NRA President Oliver North: We Stand With Brett Kavanaugh

NRA President Oliver North: We Stand With Brett Kavanaugh

TTAG/GSL photo by John Boch.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has released a new, hard-hitting ad supporting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In it, the NRA’s new president Lt. Col. Oliver North (ret.) pulls no punches in defense of the Supreme Court nominee. In fact, North goes after certain U.S. Senators in particular, pointing out their shameful hypocrisy, lies and character assassination of a good man who’d undergone six previous FBI background checks.

“I didn’t hold dying Marines in my arms, defending freedom, so corrupt politicians could disgrace their heroic sacrifice. We the people denounce their character assassination, their hypocrisy, their lies and we proudly stand with Brett Kavanaugh,” North says in the video.

In particular, North hits Senator Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal (D-CT). North says Blumenthal, who lied about his military service, has viciously attacked “a humble public servant” in Kavanaugh.

The retired Marine also attacked Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker (D-NJ) for smearing a man who volunteers to help the homeless as a racist.

Additionally, the NRA’s new leader named Senator Diane “Mr. & Mrs. America: Turn them all in” Feinstein for holding and then leaking an unsubstantiated accusation against the nominee.

North pulls no punches against the Democrat party, either. He notes how Dems in the past hailed now-deceased Senator Ted Kennedy who killed a woman at Chappaquiddick as the “lion of the Senate.”  “And now they smear Brett Kavanaugh as a threat to women,” North said.

Meanwhile, Americans have watched clownish antics of Democrats in their effort to derail the Republican President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.  And according to a new Pew Research Center survey, Americans now view Supreme Court nominations as the nation’s most important issue.

Americans have apparently taken sides in the heated fight over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and are ready to reward — or punish — their representatives for their vote.

The latest Pew Research Center survey found that the Supreme Court has pushed aside the economy and healthcare as the number one issue on the minds of voters, a critical first-time shift just days from a Senate vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation and a little over a month before the congressional midterm elections.

“Large majorities of voters in both parties view Supreme Court appointments as a ‘very important’ voting issue,” said Pew.

For gun owners, this appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court stands as a very big deal. Time will tell if Republicans in the U.S. Senate have the spine to put and end to grandstanding by the likes of Harris, Booker and Feinstein and the naked political obstructionism of radical Democrats using unsubstantiated allegations from decades ago.

What’s more, the Senate Judiciary committee and the media frenzy surrounding the confirmation process show why elections matter so much. Even the mainstream media is starting to see the risk this circus poses to Democrats in November. If only for the sake of gun rights, let’s hope so.


  1. avatar raptor jesus says:

    Certainly speaking to the base.

    1. avatar Bearpaw says:

      The extreme right of the base. Which is exactly the problem. North is alienating the base in the quest to inflame the most radical of NRA members. In reality North is just feeding the dogs making it ever so much easier to prove the left’s point that gun nuts are indeed nuts.

      1. avatar Chip in Florida says:

        “..The extreme right of the base. ”

        Please enlighten me…. exactly who qualifies as ‘extreme’ in your opinion?

        And if you have a moment more to spare… why do you consider them to be ‘extreme?’

      2. avatar DaveL says:

        The left and its lackeys in the media consider any interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as meaning anything beyond “Haha! Just kidding” to be “extremist”.

      3. avatar HP says:

        I’m not sure if you’ve been paying attention, but the actual real “extreme” right base aren’t NRA members on account of the NRA not being nearly far enough right to their liking.

        And considering the left looks at gun ownership in general as a mental illness, the notion that the NRA can possibly do anything “extreme” at this point is laughable. Their very existence is “extreme” to the left.

        1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

          Well some of us on the extreme end of things are NRA members too but only because my gun club stipulates that I must and it seems a small price to pay for my club to have affordable insurance for the facility.

      4. avatar New Continental Army says:

        “Extreme right”. Whatever. To you anyone right of Obama is “extreme.”

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          Anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin is “extreme”.

      5. avatar Big E says:

        Barry Goldwater called and asked me to tell you “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” and also that nobody likes you.

  2. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    Unfortunately every single SC candidate put forward by a Conservative or Republican President will face the same type of accusations faced by Kavenaugh right now. Every-single-one.

    The left have been playing a long, despicable game that has culminated in being able to get brain-washed ‘disciples’ to fabricate vague enough stories to further their agenda. Squishy Republicans will then gladly cave, thereby encouraging more of the same sort of behavior in the future.

    The only way to halt this is for there to be push back legally. I heard that Roy Moore is suing those that accused him (who then of course vanished from the public eye), perhaps if there is jail time for those that slander & wrongly accuse others, sanity can once again prevail.

    1. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

      Don’t recall Neil Gorsuch being attacked in such manner.

      1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

        Gorsuch for Scalia was just a swap. Kavanaugh for squishy “love me, love me!” Kennedy moves the chains fir generations.

        1. avatar Nanashi says:

          Hopefully, but his awful stances of the 4th amendment and machine guns and his hard on for precedent have me extremely suspicious of him being another Stone.

        2. avatar Manse Jolly says:

          Next up possibly is Judge Amy Barret.

          Have to agree with Nanashi though in context.

      2. avatar A Brit in TX says:

        It was definitely minor league craziness compared to what we’re seeing now!

        Maybe it’s because he was a direct replacement for Scalia? Maybe the left thought he was some sort of moderate?

        Perhaps the left has had more time to foment ‘resist’ & ‘#metoo’? I really don’t have the answers but the left and their accomplices in the media have ratcheted up the hysteria to 11.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      If bringing up events that might have happened 35 years ago is the best the Democrats can do they are going to find out that most people simply don’t care as it happened so long ago.

      It’s only the Democrats, their media lackeys, and the rich backers who keep this sideshow going.

    3. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Well, when a Dem Prez nominates some one, now they’ll get the same thing. And if they have a GOP Senate, they can just forget it. I mean, RBG got something stupid like 95 votes, never again. I’m just listening to Kavanaugh saying, on TV, “what goes around comes around”, and he’s right.

  3. avatar KenW says:

    As someone who’s daughter was raped by someone she thought was a friend I’m watching this as I know how things went with my daughter. And why so many women do not report assaults and rapes.
    To me Ollie is a squealing weasel who fingered others to escape punishment. But I was willing to overlook that. This nope.
    Kavanaugh may or may not have done what he is being accused of. But refusing to even consider that the man they want to serve a lifetime appointment might be lying tells me all I needed to know.

    1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

      I agree that we should hear her out if she is willing to talk. Who knows? But there is plenty of decently vetted info, and all of it consistently makes Ford’s story seem extremely dubious (even more than the timing, and the fact that people were predicting this spate of sudden accusations a long time before Ford popped up).

    2. avatar Dan Boyd says:

      You’re a rather incompetent father and American (((Ken))). Your appeal to emotion makes me wonder if you are some sort of shill.

      1. avatar KenW says:

        Normally I would not even bother replying to a troll like you but hey why not. So Mr. decider of who is or isn’t a real American or a good father how was I to prevent someone from deciding to attack her when I live several thousand miles away? Should I have vetted her neighbors and found out the rapist who lived in the same building had a rather interesting criminal history including previous attempted rape and felony assault ? Should I have told her do not trust anyone and do not say Hi to neighbors? Her only interaction with him previously was just saying hi at times. She thought he was friendly so she did not avoid him.

        She tends to keep to herself as she did not want to get involved with anyone until she completed her studies. She does not attend parties or date. I found this out by talking to her friends, they said she tends to keep to herself and they gave up trying to get her to go to parties and such.

        Maybe my never getting in trouble with the law and having a DD214 with honorable on it and voting in every election and volunteering with meals on wheels and driving older people to appointments ( I figure I will be one soon enough and hope help is there for me too if I need it ) makes me a lousy commie in your eyes?

        He ended up serving time but her case had his lawyer trying to make my daughter out as leading him on and saying no after the fact. Lucky for him weapons are not allowed in the courtroom as I would have gladly shot him. And shortly after he got out he raped someone else . I guess their dad was also a lousy father in your eyes. We found that out when the prosecutors staff contacted my daughter.

        The end result is a daughter who quite frankly has severe trust issues now, and has said before she would never go through that experience of the courtroom again. He not only raped her he beat her severely enough that she partially lost use of one eye and had a broken jaw and lost quite a few teeth. I guess she wanted that done to her. Or maybe my being such a lousy father and poor American meant she deserved it.

        So yeah, I can see the other sides viewpoint. I did not say he’s guilty I feel taking a stand like Ollie did without even listening to someone tells me I do not care to support who he represents anymore.

        1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          Friendly suggestion:

          If your daughter’s rapist is back in prison, make sure the rest of the inmates know what he did — and include a photo of how severely he beat your daughter, especially if your daughter was on the younger side or looks young for her age.

        2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          The end result is a daughter who quite frankly has severe trust issues now …

          I am sorry that your daughter was the victim of a violent crime. And I am sorry about how devastating that must have been for you as well.

          Two very important questions:
          (1) Has your daughter seen a high-quality therapist and support group? I believe both in concert can help your daughter move forward with an extremely high quality of life. (2) Have you armed your daughter and trained her to be competent in self-defense? I have to imagine that would go a long way to improving her self-confidence and sense of security moving forward.

          The only thing worse than the horrific experience that your daughter endured would be letting that define and severely limit the rest of her life. Therapy, support, and tooling-up provide the best possible frame-of-mind going forward.

        3. avatar KenW says:

          I wish to still be above ground and moving and able to find out when he is released. I’d love to look him in the eyes and turn his lights off. But I do not think he will get early release again. It seems even Washington State understands some people cannot be redeemed.

        4. avatar KenW says:

          uncommon_sense, unfortunately she has no desire to be around guns. My step daughter and her boyfriend on the other hand are gun folk. And love to rib her about Trump.They all get along good though so I guess you could say they are adorable deplorables.

          I’ve offered to pay for and even go to martial arts classes with her if she wants or talk about it but she goes into her shell. Maybe one day but not now.

        5. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          Can you at least get her to carry pepper spray and a knife? Even a fairly small knife with just a two-inch blade would provide a significant disincentive to a rapist once she starts stabbing/slicing him with it.

          The point of carrying defensive items is two-fold:
          (1) It bolsters her sense of security/well-being.
          (2) It moves her from being a passive victim to an assertive conqueror for lack of a better word. That is an important step in her healing process and moving forward.

          Of course be sure to heap LOTS of encouragement on your daughter.

          I wish you and your daughter the best going forward.

        6. avatar Dan Boyd says:

          Lesson #1 for daughters – Never be alone with a man who is NOT your Father or Husband.

          Lesson #2 for daughters – There is NO such thing as “guy friends”

          So you response leads me away from concluding your a shill. Genuinely sorry you are going through this as I’m sure you are hurting worse than your victim daughter. I will use your story to add emphasis when I rehash the above lessons with my 10 year old.

        7. avatar binder says:

          “but her case had his lawyer trying to make my daughter out as leading him on and saying no after the fact. Lucky for him weapons are not allowed in the courtroom as I would have gladly shot him. ”

          I know why you were pissed, but wishing the 6th, well………

    3. avatar ANG Pilot says:

      “Kavanaugh may or may not have done what he’s accused of”? Nobody is “refusing to even consider” that Kavanaugh is lying. I considered it and rejected it based on the accuser and her credibility. You sound like that idiot woman who said something to the effect, “Well, if innocent men’s lives are ruined as a result of #MeToo, that’s a price I’m willing to pay.” SHE’s not going to pay any price, G dammit! Kavanaugh is being crucified by a left wing mob that doesn’t give a damn about due process or fairness and I’m PISSED! It’s a shame your daughter was raped. Kavanaugh didn’t rape anyone.

      The elephant in the room is Roe v Wade, that’s what this smear job is all about. F’ing Libs will kill anyone who they fear won’t vote to continue it.

      1. avatar KenW says:

        If you are going to modify my sentence you should not have the original still visible on the same page.
        Your version of what i typed.
        “Kavanaugh may or may not have done what he’s accused of”? Nobody is “refusing to even consider” that Kavanaugh is lying.”
        What I actually typed
        “Kavanaugh may or may not have done what he is being accused of. But refusing to even consider that the man they want to serve a lifetime appointment might be lying tells me all I needed to know.”
        How did “might be” become “is”?
        You ever consider going to work for the media? You seem to have part of the skillset already.

    4. avatar jwtaylor says:

      KenW, when you say “refusing to even consider”, I don’t see how you could, in good faith, come up with that conclusion.
      The vetting on this guy has been extremely thorough. As far as this particular accusation, the Senate is, right now, hearing testimony. They offered multiple venues to speak, including private phone interviews. That’s far more consideration than most get. The accuser has been given ample leeway, and has been treated with a great deal of respect by the senate judiciary committee, especially considering she admits that the allegations can not be substantiated in any way, and the only witnessed she name has, on record, disputed her claim.
      Considering that there is no physical evidence, decades have passed, her story has changed (4 men then 6 men now 2 men) and the accuser can’t remember key facts about the day, location, and others present at the event, the willingness of the senate, and especially senate Republicans, to sit down and listen to her seems extremely generous. It certainly shows they are taking it very seriously.
      Your accusation is way off base.

      1. avatar KenW says:

        Maybe I’m not being obvious enough. My main beef is with Ollie North.
        He has decided that his NRA is not going to allow anything from keeping his chosen Jurist from his lifetime appointment. He speaks for all of you , even has dead Marines backing him. I say all of you as I am going stop paying dues. I do not want him speaking for me.
        I did not care for him before and could not believe of all the qualified folks out there they had to pick him.

        1. avatar jwtaylor says:

          I don’t know who you were talking to Ken because I’m not a member of the NRA.
          This isn’t about Oliver North. It’s not his NRA. And it is certainly not about denying Dr Ford her chance to testify. She has done exactly that. People have been begging her to for weeks.
          You seem very emotionally involved in a case that has nothing to do with you, or your daughter. If you want to imagine your daughter in Dr Ford’s place, then you should also go ahead and imagine someone accusing your daughter of molesting them as a child, without any evidence, decades later. Then have your daughter’s life destroyed because of that accusation. Go ahead and assume that your daughter is a sexual predator, after all, she has been accused of it. Now, is your daughter the criminal, or the victim?

    5. avatar what would spock say says:

      generally speaking, I just can’t sign up to holding folks accountable many decades later for stuff they might have done as (drunk) kids given what time does to memory and everyone in that friggin house was likely 3 sheets to the wind. This is a pretty shady slippery slope to me. I think of all the stuff I did as an underage high-schooler, and were it to be paraded in public for all to see I would most certainly lose my job and never get another one. As an adult I am proud of my spotless record, yet as a kid I most certainly broke all sorts of laws. I can’t be the only one. This is just wrong and dangerous.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        Any why stop at someone’s high school years? What did they do in middle school? How about elementary school?

    6. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      “To me Ollie is a squealing weasel who fingered others to escape punishment. . .”

      Col. North was a central player in the Regan administration confront Soviet expansion in Nicaragua through the use of hired soldiers. It was a deliberately intentional back-handed slap to a major Soviet geopolitical effort to destabilize Central America. Rather than send in the Marines, Regan instead decided to oppose the Soviets by the simple expedient of hiring mercenaries to take apart an increasingly belligerent Soviet proxy state. Ollie North is a national hero. His performance before a congressional committee seeking to discredit him was not only cinematic—it was historical.

      1. avatar Iran Contra says:

        You conveniently left out the Iran part of the Iran contra scandal and your “mercenaries” were what was known as death squads. People like you will always believe America is forever acting on noble intentions in or international interventions even though it never seems to work out, we always fail, it always blows back in our face and millions of poor people abroad die because of it. The irony is guys like Ollie North and G Gordan Liddy don’t have any real principles. They’re purely careerists if they were ordered to confiscate civilian owned firearms they would happily comply.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          “Careerists” will never be confiscating anybody’s firearms, if ordered to do so they will order someone else to do so. The people who end up with the actual job will be the pukes on the bottom of the barrel, and they will either refuse immediately or after a few hundred are shot to death. IOW, confiscation cannot be accomplished by ordering someone to do it, you need true believers, who will obviously be unarmed.

        2. avatar pwrserge says:

          You assume that death squads killing commies are a bad thing. Given the example of Venezuela practically next door, your assumption is… faulty.

        3. avatar binder says:

          You assume that out goverment getting a taste for using death squads is a good thing. You also assume that the way out goverment behaves internationally will NOT be the same domestically.

        4. avatar pwrserge says:

          If the alternative is watching millions get murdered? Suffer not the communist to live.

        5. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          “The people who end up with the actual job will be the pukes on the bottom of the barrel . . .”

          And all you have to do to see how this works is simply watch the gun-confiscation videos from when Katrina hit New Orleans. To see that this kind of thing can happen in our own country is telling. It puts Bundy Ranch into a sharper perspective.

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:


    7. avatar Chip in Florida says:

      “..But refusing to even consider that the man they want to serve a lifetime appointment might be lying tells me”

      That’s your opinion.

      Expecting to have some sort of ‘gotcha’ pop up at the 11th hour and then have exactly that happen tells me all I need to know.

      Not trusting the accuser blindly simply because they are the accuser is not the same thing as refusing to believe Mr K could be guilty.

      If Kavanagh is guilty we can impeach him later. After the accuser(s) make their case and due diligence of legal process is completed. Not before.

    8. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      “Kavanaugh may or may not have done what he is being accused of. But refusing to even consider that the man they want to serve a lifetime appointment might be lying tells me all I needed to know.”

      5 accused Kavanaugh.
      1 crazy person recanted.
      1 is an anonymous letter, maybe the Russians?
      1 wasn’t sure if it was Kavanaugh as of last week.
      1 is alleging a crazy gang rape ring w/o any evidence or details.
      Last 1 is Ford, who has 0 corroboration.

      There is no need to seriously consider the accusations against Kavanaugh.

    9. avatar Rusty Shackleford says:

      We did hear her, that is how we know the following:
      She doesn’t know when it was.
      She doesn’t know what month it took place
      She doesn’t know what year it took place
      She has no idea where it took place
      She doesn’t know if 4 boys were there
      Then it could have been 2 boys
      Now three of the accused boys deny the charges
      She doesn’t think any females were there
      Wait, well now maybe there was a female there?

      Christine Blasey Ford works for Corcept Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical that produces an abortion pill called mifepristone. Martha, Brett’s mother, granted motion dismissing a 1996 foreclosure action against Christine’s parents, Ralph and Paula Blasey. Christine had participated in the “pro-science/anti-Trump rally and donned a p*ssy hat. Lets not forget “She doesn’t have a political bone in her body.”

      Additional fun facts: Debra Katz, one of the attorneys representing Christine Ford attended a resistance rally against the president in 2017 and promised to “fight back by any means necessary.”
      The attorneys for Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser are scheduled to headline a fundraiser for Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin next month.
      Ricki Seidman, the Democratic operative who is advising the accuser, *predicted* in July that there is a “strategy” to defeat Kavanaugh’s nomination.

      I feel sorry for your daughter. It is bad enough to go through a real event that is traumatic, but to have people who conflate scum like the mattress girl and Christine Ford to real victims will only serve to make the real victims less believable.

    10. avatar pwrserge says:

      Yeah… I might have cared what happened to her in 1990. In 2018, it’s far too late. There is zero evidence, zero corroboration. This is 100% made up bullshit.

    11. avatar New Continental Army says:

      You should blame the women who falsely accuse men, as to why more women don’t come forward. Women who are liars like Ford.

    12. avatar Big E says:

      What happened to your daughter is despicable. It also has no bearing on this proceeding. Everything Ollie said is absolutely true. The character of the accuser and her disgusting Democrat sponsors is germane. The issue isn’t “is Kavanaugh capable of lying?”, that is obviously true. The issue is are these allegations in the least bit plausible? No, not even a little. They are blatantly political and malicious. The timing, the vague, unverifiable nature. The conflicting stories and evolving chain of events. The resistance to testify. Any reasonable person sees this for what it is. A cynical, pathetic, illegal and vile character assassination for political gain.

    13. avatar Sora says:

      The dude is faking it. I bet the “rape” never happened. Even if it did, doesn’t make another human entirely unrelated as guilty.

      Did you show up cheering when Emmet Till was getting beaten? I think you did. I bet you look at all black men as rapists, too.

      1. avatar KenW says:

        If you are talking about me I hope you if you have a daughter she does not ever experience anything like what happened to mine. It changes a lot. For both, her and the parents. Looking back on my postings I can see I got a little more involved in this one than I usually do.

        And what the hell is the 2nd part about??

    14. avatar barnbwt says:

      You named your daughter Ollie? No wonder she hates you.

      1. avatar KenW says:

        Would that make a good song? Kind of like a boy named Sue?
        Not sure though how you would word her coming in the bar though.

        How do you do, my name is Ollie.
        I’m gonna kick your butt by golly?
        Not being a song writer was probably a good career choice.

  4. avatar Phil Wilson says:

    Well, I’m sure the leftists will love him now.

  5. avatar former water walker says:

    Watching only a few minutes of the unattractive Ford cow makes me think she WISHES someone had tried to kiss her. What a lying sack of chit…I stand with Kavanaugh!

    1. avatar . says:

      This is exactly the kind of sexist bullsh1t that makes men look like idiots. Her looks have NOTHING to do with her credibility, or lack thereof. NOBODY looks as good in their 50s as they did in their teens.

      1. avatar anonymoose says:

        Hillary was kinda cute in high school too. Then things got really awful when giant glasses and bellbottoms came into fashion.

        Scarlett Johansson used to be cute 15 years ago, but plastic surgery has not worked well for her imho, despite braindead fans and tabloids clamoring over her playing the same character in every movie.

        On the other hand, if this Ford woman remotely had the same features 30 years ago as she does now, she would have been an absolute dog…

      2. avatar Kroglikepie says:

        Uh, hate to break it to you, but being shallow is not the same as being sexist. I do agree that her physical appearance has no bearing on her credibility.

        1. avatar anonymoose says:

          It’s not being shallow when her personality matches her looks.

        2. avatar Kroglikepie says:

          I mean, you’re not wrong…

      3. avatar pwrserge says:

        Her credibility has everything to do with her credibility. Last minute ambushes 35 years after the fact are blatantly transparent partisan hackery.

    2. avatar ROBERT Powell says:

      all one has to do is look at the soros communist minder sitting behind ford. she is a soros group lawyer paid for by soros..

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        Follow the money and I’m willing to bet there is BIG money behind this. Soros and Bloomberg levels of money.

    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Former Water Walker,

      Her appearance may or may not have any relevance.

      I can tell you this much: there are countless instances where women have falsely accused a man of abuse and/or sexual assault. And some of those accusations were a response to a man refusing a woman’s advances.

      For all we know Mrs. Ford had a crush on or simply lusted after Mr. Kavanaugh who refused her and this is her chance to get even. It would not be the first time.

  6. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

    A lot of good the NRA can do at this point.

    As in *zero*…

    1. avatar TommyG says:

      I think you are wrong. There are 33 Senators up for re-election this November. Nine of them are Republicans. A number of the Democrats are in Red states. If those Senators do not cast there vote for Kavanaugh the NRA is going to dump all over them.

    2. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      Yeah, I’m kinda with you. I would prefer that the NRA stand with, I don’t know, owners of all types of arms? (Just a suggestion.)

      Sure, they’ll support various candidates. I’m just not sure how many votes that support is worth.

      (Now, I suppose that I’ll have Saturday detention for the rest of my life.)

    3. avatar Rick says:

      Why in the world would the NRA actually bring this up…today. How does jumping into bed with him today help the NRA, or gun rights?

      It helps Ollie with his future talk show ambitions, but it doesn’t help the community.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    It turns out that Brett Kavanaugh actually grabbed Bill Cosby’s @ss on the grassy knoll after he shot John Kennedy with alien technology from Roswell.

    You can look it up!

    1. avatar former water walker says:

      You win the interwebz Ralph! And none of this BS would pass muster in a court of law…

      1. avatar skoon says:

        Well thank god its not being tried in the court of public opinion set to the poundmetoo backdrop

  8. avatar Bearpaw says:

    Geeze, talk about the circus in town. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder the NRA jumps in, dead Marines and all.

    1. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

      Perhaps he spoke with them through a seance and they approved him exploiting their deaths in this manner?

      1. avatar Sgt Bill says:

        eff you two clowns, you probably haven’t accomplished anything in your life, let alone served in the military. Armchair warriors.

      2. avatar Bearpaw says:

        Bill, be ever so careful how you pay your status. You have no idea who you are dealing with so expect your grunt status to be anything more than but a pass right now. Do not play your Army card indiscrimimenty.

        Seriously. Don’t push us.

      3. avatar New Continental Army says:

        Bear paw, or you’ll what? What are you going to do to “sgt bill”? Please explain. Please lay out in exact detail your threat against him.

    2. avatar New Continental Army says:

      Doesn’t matter. He’s right. And Kavannaugh is right. All you lefties can go suck some more poundmetoo diarrhea out of fienstines ass.

      1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        I think while the issue is still white hot we need to melt the phone lines of every R legislator and tell them NO MORE REACHING ACROSS THE AISLE BIPARTISAN PEACE OFFERING BULLSHIT.

        Shut the lying DemoRatz down. Don’t work with them on a damn thing ever again.

  9. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

    I still maintain that Oliver North is might be the worst possible choice for president of the NRA. Sure, he’s a Republican hero, but he also committed high treason and is most famous for an illegal arms deal. The only reason he hasn’t been hanged is because activist judges decided that openly admitting to his crimes tainted the proceedings somehow.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      High treason? Is that like high blogging? Because you may be the expert on that.

      North was convicted of three incredibly stupid felonies: accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and ordering the destruction of documents. No treason.

      All the charges were later kicked.

      1. avatar Kroglikepie says:

        Ralph, what do yoh expect from people who take leftists at their word in teaching history? Hell, a simple google search would have cleared up any questions they may have, but no, it is easier to just spout nonsense.

    2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      Progressives gotta’ do what progressives gotta’ do. To bad it has to be here.

    3. avatar Bill says:

      Agreed. That Ollie North is president of the NRA absolutely astounds me. It tells me the NRA is completely tone deaf and is not able to act in accord with the principles it purports to have. Colion Noir for NRA president however? Absolutely that would be a relevant and competent choice.

      1. avatar KenW says:

        He is intelligent and rational. Ollie is intelligent but his smarts are used mainly to help himself. If it would help him to sell the NRA out I bet he would do it in a heartbeat. Back in 94 he was for the weapons ban, he said more than once that if you want to handle something like a AR15 or assault rifle you should be in the military. Non military did not need those type of weapons per him. Or the body armor he made and sold. It would not do for the head of the NRA to be intelligent and able to have a discussion in a calm manner .Colion and others like him are one of the reasons I still belonged to the NRA. Ollie and a old rocker who shit himself to avoid the service are not.

        1. avatar Thom Ream says:

          So your real reason for ranting is you have a hard-on for Ollie North. That’s too bad. I still have sympathy for your daughter (any man with a daughter would), but that’s got NOTHING to do with this article. And your blind hatred for Mr. North had distracted you from the issue: is Brett Kavanagh lying and can Miss Three-Faced-Lying-Bitch be believed?
          Too bad about your daughter, but you should of taken care of the fucktard after he got out the first time. Must be tough to live with yourself, knowing there’s another family that went through what yours did because you didn’t do the right thing… That’s the way I think about it, anyway.

  10. avatar Nanashi says:

    Reminder that Oliver North is a self proclaimed terrorist.
    “Activists pushing for stronger gun laws are engaged in “civil terrorism”, Oliver North, the former Fox News commentator appointed as the next president of the National Rifle Association, has claimed.”

    For that matter, his leadership makes the NRA a self proclaimed terrorist organization.

  11. avatar Bananas O'Toole says:

    Blind support is just as bad as blind opposition…

    1. avatar TexTed says:


      I have defended the NRA many times on this board. And I watched North’s testimony when it happened and I came away a big fan.

      But this is bullshit. Declaring that they’ve taken a side, before the testimony, is every bit as dishonest as when the Dems demanded we believe her.

      Like her or not, Ford is coming across as very credible. And the biggest bombshell of the day is her claim that she first contacted her Congressional representative before Kavanaugh was nominated. She says she brought her information out when she found out he had been added to the list of potential nominees. If that proves to be true, it would certainly undercut the allegations that she is doing this specifically because he got nominated.

      There is still a long way to go, and she may yet be caught in lies or otherwise disproven definitively. To take a definitive position before hearing BOTH of them out, is naive, petty, and reprehensible.

      1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

        “There is still a long way to go, and she may yet be caught in lies or otherwise disproven definitively.”

        How about this bombshell?

        She stated UNDER OATH that she knows ‘nothing’ about how a polygraph test works.

        Seriously? A PROFESSOR of psychology knows NOTHING about a polygraph? That right THERE destroys any credibility she has…

        1. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

          I’ve worked with women who share her educational background, they are pit vipers, wolves in sheep’s clothing. She plays it ditzy, but she’s a Phd. Where i come from phd means “pretty huge di*k”, because most while book-smart, are dumb as knob’s. But the ones who go into head-fu*kery, a whole different kind of predator. And you never turn your back on them, they have truly sinister agenda’s where the male human species in concerned.

        2. avatar Bananas O'Toole says:

          Nobody knows how polygraphs work because they don’t work… It’s pseudo-science.

        3. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

          Lol, the one that made me spit some of my second cup of coffee this morning was to hear her say “the ideology of ptsd is multifactoid” and say it like it was just normal conversation for her. Then I believe it was Grassley a little later is telling her “you know an FBI investigation could find corroborating evidence or it could find exculpatory evidence” and she says she doesn’t know what exculpatory means!!!!

          That’s when I knew for sure this woman (a PHD) was a total liar brought to us by the same folks who gave us the PEE Dossier. Likely coached by Hollywood members of the #metoo movement and that has been the reason they held out for so long before going after Kavanaugh. They were refining the script.

      2. avatar Kroglikepie says:

        Where was this concern when he was appointed to the appellate court?

        Dr. Ford is not credible. Period.

      3. avatar Emfourty Gasmask says:

        Coming across as credible but can’t remember a single detail other than Kavanaugh and Judge, stairs and that there was laughter.

        So what about everything else? Are you so dense that you actually think the fact that she can’t seem to remember a single detail other than Kavanaughs name makes her credible?

        You might need to clean your glasses and wash out those ears, man.

      4. avatar LarryinTX says:

        She couldn’t recall what happened in July and became stressed when asked, yet I’m supposed to believe she recalls the story she made up in 2012? Sorry, I cannot convince myself to be that stupid.

  12. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    If a teen commits a crime before 18 isn’t the record then sealed after they become an adult? Not that brett was but the relevance is weak. Why then is the on-sided story of a high-school girl who willingly went into a bedroom with two drunk boys only to be rejected, having so much weight in, as Feinstein says, is a job interview? No job interview I ever had ever asked if I got drunk and tried to get laid in high-school. Also look at her education (head-f*cker) and background, the big pharma abortion pills money she likely benefits from, her sketchy details about everything but Kavanaugh’s name, her re-working her testimony as it plays out, the Dems essentially praising her and saying she speaks the truth, manage the narrative and their blatant adoration for her character assassination attempt, makes me want to puke. High school kids go to parties to get high or loaded or laid, usually to further creating an enviable reputation.
    Ollie’s no saint, and invoking the memory of fallen Marines I think is a questionable choice. This circus is a sad joke and reveals how far the Dems will go to further their rotten agenda of disarmament.

  13. avatar m. says:

    demon-rat party of satan can’t be shamed because it has no morality, its minions will do or say anything – you have not seen anything yet

    1. avatar Big E says:

      I don’t think that is a fair comparison. It’s unfair to demons and rats.

  14. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Laura Burney was in tears as she stated, with incredible accuracy and detail, how her husband brutally and repeatedly abused her. Given how upset she was and the quality of her statements, it is obvious to any rational, sane, and caring person that Mrs. Burney’s statement was absolutely credible and believable and therefore must be true.

    As it turns out, Laura Burney’s testimony is pure fiction — none other than the dialogue of the character that Julia Roberts portrayed in the movie Sleeping with the Enemy.

    Someone providing a detailed, emotional, and credible account of an event does not make it true, any more so than any television or movie portrayal of a fictional event makes it true.

    Unless someone produces tangible evidence or Kavanaugh admits to assaulting Mrs. Ford, the National Rifle Association should continue to support Judge Kavanaugh and the Unites States Senate should do their job and confirm him to the U.S. Supreme Court.

  15. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    I laughed so hard when Ford’s lawyer said she needed a break, she was tired. I’ve had 8 hour job interviews tougher than this Dem parade of sycofancy.

    1. avatar Iran Contra says:

      Yes and your boy Brett crying the entire time and inarticulately repeating the same phrases over and over again, very tough, very poised. Guy looked and acted like the scared little spoiled beltway prep school bitch that he his. You may like his politics but there is no way Trump didn’t think that guy looked weak as fuck.

      1. avatar Big E says:

        ….Says the tough guy from the safe space in his mom’s basement.
        Once you are weened from breast-feeding and get some life experience you may find out it’s not like video games. Having the entire progressive (bowel) movement dedicated to utterly destroying your entire life and accomplishments is emotional and stressful. Trolling on the internet, not so much. It’s no wonder your father doesn’t want to spend any time with you.

        1. avatar Iran Contra says:

          Yeah, yeah, sure, sure but you didn’t say you disagreed with me.

      2. avatar pwrserge says:

        If he didn’t look pissed, I’d have been shocked. I admire his restraint. I would have killed every single Demokkkrat on that committee only a few minutes in. As far as I am concerned, every demokkkrat needs to be rounded up, stood up against a wall, and shot.

        1. avatar Iran Contra says:

          Yeah he looked pissed at moments, but he also looked scared and weak more generally. Crying and struggling to articulate, verbal repetition is nothing that I would describe as restrained, measured or controlled, all signs of emotional strength. He’s no pro at this, he’s been groomed and carried most of his youth and professional career, the guy is no fighter.

        2. avatar pwrserge says:

          Yeah… that’s why he sits on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and you’re a commie troll living in your mother’s basement. FYI Pinochet did nothing wrong. You want to know why? Look at what’s happening now that the Sandinistas are back in power.

        3. avatar Iran Contra says:

          He sits on the D.C. court of appeals precisely because he has been fast tracked his whole life through personal connections and ideological affiliations (Federalist Society). He’s leaped frogged from one “professional mentor” (meaning daddy) to another his entire education and career. He’s a yes man for sure, he’ll rule however he’s told to.

  16. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    How much money did Alyssa Milano have to pay to sit right behind the testimony chair? irrelevant lousy actor looking for relevance.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      You forgot “has-been”.

  17. avatar FedUp says:

    If Booker thinks Kavanaugh is a racist because Kavanaugh’s skin is a couple shades lighter than his, well, I don’t have any problem with pointing out that Booker is the one who is racist.

  18. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    If Kavanaugh gets on the SC I expect the democrats or their operatives, will murder the next person nominated to the court. President Trump terrifies them.

  19. avatar Darkwing says:

    I do not like Kav because of the Vince Foster stuff: for those who do not know, he Kav dismissed the case on lack of info,, I do not like North because he is a traitor to the US of A and the American people

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      North did nothing wrong. Any instructions or laws passed by a Demokkkrat controlled congress aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

  20. avatar Adam says:

    Kavanaugh is not a fight worth dying for. Guy is good on the second amendment and terrible on basically everything else. His views on the 4th amendment can only be declared as pro-police state and his thoughts on presidents not being about to be prosecuted while they are in office is the sole reason Trump selected him.

    We might win the 2nd amendment war with him in on the court but we will lose much more than we gain in terms of overall freedom. Hopefully Trump’s next pick will be closer to Gorsuch than Kavanaugh.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      No, the destruction of this bullshit character assassination tactic at the 11th hour is a hill worth dying on. If they can do this to Kavanaugh, they can do it to anybody, any time, for any reason. If we allow this sort of bullshit to pass, we don’t live in a country where we even pretend to respect the rule of law. This is exactly what happens when you let character assassination become a routine political tactic like what they did to Moore, where no crime was even alleged. Congratulations pearl clutchers, you gave the feminazis the ability to destroy any man they choose at any time. All they have to do is find some unstable commie skank and get her to lie for the cameras. No actual evidence will be required.

  21. avatar barnbwt says:

    Well, at least this recitation of GOP marching orders is indirectly justified by Kavanaugh being slightly more pro-gun (or at least, simply approaching the topic more rationally) than most SCOTUS-eligible judges.

    Did North have anything to say about the proposed tax cuts as NRA spokesman, lol?

  22. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Only problem I have is Ollie’s presumption that he can speak for me.

  23. avatar Fern Henley says:

    Yearbooks of Blasey and Kavanaugh predicted no patriots☹️

  24. avatar 2WarAbnVet says:

    Why would we not stand with Kavanaugh? The charges against are patently concocted and not at all credible. That is, unless we believe that the only women he assaulted are rabid Trump-hating pink-hat wearing leftist feminists.

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