Screen capture by Boch via KFOR.
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What happens when an intruder forces entry on an occupied residence? When that homeowner is a gun owner and has a firearm within easy reach, things almost always go very poorly for the would-be Big Bad Wolf.

Cops in Chickasha, Oklahoma didn’t have far to look to find the man who’s forced his way into a home in the middle of the day on Tuesday.

Neighbors said they heard a long string of gunshots and could smell the gunpowder in the air in the aftermath. That’s how much ammunition the homeowner expended in dissuading the unwelcome guest. When cops arrived they found a very dead uninvited visitor and a dozen or more empty shell casings on the floor of the home.

They also found a very cooperative homeowner.

KFOR has the details . . .

“It was very scary,” said Nicholle Smith, who lives nearby. “I actually started shaking.”

Officers tell KFOR they were called to the scene near Westbrook St. and W Country Club Rd. around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.

“Our officers received a call of a domestic disturbance at 3015 Westbrook, in which a subject had broken into the home,” said Lt. Gillian O’Brien with the Chickasha Police Department. “As the subject made entry into the home, the homeowner opened fire right away.”

“I mean, it was pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. I mean, just, you know, as quick as someone could squeeze the trigger,” added Brandon Bowman who lives next door. “I mean, it happened so fast… I walked outside and could smell gunpowder right away.”

Another report by Oklahoma News identified the alleged intruder as the late Vernell W. Tall Jr.

Home carry allows good guys to defend their home when seconds count. There’s no going to the basement, the garage, or a bedroom to access a safe, load a gun and return to face the bad guys who are threatening you or your family.

As far as “cooperating” with the police in the aftermath of a deadly force incident, make sure you talk with an attorney first, OK?


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  1. I always home-carry, even when in my pajamas (LCP2 in a pocket holster). G17 and my LCP2 on the nightstand.

    Everyday, multiple times a day, I pray for peace. Every day, multiple times a day, I prepare for war.

    I believe prayers are more powerful than firearms, but I still keep the firearms loaded and ready.

    • I wouldn’t live in a warzone. There are plenty of places where one can live without the need to carry a gun inside a home.

        • That was a complete setup but the idiot they hired couldn’t follow the script. The incident was supposed to help the Democrats in the midterms. However, they didn’t need to bother, the GOP leadership sabotaged all the good candidates. They did not want a majority because then they could not hide behind the democrats who are only doing what Mitch McConnell wants to do – increase the power of the feds and enslave we the people and print more paper and call it “money”.

      • @Meremortal So, unless you live in Antarctica, it’s possible to have a dangerous intruder (2 or 4 legged) enter your property. Smart up.

        • Yeah recall the book “in Cold Blood”. The family lived in a rural community where nobody locked their doors at night. I am sure they felt”safe.” There hadn’t been a felony crime in their community in years.

      • He who goes unarmed in paradise had better be sure that that is where he is.”—James Thurber

        if you live on earth or in its immediate vicinity you are not in paradise.

      • Oh, is that so? Please, tell us more about such places. I happen to live in a rural, out of the way part of America. Have lived here for more than 30 years. I thought it was peaceful here. Then a drug freak killed two women who ran a local tombstone sales place, for little more than lunch money. Another drug freak kidnapped and decapitated a local girl. Another drug freak killed both grandparents, tried to dispose of their bodies in a bonfire. A beautiful young couple just starting out in life together were murdered in their home, on payday, for the money they had brought home. I could go on. The point is, there is no place safe. Drugs permeate the United States, and drugs are the driving motivation in so very many crimes. You are not safe. I am not safe, Our loved ones are not safe. If you don’t have a plan to meet violence, you are a fool.

      • Meremortal,

        There is no such thing as a non-warzone: bad actors can and do come calling anywhere and everywhere.

        • Untrue! A war requires two opposing sides.

          You can easily turn your immediate area into a non-warzone in a single step. Be a pansy/unprepared.

          Lacking an opposition force, there can be no war.

  2. In case the Left hasn’t noticed it or wanted to admit it, since they defunded the police, let illegal immigration run rampant, and instituted their other failed policies more people own firearms and know how to use them and more criminals are being shot dead. So they are saving the taxpayers money by not having to incarcerate the criminals at taxpayer expense. Additionally, it goes to show them that having a 2nd Amendment comes in handy when the politicians don’t want to obey the Constitution and try to subvert it. Furthermore, all this hype about disarming America is a joke as they don’t have enough police or military who would be willing to put their lives at risk doing that when they are outnumbered 50 to 1. Molon Labe.

    • dprato,

      I am convinced that the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex will not use police and/or military for wide scale disarmament. Rather, they will use a court order to cut-off your ability to use banking services and cut-off your utilities.

      There isn’t a bank in this country which will refuse to enforce that court order and risk fedzilla shutting down their entire business operation. Same goes for utilities. Good luck existing very long when you cannot withdraw from your bank/retirement accounts and your home has no electricity, no propane/natural gas, no phone, and no Internet access.

      Prepare accordingly.

      • No need.

        A digital token controlled by a bank that’s centralized would have the power to do this without “debanking” you.

        Besides, you can’t really be debanked when there are no banks, can you? Nah, you just get “de-Treasuried” directly.

        Think it’s a joke? .gov’s already testing it in the wild with banks like Wells Fargo to assist them. The game’s already afoot.

        Will you wake up to reality before it’s too late or will you accept your enslavement for a Social Security payment? Mostly I suspect the latter will happen when dumbass people say “iTz JuSt liKe mUh deBIt cArdz!!”.

        *tick tock* motherflippers.

      • Keep greenbacks at home. The bank nor any gummit poohbah can control it there.

        No don’t put it in a safe Maybe put some jars of peanut butter and sme jam in there with a not saying “fooled you sucker”

        No, get real creative.
        Ohm and DON”T keep much of it with your guns. Those are easy to find because they are solid and have a fair bit of metal in them. Paper? Another story.

    • Recent numbers I’ve come accross (John Lott?) show somewhat above 450 million guns in the hands of We the People. That does not include issued duty weapons for law enforcement, military, armed private security.

      Those firearms are in the hands of somewhat above 250 million ordinary citizens.
      That means since there are not an hundred million criminals the odds of a criminal being confronted by an armed citizen are quite high.
      But, as we can plainly see, not high enough.

      this clown was confronted by just the right number of armed citizens. Bully for the woman who prepared herself and took timely and appropriate action.

  3. The video with this article is missing something.

    Looking at the video at > at the top of the link > at about 1 minute there is view of what looks like a floor and rifle bullet cases and a magazine on the floor.

    The defender probably used an MSR, maybe. There’s something in the background on the floor sort of next to a wall corner not sure if that’s a rifle or not as can’t tell from the video.

    • Bottleneck style cases obviously ejected from a semiautomatic firearm. Very consistent with an MSR or one of those “pistol with a brace”. (I am so stupid and ignorant that I always brace the brace against my shoulder rather than my elbow until it is explained to me that it isn’t a Short Barrelled Rifle.). I expect that the intruder looks like Douglas Renfrow after his home was invaded by the Portland Police tactical team armed with fully automatic H&K MP-5s who panicked when he flicked his Bic. Renfrow was shot at least 28 times including at least 22 times in the back after he collapsed face down over a chair. The police chief warned that “the shooting was a warning of things to come as criminals become better armed and police try to match their firepower.”. A 9mm, two shot Derringer that was found in the home was cited as evidence of the extreme threat poses by the African American grandfather.

      • Why is that obvious? Bolt action rifles use the same bottleneck cases as the semi autos. The report of the speed of shots, now that indicates semi auto.

  4. Recidivism clearly doesn’t apply here, not even personal intercession by George Soros would let this guy walk!

  5. FBI chief says shadowy Chinese police stations in the US are ‘outrageous’ and he’s ‘very concerned’ >

    The FBI doesn’t need to worry about Chinese police stations, the Democrats will get around to de-funding them soon enough. But before they do, maybe we can get them to do something about the crime.


    • The YouTube channel China Uncensored did an article about those. They are all over the world. And they are used to harass and intimidate the Chinese communities everywhere.

      • Just tell a local Antifa or BLM chapter that it’s a Nazi/Klan/GOP HQ and leave them some bike locks, cans of gas and matches.


    • Sorry, But, a DC jury will NEVER convict ANY democrat & will NEVER acquit any GOP. The DC Federal Court should be disbanded, and trials held in home state of defendant.

  6. Now that the Republicans have control of the house and can start investigations without worrying about the democrats having the majority control …

    House Republicans are going after Hunter Biden. Here’s why the White House should be worried >

    “The Republican House majority immediately went on the attack this week, promising subpoena-powered committee investigations into the business dealings of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s 52 year-old son. 

    In a joint press conference, GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer, the incoming chairs of the House oversight and judiciary committees, pounded the table with allegations of Hunter’s influence peddling and alluded to broader corruption by ‘the Biden family.’ “

  7. Damned neighbors.
    Could have drug the carcass out back and made up some Chickasha Chick Fillets.
    But nope.
    Hollywood is trying to ruin Tulsa.




  9. my front door has a sign:
    “this door is here to protect you from me-
    kick it in and your protection is gone”
    my back door has 2 signs:
    one is a picture of a 1911 race gun
    and a caption that says
    “this home protected by wireless high speed device”
    the other is a picture of a glock
    with a caption that says:
    “nothing in this house is worth dying for”
    its worked good so far

  10. don’t agree with the last sentence in the story about cooperating with the police. Advice from people that actually teach lawyers about self defense, tell the police (in this case) “the person broke into my home, I feared for my life so I shot at him with my firearm. If you have any other questions, i will be willing to answer them after I have conferred with my lawyer”. You’ve given them the basics and invoked your right to any attorney before answering any other questions.

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