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They’re starting young these days. A 14-year-old kid in Fleming Island, Florida, apparently walked up to a woman at Walmart and said, “I want you to have sex with me. I’ve got a knife in my pocket.”

Here’s the lady’s full account of what happened, from a Facebook post:

Wow. I’m still reeling a little from the events of tonight.

Tonight, I was threatened with a knife in Walmart. In FLEMING ISLAND.

I am convinced that I would’ve been stabbed had it not been for the divine timing of another customer walking by who just happened to have a concealed carry license.

I was making a quick run to get cat food and litter. My arms were so full that I was sitting in the aisle contemplating whether I wanted to put it down and search for a cart when a teenager (15-17) approached me. I thought he was going to see if I needed help, but then he asked how old I was. A bit confused by the question, I just assumed he needed help himself and wanted to verify that I was an adult. I hesitantly replied with my age. He then said “I want you to have sex with me. I have a knife in my pocket.”, proceeding to pull out his pocket and show me that there was indeed a knife there. I blinked, paused, and then said “Are you aware that we’re on camera?”
“I want to make you aware that I have a husband and a THREE year old son waiting in my car for me. They will be looking for me soon.”
“And you are threatening me with a knife if I don’t have sex with you?”

RIGHT at that moment, a man walked across the end of the aisle behind the teenager. I have no idea how I had remained (at least visibly) calm to this point. Keeping my voice light, I called out “Excuse me sir, could you help me?” as the boy turned to see who was behind him. Thinking I was talking about my still full arms, he said “sure” and turned towards me. As soon as he took a step, I stated:

“This boy has a knife and is threatening to use it on me if I don’t have sex with him.”
Man: …. “are you serious?”
Me: “Yes.” *slowly edging backwards*
Man: “Are you threatening her??”
Teenager: “yes” *shows knife*
Man: “Call for help, now.”

By this point, I was about 8-10 feet away, so I turned and RAN, screaming for help. I didnt know the man had a concealed weapon that he pulled on the boy, who then proceeded to run after me. At the end of the aisle, I veered left. running into an entire display of plastic bins and losing my glasses, but he went right. He ran out of the store, but eventually was caught by police after pulling a knife on them as well.

I firmly believe that if that man hadn’t walked by when he did and had his gun on him, things could’ve gone VERY differently. It still doesn’t feel real. I’m so grateful that he was placed in my path at that moment, and that he was exercising his right to bear arms. I always figured that was a slim possibility at my school, but never at a Walmart in Fleming Island. You literally never know…

I’m safe, guys. I just figured this was a story that should be shared, because it truly emphasized the importance of utilizing your freedom to keep yourself and others safe. I’m not trying to cause a huge debate, just offering some food for thought.

Shortly afterward, authorities found the teenager in a nearby parking lot. He received a psychological evaluation and was afterwards taken to a juvenile detention center.

Later to reporters, the woman said: “I’m just going to learn from this experience and make sure I’m not defenseless as I was in that situation.”

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    • If the victim described the event accurately, it is beyond bizarre and suggests that the attacker was one of the dumbest people on the planet.

      What was the attacker expecting? To rape her there on the floor in the store — and figured no one would come upon them nor do anything? Was he expecting to successfully escort her past dozens of people — without anyone grabbing him and pounding on him — out of the store to a discrete location to rape her? And how was he planning to avoid capture after-the-fact KNOWING that multiple cameras in the store would capture excellent images of his face?

      I can see why police took the attacker for a mental evaluation.

      • A couple miles from me, a teenage boy who was supposed to be suspended from high school went back to the school and raped a 14 year old girl in the hallway. She fought with him for 25 minutes before he raped her. It was captured on security camera. He had already been through juvenile detention and was wearing his GPS tether at the time.

        A girl/woman can never count on cameras, police, good samaritans, etc coming to their rescue. The world is a harsh place and these days if you find yourself in trouble, you’re more likely to have bystanders post video to youtube then come to your aid.

        • There is only one person who will always be present to help you, and always be willing to help you, and that person is you. Whether you are able to help yourself is something that *you* decide.

  1. was threatened with a knife in Walmart. In FLEMING ISLAND
    but never at a Walmart in Fleming Island

    To me this is exactly the way lefties think. They keep saying you don't need a gun to (fill in the blank). They live their lives in denial that a real world exists and in it resides evil. Simply because evil hasn't visited them doesn't mean it is nonexistent. I'm glad she's ok. I'm glad we have another one of those stories that never happen. I hope she learns from her experience and takes responsibility for her own safety. But I'm also pretty sure she'll vote for those who would disarm us.

    • Well, you never know. She might come to realize (or might already know) that if she intends to be prepared by being armed, politicians with a D next to their name are not on her side.

      Or she could be like my wife and continue voting for Democrats because Republicans have always been Bad and Wrong. But the anti-gun, anti-self-defense agenda really bothers her, and she’s not a party-line voter anymore. So that’s progress.

      In any case, the more decent folks that are armed, the better.

      • That’s my wife. Recognizes 2A and embraces self defense, wants strong borders, etc. But Trump is evil, because her lefty friends think he’s evil.

        • I don’t like Trump but I vote for him anyway. And it has been a trip watching the ‘but, but, hillary’ crowd lose their shit over his election.

          Now my wife loves her some Trump. But she’s a mormon and much further to the right on most subjects than I am.

  2. …the suspect brandished a knife at police and didn’t end up on the receiving end of a magdump?

    Least plausible thing about the report, IMO.

  3. MY wife would kick his azz…after she would use pepper gel on his retarded butt. She doesn’t carry a gun YET but wouldn’t hesitate to use one. And Lyndsey Graham is my new hero(!).

  4. According to Libertarians Liberals and the Left, juvenile criminals should be treated with kid gloves. Unless its a republican kid or 30 years latter try and destroy him when he comes before a panel for a job or promotion. When there is no witness no evidence.

    This boy needs to do hard time now.

  5. Ordinarily, I’d agree with most comments about magdumping or tossing him in prison to do hard time, but from the sounds of it, not even the kid himself knew what the hell he was doing. Like he’d been brought up by a serial gang member or thug, went out to try it for himself, then got the appropriate results. Time in juvie. No shots were fired, no need to fire them, the little punk was confused and ran off. He even brandished the knife when asked about it by authorities!

    I had a similar incident where I worked a while ago. Lots of mentally retarded people are brought in and they help with some of the menial tasks. Helps them develop skills, I suppose. However, this one guy starts flipping out, shouting nonsense at the others. He started to chase them down, despite the useless handler’s attempts to calm things down, and I just went up to him. He was big, but I’m also big. He threatens me, and I just look him straight in the eyes. “Don’t hit me. If you hit me, I’ll hit you back much harder.” he then backed down until someone else could get a better handle on the situation.

    Really, incidents like these are good examples of why tasers, pepper spray, and other less lethal means of defense are a good idea to have as well as a gun. Sometimes, you don’t need a gun, just something to dissuade some ne’er-do-well.

  6. Dangerous enough to try and rape a woman at knife point but you can bet if someone shot him, he’d be a ‘innocent child just turning his life around’

    And now what? Put him in some holding facility for a couple months and then let him out? He’s a predator. Fence off an island, dump people like this on it, charge pay-per-view.

    • LOL! Whaddya think $29.99? All kidding aside I would probably watch that. Would go to $49.99 if Snake Plisken shows up.

  7. Just goes to show just because you may think your particular neighborhood is not threatened by this kind of riff raff, that’s not the case. Fleming Island is the upscale region of Clay County Florida. Fortunately, Clay County also has a lot armed folks some might consider rednecks.

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