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Let’s start at the end of this report by California’s “Isla Vista Foot Patrol and UC Police conducted a check off the area with a K9 unit. At about 7:00AM authorities detained the suspect and recovered the weapon. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office says the man owned the rifle legal [sic] and no crime was committed. They say he was transferring his rifle from his car to his apartment and made no threats.” “Recovered the weapon”? Is that what the California cops do with legally owned guns when the locals spot one and have a cow? OK, so, can you guess how much trouble this “inadvertent brandishing” caused. Hint: this went down somewhere near UC Santa Barbara, one of America’s premier party schools (Floatopia above) . . .

UC Santa Barbara Campus Police sent out alerts of a man with a rifle walking down Sabado Tarde in Isla Vista just a few blocks from the UCSB campus. At about 4:00 AM UC Santa Barbara Police sent out emergency alerts via email and text message warning students and staff of a man walking around Isla Vista with a rifle.

“It’s once a week you have an alert, really, it’s like oh someone was assaulted and arrested, there was a break in the library, guy was running around with a weapon. It’s really scary!” says UCSB student Michelle Alfarez . . .

UC Santa Barbara has an emergency alert system which warns students of threats in the area. You can register for these alerts by logging onto the UCSB alert page and warnings can be sent to directly to your phone via email or text message.

I am so in. And while I await the alerts about crappy punch and professors who actually failed a student, note that California will soon have a ban on openly carrying long guns. If Rifle Guy’s neighbors had ratted him out after January 1, 2013, he could have been looking at six months in prison and/or a $1000 fine. How great is that?

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  1. Going from his car to his apartment at 4 AM, and someone called it in? And even that is covered by the open-carry ban? Holy cow, I can’t even describe how disappointed I am.

  2. Hmmm…was the rifle in a case? If not, why not? Not because of the open carry (I really couldn’t give a sh!t if some of my peers soil themselves at the sight of a long gun) but I wouldn’t want my rifle bouncing around in my car or trunk without a case. I now have a tactical rifle case from that’s on sale right now for $20 that should be delivered in a couple days. Buy one…or two.

    • Good point. I always carry my long guns in locked cases because of this kind of Jack Wagon thing happening courtesy of a nosey neighbor, and because I don’t want them rattling around in the car, either.

      Now, openly carrying a long gun here in Kalifornia can have criminal repercussions for the gun owner as of Jan 1, 2013, as Robert Farago pointed out, even from the house to the car for transport to a legal range. It sucks!

    • A Sawzall Box is great for carrying a taken down AR-15, FAL, G3 or other black rifle that has an easily separated upper and lower. I use a tennis bag as my range bag. It has a lot of pockets for gloves, hearing protection, eye protection, tools, cleaning supplies, ammunition and pistols with their cases. No one pays any attention to it.

  3. my wife and i just came back from san diego….my wife stated that we should look into moving there because of the beautiful year round weather I said to her Great would love to… but theres one thing holding us back ….she said what? …..I said it’s in KALIFORNIA

  4. Yeah. it’s crazy in California. We’re over taxed and over regulated. The dems version of paradise.

    And for those of you that are glad you don’t live here, guess what? The first AWB was started here and our senator feinstein has a new and permanent nationwide AWB in the wings just waiting for this election to be over. Simply living in a different zip code doesn’t protect you from the insanity that is California.

    Keep pretending that it does and when you have to install bullet buttons and 10 round mags on your federally registered “modern rifles” you’ll get some idea of why we should have stood together as gun owners.

    • Sure buddy, we don’t care at all what happens in California, its citizens and their gun rights, which is why TTAG posts stories (such as this one) all the time, and posted links to the Assaulted movie fundraiser, to which I donated $100 even though I live in the glorious Free Republic of Texas.

      • Bob, no insult intended. I’ve gotten so used to the comments” move out of California, it’s a lost cause” that I automatically remind people that as California goes, so unfortunately does America.

    • And you just feel all righteous when you realize that by living in that wretched state gives them a higher population count, thus giving them more members in the House of Representatives, thus a bigger voice to push their anti-gun view.

      The gun owning portion of the California citizenship is far too small to ever make a change there – getting the hell out and giving them less political power is the best option.

      • No Toten, by living in this state I feel like I’m a voice of reason in a sea of insanity. And most of us are not cave living hermits. We have connections to other people that influence our decisions as much as our personal feelings on political issues. It would be great to move out of here, but I leave my grandkids behind when I do.

        So for now I stay here and continue to fight for all of our rights. And if the gun owning population is so small in Ca. then me getting out isn’t going to effect the balance of power that Ca. has.

        Putting the brakes on Californis’s power is only possible at the national level. If the majority in the house and senate as well as the oval office are gop you break the dem influence from Ca.

        • You may be a “voice of reason” but it’s a voice that’s drowned out by the overwhelming majority of Californians pissing their pants at the thought of a gun. No matter what delusions you have, you will not change anything. If you could, you wouldn’t have the laws you have now and you wouldn’t have lost the (neutered) right to open carry.

          Hey, go ahead, keep supporting California in their mad march. Maybe your feeling of self-righteousness will keep you safe if you’re attacked, because we know you’re not allowed to carry an evil gun for defense.

        • tot, next time you skateboard down to starbucks you need to get the decaf. You’re definately wound to tight. Have a nice day.

  5. Only in the Communist Republic of California; I love it because California is a beautiful place but many of the people are damn stupid.

  6. So honestly, you need a case to legally carry a rifle from your car to your home? Does that mean it will still be legal to open carry long guns as long as they are in cases?

    • Under the new law, to transport it outside of the range or your private property, it has to be in a locked container or “encased” . So, once you pull into your driveway, you can open carry it but there’s no exception for tranporting it.

      Side note – what the hell does “encased” mean? A hard case? A soft case? a gun sock? A sleeping bag or a blanket wrapped around it? Stupid laws that mean nothing.

      • “Side note – what the hell does “encased” mean? A hard case? A soft case? a gun sock? A sleeping bag or a blanket wrapped around it? Stupid laws that mean nothing.”

        Worse. Stupid laws that leave gray areas open to judicial interpretation…

      • You didn’t even focus on the most important term in the law, “locked”. The definition of a lock is: A mechanism for keeping a door, lid, etc fastened. There for, if your idea of “encasing” is a blanket, then Velcro would be an acceptable “lock”. If your idea of “encasing” is a box or a “case” then any form of a hooking latch would serve as a lock….

  7. The other ironic thing is that by constantly bombarding the average Joe and Jane with “alerts” via text and email, people will paradoxically become both frightened in a non-specific way, and yet paradoxically they’ll likely ignore the alert of a genuine threat (much like car alarms going off…no one even looks anymore) since there are so many false alarms. Is this the unintended consequence? Or is it politically savvy to keep the sheeple in a vague state of unprepared panic.

  8. The other ironic thing is that by constantly bombarding the average Joe and Jane with “alerts” via text and email, people will paradoxically become both frightened in a non-specific way, and yet paradoxically they’ll likely ignore the alert of a genuine threat (much like car alarms going off…no one even looks anymore) since there are so many false alarms. Is this the unintended consequence? Or is it politically savvy to keep the folks in a vague state of unprepared panic.

  9. “Someone doing something I don’t approve of? OMG CALL THE POLICE!”

    Liberty died in CA a long time ago. The idiots have been conditioned to be turncoat informers.

  10. Well,if you don’t like the(no) open carry laws in the PRC then you will want to contact PORAC (PEACE OFFICERS’ RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA) president Ron Cottingham,I’m sure he’ll love hearing from you .The laws outlawing open carry in California are a union response to whinning members who fail to realize that their job is and will be dangerous and that existence or non-existence open carry changes nothing.

  11. Hi, I’m kevin. I go to UCSB and I live the street over from sababdo tarde and I do keep 2 rifles at my house. However I carry them in a box or case and they don’t come outside for people to see. If you have any questions about UCSB or the area just reply.

  12. Oh dear.. I missed this one on the stupid meter..
    Anyone willing to take a California refugee??

    In a case or not, yeah he was in an apartment complex, and certainly there are common areas, but he was within reason. It wasn’t like he was jogging with it down main street or something. Much to do about nothing, I certainly hope he go this rifle back!
    I read the long rifle open carry law, and it is really vague. I mean to the point where I had concerns it might affect other rights. But you know now the legislators feel good in Sacramento. They did something to make our streets safe! Or not….

  13. Thanks to California’s insanity about guns, I have a misdemeanor arrest on my record. Back in 2000 I was out shooting on private land (with the owner’s permission) in an unincorporated area of San Bernadino County. I stopped at McDonalds in beautiful Barstow on my way home, ammo in the back of my truck, a Mosin Nagant on the back seat in a soft case. The aspiring rocket scientist at the drive thru called the cops after I left, reporting, you guessed it, a man with a gun on the loose in Barstow.

    Before I got home, there were two Barstow cops on my doorstep, yelling at me to drop the gun (in a soft case, in my left hand…in my right hand was an even more dangerous item, a Quarter Pounder with cheese Extra Value Meal). I put (not dropped) my Nagant on the ground, and asked what the problem was. We discussed it for a few minutes, when I (wrongly I’ll admit) suggested that the officers commit a physically impossible act upon themselves when they asked to enter my house and see what else I had in my gun safe.

    So I was arrested, cuffed, and carted off to jail (my Extra Value meal sat on the steps, alone and uneaten) and promptly released on my own recognacance after being charged with Disorderely Conduct. Based on the advice of a lawyer, the cheapest way out was to plead no contest, and I was given a deffered judgement. After a $100 fine payed to the CA Victims’ Fund and a year of clean living the charges were dropped and my record was expunged.

    Needless to say, I won’t be retiring to CA.

    • “suggested that the officers commit a physically impossible act upon themselves”


      I would have told them the same way…then sent the city a bill for the precious meal they let go to waste.

      I would have also taken it a step farther and asked them for a doughnut or two since you couldnt finish your meal.

      • Had a local yokel police officer who stopped me in my brand new Camaro one afternoon, and asked why I was stopped and he said he needed to do a safety check, I promptly commented “Bad cop, no donuts tonight”!

        It too ended up at the police station, with a slightly different ending. They too were getting ready to press disorderly conduct when I commented on which form I needed to file harrasment charges before I called my lawyer and commented I had the money, and the time to take it to court along with a suggested other piece of evidence against said officer the LT didnt want made public were the court appearance to happen, that I promised I would publicly divulge.

        God I love small town politics and cops who cant keep their wang-fus in their pants, especially with the Mayors wife and the Mayor dont know, during an election year no less.

      • Seriously though, stack the odd’s in your favor and pay a little extra for a “I support the local Sheriff” license plate many states have available or a window sticker showing your support for one of the local units. They really do look at such things.

    • You got arrested for exercising your right to free speech. Glad you were able to get it expunged, how much did that cost in lawyers and fees? Your “crime” was showing disrespect to a cop. And cops wonder why so many hate and distrust them.

      • With what I paid the lawyer (if you need a criminal attorney…don’t go cheap), court costs, and “restitution” to the victims’ fund, it cost me a little over $3,500.

        Thankfully it didn’t cost me my security clearance, though I do have to explain the whole story every five years when it’s time for me to be re-investigated for my TS Clearance.

  14. Theories about how the world SHOULD work aside, I think people who live in apartment complexes (and other high-density housing) should have their guns in a case for transfer between vehicle and abode.

    One only needs look at all of the “cleaning accidents” (NDs) to understand why many people see firearms as being intrinsically dangerous. If I were back in my apartment-dwelling days, I’d rather transport my guns in cases than try to convince neighbors in the surrounding 10 apartments that I was not going to have an ND during “cleaning” and put a rifle round through their living room.

    Besides, apartments frequently have much weaker physical security than houses. Why would I want the local bad guys to know they could go gun shopping in my apartment while I was out?

  15. This whole article is alien to me. I live in Glendale (suburb of Phoenix) and my neighbor and I are always walking to one another’s houses with uncased rifles or shotguns to show the other a new addition, mod or to make a trade. Never a problem, never folks running for cover or calling the cops. I’ve lived all my 40 years here and can’t imagine leaving the good weather and good politics. What other State would legalize both marijuana (I don’t partake) and Constitutional Carry in the same year?

  16. I was born in San Diego. Amazing weather. I’ve been back here and there as my sister is still out there. My wife once hinted we should think about moving there to which I expressed my distaste for giving up constitutional rights for good weather. I’ll stick to PA for now. Pretty cut and clean here for open and concealed. The liquor laws however… well thats another story.

  17. This is why any and all transport of handguns happens inside my garage, away from the prying eyes of neighbors. The less people around who know I have a gun, the better.

    Other than the token NRA sticker on my pickup, I don’t really wave the fact that I’m carrying and have a fort knox full of tasty pieces in my house all around my hood.

  18. This is what happens when liberals are in charge of anything. What a bunch of absolute crap…….so glad I finally escaped Commiefornya.


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