own representative government. You’re getting what you voted for.”
          Police no longer need probable cause to stop a vehicle. We’ve allowed installation of cameras that take photos and tickets to ensue. We’ve allowed govt’s to install CAMERAS and RECORDING DEVICES on street lights. We’ve allowed govt’s to utilize ‘facial recognition software’ — which is used in crowds.
          Then we allowed govt to tell us ‘a permit’ is required for ‘concealed carry.’ Allowed govt to MANDATE background check to purchase guns. Allowed govt to restrict ownership of classes of weapons. We’ve allowed govt to enact law that says if individual has medical marijuana card (again– really? You need a PERMIT to access MEDICINE?!?) you CANNOT own a gun. ALL contrary to 2nd Amendment … which is what’s called an “Absolute right.” That means it’s on a par with …..oh, say, breathing. Govt is virtually saying EVERYONE is “GUILTY” unless they PROVE they are “innocent.”
          There is clearly an assault on our rights by BOTH PARTIES. I’m urging everyone who supports 2-A (whether you own a gun or not) immediately contact your senators. We cannot let what House passed be approved by the Senate.
          –Join a gun rights organization: NRA (my issue with them is they have made some of the STUPIDEST statements — and those have really HURT the cause!); Gun Owners of America; Liberal Gun Club; Pink Pistols; Second Amendment Foundation (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms is their lobbying arm; Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership – 2-A Foundation project). This isn’t every pro 2-A org.
          –Please share/keep sharing pro2-A articles, memes, comments on social media.

          • “If you are not really willing to go on record about your 2nd amendment support then it isn’t that important to you. ”

            If you are not really willing to go around with a pistol holstered in plain sight, then the Second Amendment isn’t that important to you.

            Jes’ sayin’

      • I live 4 hours from the state Capitol. We have the least amount of violent crime in the state. If you won’t stand with your brothers and sisters now, who will stand with you later?

      • I’m for expanding the “Will not comply” into the jury box.
        Play “Regular Joe” during the jury selection.
        Anything up to rape & murder will get a “Not guilty by reason of Not Complying”.
        If they want to fvck our rights then OK we’ll fvck the sytem.

        • Your comments no doubt win today’s prize for stupidest on social media. How about we move tweakers, druggies, illegals, ex-cons (who ARE armed) to YOUR neighborhood. If you want them to be acquitted you should be the one to deal with them.

        • How is a tweeker a problem for me if he’s not stealing from me?

          It used to be illegal to engage in “sodomy.” Again, not my problem if they’re adults and consenting.

          Speeding? Did he obstruct traffic? Not my problem.

          Public intoxication? Did he assault anyone? Then he was walking around in public.

          Carrying a firearm without consent? Did he use it? Then who cares?

          This is exactly why we have the system we have. We should use it.

        • Simply write on your jury questionaire, “I adhere to JURY NULLIFICATION. ” You will be removed from the jury pool ASAP.

        • “I’m for expanding the “Will not comply” into the jury box.”

          The major rights organizations need to get behind financing a national billboard-advertising campaign. Something simple, like :

          “Unjust laws. What can we do? Jury nullification. Google it…”

          The beauty of this is, the Leftists will agree with it, since they would like laws like drug possession and prostitution nullified in jury box as much as we want our list of bullshit laws nullified…

        • “Speeding? Did he obstruct traffic? Not my problem.”

          Does anyone you care about use public roads? Are you just fine with driving 65 in a 25 zone?

      • I’m stationed at Bangor, and I changed my residence to Washington so I could vote no to I-1639 last November. I will continue to help fight in this state until I retire in 5 years and figure out where we want to settle.

    • It’s also happening in New Mexico where the libtard governor calls it childish. It’s happening in Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina and other states around this nation. The people and law enforcement have had enough and they are now taking a stand against those who want to stomp all over our inalienable rights. It’s about time and hooray for all that stand up to tyranny.

      • Some folks around here have suggested mass non-compliance in public. I’m actually starting to think that’s the only way to go forward at this point because the voters that really matter, the “undecided” ones, never hear about how these laws don’t work.

        When they put mag bans on the books in Colorado back in 2013 a great number of Sheriffs said they wouldn’t enforce the laws. I remember seeing a news report on a TV in a barber shop where they basically insinuated that the Sheriffs were all kinda nuts and would definitely back down because the law is the law and whatnot and that the mag bans were “common sense”.

        Then the Sheriffs didn’t back down and the vast majority of the Sheriffs in the state wrote a letter saying they wouldn’t back down and that got play for about 24 hours before CNN realized “Oh, shit, they’re actually serious”. The whole thing turned into an Irish Democracy and the news didn’t cover it because that didn’t fit the narrative.

        When statists argue for what they want they lie about the goals, the methods and the efficacy. When they get what they want passed they celebrate but then when it doesn’t work they just ignore the failure right up until they can point to it as an argument for another bullshit law that won’t work. They do this on everything.

      • It isn’t childish ….. It’s “common sense” way to voice support for 2nd amendment!

        • She’s just desperately trying to downplay the fact that over half of the counties in NM have said ENOUGH and are not going to stand for these repressive government attempts to take away your rights.

        • When are these Democrats, aka Socialist going to realize that the second amendment was written to prevent tyrants like them from getting control of us? These people should all be recalled and be replaced by people willing to uphold the WHOLE Constitution.

      • It’s also happening here in Pittsburgh. Even though PA has laws banning localities from making more restrictive gun laws (preemption), the mayor wants to pass them anyway. When the DA and sheriff protest, he said “arrest me.”
        The mayor refuses to follow the rule of law because he is an extremist, trying to capitalize on the synagogue shooting. 2A defenders must be vigilant everywhere.

        • But that’s the problem, they can’t legally arrest the Mayor and Council, even if they knowingly pass illegal regulations. Preemption is the law of the Commonwealth, but the law has no teeth against government officials. Like so many laws of the kind, it just assumes the government will obey the law because…they are the government.

        • “Preemption is the law of the Commonwealth, but the law has no teeth against government officials.”

          In Florida, local municipalities are held *personally* liable if they violate 2A preemption laws here in Florida.

          So what do the Leftists do? A ballot initiative to strike that law. They will likely win it…

    • …do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;… THAT MEANS ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL “LAWS” AND THE TRAITORS WHO FORCE THOSE UPON ME.
      Bring on the Second American Civil War, you FUKIN traitorous pigs… no offense to actual pigs

    • Here in New Mexico over half of our counties have adopted resolutions to become 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties backed by 30 of our 33 sheriffs in the state.

    • Can we get a little love for the people of New Mexico (that state between Texas and Arizona)? 31 of our 33 Sheriffs, 24 counties and 5 municipalities have voted to become 2nd amendment sanctuaries with more to come.

      • Yeah, Wendy; It would be great if that were to become a nation-wide movement among all the Sheriff’s departments here in the U S. Unfortunately, too many of them don’t have the guts to stand up for what is right.

    • Those Law Officers all took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the USA! By not enforcing these ill thought laws they are in fact living up to their sworn oath and duty!

    • It’s kind of like all those cities who refuse to comply with voted on and passed legislation for immigration! I figure, if they can decide they don’t want to follow laws against illegal immigration then we can decide that we don’t want to follow laws that inhibit our constitutional right to have firearms. Remember, this is about the United States constitution guaranteeing a United States citizen rights. The constitution does not apply to non-citizens.

      • “The constitution does not apply to non-citizens.”

        Spoiler Alert !!

        Actually, the SC has long held that it does.

  2. “The secretary of the MD Democrat Party, Robbie Leonard, has lost his job for a Facebook post calling us “homegrown terrorists” who should be “doxed” and have our personal info spewed on the internet.”

    Straight outta the Leftist-Marxist playbook, there, Robbie!

    He got off easy, just losing his job…

    • Their playbook is pretty scary but what’s really scary is that the vast majority of people don’t know what’s in that playbook and will call you nuts if you, quite literally, read it to them.

  3. Instead of ‘ gun extremists’ they seem to be patriotic Americans fed up with ‘extremist’ legislators trying to limit their freedom.

  4. Isn’t funny that the Progressives always accuse others of what they’re doing. I’ve stopped calling them liberal because they’re the opposite of what a real liberal is. Robbie Leonard wants to incite violence against someone he disagrees with. Just like his friends (antifa) who slash tires, throw bricks, throw bleach, beat-up, torch cars, insult, harass children, disrupt lectures/speakers. On a happier note, we should get t-shirts that say “I’m a sanctuary city”.

      • They’re all for sanctuary cities for illegals, but not for non-compliant gun owners. If it’s ok to ignore one law, why not ignore another? It’s meant to make them think about what they’re doing. I know I’m not a city, I’m just using their words. D*mn hypocrites.

      • If you live in a second amendment sanctuary City, it means that they will not comply with/enforce laws that are contrary to the second amendment. They will abide by “The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” premise.

  5. Given Maryland’s history of “Jim Crow” laws it is interesting to see Democrats implementing laws once again to violate civil rights and denigrate those that oppose them.

  6. Just another reason I would not live in MD. Too many people there think the government should be involved in way too many things. Calling people who are standing up for Constitutional rights extremists is like saying patriots are traitors. Ridiculous.

    • The problem is with the voters in Baltimore City and counties close to Washington DC. They INSIST on voting for Democrats, no matter what. Here on the eastern shore, western Maryland and counties north of Baltimore County are firmly Republican. Problem is, there’s not enough of us to over-ride the Demo majority.

      • Amen. Outside of the 95 corridor that cuts our state in half. The majority of the counties in the state are republican.

      • That’s precisely why we have the 2nd amendment. Since dems have become tyrannical, we have the right to take care of it. If you don’t, the communist regime will win.

      • We have the same thing here in Virginia! Most of the state votes conservative, except the large population cities and those around the Washington Beltway and the northern counties. Unfortunately they outnumber the rest of us. Why else do you think we have the Govenor, Lt Govenor, AG & two US Senators we have now, all of whom support anything that comes out of the mouth of Schummer & Pelosi.. It makes me sick every time I think about scrum like them. At least in our county and town the sheriff’s depattment and town police cars still proudly display In God We Trust on them.
        We have a RK Store less than 25 miles away in an ajoining county where we can purchase firearms including handguns locally and they can also be ordered online and picked up locally (unlike our local WM where Corp policy doesn’t allow handgun sales locally or online). Our town & Local VFW Post host and sponsor the largest gun show and flea market east of the Mississippi every Labor Day weekend. I feel pretty confident that most folks in this county would support “we will not comply” should push come to shove.

  7. Where can I get the shirt? In fact, the group should be selling them on Facebook to raise funds!

  8. I love it and you all are right on target. These so called socialist party Democrat’s want our guns and we need to stand up for our right. I am behind you one hundred percent. Now if some of these so called 2nd amendment folks would get off their rears and do the same we could win this battle.

    It is nothing but a lie to say this will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Criminals steal, buy through the underground black market, etc. What makes these idiots think it will stop them from buying guns illegally. What fools they are.

    • To say they want our guns is a misnomer. What they want is the power to control the populas without the populas having any power to stop them. It’s not a common-sense game, it’s not a safety game, it’s not lets protect the kids, it’s not anything like that. It’s about their absolute power.

    • Nope. Most in law enforcement and the military are on our side there, iron fist. The last time we went around in 2013, (and we won then, too), there were several sheriffs and state governors, who declared they would not enforce and actively resist federal enforcers. One thousand former special forces members signed on to a petition telling the federal government what side they would be on in the event of confiscation. Hint, it wasn’t your side. And millions of veterans declared they wouldn’t hesitate to join the rebellion. You go on thinking the “war will be over by Christmas”. It *never* works out that way.

      • “Most in law enforcement and the military are on our side…” I hope that you are right. But there have been hundreds of red flag law gun confiscations already all over the country, and in Anne Arundel County Maryland a gun owner was shot and killed in his own home by the police. Both law enforcement and the military are taught to obey, and that is what they do. They are also taught to not allow anyone to resist. We need to do more to teach people and get the facts out, whether it is what these folks in Maryland are doing or something else in addition to that.

        • As retired military. Yes we were trained to follow lawful orders but not unlawful ones. True, I didn’t like what the military was turned into under President Clinton while he was doing everything in his power to downsize our military to the point it was affecting our military readiness and took him up on one of the offers made to me and took an early,reduced retirement @ 18 years of honorable service on Jan 1,1994. I for o
          ne will not suppor t our governmemy when i
          t starts tracking away rights guaranteed by our Constitution and enacted Ammendments and I am not alone.

    • Bet I know how Ol’Iron Fist got that “Handle”. Lots of time spent in mommy’s basement pounding away and I don’t mean on the keyboard.

      • Darkman! You articulated my exact thought when I read iron fist’s (Harry Palm’s) post! 👍👍👍👍

    • IRON FIST , a question for a TROLL. How are you and your fellow gun Nazzis going to make us comply ?

    • Who’s gonna comply? With what? Myself and a sizable group of soldiers and marines disagree with you and your worthless opinion. Now get off my lawn.

    • Don’t hold your breath on that thought. If you have an ounce of brains and somebody to explain what is happening with multiple sheriffs and counties around this country, you won’t have enough to take them. Besides, you metrosexuals are afraid to come out of the city and you want somebody else to do your dirty work. You Lilly livered cowards will only stand by and dump all over yourselves.

  9. Doxing is the new Red Terror these leftists use, because they know that unlike their Soros paid supporters, these patriots have actual jobs to lose, and too many companies are hyper sensitive to a few tweets by some leftist goons.

    These gun “registrations to close loopholes” are just list building for future confiscations. There will always be loopholes in the Second Amendment to these turds. They will never be satisfied until they have their Red Revolution, or Green New Deal, whatever they are calling it nowadays.

  10. Wonderful! Keep it up. You have to show up to stop these creeps. That T shirt rocks!!!

  11. This is the sort of stuff needed. After growing it a bit, the movement needs to expand to outright disobedience on all infringement. Then, it has a very good chance of being effective.

  12. What is the quote, the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time.these idiots think only Patriots are going to die.i just don’t think so.MAGA

    • Agreed. It reminds me of what has been written of the arrogance that took place among the European elite before WW1.

  13. I Stand with each and everyone. We have the right to have and all States should and need for we Citizens to carry and you would have a much safer world. Criminals would think twice before pulling a gun when Themis a chance that a good person has a gun. Amen

  14. Time to dox some homegrown terrorists.” — Robbie Leonard

    Perhaps that is a good idea. Let us start with the homegrown terrorists in the Maryland legislature who are desperately trying to disarm the populace.

  15. I love it when conservatives, patriots, and Christians (usually all in one) stand up in numbers and refuse to comply with unconstitutional laws.


  16. The Patriot Picket organization is on Facebook …

    I strongly encourage the Patriot Picket organization to duplicate their Facebook information on a politics-agnostic platform. I have a strong suspicion that Facebook will deactivate their page fairly soon for violating Facebook’s standards or some such nonsense.

  17. The We Will Not Comply movement should be nationwide. Democrats and other Progressives are the extremists in this nation. They have completely deviated from the Founders original Bill of Rights format. The Bill of Rights is the basis for the rest of the Constitution. Anything infringing on the God Given rights outlined in the Bill of Rights goes against the Basic God Given rights of the People and is illegal to say the least. Every Found stated publicly according to reporting of the day,{Which was real reporting not progressive fake news propaganda} and in their personal journals and publications that the Bill of Rights is a documentation of GOD given rights no person shall tamper with. That means Patrician Billionaire wannabe Tin Horn Dictators, Progressive Nanny State Politicians, and Black Robed wannabe Legislators on the bench keep your grubby paws off our GOD Given Rights. Also at the Founders words every law that affects our ability to buy any Firearm we want {ANY!!!}, to posses any firearm we want or carry our firearms is completely and resoundingly illegal. This nation was made with rugged individualism, the blood of united patriots, but above all GOD and Guns in the hands of men and women of all races who knew they were right and were not going to bend the knee to a foreign despot. If you don’t like it there are plenty of exits, pick one and leave.

  18. Doesn’t matter the state that passes unconstitutional legislation,the compliance record will be in the toilet,think differently,you just maybe mistaken.

    Vermont Only 2 bump stocks voluntarily turned in as ban takes effect

    Only two bump stocks were voluntarily turned in to police before a new law banning them came into force on Oct. 1.

    Anyone found with bump-fire stocks, a device that attaches to semi-automatic rifles to make them fire like machine guns, faces up to a year in prison and up to $1,000 in fines.

    Vermont State Police get 2 bump stocks ahead of Oct. 1 ban

  19. Enforcing unconstitutional laws is wrong and likely illegal if not a violation of the oath.

    • When a politician violates their oath to uphold the constitution, it is an automatic charge of treason under the penalty of death. The citizens can arrest these commie politicians and hold them accountable.

      • “When a politician violates their oath to uphold the constitution, it is an automatic charge of treason under the penalty of death.”

        Would like to investigate that concept. Do you have a reference?

  20. It was a cool day. Hundreds of pro-2a people showed up and maybe a couple dozen Bloomberg lackies.

    Not feeling too optimistic and I don’t look forward to being a felon inna few months when my scary “ghost” guns are made illegal.

  21. I commend their valor, but question their judgement.

    If you intend to break a law, why have your picture taken while telling everyone you intend to be a scofflaw?

      • “Which makes them all the more valid.
        Stand strong patriots!”

        Seems like photos make it easy to cuff offenders, reducing the number of “strong patriots” rather easily.

        • “Seems like photos make it easy to cuff offenders, reducing the number of “strong patriots” rather easily.”

          Only if they do something to get cuffed easily, individually. Mass resistance is a protest. Individual resistance is a whack-job nutcase.

          • “Only if they do something to get cuffed easily, individually.”

            Maybe I’ve read too many political histories. Photos can be matched with driver’s licenses (and carry permits). Once identified, monitoring is made easier. The smallest of infractions can be a suitable excuse for legal harassment. A hundred or so, here and there are easily neutralized. Numbers are safety, and more persuasive.

            “The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.”

            Being photographed as a resistor is like a lighted buoy floating on the sea at night.

        • You are only ‘neutralized’ if YOU allow it. According to you, the framers of our Constitution should have not signed the Declaration of Independence.

          • “According to you, the framers of our Constitution should have not signed the Declaration of Independence.”

            Not what I wrote, at all.

        • Is it not the duty of all POWs to attempt escape? That idea notwithstanding, I’ve never seen a jail or prison that can’t have a sizable hole knocked in the side of it quite easily. The cuffs themselves are defeated by paperclips.

          • “Is it not the duty of all POWs to attempt escape?”

            Can’t remember the last wave of “POWs” to flee this country to, where was that again?

            Someone, once upon a time, said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.”

            Did I miss the enormous protest groups supporting “Will Not Comply”? Small groups are easy to isolate and dismember. Small groups of visible, loud resisters pose only a limited, localized police problem. Ever hear of the Black Panthers? The originals? Where are they now? What happened to them? What happened to their revolution?. They were loud, and visible, and easily neutralized. A nuisance, maybe, to this day, but not a “threat” of any kind. If you want to be an insurgent, then publicizing your efforts, having pictures taken, is a fast way to oblivion.

            The inescapable fact is that gun owners are not a monolithic group of single-issue 2A voters. So, not only are “resisters” facing half the nation that is anit-gun, “resisters” face the problem of energizing gun owners to become a dominant political force for protecting the constitution. There is no “sea” for “resisters” to hide in if they insist on publicizing their existence, and their faces.

            • I agree with you.but try and remember that when they make their move small militia groups will come together.i remember the history of the great Apache nation, when Geronimo and a very small group of followers tormented the US Calvary for years.i know different era different mindset but it could be done again?. we will see.death to tyrants.maga

              • “Geronimo and a very small group of followers tormented the US Calvary for years.”

                Yes. Two things are worth noting regarding then, and now: Geronimo;s band had an identifiable and capable leader; Geronimo and his band were neutralized by a larger, determined force.

                And maybe a third important element: no other tribes or bands came to Geronimo’s rescue.

              • I’m not saying we will win but we can harass and kill as many of the traitors as we can before we die.btw Geronimo was the last,all the other ones had been defeated.there was no one else to help

              • “I’m not saying we will win but we can harass and kill as many of the traitors as we can before we die.”

                If you would strike the King, you must kill him. Dying for honor is a futile waste. If you plan revolution, you better plan to win, otherwise after your honorable death, your associates face the full wrath of the King.

                “btw Geronimo was the last,all the other ones had been defeated.there was no one else to help”.

                All the other tribes and bands had been defeated because they were disorganized, unorganized, natural enemies of each other (sound familiar?). They could not agree that the invaders were a greater threat to their lives than their historical enemies. In the case of Red Indians, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” was a relatively unknown concept.

                Geronimo died uselessly. Nothing changed, and Geronimo’s people suffered harshly at the hand of the King. Against the King, there are no “moral victories”, there is victory, or there is subjugation (the dead being the most subjugated of all). Making it easy for the King to prevail is just lethal folly.

              • I completely agree with a follower of Christ I see the end of the age 71 I prefer to die on my feet than on my knees.but that’s up to God.if I can’t be truly free I don’t wish to live down here any more God,Guns and Guts gave us our Republic and I will fight to the bitter end.peacebly if allowed, but fight none the less

              • I read the back of the book. The U.S. is not a major player by then (of course, there are a number of nations that are of no real consequence at that point – other than adding numbers to the storm).

              • In the end we win. the wicked will suffer for eternity the forgiven will live in paradise with Jesus forever.death to tyrants

    • Well, if enough of us stand with them, the tune will change. I know a lot of people hate on the Bundy ranch scenario but the results can’t be denied. The feds/LE lost, and backed down, and even lost in court, after it was long over. I don’t agree with what they did in Oregon after that, but they somehow won that in court too. I have no idea how they won that one, and the news refused to report exactly how, as far as I know.

    • The founding fathers knew when they signed the Declaration of Independance that they had signed their own death warrant. They pledged their lives for the belief that they had a better way, not only their own lives, but those of their families, their friends, everything they had made and created was on the block when they put their names on that paper. You’re worried about a prosecution that will likely never happen for wearing a shirt. “May your chains lay lightly upon you.”

      • “The founding fathers knew when they signed the Declaration of Independence that they had signed their own death warrant.”

        Yes, they did. But they didn’t do so without support. And the war had been on since April 1775.

          • “And your point is?”


            When were the first actual military engagements of the first civil war? When was the Declaration signed? 15mos separation. The founders didn’t sit for a group portrait and send a note to the king saying, “Here we are. This is what we look like. Molon Labe.”

            Much of the run up to the war was done in secret. Point being that identifying yourself as an insurgent when the numbers are small, and there are photos, and there are no battalions to rush to the rescue/defense of those “Will Not Comply” patriots, suppressing the movement is easier for the Tories. Did you note a general groundswell in Maryland, a wave of public, photographed patriots in the streets shouting, “Molon Labe”?

  22. Democrats murder unborn and new born babies. Democrats hate GOD. Democrats hate Christians. Democrats hate our constitutional republic. It will take bloodshed to stop them. I have policed twenty five years and killed not one person. I will not hesitate to kill to defend my republic against Satan`s Democrat party.

  23. I find myself curious as to the following, so please bear with me. How is it that in Maryland and other locales, these anti gun pols obtain and seemingly retain elective office. Where is the irate citizenry on election days.

    • “Where is the irate citizenry on election days.”

      Even among gun owners, the evidence is that others matters in life are more important than freedom to own a gun. These are the same 100million gun owners who could install any president they liked, but instead make voting choices based on things more important to them than the guns they own.

        • “Sam,
          I hope your family reminds you of that on their way into the gulag.

          Are you having difficulty with sorting the difference between an explanation, and an opinion??

          Perhaps the lack of an echo chamber doesn’t suit you?

        • Don’t feel too bad Sam. The same crap happened to me two days ago under the Trayvon Martin page. I took a totally neutral stance and got viciously attacked by both sides for nothing.
          Many people have lost the ability to think, and instead just automatically attack any stance that doesn’t dovetail perfectly with their own. Its the curse of religious dogma. The true believers can be on good behavior only until they perceive that you are questioning their dogma. The dogma is inviolate and all must follow, or be labeled an enemy to be destroyed, by any means necessary.
          So if, for example, one was to say that BOTH Martin and Zimmerman were in the wrong, far from noting that you partially agree with both sides, they both only see the part where you disagree half the time as well. And that’s plenty to call you “enemy”.
          Pretty pathetic, huh? Neutral seems now to be a foreign concept.

          • Thank you for the support.

            Been on this blog a few years, and there are always new names popping up, contributing to the dogma, and thinking that trash talk, chest thumping or unjustified bravado will silence all others. They come and go, “like sands through the hourglass”. Yet, I continue to present troubling thoughts for whomever is open to a different take, a different way of presenting.

            I try to engage anyone who wishes to indulge in conversation, spirited though it may be, and try to blow up only those who are so intellectually limited that their only response to others is to resort to trash. Sometimes I respond in kind, but mostly I try to prompt them to continue speaking idiocy for all to see.

            And, occasionally, I throw out a bit of unidentified snarc for the entertainment of those who might enjoy a challenge.

          • Kenneth,

            While I appreciate your attempted thought process, I do have an engineering background and thus my opinion of neutralism. Neutralists simply are unable to make any decision. The effort to please everyone succeeded you in convincing no one. Perhaps you and Sam can have a tea party to determine if you both can make it through life not believing in ANYTHING.

            • “Perhaps you and Sam can have a tea party to determine if you both can make it through life not believing in ANYTHING.’

              Arrogance and judgmentalism borne of ignorance is not a badge of honor, not a sign of a superior intellect.

              Perhaps you are not familiar with the Socratic method: question and answer; challenge and riposte; self-examination of preconceptions through vigorous interchange with others not of like mind; the recognition that the intellect should always be inquiring, and willing to cast off those notions that are only supported by mental comfort of the individual.

              As to neutralism, it is quite simple: no decision is a decision, and the individual is responsible for every action and/or non-action. Evaluating ideas and events is not neturalism. Refusal to join the crowd is not refusal to act at all.

          • Kenneth,

            While I appreciate your attempted thought process, I do have an engineering background and thus my opinion of neutralism. Neutralists simply are unable to make any decision. The effort to please everyone succeeded you in convincing no one. Perhaps you and Sam can have a tea party to determine if you both can make it through life not believing in ANYTHING.

        • That is largely what I do as well. My plan is just to attempt to get the ideologues(the “true believers” in whatever dogma) to learn how to think again. They all knew how when they were little children, but a lifetime of indoctrination(movies, TV, public ‘service’ conditioning, church punishments, etc.) convinces many that thinking is old fashioned and stupid. Much easier to threaten, namecall, and ridicule.
          Well, it might be easier, but it sure makes them look foolish in the extreme. At least in my eyes. And anyone else still able to think rationally.

    • Maryland is just another example of how an entire state ends up being controlled by an urban center. The middle of the state- Baltimore, western shore of the Chesapeake, DC suburbs- has the population and is firmly in the hands of the Democrats, who, as we know, love to buy votes with “free” stuff. The western part of the state and the eastern shore of the Chesapeake is much more red than blue, but hasn’t got the numbers.

      Even tho the state is blue, the governor (Hogan) is a much beloved Republican, though he behaves sometimes like a Democrat. Keep an eye on him, tho, rumors abound he plans to launch a primary challenge to the Donald.

      I live right next door in DE. Thinking I might skip on over and pick up a T-shirt, spend the day with the good ol’ boys.

  24. Well the same thing is happening in ILLinois. Pretty funny this is coming from Maryland. My son the vet(& DoD dude) is probably having a coniption fit over these dirty unwashed gunowner’s😄😊😏

    • “…these dirty unwashed gunowner’s”.
      Wait just a minute! I live in Illinois, I own guns, AND I TAKE BATHS. Me, my wife, our dog, all in the bathtub together. Don’t call us unwashed!

  25. Isn’t there laws against people that push a different government (socialism) and try to destroy the constitution of the USA, Especially if those people are in political offices that have sworn to uphold and protect the constitution of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that TREASON.

    • Socialism is an economic system rather than one of government. It is, however, in conflict with the sacred ideals of individual liberty. AD, therefore, does not abide.

    • “Isn’t there laws against people that push a different government (socialism) and try to destroy the constitution of the USA, ”

      Couldn’t find a reference in the constitution, but federal law does deal with rebellion.
      “18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection”

      The US government dealt quickly with two rebellions not long after independence (1783).


      It is “the government” that declares when rebellion exists, not “the people”. Thus, the government itself cannot be be accused of rebellion (as in importing a different kind of governmental scheme without changing the constitution). There is no legal mechanism to “try” the government for rebellion and/or insurrection. The government is a sovereign, and can only be sued by its consent to allow it.

  26. I don’t put much stock in the idea of sheriffs being more pro-rights than chiefs, superintendents, etc. It’s all about the type of place they come from. There are sheriffs in urban areas that are just as anti-gun as NYC ones.

    That said, I know some deputies in MD and Mike Lewis is known as the kind of guy you would want to work for.

  27. Those MD Legislators are freaking out because they never expected to be confronted with such straight forward outbursts/promises of civil disobedience . They, as many Legislators believe, that what they pass is for our own good and never asking us the people they represent. Instead they follow the wind of the party and what will get them reelected.

  28. The thing I don’t understand about Maryland – and maybe someone can explain – is their unchangeable deep blue condition. In a state with a little over six million people and apparently thousands of gun owners, the Democrats have maintained a permanent super-majority in both houses of the legislature for almost 100 years. Baltimore is failing. Crime is rampant. They can’t stop strings of murders. They’ve given felons the right to vote. They’ve gerrymandered the hell out of the districts in central Maryland to their advantage but nobody challenges it.

    Democrats win all of the local elections but Republicans have held the governorship for a long while now. There is clearly Republican support, but are they actually even bothering to vote?

    How much longer can they perpetuate this fraud? When will MD turn bright red?

    • I am one of the Patriot Picket people and was there all day last Monday. You should have seen the Moms that Demand Getting Some Action. They were upset we took all the seats. Many were bused in and had really no idea what they were talking about. Some even hid in the women;s room claiming all the white aryan males scared them. Notice the tissue box on the table? That was for their acting. we stayed until 4:00AM on bills.

      About MD. I have lived here all my life. The problem is that only three counties control the other 21 and the state. Dem gerrymandering,, as well. Used to be equal representation for each county. Then the big three got pissed they were getting nullified. Sort of like how Dims want popular vote. So three cities with the most people can control the rest of the country. That is Maryland now. Also, VA the same.

      I just turned 53 and it was not like this in the 80’s when I was in HS. All the Gubbmint workers living in MD and Northern VA are the ones causing this. Also, all the social experiments with schools. We used to take rifles to school to shoot in the woods after school. Never an issue.

      • Another thing. They did not show all the women, minorities, and Jews who are pro 2A there.

        Also, finally the FUDDs showed up since it now affects them. They were promised tat the law in 2013 would not harm hunters, etc. So they pulled a Battle of Falkirk back then and just let us handle it ourselves. We have always stood for them. Finally they did show. Better late than never. 😛


        If you want shirts there is a Maryland pro gun forum called MDS for short. I have been a member since 2013- the original ban dates. On there you will see our stuff, as well as other threads. As was mentioned, as well you can go the PAtriot Picket’s FB page.

      • Gov Blowgan, I mean Hogan is in his second term, There have only been a couple Republican Govs in MD since the 60’s. Hogan is a pushover and is really a RINO. He does not help. He claims he works with Dems- he means cucks. He is not a 2A friend. Also, the Dems in MD do not like getting rebuked. So when a Republican won the Mayorship in Annapolis, the Dims voted to lessen his powers. Same with Hogan, He knows that the GS in MD will overturn stuff so he runs scared. He won both times because of two things:

        1) both Dems sucked arsh
        2) He is more fiscally conservative and the sate is doing well so people vote for that.

        Other than that, Hogan can go fly a kite somewhere.

        • Babalou:Right on, Rino Red Flag Hogan could have vetoed that bill,Already got one AA,Co man killed by police.Hogan is not a friend of the 2 Nd amendment,Just a DemoRAT kiss ass.

    • The problem with MD is clearly the gerrymandering and the bleeding hearts living in the Baltimore-Washington corridor. They control the direction the state has taken. They absolutely believe the gun lies the local politicians and the media propagandists tell them. These combined have created more and more anti second amendment laws that continue to fail to fix the problem.

  29. It is past time to go back and NULLIFY the 1934 Gun Ban on full auto firearms that INFRINGED ON OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Get rid of this “law” and all the others can/will become null and void!

    Force OUR Supreme Court to defend our 2nd RIGHTS. If these libturds don’t understand what the words, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means, then we need to TEACH THEM how to understand it! Fight them in COURTS all over the country. Don’t accept ANY new “gun laws” unless they are AIMED ONLY AT THE CRIMINALS..

    We can NEVER win a fight playing DEFENSE.. I’m a Benefactor member of the NRA and years ago finally got across to them that defense will never win! OFFENSE is the only solution. Take the WAR to the idiots that want to violate our Constitution and Bill of Rights! Sue the socks off of these “politicians” if that is what it takes to WIN..

    Biggest problem; THEY don’t want to stop the CRIMINALS. IF THEY REALLY DID, they would pass one simple law against the CRIMINAL: MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCE FOR ILLEGALLY KILLING ANOTHER PERSON WITH A FIREARM. No plea bargain, Short trial and when convicted the NEXT WEEK they are DEAD.. My Missouri House Rep wouldn’t go this because “she” is against the Death Penalty.. Disgusting..

  30. The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.
    Samuel Adams

    • “The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards;”

      Yes, and?

  31. I live in WA. I applaud most of the Sheriffs of the state. However, I can’t help but wonder if they would be better off SILENTLY noncomplying as opposed to publicly BOASTING about noncomplying (and thus attracting the attention of the evil AG who is a Communist). I mean, bottom line is let the sheep on the left be under the illusion that their law is being complied with while we secretly go about our business as if the bullshit law never got passed in the first place. Why stir the pot so to speak? Thoughts?

    • If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.“
      Sam Adams

    • Silent noncompliance is just accepting being a criminal, and hiding in fear. We are not criminals, we are free citizens.

      Vocal and preemptive noncompliance shines a light on the rats and cockroaches endangering our freedom and points the way to stopping or destroying these unconstitutional laws.

      Everybody dies, if it comes to that do you want to die standing for something, or live on your knees as those who seize power decide how you and your loved ones live, or die?

      I’m not joking. Please God it never comes to violence, but if they bring it we have to be willing to meet it. Otherwise give up all hope, ye who enter here.

    • Thoughts: so called “anti-gun” laws are only one line of attack. Now they attack the gun industry through the finance world and ammunition.
      Take away financing the companies and tax the shit out of the ammo and what are we left with? With the rights but NO product.

  32. All I see are Leftist Socialist showing how they will revert to Fascism the MOMENT they have enough power.

  33. They will not be alone.
    BTW: There is a SCOTUS decision that violating such a law makes a person a criminal and they cannot be prosecuted, something about self incrimination…. anyone know about with this decision?

    • I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. The 5th Amendment to the Constitution says you cannot be compelled to give evidence against yourself (self incrimination). This is why defendants in a trial often do not testify. It eliminates the possibility of answering a question in such a way that they do in fact incriminate themselves.

      However, there is no prohibition to an individual voluntarily incriminating himself. This is called, “confession”.

      • “However, there is no prohibition to an individual voluntarily incriminating himself. This is called, “confession”.”

        There is also a legal means to compel a person (defendant or not) to testify against themselves. This is called “transactional immunity”. Even though such testimony cannot be used as evidence (confession) against the target, the secondary fallout from such testimony can be almost as devastating as jail time.

        So, yes, there are reasonable limits on the 5th Amendment. “Compelling government interest”, and all that jazz.

  34. There you have it.

    Compare this real world event to…

    …CNN and Faux alternatie-universe “breaking news”.

  35. Anyone think we’re being played into action? The anti-gun groups take their marching orders from someone… Follow the money trail, that’s the key…

  36. Many years ago, and I don’t remember exactly where I heard it or possibly read it; it was stated that if you disagree with some organization’s view point, the best thing you could do is to hit them in their pocketbook.

    Ask them to send you printed matter stating their beliefs, bumper stickers, etc……all that stuff costs MONEY, plus the cost of getting it to you. Then when you get it, throw it away or burn it.

  37. Might be time to water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots. The tyrants will most surely lose as did King George and his Regulars.

  38. Several years ago in Texas people started an empty holster campaign. It worked. Now in Maryland it’s “I will not comply” T shirts. Combined with a take over of every seat in the hearing room.

    The example is set for California or any blue state. But are you willing to do it? I sure hope so.

    • You’re right if people don’t get off their butts n Muster a Pair and take a stand ALL may be lost ! I WILL NOT EVER COMPLY !!! I ask my fellow Arkansans to follow !

      • With just 30 people wearing “I will not comply” t-shirts is a display of tremendous political power. All for the cost of a t-shirt. And a few hours of your time at a Committee hearing. It’s just that simple.

        You don’t even have to have your t-shirts professionally printed. Anyone can go on to YouTube and find out how to draw a “I will not comply” t-shirt and print it at home for practically nothing.

  39. Leftists would pass laws making all of us into criminals. Then, “enforcement discretion” would be used to target their political foes.
    Do Not Comply!

  40. You better fight hard now. Look at New York State for example, a lot of Hunter and sport shooter did not fight for our rights but thousands did. They pushed the so called S.A.F.E. act through in the middle of the night. Now every year they push may B.S. laws and there is no resistance. Cuomo wants NYS to be the 1st handgun free state in the country. Doing that will push him way up in the race for 2020 POTUS.

    • Andy “Andreyevich” Cuomo carries a lot of baggage if he runs for Prez. First, he’s an arrogant urban liberal p**** just like his daddy Pope Mario the Pious with an obnoxious off-putting personal style. He’s an out of control dictator now that the Dems own the New York state assembly.

      Running for Prez vowing to take away America’s handguns like he did in New York? That’ll sell in Deplorable country. Yeah, I know, if container-ship loads of harvested ballots cast by illegal aliens are counted, then I guess we’re toast.

      But there’s a quote that will follow Cuomo to his grave: “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”

      • “America kind of sucks and always has. If you vote for me, I’ll make sure that living in this country continues to suck.”

        Sad thing is, there are a lot of people who will hop right on board with that campaign and already have.

    • The only places he MAY possibly win would NY, the people’s republic of Calicommia and maybe the idiots in Suckago. The rest of the country hates his worthless a$$.

  41. 18 U.S. Code § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

    Maybe it’s time to start swearing out arrest warrants, particularly for those that enacted and voted for gun control laws since ruled Unconstitutional by SCOTUS.
    As long as there is no penalty for trying, they will continue to attempt to deprive us of our rights.
    Further, if anyone can be shown to haved died as a result…. that makes this a felony.

  42. This is absolutely brilliant! Taking a page from MomsDemand playbook and actually using it against them. I LOVE the fact that their MomsDemand red shirts totally pale in comparison to the amount of will-not-comply shirts in the room. Keep it up Maryland gun owners! Show the rest of the socialists states that you only win by showing up. Mail to legislators will never make an impact this strong.

  43. I can’t see where any of this is even legal!! It is going against our second amendment rights! Bullshit! I would never give up my rights either good for you guys keep it up Maryland!! These Democrats think they can do anything they want and get away with it!? Who is gonna come collect these guns?! If everyone stands together along with the police what are they gonna do!? Lmao Bring it on Democrats!!! You are gonna lose this one Bigly!!!! Bunch of anti American terrorists!! Oh and I wanted to ask if these Democrats were the first ones to give up their rights!?

    • I agree 100 percent…….that’s why not one inch can be given to this rotten crew of politicians. They work incrementally to reduce our 2nd amendment rights. They use the nut or criminal who guns down people as the norm or representation of all gun owners, when we know it’s a miniscule group that abuse gun ownership. These rabid socialists bit by bit try to nibble down the right ……by banning types of guns, magazines, boosting fees, requiring registration to buy ammo……anything they can dream up..hoping to gradually neuter the gun ownership. Meanwhile they flood the country with criminals from around the world with their sanctuary state b.s…drug dealers, gangs from MS 13 Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Somalia, Syria……you name it ……….and they get a free ride. Most of this vile groups “bundle up ” and migrate to common towns so they can control neighborhoods, intimidate residents…….BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DEFEND YOU HOME OR FAMILY.

  44. Just one question… what part of the Second Amendment stating …shall not be infringed?

    • Kyle,
      Can you clarify your question?
      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  45. Good to see there remain some people with some sense in MD.

    Keep at it and make those lefties think 1000x

    One thing, this is NOT what DEMOCRACY looks like. It’s what FREE MEN look like reasserting their rightful claims that devolve from their inherent freedom.

    Try some of this to get the words in your heads right:

    Good luck to all goos Americans. We will likely need it.

  46. Trying living in the fiefdom of NJ…..the worst for 2nd amendment rights violations. Absolutely NO RIGHT TO CARRY. Dont even think of using a gun to even protect yourself IN YOUR OWN HOUSE. If you are broken in, attacked, or robbery attempt…..and use a gun, YOU WILL BE TAKEN “IN”. Police will ransack your house to find all your weapons, ammo etc and confiscated all of it, until a judge clears you of any fault……many months later. If your house is broken into while you are out and a gun is taken…….the same scenario will happen. We have the worst politicians for the most part in Trenton, all hacks. A few such as from my county are on our side, but they are a minority. This current Governor, Murphy is basically a tool of the leftist socialist/progressive fascists. They do not believe in individual rights, but in the complete power of government over the masses, along with sanctuary state, driver licenses for illegals, free schools, medical care, and legal fees for illegals…..and while they want to flood the state with gangs, drug dealers and general criminals……..they want to disarm us. I have been preaching the DO NOT COMPLY IDEA for a long time. Constitution over rides the coup, and corruption of these politicians trying to use the fascist concept of disarming the public……reference to Europe WWII…..and I wont name the nation that invaded others and pulled this action.

  47. Why show up to state you won’t comply? Just don’t comply. DONE! Let the “officials” be surprised when they try to bully their way into our lives, more so than they already do. Any thinking person understands this is the true reason for all of this anti-gun propaganda from the government.

    Let them believe there are only a couple of hundred here and there. The element of surprise is a tried and true means of eliminating an enemy. Why would you want to let them know the true numbers of those who will not comply? We know it’s in the millions. By far dwarfing all military and law enforcement in this country, combined. Even if they all took part in trying to enact such laws, which we know they won’t.

    Let them fear the unknown. Don’t show your hand.

    • Todd — it is better to put your foot in the door and stop it from closing than push it open after it has been closed

  48. Needs to be a national movement & include national conceal carry! Time to fight elect different leaders!

  49. New Mexico has already had 29 of 33 county’s declare themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties, and those Sheriffs have said they will not enforce the illegal, unconstitutional laws. Go MD. We are with your will not comply m9vement.

  50. Are 2nd amendment was put gorth by our for fathers for a reason all americans have the right to bear arms to to protect are loved ones and all we work hard for were not going to give up our arms we are americans land of the free home of the brave millions hsve fought to up hold this way of life ill never give up my fire arm

  51. I am from WA and have family there and if you can get this started I will come home and be in the front line to be seen it is better to take a stand now than wait tell we have nothing to stand up for

  52. Is it possible to obtain a CCP as a non-resident of MD without many hassles? Living in Frederick County Virginia, I often need to travel to Hagerstown on I-81. It’s a hassle to not be legal to enter Maryland with my weapon, WV is of course no issue. THANK YOU

  53. When the government over-steps it’s authority…the People need to pull them back in…It has become the time that we reel OUR government back in…

    • “It has become the time that we reel OUR government back in…”

      Tain’t “our” government. It belongs to the donors, the “deep state”/administrative state, bureaucracy. None of which are responsive to voters. A single billionaire cannot, alone, truly defeat the hydra.

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