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Bars, restaurants, and airlines aren’t the only business feeling the economic impact of the Chinese coronavirus. The National Rifle Association is feeling the pinch, too. The Association was forced to cancel its annual meeting and convention — a big revenue source — that had been scheduled for Nashville next month.

According to a just-published Wall Street Journal report (behind a paywall), the NRA has also experience a “a major disruption to our fundraising activities.”  As a result . . .

The National Rifle Association is cutting salaries by 20% across the board and laying off an unspecified number of employees amid a plunge in fundraising during the coronavirus crisis.

The cuts were announced to staff Monday and confirmed by a person familiar with the matter.

The WSJ story indicates that NRA CEO and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre will take a pay cut larger than 20%, though the exact amount isn’t specified.

Mr. LaPierre’s base salary was $1.27 million in 2018, the most recent available year, and his total pay was $2.2 million.

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    • And the coronavirus panic of 2020 has little, if anything, to do with the crash in donations to the NRA. I am a life member and have emailed them to say that they will get money from me AFTER Wayne LaP resigns or is removed by the Board. My guess is that I am not the only one to say that.

      • Me the same. Wayne is not where I want my money to go. I won’t even go t a dinner around here because they hired an ars for the job.

      • I did the same by email and phone. This life member will not donate to the NRA again until it fires Wayne Lapierre and reforms the organization to be more accountable and responsive to the membership. In the meantime, their are other good Second Amendment organizations to donate to: Gunowners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, Firearm Policy Coalition, etc.

    • I was hoping to see his name as one of the layoffs. It’s very noble of him though to cut his salary to only $1.76M. It is a non-profit after all.

      I’m not cancelling my distinguished patriot life whatever membership, but I’m not sending them any money, while Wayne has a job there.

      • My multi-year membership expired last Summer. My support shifted to CRPA (California), GOA, and FPC.

        • I shifted all my donations to local too in cali when the NRA only sent our state about 100k to fight all the anit gun laws a few years back. It would have only took a few well placed ads to flip that crud to our side

      • I got a fundraising call from NRA yesterday, masquerading as a “polling survey”. I interrupted the woman, said I’m not giving any money until Wayne is gone. This has nothing to to with any virus. It’s not even a clever excuse.

    • Under WLP, the NRA has become just another phony non profit that devotes a pittance to the mission while paying exorbitant salaries and perks to the management. It’s the 2nd amendment version of the Clinton Foundation.
      Especially galling, the NRA helps governments write assault weapon legislation then sends out slick fund raising letters asking for money to defend the 2nd amendment. If these are our friends just who are our enemies.

  1. Wayne has $2,200,000 in total pay? Well now that sounds right about $2,200,001 too damned much!

    As for when they began losing money, that started on Wayne’s thieving ways and common members like me saying NOT ONE PENNY MORE UNTIL WAYNE IS GONE!!

  2. Oh well…got one of my last American Rifleman mags today. Unless old Wayne leaves! Putting any extra $(lol) in local ILL pro-2A groups.

  3. That’s too bad. Without the NRA every other 2A association is just another gun club floating in a sea of gun clubs without a flagship. Better wake up people.

    • That’s true, to some extent, but with Wayne at the helm, the flagship will lead everybody to the middle of the Bermuda triangle.

    • Your comment makes zero sense. When the NRA actually becomes a gun rights organization then they will get my money.

    • I too value a fully funded and politically active NRA. But ignoring the rot from within only leads to more rot, and eventual total collapse. That’s where the NRA is under Wayne LaPaycheck and his cronies. Either we take the pain sooner and fix what’s broke, or we see it all fall down in time.

      Not One Penny More Until WLP is Gone!!!

  4. I am a Life Member of the NRA. I have donated enough to purchase a decked out Barret 50 Cal. Always thought highly of Wayne however I am dedicated to preserving rights and not buying suits and good times. Wayne needs to quietly turn over his position to a much more frugal minded individual ASAP.

    • If you believe he will volunteer to do that, and if you have any money left that you didn’t squander on Radioactive Wayne, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

  5. He is making how much???¿¿¿ As a Disabled Veteran, and retired on disability, L.E. firearms instructor living on a fixed income, when it comes to renewing my membership, that won’t be happening and all those mailings and phone calls, The calls and printing can be saved on me, don’t send or call me any more!! When I see that all those lavish salaries cut dramatically, I might reconsider, but my Very limited monies will be spent on some other 2and AMENDMENT supporting organizations. Besides as far as I can see they have been selling us out. Other organizations have been fighting and filing law suits. Haven’t seen anything by NRA!?

  6. Wayne worth about .02 cents , darn CEO O O . La Pierre e e , some kind new drinking water ?

    Aaaa stay safe n well , stay alert , God Bless America

  7. I used to be a member but this shoddy organization seems to exist buy fancy suits for its President. And what was with the paid apartment for his college intern?

  8. Negotiating Rights Away let the wrong people go. Until Wayne La Pew Pew and his sycophant board members are gone,Not One More Penny,Ever.

    • AMEN to that ! All Wayne has ever done is help write anti gun laws and drag down any lawsuits to help out gun owners. NO MORE SUPPORT TIL WAYNE IS GONE.

  9. Wayne selling his extra houses and his overpriced wardrobe would be a better start–then he should draw the same salary as President Trump does. I think that’s… Let me see… Oh, yes–NOTHING!

  10. It’s deliciously ironic that the same virus that seems to be responsible for a large uptick in gun and ammo sales is also, reportedly, responsible for diminishing NRA revenues.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s report from some anti-gun rag about how this is some fiendishly clever NRA plot to sell guns and murder some group of innocent people. That’s going to be spin worthy of a gold medal. Er, well, it would be if the Olympics wasn’t shitcanned.

      • Now there’s one that isn’t in my dictionary, but I did find it on the internet. (Can’t pronounce it though.)

        epicaricacy: Rejoicing at or deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others.

        Even the TTAG spell checker doesn’t like it!

    • Irony so massive you could build a steam locomotive with it to drag Whiny Lapdog down the tracks.

  11. The true virus killing the NRA is arrogance. It is too bad there is no public audit of their membership claims.

      • Just reread. How many members they have isn’t really an issue. Life members aren’t part of the membership income stream – just how much more they donate. It needs an independent audit of its finances. How many board members, execs, and their friends and family are feathering their nests with members’ donations.

        • I’m a Life member. Paid lump sum for my memberships decades ago. Haven’t donated or bought any products from Wayne’s World of 2A Sellouts in 20 years. The rot goes to the roots and the Tree needs to be removed. Plant a new one if possible. If not… there are other Trees of Freedom alive out there. In Need of fertilizer and support. Recently joined GOA. Looking for a place to put my financial support.

  12. I used the NRA payment program to become a life member during the Obama years ending right around 2017 giving about $25/mo for about three years. I was happy to do so. But I won’t give them any more until they’re torn down starting with Wayne. I now give $25/mo to SAF and feel even better about it. And SAF gets my smile.amazon.com donations too. They’re the new tip of the spear with active lawsuits.

    • I thought the FPC was the sharp end of the spear.

      Perhaps SAF/FPC are opposite blades on that spear tip!

      And GOA is the hardwood shaft.

  13. “a major disruption to our fundraising activities.”

    In other words, Wayne and Co. are running the NRA into the ground and donations have dried up as a result.

    I quit the NRA over 10 years ago even though I was a Life Member because I learned the truth about how the NRA has consistently stabbed gun owners in the back by rubberstamping every major gun control act that ever got passed into law. So if the NRA dies on the vine, well, I won’t cry. Good riddance. We don’t need fudds running our 2A defense!!

  14. Name me a company that hasn’t laid off, except Clorox, bleach or China, this is a goddamn Holocaust

  15. The NRA: because fat pasty cowards who cannot get laid without paying for it need lobbyists, too!

  16. I wonder if there is still member money to support another Beverly Hills power suit shopping trip and 2020 vacation for WLP?

  17. You might not like Wayne, but if the NRA goes there goes much of the nation’s firearm education, safety, training, and competition resources. Probably forever.

    Wait until you see the laws passed without the NRA-ILA.

    • Something to say to the highest ranking members of the organization. The NRA has never really had the lions share of gun owners. There are reasons why. I honestly believe they would have a great deal more if they would change the way things are done. Personally, I want nothing to do with funding Dems. If I gave, part of my donation goes to the left as per their grading system. This is unacceptable. The left might have gun owners but they will all stand up to be counted for anything against America. The NRA’s initial response to bump stocks is what ended up with their ban. I want to know that my money is going to the fight. Not just cases of thirty round Magpul mags.

    • I don’t think any of us want the NRA gone, we just want WLP out. A new CEO and the NRA going back to truly supporting and defending 2A would bring membership and funds back. I wouldn’t question 2.2m to the CEO if he/she was actually doing the job.

  18. How about it, Wayne? At least start acting “presidential” and give up that fat salary for the cause.

    • I don’t think giving up the salary would actually change his thinking or direction. He needs to be gone.

  19. Layoffs should start at the top.
    Because of wayne the NRA will not get another dime from me.

  20. I told the NRA when Lt. Colonel Oliver North came out and said that there was money missing from the NRA funds and that LA Pierre was responsible for those funds,that they weren’t getting another dime from me if they kept Wayne and P
    put Ollie North out. I have kept my word.

  21. Revenue is down? I guess Wayne’s “intern” is going to have to move into a cheaper apartment, eh?

  22. I was a big fan of WLP back in the 1990s. But “his mask” came off. Now it seems the NRA needs to be destroyed in order to save it. Very sad.

  23. https://www.nralegalfacts.org/

    The NRA has some very powerful political enemies. Gov. Cuomo is bringing the entire power of the state of NY down on them…you know unlimited taxpayer money and lawyers to go after his anti-gun agenda.

    If you were going to take down the NRA, what better way than to drive a wedge between management and its membership? Especially if you could do it before a Presidential election?

    When you’re engaged in lawsuits, it limits your ability to talk to members.

    I don’t know anyone in the NRA management, so don’t have a dog in the “hate/don’t hate” WLP fight.

    • The NRA has slowly created the terrible position they find themselves in. You can’t follow a suicidal strategy (or sabotage, which is more how I’d describe NRA leadership decisions) and cry ‘conspiracy’ when it finally devolves into an existential threat. The NRA has been losing badly, and been managed badly, for many decades; it’s too late the stop the train, we’re just witnessing the final moments before it flies off the end of the bridge it burned many years ago.

  24. The NRA needs to return to is roots and become much more militant to return the 2nd Amendment as written, especially with the language “…shall not be infringed”… Every gun law is a infringement to the 2A, the lawsuits need to rain like confetti on all the states. The background checks are an infringement and need to go. For over 150 years, capital punishment of convicted killers preserved the INTEGRITY of the 2nd Amendment. In other words, those who abused the 2nd Amendment by killing someone (not in self defense, protection of home, family, property, business, etc.) dangled from a rope or got the chair or needle. We put out the garbage at our homes; the killer garbage needs to be put out at the prisons permanently with no excuses. The 2nd Amendment AS WRITTEN is the law, nothing more…

  25. I have been a member for almost fifty years. I have financially supported ILA as well. I understand and recognize the incredible good the NRA has done. That said, I am livid over how Wayne LaPierre has used the organization as his personal bank account, how he has purged good people who demanded clarity, and how he has stacked the organization with paid lackeys dedicated to his defense. When this was revealed, I had questions for the NRA leadership. Was it true that he was paying the rent of a young female intern? Was it true that he spent more on suits than most members earn in years of hard work? Was he taking luxury trips all over the world and living like royalty? What was his justification for all of this? Most importantly, when was the NRA going to address the questions posed by members. I sent dozens of emails, used multiple contact venues, even made actual, old fashioned phone calls. All to no avail. Stunning silence. I read the Meadows communications slamming those of us who demanded transparency. The silence turned into slanderous attacks on a raft of patriotic members. Right now, my decision is made. I will sacrifice the fifty years of NRA support in the name of honor, and the respect I have for personal principle. Wayne LaPierre has, and is still, acting like a Russian despot. Not one dime will flow into his coffers. When he is gone, let me know. I will be here.

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