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Michael “Mike” Bloomberg spent $10 million to air an ad during the Super Bowl yesterday showing what a warm, relatable hoplophobe he is. The ad highlighted the shooting death of a suspected 20-year-old gang member and lied about distorted the statistics on the number of children who die in firearms-related incidents every year.

As Reason points out . . .

According to to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, notes, the average number of firearm-related deaths involving Americans 17 or younger from 2013 through 2017 (the period used by Everytown for Gun Safety) was about 1,500, roughly half the number cited by Bloomberg. Furthermore, nearly two-fifths of those deaths were suicides, meaning the number of minors killed each year by “gun violence,” as that term is usually understood, is about 73 percent smaller than the figure cited in Bloomberg’s ad.

That’s what happens when you include adults in the numbers when talking about children’s deaths. Because gun control advocates have a persistent, tenuous relationship with accurate data.

In response, the National Rifle Association dropped this video highlighting average Americans who actually own and use firearms, people with who Bloomberg fears and distrusts.

Maybe “Mike” should stick to kissing babies and petting dogs.

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  1. Again WHAT do legal moral upstanding gun owner’s have to do with ghetto boy’s getting shot?!? Not a damn thing…it was a lame waste of $.

      • agreed. also, shouldn’t law enforcement be able to go to every gang members residence/hangout and disarm them using these new red flag laws? why isn’t it used to disarm all gangs, right now?? weird.

        • He and the other Elites Want it their way they have squads of armed personnal why is that?? But no one else can protect their family’s. That is socialism or Communism talking; which is it Mr. Bloomberg?????

  2. It was a bunch of typical hand picked statistics by Lil Napoleon.
    A 20 year old gangbanger is a “child’???
    He scares no one but maybe himself looking in a mirror.
    He wants a box to stand on!!
    Ill donate a box to put him in.

  3. Bloomberg spent 10 million on an ad.

    NRA spent 10 million on an ad.

    Meanwhile the NRAs home state VA was flipped to Democrats thanks to Bloomberg.

    Who is actually winning?

  4. As if the young man would be alive without guns
    As if he would be alive if it were a knife fight
    As if no one gets beaten or strangled to the point of death
    As if gangs have nothing to do with it
    As if his stupid decision to be there in the first place had nothing to do with it

    A mothers’ grief is being used and takin advantage of for the specific personal advancement of Bloombergs needs for presidential power. Something very similar is what Trump is being accused of and this man is ACTUALLY doing it. Where is the outcry on the left for this kind of unacceptable behavior? I think it’s perfectly acceptable if it’s from the left.

    This kind of behavior is exactly what happened to David Hogg.

  5. If Virginia had an election today do you think that the State would stay “flipped”? Only a guess, but, the Conservative and Independent voters who have now seen how their elected Lords and Ladies are Mandating their lives would probably keep the Old Dominion solidly Red. The Democrat majority in VA immediately violated the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments without even a pause for breath. Each of those elected officials have already violated their Oaths of Office and should be removed / recalled.

    Virginia Oath of Office:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties incumbent upon me as ………. according to the best of my ability, (so help me God).”

    For all of you Virginians who voted for the totalitarians…shame on you. Are your transient, temporary feelingz of perceived safety worth the Rights you are surrendering?

    For the Blooming Idiots: a child is defined in the USA as a person who has not reached their 18th birthday unless they have been granted emancipation as an adult under their State laws at an age of up to two years earlier than 18 (there are a couple of States that recognize somewhat later ages for reaching adulthood majority).

      • “simple as that” how many times has that phrase been used to justify or validate a point of view. I believe that the “grey area” voter can learn from stink shoved in their faces.

        Would the current state of increasing governmental oppression in VA motivate apathetic Conservatives to get off their fundios and to the polling places? Would Democrat hunters and firearm owners feel that their rights were being trespassed on and respond differently?

        It would be an interesting experiment.

    • As for voting, with electronic Voting Machines controlled by Private Cporporations with no public over sight or method of accountability, there is massive vote fraud !!! Broward County in Florida had 140 % voter turn out in 2018.

      Lots of voters had their votes flip from Trump to Hitlary right before there eyse !! You cab most didn’t catch it !!

      Several voting districts had busloads of voters who went from district to district voting multiple times and you can bet they didn’t vote conservative !!

      Hitlary was going to recount 5 states but when Detroit had more DumbocRAT votes than registered voters, she dropped that idea like a hot potatoe !!

  6. Bloomberg is a child , maybe he thinks all adults are like him , childish tantrum throwing , hoplophobic. He obviously thinks he can buy anything & anyone . Well Mikey our constitution is not up for debate and it’s certainly not for sale . Spend your dollars buying gangbangers a clubhouse in every city , pay them a wage for breathing & not killing each other .

  7. It seems as though the NRA is doing some serious house cleaning, good, Bloomberg needs his ass kicked good and hard and we need everybody running on all 8 on this one and any future tries

  8. Were his lips movin? Yeah, he was lyin! We just have to hope there aren’t enough idiots in the voting booths who actually believe him.

  9. Screw them all, Live free, Die Free, be not a subject!
    Most of the mouth runners do not have the intestinal fortitude
    to go the Distance
    Non Sibi Sed Patraie!

  10. Mike B-Loon-Turd is the type of petty tyrant the founders warned of, one of the reasons for the second amendment.

  11. George Kemp drove to an apartment complex and called a person he had a dispute with challenging him to a fight. The guy showed up with a bunch of other people and Kemp was shot! Maybe Bloomberg should have picked a better “victim” for his ad instead of a reputed gang member

    • There are times I wonder if the poor example choices are intentional in just seeing how much they can get away with.

      • No need to wonder. And everything that does’t get push back becomes “common sense / common knowledge” afterwards.

  12. Yo, Mikey what is the best defense for a 0ne hundred-pound woman against a two-hundred-pound man, a hat pin as they told us in the 70s? Nah, a 9mm.

    • Mikey thinks the woman should urinate on themselves to make them less attractive to rapists. It may work for some but not Harvey Weinstein.

  13. The left specializes in dishonest statistics since without deceit they could never come close to their goals. In most cases, the Republican isn’t great, but the Democrat will vote Nancy Pelosi for Speaker or worse. When they claim to support the Bill of Rights, it is always with an asterisk: except for guns, except for hate speech, except for…

    • So what else’s new here? Just another ultra liberal; bottom line ‘socialist’ ‘yiddiot’ doing his best to abolish the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. Like all the other liberal buffoons running on the democratic platform, that being a socialist one, pure and simple, some are more dangerous than others. First i thought old fart and ‘yiddiot’ sanders and prune face lizzie liawatha warren were the dangerous ones but bloomberg’s more dangerous. This old fart will piss his money away to get the presidency at all costs, Let’s hope it costs this bastard his entire fortune. FYI: the television commercials aka the BS express have begun with bloomberg. It said he got healthcare for thousands of New Yorkers as mayor and we should blindly accept this pure BS. Really, the people he got heath care aka Medicaid were for illegals, bums, leeches and parasites, you know the folks who never worked and paid into the system yet somehow think the government aka taxpayers should foot the bill and owe ’em a living. All this altruism will be paid for for by all the taxpaying fools living in New York except bloomberg, who were hornswaggled by this liberal who’s mantra is : I’ve got my share of the American dream, now screw everyone else and go hit the gutter and rot. Time for people to wake up and ask themselves the following question: ‘have the liberals aka ‘dimocraps’ done anything for you or America other than waste time and taxpayer dollars and collect big paychecks, in the last three years of Donald Trump’s presidency other than act like big cry babies and brats on the school yard ’cause they lost big time?’ I won’t wait for an answer ’cause there isn’t a thing these anti American obstructionists and big babies have done for us the people, for whom they work., at least nothing i can see. Wake up America to the liberals and their agenda to destroy America like we know it and turn it into a socialist failure, like all the other places socialism has run into the ground.

  14. Did they even do their homework before using this woman and her son’s death to stump on?

    So many points go against them it is ridiculous.
    1. He was 20 years old, not a child.
    2. The way they act like their dead friends were going to be pro ball players or rappers let’s you know exactly what kind of education and upbringing they have.
    3. This guy DROVE to the guys house that shot him. He drove there with his friends to fight him. Does he not share a large portion of the blame for instigating a fight?

    This guy was far from a victim.

    It’s like they are begging us to attack the credibility of this ad just so they can scream racist as soon as we do.

    • Most people that see the ad will never no the facts. Like someone said above, they depend on voters’ ignorance. The media that’s supposed to hold those people accountable just ignore it because they’ve chosen sides.

    • I think their point is, were the world sufficiently bubble-wrapped, Self-Inflicted by Proxy, there, could bang his head on rocks all he wants, n not get hurt.

      Provoking a fight gets harmless once you ban all ths guns. And knives. Rocks. Sticks. Ropes. Frying pans. Hands, feet, teeth n knees. Xelivery trucks n car doors. Bleach, lye, n lighter fluid. Pool balls n towels; cans of soda n pillow cazes. Pillows.

      Er … maybe banning all the things the malicious n stupid might use for mayhem isn’t such a good strategy. The things that let us live can all be used to kill. We’re fragile creatures.

  15. Just looking at Bloomberg makes me want to kick the livin shit out of him. When he opens his weasely little mouth it’s even worse.

  16. Mike has ads that say, “If you like your current health insurance, you can keep it.” Where have I heard that before. I know several people who did like the health insurance they had and under Barry Care it got so expensive they couldn’t afford it. Mike is like Barry, if his lips are moving, he’s lying!!

  17. I don’t think Bloomberg himself can win anything. What is dangerous about him though is that he can and will buy somebody who can achieve his goals.

  18. Booberg can’t crack down on NYC gangs as he has to keep them going so he can point out to the Law abiding US Americans how much gun violence there is.

    What a LAME Berg !

    • You have to wonder if Bloomberg has a controlling share of the Five Families, who in turn have a lot of influence in Tammany Hall.

  19. The Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists always do this when talking about Guns. They talk about School Shootings and when they put together the numbers they always add in people who are on school property when they commit suicide, people that are killed on school property who are not students of teachers but just happened to be in the school property when they were shot. They also include when a stray bullet fired by some idiot shooting in the air hits a school building even if it did not injure anyone.
    National Safety Council. In 2018, an estimated 40,000 people lost their lives to car crashes. Will Mikey ban cars, motorcycles, trucks, and tractor-trailer rigs in order to reduce this number? More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke) What about the788 total drowning deaths, an average of 4.3 deaths per day, should we put a ban on bathing suits? Here is another couple of numbers, The opioid epidemic kills an average of 72,000 people per year, while alcohol kills 88,000. Will Mikey ban Beer, Wine and other Alcohol Drinks? The Government CANNOT fix everything, they certainly can’t fix stupid; all you need do is look around the House of Representatives for proof of that.

    • Another statistic you did not mention was the number of babies that were exterminated by abortions. Thats in the range of 600,000 per year. when you are driving down the road and see Help Wanted signs everywhere, do you have to wonder what happened to the people that could have filled those jobs?

  20. This guy is a hypocrite and not a hoplophobe. The reason he is not a hoplophobe is because he has 12 bodyguards armed with automatic weapons and yet he wants to disarm me so I can’t protect my family? This guy is demented.

  21. They need to show the pictures of this “victim” when he was 20 years old and not ones from when he was 12. Same shit they did to Zimmerman in central Florida!

  22. Non sequitor of the day. Two Virginia Senate Democrats aren’t owned by Bloomberg. Gun Control bills fail to make it out of committee.

  23. What kind of people would take away your right to defend yourself and the safety of your family? The same people destroying the freedom to fly model airplanes using the same antigun tactics that has worked so well with an ignorant and easily led public and media. All semiautomatics are “assault weapons” and all model airplanes are “drones” to the PC media and brainwashed public. What’s next, comrade; cameras in public areas? Politicians work by the theory of how you eat an elephant; one small bite at a time. We might not vote to become communists but Berny Sander’s brand of Democratic Socialism will guarantee Khrushchev’s prediction will come true. On that day we might wake up to discover our government has enacted laws removing the last of our private property, made illegal the means of self-defense and the right to protest. On that day we will have become a communist nation.

    • That is a FACT … you hit the nail on the head! It is a sign of the times I would say. People today, just want to take it easy, and have everything convienent, and they want no opposition and they believe anything they are told! They prove NOTHING, and accept only what feels right or looks right! The idea is: “well he seems nice, and it looks ok, and one religion is just as good as another and etc etc! NO proof what is believed or why just accept whatever feels good.

  24. LITTLE Bloomingfagget has little man syndrome, Loves him some little boys and is nothing but a Hitler Idolizing worshiping anus sucker. He thinks cause he has lots of money he owns the people. He will get stomped on. The people are tired of his Nazi wannabe power happy control freak tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god busy body nosy can’t mind their own Fing business Libturd coward B.S. They make it out to sound like it’s for the protection of the people but it has nothing to do with that they could care less about people getting killed. What it is about is total POWER and CONTROL and you can’t have that with an armed populace. This is LITTLE Bloomingfaggets biggest dream to have complete power and control over the people so for once he can feel like a big man. Instead of an old piece of senile shit he is. It’s time for him to be put in a nursing home.

  25. Bloomberg or pretty boy from S. Bend, or the fake indian or any number of the wanna be saviors that couldn’t save a dead chicken! They want to lead this country because they have money and think they KNOW more than we do! they deny the TRUTH and then put the lies out there like Muslims! Muslims are LIARS like linoleum, but that’s their Law (See Sharia Law #1 Muslims are OBLIGATED to LIE to further Allah’s commandments such as “Jihad” (see S/L no#2) So what are these wanna be leaders using as an excuse! I KNOW, they LIE to further their monetary gain and their assurance of money and wealth until they kick the bucket! They have no sense or Right or wrong” just “the LOVE of Money”…1 Tim 6:19KJV

  26. So many good comments here! One more, and short: I’ve lived for 68 years, and am neither senile nor ignorant, as the Dems would have you believe of anyone over 20. Oh, and I’m educated past high school, degreed, in fact, and have worked as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for many years. Here’s my take: Impeachments: I’ve seen them all. Not one of which is like this fiasco/witch hunt. What the Dems are trying to do, impeach President Trump, is a travesty. It’s been their agenda all along, as even before Mr. Trump was elected, the Dems were shouting for impeachment. Also, using the Constitution like a tennis ball, back and forth as it suits them, is outrageous! If “we the people,” don’t get out and vote this election, and support the President who has our backs in this fight, then shame on us! Truly, we will lose all the protections the Constitution affords us, and will all be sorry. And by damn, YES!, I am a proud gun owner, and have a concealed carry permit, and heaven help anyone who tries to take my right to bear arms away. Amen and Amen.

  27. He could built over 20 specialty homes for disabled wounded vets with that money. What a waist of money!

  28. I posted this on FB on Friday. Long, but I
    put some effort into it to dispel Bloomberg’s bull shit.

    Some people say the best thing about the Superbowl is the commercials. Lately that hasn’t been true. Mainly because adds have gone from trying to sell products, to selling propaganda.

    Sunday, watch out for Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s 10 million dollar anti 2nd Amendment add featuring the mother of a slain son. The add claims 2,900 children are killed each year with guns. But what does it not say? These stats are based on “children” aged 0 to 19 according to everytownresearch, Bloomberg’s own organization and it includes homicide and suicide. I wonder how many of these kids 17, 18, and 19 were gang members?

    You know what else kills 2,900 people each year? The flu, from the CDC,

    Here’s another interesting fact, reported by CNN so you know I’m not cherry picking from right wing sources: The District of Columbia has the highest per-capita gun deaths of minors age 0 to 17.
    Wait, doesn’t DC already have some of the strictest infringements on the right to keep and bear arms? Nation wide, only 6% were accidental deaths according to the same article so it’s not that guns just laying around is the major problem.

    Any accidental death of a child is saddening. The fact is, firearms related accidental deaths are so rare, they rank last behind drowning, suffocation, burns, poisoning and the number 1 cause of death of children, even when you include homicide and suicide with a firearm, motor vehicle crashes.
    nejmsr1804754_t1-1.jpeg (750×1405)

    Anti gunners make a compelling argument based on narrow statistics and especially when using children to play on emotions. But if preventing child deaths is the goal, why ignore so many overwhelming causes just to target the 2nd Amendment?

    The answer is clear my friends. Democrats don’t care about life. They care about power and control. The avenue to more power and control is blocked by the people’s right to keep and bear arms. The add on Sunday and all of Bloomberg’s “common sense” gun control proposals are designed to remove the one and only final impediment to absolute authority over the citizens of the United States.

    So every time you see a gun control proposal, you should be terrified, not of the gut wrenching story designed to compel you to vote away your rights, but terrified that we have authoritarians in positions just waiting for the day when the people are completely at the mercy of government. Any law that needs disarmament first, isn’t a law in the public’s interest. It’s a dictate.

  29. Not to mention the “child” in the ad was a reputed gang member who drove to a 17 year olds apartment and called him and challenged him to a fight over a dispute and was shot by that kids entourage after they came out. Know a lot of 20 year olds that have a dispute with high school kids that doesn’t involve drug deals???

    I wonder why that wasn’t in the ad?

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