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While Americans will be taking bathroom breaks, reloading on nachos and wings and grabbing another adult beverage on Sunday, authoritarian billionaire and hoplophobic 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg will be promoting his gun-grabbing bona fides on the nation’s televisions.

Daddy Bloombucks revealed his campaign’s Super Bowl commercial yesterday.


Most presidential candidates don’t run Super Bowl ads because of the cost (this year’s ads are going for $5.4 million for a 30-second spot). But when you’re worth an estimated $54 billion, dropping over $10 million on a 60-second ad is like picking up a soda and a Slim Jim at the gas station when you fill up.

As CNN reports,

Bloomberg’s ad features Calandrian Simpson Kemp, a Texas mother whose son George Kemp Jr. was fatally shot at age 20 in 2013, according to a statement from the campaign. In the video, Kemp opens up about the grief she’s felt over her son’s death and the need to take action on gun violence in America.

Regarding Kemp’s death, as described the incident,

Deputies responded to the area and discovered a deceased male lying in the street in the 7500 block of Rosepath Lane. The deceased male was identified as George Harold Kemp Jr., 20, who had sustained several gunshot wounds.

Witnesses told deputies they were riding with Kemp in Kemp’s vehicle. Kemp drove to the Lakemont subdivision to confront Brandon Lacour over a personal matter. Kemp parked down the street from Lacour’s residence and called him on his cell phone, challenging Lacour, 17, to a fight. Lacour showed up with several other persons, all riding in Lacour’s vehicle.

Lacour and his passengers exited the vehicle and approached Kemp. One of Lacour’s passengers was carrying a hand gun. Witnesses told deputies that Lacour told the subject with the gun to shoot George Kemp, which he did.

In the ad, Ms. Kemp says that that “[Bloomberg] heard mothers crying, so he started fighting” and that he “isn’t afraid of the gun lobby, they’re scared of him.”

Mayor Mike’s ad doesn’t mention a single gun control measure that the candidate would impose if elected. That’s because when you start talking about the “gun safety” specifics he’s pushing — “assault weapons” bans, mandatory waiting periods, red flag confiscations and gun storage mandates — support for them drops.

The ad ends with a heart-warming shot of “Mike” hugging a young boy. Because obviously, he’s in this for the kids.

Don’t look for Bloomberg’s oh-so-moving ad to feature prominently — or at all — in any of he post-game surveys of America’s favorite commercials.

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    • And somehow people are surprised, but still tuning in for football games.

      You cannot have it both ways. The NFL does not support the 2nd, and they do not support patriotism. They support racism and gun control. So why are you still giving them views and buying their merchandise? (You, being people who watch NFL and complain about shit like this article).

      • I’ll be deer hunting. Carrying a rifle and a handgun. Wonder what little Bloomers thinks of that?

      • I watch college football, to hell with the NFL, and Bloomberg.
        I’ll be at the range dialing in the new Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28/SPHUR QD low mount on the POF AR-10.

  1. Anybody who values freedom will ignore the Stupidbowl and the National Felon League. I have for 10 years…

    • The NFL has “woke” itself into irrelevance. Haven’t watched it for years. Frankly, watching millionaire athletes with spotty educations who connive with NFL team owners and NFL management to insult our country’s core valves is disgusting. Of course Bloomberg’s money would be welcomed by these people. We shouldn’t forget that progressive political ideology is rooted in Italian Fascism. While the current crop of democrat candidates—and Bloomberg definitely fits this model—won’t admit it, in various ways they are all espousing fascism.

    • The smart, self-actualized will ignore it. For the rest, it’s bread and circuses per usual.

      It’s an election year, so all of the compassion pimps will come out of the woodwork express the need to give up liberties for a false-sense of security; to make them seem like they care about people when really they want to accrue more power and influence, and are simply manipulating people’s perceptions and emotions to get them there.

      Voting within a broken, rigged system is no less foolish then betting on the outcome of a rigged game. As long as they maintain the illusion of choice, when both ‘parties’ play their constituents off each other to maintain the ‘us vs. them’ mentality, people will lose sight of the bigger picture and realize our entire system of government has been co-opted by lobbyists, special interest groups and career politicians.

      There can be no justice or liberty when those in their lofty seats of power can vote themselves largess and segregated retirement and health plans completely isolated from the mandates of Social Security or Medicare/aid they apply to us; effectively creating a new caste of power brokers not subject to their own laws that they craft for us.

      It’s neo-feudalism pure and simple, only hybridized with a democratic-republican form of election process, making it a morbid chimera of government where we are voting for our lords and barons (all essentially with the same scruples and agendas). If you rent your dwelling, you’re a serf and must pay a lord to maintain your dwelling (and you still pay tribute on your income). If you own property, you’re a lord but still must pay tribute to the local baron or else you lose your property. Titles change but the functional positions remain the same.

      Government positions should be like jury duty; you go and do your service and go home after, going back to being a butcher, baker or candlestick maker. To allow for any group or party to maintain a constant foothold on positions of power means that our system of government has been nothing short of compromised; leaving us with only tangential representation.

      Republican…Democrat…how about an American without a party? Someone who represents the interests of their constituency based on their actual input and not merely their interpretation or myopic personal view of it.

      I realize I’m preaching mostly to the choir here, but I have yet to see *any* form of government that at its core fosters liberty in the long run. Sooner or later, they’re all compromised, in every facet. Some are worse than others, and we find ourselves yearning to establish the lesser of evils in their creation.

      As Thomas Paine said, “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”

      Our nation will only get as bad as the people will allow. But when given the best bread and circuses, it’s hard to take those blinders off.

      • @Karl H. I am what most people on the left would consider “deplorable”. I Worked my whole life, believe in God, believe America is the greatest nation on earth, believe in the 2nd Amendment, and I am a one issue voter. 2nd Amendment, because without the 2nd none of the other rights are defensible. This election will be many things, boring will not be one of them. I love watching America hating liberal POS’s cry.

    • I love how snobby the NFL haters are. I also love that they think the NFL is irrelevant or unpopular because they stopped watching.

      Let’s start advocating that everyone ban all movies made by any people whose beliefs we don’t like. While we’re at it, let’s also not give business to any business or restaurant which has donated to anti-gun causes.

      • @OmnivorousBeorn I am quite sure the NFL doesn’t miss me, as Miller Beer or Springfield Armory doesn’t either, I have little narcissism, but I am not spending my hard earned money or valuable time here on earth to support and comfort the enemy of America, and thus MY enemy. I am not a sheep that will be lead to slaughter. Thank you very much for your enlighten perspective.

        • And I support your right to choose how to spend your time and money. I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of people who boycott the NFL while also giving business to the myriad companies who support anti-gun and even anti-America causes.

          Rock on.

      • Keeping up with current event interfere with watching kiddie games on the boobtube?

        NFL viewership has cratered as they have turned AntiUS. They can’t even give away seats and play to empty seats nationwide. Its Laughable.

          • Figuring roughly 100 30-second slots at $5 million each gives us a total of $500 million just for advertising…so, yeah, 1 billion total revenue for the whole shebang is not out of line. In other words…think of the entire Super Bowl LIV as about 1/54’th of Bloomberg’s gross worth…kinda puts into perspective how much the little Napoleon is worth doesn’t it? Explains how he can drop millions on his favorite cause du jour without batting an eye.

      • Only the mouth breathers watch that garbage… which apparently you are one of the king mouth breathers… 😉

        • Oh snap. Wish I had a comeback for that argument.

          I’m completely won over to your side by your logic. Good job representing patriotic Americans buddy.

      • OmnivorousBeorn says: “I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of people who boycott the NFL while also giving business to the myriad companies who support anti-gun and even anti-America causes.”

        Then in his follow up reply OmnivorousBeorn tells other commentators to use google (The Most anti-gun and anti-America company), and doesn’t see the irony and hypocriticalness in his statement.

        Perhaps you should take your own advice. Or drop the Shield, and walk away.

        • Wow! That’s a really good point!

          Except for a lot of things, such as the fact that I’m not an NFL boycotter. I was only talking about NFL boycotters who patronize even worse businesses and don’t realize the irony.

          Lol I love the sheep and shield references. You cannot achieve glory on an internet comment section, so maybe try doing something in real life. 😂

  2. Will be interested to see how the facts around his life and death sort out. I am betting they’re not flattering.

    • I’m kind of hoping he misgenders somebody and is instantly cancelled by his target audience.

      Actually, that’s kind of like wishing death on someone, but worse, because they’re alive to see their life’s work drug out into the street by the mob they used to run.

  3. bloomberg can push his gun control right up his butt because he is not going in office look at what he did to New York he does not care about this country all he wants to do is make it like a third world country where the super-rich controls the power

  4. Watching the ad, I thought it was some kid that was gunned down in his front yard by the gun lobby. Turns out, that 20 year old “kid” took his posse to go beat up a 17 year old actual kid. The 17 year old brought his posse as well, and they were armed. Which one of Bloomberg’s gun control measures would have prevented this??

    • So don’t bring fisticuffs to a gun fight? Or maybe encourage your kids to be peacemakers, avoid gangs and bad apples? Or arm the posee and gang so the can fight with a level playing field. Mike Bloomberg says “if 20 year old could have just gotten a gun himself, he could have shot first!”

    • @Dude, No parent should have to bury their child. That being said, this woman failed as a parent, and like all liberal losers, she expects you and me to pay for her failure and her son’s stupidity by relinquishing our right of self defense. F her and Bloomer too, it’s not going to happen….

      • Why should we be surprised when Bloomingidiot comes up with idiotic ideas? Just look at what there is to choose from. There is Commie Bernie, Pro Quo Joe, Lying Pocohantus, Girlyman and a whole host of circus clowns running for the Dummycrap nomination.

  5. not watchin’ it now, sunday it will prompt me to remove myself to the back porch and do both kinds of howling; tears and joy.
    the dutch oven chili will be a puree of toasted and rehydrated guajillo, pasilla, ancho and chipoptle. fresh minced habanero, serrano, manzana, jalapeno (red) and poblano.
    conejo, chiva and some pennsylvania and/ or michigan venedo.
    no frijoles. ton of other crap and spices.
    i’ve got 14/ 7, 3/ 3 and something and zero.
    thinkin’ frisco wins, hope they lose.

  6. Being a patriot myself, I have not watched a NFL game since KRAPDOWNMYNECK took a knee & disgraced the USA & all the real Americans & the flag.

  7. I have to wonder if this ad will backfire. Bloomberg will reach a large number of people because of the Superbowl. Given its football and am willing to be there will be a high number of Gun supporters, who if they don’t know who Bloomberg is will not support him afterward. An for those who are neutral on gun rights, I bet they will be watching with someone who supports gun rights who can help them form an opinion.

  8. “Elect me and I’ll do to the rest of you directly what my proxies are doing to VA.”

    Probably won’t convince anyone not on side already.

    Likely to motivate others against Bloomie’s agenda.

    The screaming D’s haven’t yet figured out that the rabid base mobilization on top of half a decade’s preening politics of posturing (plus Mittens being Mittens) won’t play the same way this time. >22,000 people fenced off from lobbying their “representatives” showed up in the cold anyway. Then the agenda-wranglers ignored them anyway. I wonder how those folks will vote hereafter.

  9. I think Bloomberg should keep up his anti gun crusade to a maximum. Let this election be all about about gun control. Let gun confiscation be the centerpiece to the entire thing. Nothing helps you lose Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania and possibly even MN more then talking about that. So please, seriously, keep it up liberals. Keep talking about knocking down doors and ignorant hillbillies.

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

  10. Vote your interests, to do what you want, and maybe ignore the people who hate you and will, no matter what you do.

  11. TTAG doesn’t seem to want my post on this one,,, I’m disappointed being that there’s no vulgarity in there, just sticking up for the nation & the service men & women that helped make us America…
    Censorship on this site is sickening.

    • We’re having a problem with the comment system. Some comments are inexplicably going to trash when they shouldn’t. We’re trying to fix the problem. In the mean time, I’m periodically going in and restoring the trashed comments.

      Sorry for the hassle while we work on this.


      • jwm here. For 2 days the system has vanished any comment I make under my regular name so I have to work around.

      • there is evidence of this. yesterday two of my comments reappeared several hours later. i suspect that may explain some of the double, repeat posts.

      • Thanks for responding, I was a little fast with my thoughts about TTAG here,
        I’ve been banned from more than one site for not being P C & sometimes I say thing’s I shouldn’t…

      • Curiously, the comment ghosts let me and my tinfoil hat post one the other day speculating that this was (and is) test n tuning of platform-embedded content filtering for use at election time.

        We’ve seen what small-seeming interferences in communication n messaging can do to turnout, n vote mix. Of course they’re working on this.

  12. Ahhh yes. The gun lobby maniacally laughs every time someone is killed. This is a narrative that needs to die. Are we allowed to ask where these kids fathers are? Is that allowed?

  13. Wait! Look at the first photo. “Mike’s fighting for every child because you have a right to live.”

    Do they know he sounds like a pro-lifer? How many lives are lost because of the forceps lobby?

    • Dude,

      Sadly, it isn’t the forceps lobby anymore. Now it is the vacuum-suction dismemberment lobby.

      • No, they just wait until the baby is 1/2 way out then scramble the brain with a tool thru the skull. It’s freedom.

        • Yes did you hear that they would not allow a Pro-Life 30 second commercial that shows multiple people that were going to be killed by abortion but were not being their mothers changed their minds and allowed their children to live.

  14. This commercial will not be paid any attention to. It’s not eye catching, loud, or full of scantily clad human bodies. I’d have started my anti gunm commercial with some gunm fire, bombs and flying body parts. And ended it with Queens ” Another One Bites The Dust”

    • Throw some nasty sluts in the middle of all that, big azz I yoga pants and shorts, fake tits, tattoos on the neck. F yeah!

  15. I believe per a quick web search that the mother is also an outspoken critic of teachers being armed, because racist teachers will disproportionately kill students of color.

    I must have missed the part of school safety policies including the use of firearms to enforce discipline. I’m one of those ignorant rubes thinking they were to protect defenseless children against school shooters

  16. I personally stopped watching anything NFL when they got outta football and got into BLM and identity politics, not gonna spend 3-4 hours with someone who doesnt like me!

  17. Well, damn…. those of us out here in Cowtip are overwhelmed by genius Bloomberg. I will now change my entire life because of his 30 second advertisement, because he said anybody who disagrees with him is pretty stupid, and I don’t want to be stupid no more.

  18. Bloomberg’s ad features Calandrian Simpson Kemp, a Texas mother whose son George Kemp Jr. was fatally shot at age 20 in 2013 …. In the video, Kemp opens up about the grief she’s felt over her son’s death and the need to take action on gun violence in America.

    How about the need to take action on atrocious / non-existent parenting in America?

    As usual the Progressive platform utterly and completely avoids personal responsibility and tries to make everyone else responsible for irresponsible people’s actions.

    • The goal of the progressives is to destroy the family. Can’t have people bonding with anything but the state.

  19. Lake County Examiner, Lakeview, Oregon: Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 In Agreement

    I’m in 100 percent solidarity and agreement with Sharon Fitzgerald’s Wednesday, Jan. 31 Lake County Examiner letter: “Boycott Super Bowl.” Lets call it for what it really is, “The Stupor Bowl!” If the football fanatics of America who maintain a meth type addiction to football, sports, and athletics would instead divert the same time, effort, and money (citizen activism) in holding our elected state legislators in Salem (Bolshevik legislators?) and our treasonous repeat offenders in Congress in Washington, D.C. accountable, we collectively could “take back” our state and republic!”

    Perhaps this addiction to sports is best confronted by Charlotte Iserbyt’s YouTube video: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” No, football, sports, and athletics have absolutely no link to freedom, liberty, personal autonomy, safety and protection of community, and being an armed deterrent to criminal and outlaw activity. Historically what does though is the Second Amendment and private gun ownership. This is deliberately ignored, censored and concealed from the masses via our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia who walk in lockstep with the establishment news media. Perhaps Thomas Jefferson stated it best:

    “A strong body makes a strong mind. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”

    James A. Farmer Merrill
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

  20. I think a trip to the range during the game, and Buttheads commercial are in order. Hope to see you there!!!

  21. Screw the Superbowl and NFL. I’ll be at the range Sunday trying out some reloads.

    I got out of football and most sports in the mid-late 90’s when teens my age were idolizing wife beaters and drug dealers. Didn’t matter what players did- kids worshipped them. It was stupid. Being in California’s Central valley, where it’s all about Raiders & Niners, I always get looked weird when people ask what my favorite team is and I say “none, don’t watch football.” It’s like I’m from Mars.

  22. Guy sounds like Rhodes Scholar.

    He was just challenging someone to a fight so he could get money for his travels to Oxford.

  23. Well I’m not “virtue signaling” like ya’ll. I have no interest in either team or care who wins. Bloomturd has already pizzed off most of America with his endless idiotic ads…

  24. WTF is a “Calandrian”. Something that the Enterprise encounters in a far away galaxy? I recall the Cardassians.

    • Calandrian Simpson Kemp is her name.

      I would like to think it’s her parents referencing La Calandria but that might be setting my expectations a bit high.

  25. I never see “MOMS” marching against drugs or gangs. Or Mickey talking about them either. As a matter of fact, he discussed soda more than he has gangs.

  26. Bloombooger has topped the heap. But what is sad and disgraceful about the add is that it really has nothing to do with lawful gun owners.
    This was brought on by an adult challenging a minor who was in a gang in his own territory and should have been smarter than that. And it was probly over stupid shit like a girlfreind or even bad drug deal or a fender bender. I really don’t know about the motive.
    But this is not about people in the norm but the fringe of criminal attitude. But bloombooger is useing it as if it were the norm. And the mother is playing into his heap as if her son was so innocent to the situation. Both of them should be called out for what they are. He is buying up the dignity of people and whats worst is if those he buys know this then they are deserving of what will become of them, cattle , sheep or slugs owned buy a rich man. And people thought slavery was abloished. Not, it’s just taken another form. These are the people who shake at the prospect of having to protect themselfs and their families and beleave the police and military must do it. It’s been proven that a person doesn’t need a firearm to kill, just a knife, or vehicle or even a stick. And with the present hate thats is growing world wide, people are becoming more profeciant and inventive at killing without firearms every day.
    I’d be willing to bet that bloomboogers security cronies carry pistols with mags that hold more than 10 rounds and at least one or more have full auto weapons on them or very close to hand. The hypocritical peice of walking dung is using his money to have it his way which is only the 1% will have the right to protect themselfs.
    We are heading towards a world of domination by would be dictatorship and the 1% beleave that they are the ruling cast to controll the populations. Look at China, and their dictatorship has allready spoken on the disaming of the American people.
    Those cattle and sheep are falling right in line, and when they are on their knees will regret the fact the helped disarm the people that could possibly help keep them free.
    I’m not saying it’ll happen tommoro or next year and pray we stay a free and safe democracy when the rest of the world crashes but I honestly don’t see it with the present atmosphere of the world and our countries division in political promises. Politicians and the 1% are killing or derailing our constitution day by day.
    Saddens me. Worries me! If we don’t put a stop to it asap itll be too late.
    God help us all!

    • Bloomingidiot is living proof that you don’t have to be very bright to get rich in this country.

  27. The moms demand gangbangs movement is financed by thugs in suits and ties.

  28. Easily put, it’s criminal violence, not gun violence. Im still awaiting the adds advocating for the victims of hammer violence, tripping on untied shoe laces violence, automobile violence, walking into a clear glass door violence, falling down or up the stairs violence, or walking into a light pole while texting violence…..


  30. It’s his money, to spend as he likes, within the limits of the law, that is. By the way, re Bloomberg’s antics, and the limits of the law, said limits appear to have quite a bit of “give”, much more than they would have respecting the actions of John Q Public. Of course there is that old adage, Money talks, and Bloomberg has lots of money.

  31. On a side note…

    The DNC has changed the rules for who gets to be in the next “debate” in such a way that the Bloomer is in.

    Four days before the Bloomer announced for Prez, he shoveled over $300,000 to the DNC.

    I can’t imagine there is any connection there.

    If the Bloomer wins the White House, he’ll still have enough money to outright buy 51% of the Congress (and we already know its for sale). That’s a pretty sobering thought.

    • Exactly only 535 total in congress could buy them all and still be a billionaire. Plus all the smaller state assemblies and Senate’s and state attorney generals and state district attorneys. The list never ends.

  32. And he can buy anyone or anything he feels like. Must remember 1 billion is 1000 million. And he has between 50 and 60 million. He took all the credit for turning virginia Blue and Virginia is in a terrible way now. Guess he thinks by buying who he can he will get enough minions to control the country. I hope people wake up

  33. We will probably watch the game playing in the background, but I have better things to do. I will however take time to face NYC and raise my finger in contempt.

  34. I say run the ad Mike. Then the chatter about the “real” story about how this 20 year old and his gang was on his way to beat up a minor and his gang will come out. And hopefully some additional chatter will be around, how many existing gun laws (and other laws) were broken that morning and exactly which new laws would have prevented the 20 year old’s death.

  35. Hockey is better. Always has been. Football players in the US are 300 lb pussies. If I wanted to watch that I’d look up Lizzo on a porn site.

  36. Unlike Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and even Darrell Cabey, no “gangsta child” must ever again be shot and either killed or paralyzed by his chosen victim. (who probably would vote Republican anyway) Mike Bloomberg will put a stop to these Paul Kersey, Bernard Goetz and George Zimmerman wannabes. “Da muthas o’ dayd gangstas will vote his sorra white ass inta office an’ sh*t. Knowwhatahmsayin.”

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