New York Governor Hochul
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon)
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New York’s appointed Governor Kathy Hochul continues to provide hard-left anti-gun “leadership” to the Empire State. Her latest directive to the NYPD: Assume that anyone carrying a firearm is carrying unlawfully. Because New York City is such a bastion of safety, civility and security thanks to generations of strict gun control.

Project Veritas uncovered the latest memo from NYPD to its beat cops. GOA shared it via Twitter . . .

Because licensed good guys carrying guns for personal defense are driving New York City’s crime problem. Of course they are.

Here’s the Project Veritas release . . .

Image via Twitter.

Meanwhile, on New York’s east side, violent criminals run amok, with little or no fear of apprehension by police or prosecution by its Soros-funded prosecutors like Alvin Bragg. Case in point: this little drama which played out barely a block away from the United Nations famed knotted revolver sculpture.


That’s right, little over one block from the vaunted UN “non-violence” sculpture, armed robbers operate with impunity in a city where just about all of the good guys remain disarmed, easy victims thanks to New York’s strict gun laws.

Screen capture by Boch. Via GoogleMaps.

But after the Bruen decision, Governor Kathy Hochul intends to treat everyone with a gun as a criminal. Because setting up confrontations between cops and good guys and depriving them of their civil rights is a wonderful idea. Then again, maybe that’s a feature of Hochul’s directive, not a bug.


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    • Apparently Newsom here in CA thinks she’s a heroine and an example to follow. Our AB918 narrowly failed (by only two votes) to pass via a supermajority for emergency (immediate) implementation, but when a revamped version introduced in the next session beginning Jan 2023, it will undoubtedly be under a simple majority vote, which will ensure its passage. Then it’ll become effective Jan 2024.

      I read a couple of days ago that WA and OR are drafting their own versions as well, with HI considering the same.

      Welcome to the constitutional balkanization of America.

      • Well everyone knows what Gun Control zealots are up to, obviously everything they say gets lots of press. They do not hide anything because the opposition to Gun Control is lame to say the least.

        So lame not a word from those who proclaim to be on point protecting the 2A was said about a speech in congress following the Uvaldie tragedy. If it were not for a woman guest host on Bongino I would not have heard a speech that should have been heard by all months ago.

        Main reason I will not listen to Gun Talk Radio because asking tom grisham to define Gun Control by its history has been a complete waste of time. Ol tom boy hasn’t a problem asking listeners to drop what they are doing and show up on the steps of their state capitol to fight some insane gun law. When people just cannot jet set away and show up puts ol sneaky middleman libertarian tom in the clear. You won’t hear the following coming from the back benchers…

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      • Yeah, here in ORtardia, our Republicans are sycophants of the Democrats, so they only ask if they have to swallow.

      • It has been going on for decades, ever since the Voting Rights Act put some states under different rules than others.

  1. ‘Anyone Carry a Firearm Is Presumed To Be Carrying Unlawfully Until Proven Otherwise’

    As per NY Governor Hochul:
    Any cop carry a firearm is presumed guilty.

    • Well, them likely constituting a ‘standing force’ and being on United States soil and thus likely not able to be properly considered as or being outside of “the militia”, perhaps they are carrying arms unlawfully…

  2. More lawsuits on the way, and the police should not stand behind any unjust laws or they are as bad as she is.

    • New York Police are part of the problem. They are also people that carry firearms, thereby making them guilty aswell. EVERYONE in New York that helped put her in office is part of the problem too.

      But there is a much larger problem. Even if she is removed (for any reason), someone just like her is waiting to take her place. The people of New York WILL vote for them too. It never ends.

    • I was in a recent conversation with an active S.W.A.T. officer from a department here in SoCal, and he said he doesn’t trust anyone with a CCW to act in a sufficiently responsible manner. He prefers to have only LEOs armed.

      Some cops are pro-2A. Some aren’t. It’s a toss-up to say how many would support their communities and defy unconstitutional orders if TSHF one day and something akin to CW2 were to spark.

      • I’ve felt this way for a long time. It’s delusional to think LEOs or the military won’t “follow orders.” Line cops and National Guard troops went door to door and confiscated people’s legally owned guns after hurricane Katrina, line NYC cops went door to door to confiscate previously legal “assault weapons” when Dinkins took office, and line cops enforced all manner of unconstitutional Covid “mandates.”

        Sorry to say, but the Rubicon has been crossed. The government we have now hates half the people in the Country, sees them as a threat, and seeks to criminalize any political opposition.

        • Time to move, then. Out here in flyover country the Sheriff’s Deputies are all 2nd Amendment supporters, so is the Sheriff.

        • We’ll see how much the vaunted “first responder” local heroes care about your rights when the Feds give them full-auto Mk18s and MRAPs to confiscate property from dissenters and haul them off.

      • Sounds like he a grown up with liberalism on his mind. That kinda ticks me off that he thinks he is better trained than everyone else out there, there are a lot of normal citizens that are highly trained, some even better than him. But training or not everyone has the right to defend themselves even the 80 year old grandma. He has no right to decide who is allowed to defend themselves and who is not, that is the same thinking that the democrats and the left have, get all the power over everyone so you can control them.

      • Haz
        You should have asked him how it feels to be a hypocrite and most likely an oath breaker.
        A lot will just follow orders. Oathbreaking scum.
        Twice !

      • Haz, ALL cops are the problem. The gestapo minded ones, prob well over half of them, just can’t fucking wait and big talking, pro 2A ones do and say nothing when push comes to shove. The police are the enablers, no one else. Without the cops on board these pipsqueak wannabe tyrants wouldn’t dare peep out the curtains. Up here the cops (rcmp) are flat out complicit in the idiot manchilds unlawful disarmament attempts. Again: the cops ARE the problem. ALL of them. Every last one of them.

        • Eat a bag of dicks douchebag. Call your douchebag friends when your shit gets stolen or wife raped or anyone of any number of things that get taken care of by cops. I quit after 11 years, not because I didn’t love the job but because of twats like you that use an extremely broad brush to paint every cop in the same light and I just got tired of wondering if today was the day I was going to go to jail for the rest of my life for doing my job. Plenty of cops and the admin in my former agencies said fuck no to enforcing Covid bullshit and very much support the 2nd amendment but you stay the fuck up there in Canada where you’ve gotten exactly what you deserve in terms of government.

        • My stuff gets stolen? The cops will come out and write a report for me to send the insurance company, run my name for warrants, then look around for something to arrest me for. My wife wasn’t raped but my daughter was. Not a damn thing was done after the report was filed.
          Don’t break the law and you won’t be put in jail for “doing your job”. Sounds like you were a bad apple if “doing your job” would put you in jail.

          Oh, the old “paint all cops with the same brush” whine. Like you over paid pampered snowflakes don’t do that to citizens? Those “twats” are the people who paid your salary. Good thing you quit, you were just another thug with a badge.

      • Guys like that come to USPSA; get dunked on by “C” rank shooters and then come out with hot takes like the above.

      • I Haz, I’m a retired LEO with over 30 years behind the badge. I have to disagree with that SoCal SWAT officer. I was also a firearms instructor helping train officers and saw how little most of them cared about keeping up with their shooting skills. A lot of them only fired their duty handgun during the semi-annual quals. They detested having to go qualify with their weapon. Other than that, the pistol stayed in the holster never to be fired for practice. It’s been my experience that most CCW folks are much more skilled with their pistol than some of the officers I’ve run in to. So this idea that police officers are the only folks worthy of carrying handguns is bunk.

    • Previous pronouncements re implicit bias and more Coumo/ Deblasio at the time but yes that was put out and followed/ignored depending on jurisdiction.

  3. “Guilty until proven innocent.”

    “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

    “Very few tyrants argued for the slavery of the masses. Instead, they argued for their right to protect the people from themselves.”

    • There should be planes flying overhead towing banners with the words of Pain, Jefferson, Franklin, Cox, Madison, Adams et al behind them, everywhere. And a constant swarm of them circling your now disgraced and defiled Whitehouse (imagine what went on in the Oval Office when Hussein and his manwife thing were in there, never mind that assclown biden and crew nowadays). I tried to think of a suitable candidate from up here in the queens colonies to add to that list but the closest I could come up with was the idiot manchilds stepfather Pierre (fuck quebec) saying “watch me” when declaring national martial law over some restless natives some years ago.

  4. So, someone from upstate NY needs a NYC gun permit if they’re carrying in in NYC.

    That they must apply for in NYC. Even if they live upstate.

    Has anyone filed a lawsuit on that bullshit yet?

    • Possibly and if not it’s pending, we have a lot going on at the moment with the courts. Come to think of it the gov is still appealing the unconstitutional covid isolation (concentration) camp ruling from a month or two ago. Right now we are focusing on the various carry restrictions that just passed as well as the SAFE act.

  5. I seem to recall some ancient phrase….how did that go? Oh yes, “innocent until proven guilty”. That woman is an idiot. Unfortunately the downstaters will return her to office next “election”. Stupid people get stupid rulers.

    • Zelden has a shot to unseat her but in the end that just gets us a veto and control of the budget (huge) but if they can override the vetos it’s just slower.

    • I think (but I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not sure) that there’s some fairly strong court precedent that carrying a firearm does not, in itself, constitute probable cause or any other indication of criminal activity. So, this order, like so many others, it illegitimate. But of course we knew that already.

      Things in NY are crazy at the moment, but there’s so much legal action happening in the state that I don’t expect many of these obviously unconstitutional edicts and orders to stick around for very long. We may be in a “Battle of the Bulge” kind of situation – the last, angry offensive from a defeated enemy. Need to keep the legal pressure on – Bruen (#1) packs a wallop!

      • Pretty much what I have seen / see going forward. Going to be wild for a year and change as some things work their way through hopefully expedited processes/appeals.

    • My standards on f-ability aren’t exactly high, but even I would have a problem keeping it up long enough to mount her…

      *shudder* 🙁

    • muckraker,

      Don’t call her a funt. I LIKE (most) funts. I strongly suspect that the woman (???) hasn’t had any in YEARS. Who would “do” THAT fugly troll????

  6. Something I don’t recall ever seeing a lot about is gun owner lawsuits for civil rights violations. It is getting about time those start happening. For as much as pols like her want to go on about qualified immunity for police officers maybe it’s time we reign in pols qualified immunity as well. This is clearly a call to violate the rights of the citizens of NY using her office.

    • “Something I don’t recall ever seeing a lot about is gun owner lawsuits for civil rights violations. It is getting about time those start happening.”

      Can anyone who actually knows enlighten us on why this is so?

      Beuller? Beuller?…

      • Unfortunately many of us little people don’t have the funds to battle the leviathan. They get to use our tax money to fight back, deep pockets for sure! If only politicians had to pay out of their own pockets. Dreamer! Your nothing but a dreamer!

        • “Unfortunately many of us little people don’t have the funds to battle the leviathan.”

          That’s what crowdfunding is for.

          Many POTG donating what they can afford is enough to launch lawsuits. Your 20 bucks a month makes that happen…

        • I agree Geoff that’s why I am asking all in the Colorado area to please join and give to RMGO Rock Mountain Gun Owners. They are doing some good work.

      • It’s hard to do that when judges tell you that you don’t have standing because your rights only count on opposite Thursdays in July.


    • Agreed, but not just politicians. Should apply to LEO, bureaucrats, the military. You went for the job, you ought to be prepared to pay the piper if you eff it up (granting that we also need tort reform).

  8. If every gunowner in NYS voted against this wannabe, we would be able to get her out of office and our self respect as New Yorkers back somewhat.

  9. Our “rule of law” for criminal cases is “innocent until proven guilty”. To obtain a search warrant, or arrest or detain a citizen, the police must demonstrate both “probably cause” and proof that a crime was committed.

    Methinks Unelected Governor Ho-Tool hates the Constitution as much as her senile moron of a (p)Resident.

    If y’all needed any evidence that the Leftist/fascsists WILL NOT STOP until they subjugate us all to their deluded “utopian” vision, here’s Exhibit 1,972,344. Fascists gonna fash.

  10. So, you are officially declaring that you do not subscribe to the fundamental tenets of American jurisprudence: Innocent until proven guilty, and equal treatment under the law. Good to know.

    Oh, also, about that car chase in NYC. I heard that the black bag contained $20,000. What kind of idiot causes $30K damage to a $150K car to get $20K?

  11. Governor Huchel is an evil bitch. Now all of the law abiding citizens of New York State, not just the criminals, will be demanding that the police be defunded, disarmed and disbanded.

  12. NY LEO’s should be wary of following her instructions. Qualified immunity may not cover them. There is a lot of case law about this already. These were all cited in Soukaneh v. Andrzejewski which was decided by US District Court covering NY that held the defendant (LEO) lost his Qualified immunity when he treated a licensed carrier in CT as though he was not licensed during a traffic stop. The devil is in the details of course, but Kathy may be biting off more than she can chew or perhaps feeding NY LEO’s more than is good for them.

    United States v. King, 990 F.2d 1552, 1559 (10th Cir. 1993) (“In a state such as New Mexico, which permits persons to lawfully carry firearms, the government’s argument [that the presence of a firearm justifies detention] would effectively eliminate Fourth Amendment protections for lawfully armed persons.”

    Commonwealth v. Hicks, 652 Pa. 353, 401 (2019) (“When many people are licensed to do something, and violate no law by doing that thing, common sense dictates that the police officer cannot assume that any given person doing it is breaking the law.”). To accept Defendant’s reasoning would permit police officers to detain any driver because he or she may have a counterfeit or otherwise invalid driver’s license which has been rejected by the Supreme Court. See Delaware v. Prouse, 440 U.S. 648, 660 (1979) (holding spot checks of vehicles to determine the valid licensure of the driver unconstitutional); Hicks, 652 Pa. at 395 (“[T]he government may not target and seize specific individuals without any particular suspicion of wrongdoing, then force them to prove that they are not committing crimes.”).

  13. Very interesting. I wonder how this will affect LEOs, both active and retired, who carry under 18 U.S. Code §926B (Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified law enforcement officers) and 18 U.S. Code §926C (Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified retired law enforcement officers) commonly known as the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act.

    • If States and cities can willingly and knowingly ignore Federal immigration laws then they can “overlook” other Federal laws at their whim.

      I believe I read a year or so ago that Hawaii was not going to honor HR218 (LEOSA) carriers who traveled to Hawaii, unless, the officers registered their firearm with Hawaii upon arrival in-country…and even then there may be other onerous hoops to jump through to satisfy the Democratic People’s Republic of Hawaii – DPRH (It only sounds like DPRK).

  14. She has a great idea. How about they keep going with it and say that anyone driving a car is presumed to be driving illegally until proven otherwise.

    • THe fact is that they really are. If you are stopped by the cops they can demand proof of identity, owership, insurasnce and licence and until you provide them you are considered illega. SO that’s knocked THAT argument on the head! l

      • NO, you pathetic Fake-Limey, Fake-Military wanking poofter. Thanks for proving (once again) you know nothing (I was going to finish that with “about criminal procedure or Constitutional law”, but omitting that makes my statement even MORE true).

        Police are allowed to require those things IF THEY REASONABLY SUSPECT that a crime has been committed or is imminent. Beyond that, they are s*** outta luck. But I guess you’re just used to, whenever a bobby says “Bend over”, just grabbin’ your ankles and crackin’ a smile.

        • Lamp, you again forget that Hand Licker Hall here understands not the words Freedom or Liberty. He has zero experience with them and thus zero frame of reference. It’s how Hand Lickers roll.

      • Albert, you are a fool. You didn’t “knock that argument on the head.” Cops cannot stop you JUST because they saw you driving. They have to witness you commit a driving infraction first. THEN they can stop you and ask for your info. You are not guilty until proven innocent when driving. You are innocent until SEEN committing a crime.

        It’s not rocket science, but I guess when you spend your whole life licking the boots of anyone with authority and begging them to govern you harder, it can be tough to tell what’s normal and right.

        • Never been through a safety and equipment checkpoint? Driving is, mistakenly, considered a privilege. I suspect you signed a contract when you got your DL to provide it upon request to any LEO. The same with the insurance and registration. Not producing the paper upon request is a crime in most states.

      • Albert L J Hall, British Subject, not an American citizen, One has nothing to do with the other, Lefty. When you drive a car and an officer observed you commit a traffic infraction, he has the DUTY to stop you, and determine who you are.
        Just because you see someone with a firearm does not mean he has committed a crime.
        I am you you know the difference even if you won’t admit it.

  15. The fact is that either this action is legal or it is illegal. In either case it can be challenged through the courts. So either issue that challenge through the courts or suck it up.

    • Other than dacian the demented dips***, is there a bigger bloody idiot commenting on this forum??? Why, no, no there isn’t.

      Albert, you have now joined dacian and MajorStupidity in the “you’re too stupid to insult” Hall of Fame. Congrats, I guess.

    • Here in the US, we have something called “civil rights laws”. Officials who know that what they’re doing violates the rights of their victim, but insist on doing it anyway, are both civilly and criminally liable.

    • Albert K L Hall The GOA-NY has already filed that case in US District Court, Northern District of NY

  16. Something police officers should consider: the governor and legislators have complete immunity. Judges have complete immunity. Prosecutors have complete immunity.

    Police only have ‘qualified’ immunity.

    If these happy little directives are unconstitutional, everyone who writes them will probably be granted immunity. Cops might not if they enforce them.

  17. Someone in nyc with a legal permit, I know there’s like 3 of them, needs to step right up and get their name on the lawsuit that smacks that bitch in the face.

    • I’m betting large that that particular bitch has been smacked in the face before. Maybe more than once. You can see the hate in her eyes.

  18. It’s mind boggling that ordinary pedestrians just sort of stand around and watch the violence. I think the average NYC’er has simply become numbed to the brutality of their environment. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. They vote; they get. No trips to NY in my future.

  19. Anyone who’s a NY politician is presumed guilty of treason until proven otherwise
    Easy game to play lady

  20. I had an uncle born in 1902 who remembered the passage of the Sullivan Law, and subsequently Prohibition. He said that by 1922 or 23 gangsters had taken over the streets of NYC completely. He said they were aggressively domineering, and there was “always at least 3 of them.” If you had a weapon, it was you that went to jail. Individual citizens had no chance of maintaining personal autonomy.

    Organized crime, commies and the politics of banning stuff have certainly formed an effective team against the Bill of Rights, haven’t they?

  21. Gov. Holchul should walk the streets of NYC alone, without any protective detail, for a few evenings. Then she would learn why law abiding honest people want to, NEED TO be armed. Then make such a stupid statement. The cops will be wasting so much time on the law abiding carriers that they will not be effective against so many other crimes.

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