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In a common sense move that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone given all of cancellations due to coronavirus precautions, the National Rifle Association has announced that their annual meeting and convention scheduled for April in Nashville has been cancelled. The NRA posted this announcement on their site:

Important Update:  NRA Annual Meeting Cancellation

With our 149th Annual Meeting scheduled for next month in Nashville, we realize many NRA members and meeting guests have questions about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the potential impact on our convention.

We have been closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Tennessee Department of Health.  In fact, earlier today, a state of emergency was declared in Tennessee.

Therefore, we have reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, planned for April 16 – 19 in Nashville. This applies to all events and scheduled programs, including the NRA-ILA Forum. We sincerely regret the need for this action, particularly for our many loyal members who join us for this annual celebration of the NRA and our constitutional freedoms.  Details regarding a rescheduled NRA Members’ Meeting will be forthcoming.

Under the direction of NRA President Carolyn Meadows, the NRA Board of Directors is working with the Office of the Secretary in relation to board elections, meetings, and the like.  

Please know that we did not reach this decision lightly. We were ultimately guided by our responsibility to help ensure the safety and well-being of our NRA members, guests, and surrounding community.  

Please coordinate directly with any hotels, airlines or others who have assisted with your travel arrangements. Most companies have announced plans to accommodate travelers dealing with event cancellations.

Please visit for additional news and information regarding NRA activities. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


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  1. Was there a plan to vote Wayne’s sorry ass out at the meeting that has now been conveniently canceled ? 😉

    • They are trying to save themselves. No, I don’t mean their jobs. They are literally trying to not die from the virus.

      Most of the make up of the NRA is of the weakest groups at defending against the virus: drinkers, smokers, obese and old.

      Touching all those guns will lead to a definite spread of the virus. Shaking hands will lead to spreading the virus. Hugging and kissing… The way Europeans greet each other spreads diseases and viruses.

      Asians don’t greet each other like Europeans and they don’t like wearing their outdoor shoes in the places they stay. Some Asians have high tech toilets… They have a culture of wearing face masks. All for reducing the spread of germs and dirtiness.

      A dumbass NBA player thought he was a god, that he would never get the virus. He went around touching everything and everyone. Next thing you know, he has tested positive and he infected others. Now the NBA is canceled because dumbass thought it was just the flu and Trump has everything under control.

      • “Most of the make up of the NRA is of the weakest groups at defending against the virus: drinkers, smokers, obese and old.”

        More accurate than a lot of people would like to think.

      • “Asians don’t greet each other like Europeans and they don’t like wearing their outdoor shoes in the places they stay. Some Asians have high tech toilets… They have a culture of wearing face masks. All for reducing the spread of germs and dirtiness.“

        And yet, they’re still getting the shit kicked out of them by Corona, not to mention they’re the ones that let this shit loose to begin with. Maybe you should do more research the next time you want to worship Asia.

        • Depends on the country…

          China did the right thing: locked everyone down, tested everyone at government expense. So did South Korea. Both countries have their infection rates under control.

          Think Trump will allow the government to pay for your virus test? LOL! Expect to fork out $300 for that test when you get your next cold. *And* be quarantined until the results come back negative – and for two weeks if positive. All because Trump didn’t believe the projections from the CDC of 20-60 percent of the US population getting the virus – and 200,000 to 1,000,000 people dead as a result. See the New York Times article.

      • Uh… Most of Asia is pretty freakin’ filthy, and anybody who says otherwise has never been there.

        • I’ve seen their street food markets. I’m surprised there aren’t more diseases.
          Didn’t this start at a military lab? It mostly affects old people. The Chinese have too many old people because of the One Child plan. How convenient that those very old folks are dying.

        • If by most of Asia you count China, which makes sense in terms of population… you’re right.

          There are a lot of very clean countries, though. They are the ones that are handling this very well.

      • “They are trying to save themselves. No, I don’t mean their jobs. They are literally trying to not die from the virus.”

        What we know so far –

        It is *highly* contagious. The closer the infected are to other people, and the number of people determines the infection rate.

        OK, Now, who lives where the concentrations of people in a given area are at their greatest?

        Major cities. Who tends to live in major cities? Leftists.

        The novel coronovirus is gonna “party like it’s 1999” in the big cities, and that puts a big-ass grin on my face every time I think about it… 🙂

        • The virus has now been detected in 47 states. The only ones not reporting a case are Alabama (yeah, right), Idaho (maybe – I suspect not many people from there visit China or Iran), and Alaska – that one I believe.

          If you think because you live in a small town in Bum-Fuck, Utah, you aren’t going to be infected, feel free not to take precautions.

          The prediction is 40-60 percent of the population in the US will get the virus. That gives you a 40-60 percent chance of *not* getting it – which actually isn’t bad odds – if it’s 60, not 40.

          Fortunately for most people under the age of 60, who don’t have respiratory issues already, they won’t die because the odds are 2/10’s of 1 percent for them. People my age – 71 – have an 8% chance. That’s potentially half a million Americans. How old is your father or mother?

      • Not to mention while nurses and doctors can’t get tested a bunch of ball-jockeys somehow got tested AND results back in less than a day. Amazing, right?

    • The truth is…Nashville is a one trick pony, and overall kinda crappy. If you’re into the honkey tonks downtown and can ‘t seem to get enough of sitting on a bar, than Nashville is great. Beyond that, not so much. Plus…being on the extreme eastern side of a time zone, their time of actual sunset is very early in the evening which frankly adds to the depressing vibe of the place. The only saving grace about Nashville is that it is (or was) one of the last places where McDonalds served a fantastic country ham biscuit on their breakfast menu.

        • Yeah, um…..drunken sorority girls, check. Drunken frat boys, check. Drunken 40-50 year olds having girls/guys drunken revelry, check. Doped out meth heads Not so much. Junkies on the nod, it happens, sure. But not like in NYC or LA or SF or any other large Dem run city

      • Last time I was down by the Ryman, there were passed-out junkies laying everywhere, and the whole place smelled of piss. Njoy your shitty southern shithole you pillbilly.

  2. Well, a two-fer.

    They reduce the risk of disease vectoring _and_ the powers that be dodge the LaPierre issue (as Geoff just noted).

  3. Sad but not surprised. We all had a chance to confront the NRA Leadership and ask them some pointed questions. Like auto workers ask Joe Biden. Having a photographic list of all the board members would make sure they all get a chance to bet put on the “hot seat”.

  4. With the recent tornado damage in Nashville and a nitwit flying Jet Blue while waiting on his Corona test results The NRA made the right decision.
    During the clintoon era The122nd meeting was in Nashville where NRA ILA Director James Jay Baker spoke. I consider Baker to be a mentor.

  5. Except for the effect it will have on the working people of Nashville. No great loss in terms of the fight for the 2nd A. No Real Achievements for a long time. I’m only a life member because I paid for my membership years ago in one lump sum. Joined GOA this year in hopes of a better return on my investment. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  6. The choices for POTUS as follows…

    1) The Jim Crow Gun Control socialist job destroying geezer breadline bernie sanders.
    2) The Jim Crow Gun Control democRat job destroying joe biden AKA “Plugs” “Shotgun.”
    3) 🇺🇸 TRUMP/PENCE 2020. Survivors of the most despicable, diabolical self serving democRat concocted witch hunt in US Political History.

    • Donald Trump, the doofus in charge of the government that brought you the (soon to be) worst “just a bad flu” since 1918. Yes, he’s the victim here.

      • Oh please. Blaming Trump for the Corona pandemic is the supreme height of ignorance. The president of the United States, no matter who it is, doesn’t have the magical ability to stop diseases. It doesn’t matter who the president is, Obama couldn’t stop this, biden, sanders, Hillary, bush or billy Clinton. None of them could’ve stopped it either. It’s simply not something humanity is capable of.

        • No one is blaming trump for the coronavirus it’s self, these things happen, just like Ebola during Obama’s administration. The difference is, Obama handled that threat much better than Trump is handling this threat.

          And here’s the specifics of the Trump administration’s failure:

          “Actions by the Trump administration, like the 2018 ouster of Tim Ziemer, the White House’s top pandemic response expert, could make an effective response more challenging. “[Staff shakeups] have had a profound ripple effect, the consequences of which we are seeing play out now, I think,” Ned Price, who served in the CIA and on the National Security Council under Barack Obama during the 2014 Ebola outbreak, told the outlet.
          As Politico pointed out, Ziemer, who was not replaced; Luciana Borio, the National Security Council’s director for medical and biodefense preparedness; and Tom Bossert, the former Homeland Security adviser who oversaw a since-disbanded global health security team, all were ousted in 2018, shortly after John Bolton joined the Trump White House. According to Price, that leaves the current administration with fewer tools than its predecessors to combat public health threats. “There are directorates that can pick up the slack,” Price said. “But you don’t have the same level of expertise of people who have lived through Ebola, H1N1, and other disease responses.”
          “It would be nice if that office was still there,” Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a leading voice in the U.S. on the coronavirus threat, said on Capitol Hill Wednesday of the global health security directorate the Trump administration disbanded.”

        • Incorrect. There’s a HUGE difference between containing an airborne disease vs a blood/fluid disease.

          Here’s a hint. You can’t contain an air borne disease. Full stop. Nope. Can’t. Done. Not sorry.

          Air borne diseases like the flu/cold are not within humanities capability to stop. No matter what you do, this mother fucker has to run its course.

        • Wow, how typical miner. Here’s an easier question for you.

          Is there any evil in the entire world that Trump is not responsible for?

        • Ron, you are dead on correct. In fact, there’s really very little evidence that says hand washing helps much at all. Unless you can stop breathing around other people, you are still at risk. So yes it will have to take its course. The president was dead on when he said that the whole goal is to “flatten the curve.”

        • Comparing Corona to Ebola is apples to oranges. Ebola typically has sever symptoms and sometimes death fairly quickly. A person carrying and spreading Corona may not have symptoms for days or weeks.

          JWT- while direct contact with airborne droplets can only be prevented using PPE(N95 respirator), hand washing is important because the covid-19 has been found to survive on surfaces for up to 8 days. The chance of indirect contact is a big risk and hand washing is the single most effective way of stopping the spread of any illness.

        • Jeff, yes, it is the single most effective thing you can do. And it is not very effective. At least there is very little evidence to show that it is effective.

        • Miner- Obama’s response to H1N1 and Ebola was FAR worse. With Swine Flu, he failed to declare a national emergency until over 1,000 Americans had DIED of the disease! With Ebola, he allowed people to travel to and from the effected regions for weeks while the outbreak grew worse and worse because stopping travel from African nations wasn’t PC. Trump reacted far quicker and more decisively than Obama ever did when responding to a crisis like this. All because he fired one Obama hold over in the White House does not mean he “ dismantled the pandemic response team” or “slashed the CDC”. Those are both lies.

        • Did y’all somehow missed this direct quote in my post?

          “It would be nice if that office was still there,” Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a leading voice in the U.S. on the coronavirus threat, said on Capitol Hill Wednesday of the global health security directorate the Trump administration disbanded.”

          If you believe his statement or the information contained therein is incorrect, please quote your source that supports your claim, thanks!

        • “The first thing is that it’s false to claim “Joe Biden was in charge of the H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic.” Obama never put Biden in charge of the response, as Trump has done with Vice President Pence.

          The second is that the claim that “actually nothing was done for a long period of time” is wrong, and the claim that Obama didn’t declare a national health emergency is very misleading. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on April 24, 2009, declared that the containment of swine flu in the United States was “not very likely.” Two days later, on April 26, the Obama administration declared a public health emergency, before any American had been killed by the swine flu — the same step Trump has now taken. A couple days later, Obama asked for and received billions of dollars from Congress to deal with the swine flu.

          Obama didn’t declare a more drastic national health emergency until six months later, but Trump hasn’t done that either. And that brings up the other key point here: The reason for the less drastic initial response was because the swine flu was significantly less dangerous than today’s coronavirus.
          While it’s true that more than 1,000 people had died and 20,000 had been hospitalized by the time Obama declared a national health emergency, the fact that those number occurred over the course of six months is telling. The spread of the disease was much slower and the mortality rate was much lower than it is today. At the current rate, the United States would hit 20,000 cases in a matter of weeks, not six months. What’s more, the swine flu had a mortality rate of 0.02 percent — about one-50th of the lowest rate health officials are citing for the coronavirus today (1 percent).

          The last point is that the idea that the Obama administration’s response was a disaster isn’t borne out, either in the data or in public opinion. While 12,000 Americans did die of swine flu, that’s less than the annual numbers for the seasonal flu that Trump is fond of citing. Whether that’s an applicable comparison is for people to decide, but it’s notable that while Trump uses it with the novel coronavirus, he doesn’t use it on the swine flu. The swine flu infected lots of people — 60 million Americans — but it didn’t post anywhere near the threat to life that the novel coronavirus does.

          And if Obama’s (or Biden’s) response was such a disaster, that certainly would have been news to the American people of 2009. At the start of the outbreak when Obama declared the public health emergency, 66 percent approved of the federal government’s handling of the situation, according to Gallup, while just 16 percent disapproved. Public reaction to the response was very seldom polled in the months that followed (which perhaps reflects the fact that there was really no such outcry). But around the time Obama declared the later national health emergency in October (when more than 1,000 people had died), a Washington Post-ABC News poll showed 69 percent remained confident in the federal government’s response, and a CNN/Opinion Research poll showed fully 57 percent approved of Obama’s handling of the response.”

      • Yeah that’s right. TRUMP invented Corona! He himself built the virus in the same under water fortress of doom Bush used to build hurricane Katrina. That murderous evil bastard!

      • Could someone please remind me exactly how many cases of Ebola we had originate within the United States, compared to the thousands of deaths worldwide?

        And while Ebola and coronavirus are indeed different pathogen’s, the containment efforts are amazingly similar for almost all diseases. And Trump not only dismantled the pandemic response office, he has continued to downplay the danger of coronavirus, even suggesting that soon the number of cases in the United States will be “near zero”.

        Trump has attempted to cut CDC funding every year, fortunately the Democrats in Congress have been successful in stopping his efforts.

        • Get your facts straight and do your own research leftturd Miner. Obama completely bungled the Swine Flue virus (H1N1) in 2009 and 2010 and close to 20,000 people died due to his stupidity. Over 1000 had died before he did the first thing and the H1N1 wasn’t even an airborne virus.

      • Great News: Jared Kushner Doesn’t Think the Coronavirus Is a “Health Reality”
        In related news, Ivanka Trump has been exposed to an individual with a confirmed case.

  7. No love for the NRA so long as Wayne La Pay-me remains in power. However, this is merely routine for the current ALIEN VAMPIRE ZOMBIE VIRUS APOCALYPSE scare.

    I do feel for the local workers, hotel and restaurant jobs do not pay well in the best of times.

  8. Been to a lot of conventions. Have presented at a few. Nothing much really accomplished other than a good time. Swallowed a lot of free tequila and bourbon. That was fun. Embarrassed myself a couple of times. That was not as much fun.

    I prefer trade shows. Nothing better than acres of vendors with great, near-great, or not-so-great ideas and products.

  9. The last place you want to be right now is in a crowded place with strangers from all over who may have already been exposed to the virus. Canceling (or postponing) was a sensible decision.

    I wish someone competent would compare corona to ordinary influenza. Influenza infects a huge number of people and kills at least 50,000 annually in the US alone. That’s more than the world wide total for corona so far.

    • I’ll compare it to the flu.
      Since 2005, the CDC has place containing and lessening the impact of the flu as their highest concern priority. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in both education and treatment of it every year. There is a vaccine for it that currently exists and is regularly updated. Members of the military are forced to get it. Many healthcare workers are forced to get the vaccine. Many social workers are forced to get the vaccine. In short there is a National, long-term, widespread effort to reduce the effects of the flu. And yet it still kills tens of thousands of people every year. None of those things have existed for the Coronavirus. Getting the picture now?

    • “The last place you want to be right now is in a crowded place with strangers from all over who may have already been exposed to the virus.”

      Like New York City? San Fransisco? Seattle?

      The kinds of places Leftists gravitate to? 🙂

    • That’s annually. CoVid-19 has been in the US for 2 months, and it’s spreading at an exponential rate. Confirmed cases have been doubling about every 2 days. Do the math. Currently about 1600 cases, doubling every 2 days. 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600, etc. Over 500,000 ten days from now. Theoretically, all 330 Americans will have it by May. That won’t happen, of course. But it’s far more contagious than influenza, and it’s bloody hell on the elderly. If it spreads fast enough, we will run out of beds and ventilators in short order. It might be just a bad cold for younger healthy people, but if we get to that point, a lot of people will die due to lack of care. A severe flu season can do the same thing. I’d say it’s even money we get to that point.

      This isn’t an extinction event, but we can’t just blow it off. It’s trashing the stock market and therefore the economy, Which putsTrump’s chances of re-election in jeopardy. And after a trip to the grocery store tonight, I’m very thankful that I always keep a decent supply of toilet paper on hand. And coffee. Because apparently, a large supply of TP prevents you from catching the virus.

      • “And after a trip to the grocery store tonight, I’m very thankful that…”

        Went out for the same reason, I did the same thing I usually do, a Thursday night just-before-midnight-to-avoid-the-crowd grocery store run for a few things. We stay stocked on most everything but sometimes you need some sliced provolone or a jar of olives.

        This was trippy like a bad movie. I was laughing when I got there because as I walk in a guy’s walking out in surgical gloves. Then there’s a family of three behind him with six grocery carts filled to the max. *eyeroll*

        But walking through the store was somewhat sobering in terms of looking at how people have reacted. There was zero beef, chicken or pork. No lunch meat. No eggs, 1 jug of milk. Canned goods were gone except for canned beans. Frozen everything was gone except the higher priced Stouffer’s stuff, mashed cauliflower and some potato product I’ve never noted before. Zero bottled water, baby wipes, TP, paper towels, disposable plates/bowls/utensils and very few diapers.

        The only area that appeared basically untouched was the bakery section of cookies, cakes and the like. I guess people aren’t in the mood. And the odd thing? The stock people were all milling around like they had nothing to do because… well, I assume they didn’t have much to restock with.

        Now at that point I was kinda like “Damn, people sure are strange” but when I used the self-checkout thing the guy next to me leaves and I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit offputting the way the lady in charge of that area quick-stepped to the machine and started wiping it down with a Lysol wipe. Not that she did it but the way she did it. Like a loved one was gonna get murdered if she didn’t do it fast enough or if she missed a spot. It was that odd, hurried but extremely serious aspect combined with the fact that she obviously wasn’t very practiced at it.

        The two kids who were stoned and helping their mom shop were the only people there who didn’t seem to notice an odd vibe in the place. It was strange. Very strange.

        • Yeah, it was strange. People weren’t panicked, just quietly urgent and determined. And a little wary of each other. I saw a couple loading at least 20 cases of water into the back of their Tahoe. The water isn’t going to stop flowing out of your tap, and the lights will stay on, Even in a worst case scenario. But people in the Castle Rock area are generally more levelheaded than a lot of the Denver metro area. My take is that most are more concerned about the economic impact and the hoarding. I got most everything I needed, but I’m going back this morning to find a few more things. I’ll be short a wing for a couple of weeks after an upcoming shoulder surgery, so I need stuff that’s quick and easy to prepare. My overstock goals are bacon, coffee and bourbon.

        • Trout:

          Your comment here makes me laugh out loud. Bacon. The first thing to disappear in Brighton during any snowstorm/problem. Makes me laugh every time. The last thing to go? Fake meat, that “vegetable substitute”. Always a load of that in the case. LOL.

          I stopped by one of the stores in town this morning. I noted the same vibe you mention but it was kinda creepy because that store was sorta well stocked, nice, got my sliced provolone but as time wore on more and more people started showing up. It was kinda like the beginning of the zombie horde in a B grade flick. As that happened I noticed that the tempo people moved at got a bit faster and they seemed a bit more frantic in their movements around the store.

          The thing that did bother me a bit was that on my way out of town I noticed that lines were forming at gas stations, and not for work trucks, plus there were cops everywhere. To me it kinda feels like a lot of people around this area are waiting for the other shoe to drop, whatever that means at this point.

          The bottled water thing is happening here too. I don’t get that at all. I sorta wonder if it’s the Calitards heard it’s gonna snow later today?

          Interesting times, that’s for sure.

      • It’s trashing the stock market because the production was engineered to take that away from Trump. No president gets replaced in a great economy – and our economy WAS doing GREAT. Now, it’s tanked likely for years just so the Dims can put Biden in the WH.

        Any other year this would have been ‘a cough going around’. Super-infirmed older people have trouble with that, too. There is nothing special about this. MANY common colds are “Coronaviruses”. It needs to be said over and over again: this is a round of the common cold being weaponized to take out Trump.

        I’m shocked so many people at TTAG of all places are falling for it.

        • “this is a round of the common cold being weaponized to take out Trump.”

          Yes, this was engineered by Hillary Clinton in the Democrat bio lab in the basement of Cosmic pizza. We’ve been flying liberal Air Force planes 24 7 using chem trails to Unfortunately, our targeting was off. We were aiming for Washington DC but instead hit Washington state, oops!distribute the virus across the United States.

          Unfortunately, our targeting was off. We were aiming for Washington DC but instead hit Washington state, oops!

          Well, at least we’re hitting the right demographic, all you old farts are headed for the sunset. Adios, Muchachos!

          TDS is strong on this forum, I think that’s a bigger health risk than the virus.

        • Believe what you want. The conspiracy theories coming from both sides of the political spectrum are just plain ignorant and laughable. Yes, about 1/4 of common colds are caused by 2 corona viruses. MERS and SARS are also corona viruses, and had very high death rates. The way this particular one attaches to lung tissue is what makes it so dangerous for the elderly and those with underlying health problems. Overwhelming the healthcare system is a real danger, just as during a severe flu season. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 30 years, and I’ve seen hospitals run out of beds and ventilators a couple of times. It’s not pretty. ER’s, clinics and hospitals are locking up their masks, gloves and gowns because people are stealing them. They won’t make a difference at the store, but they are crucial for providers handling patients with any infectious disease.

      • I bought another month’s supply of toilet paper yesterday. Why? Because once the virus really hits, people will be hoarding toilet paper. Why? Because people will be afraid of running out because *other* people will be hoarding toilet paper.

        it’s a second-order effect. If you’re afraid of running out, you hoard. If you’re afraid of people hoarding, you hoard.

        While getting the toilet paper I looked for hand sanitizer. Sold out. Went to Amazon. Sold out – except for one company from China still selling it – and saying in the ad that they *disinfect* the *disinfectant package* before shipping it to the US. I decided to rely on soap, instead, and ordered another 8-count of Irish Spring… Thoroughly washing hands with soap for 20 seconds is still the best preventative.

    • “I wish someone competent would compare corona to ordinary influenza. Influenza infects a huge number of people and kills at least 50,000 annually in the US alone. That’s more than the world wide total for corona so far.”

      You’re not going to see”Competent” people making this comparison because it’s stupid- the kind of stupid comparison that politicians and talking heads give when they are being intellectually dishonest or are just ignorant. If Ebola were spreading out of control in the US would you say “well, it hasn’t killed as many people as the flu” up until the point it had killed 50,000 people? Only then would you worry? It’s too late then. It’s too late now, too, but a big part of that is idiots like Trump that talked about this as if it were a ‘bad flu season.’

      If you feel the need to compare the flu and COVID-19, here is the comparison to make: it is spreading much faster than the flu (because we have no herd immunity) and has a mortality rate 10-20x worse.

      • B-Sh*t. It’s the common cold. It is milder than the flu, and that’s why only people with existing problems are dying. The flu killed a healthy 16 year old girl last year. If it was not for the media spin this would just be another cough going around. It’s amazing to me how blinded everyone is. This was orchestrated to take out Trump since the Dims candidates are weak and don’t stand a chance against him on a fair playing field.

      • Harping on the mortality rate is counter productive and foments panic. The only people being tested thus far are the very very sick. No one else is being tested. If it’s 2% of the very very sick it appears to be about the same as a very bad flu. The reliable data is not available yet.

        • Current estimates are that people under the age of 60 have a 2/10ths of one percent chance of dying (unless they already have respiratory issues.) Those *are* very good odds.

          For people my age (71 in two days) the odds of death jump to %8. Still not that bad – but worse.

          The average age of people dying from this virus is…81 years old. And that’s if you already have a weakened immune system, respiratory issues, or other debilitating condition.

          Still, the real problem is the economic impact. As a result of trying to prevent unnecessary deaths and illness, expect the world economy to take a huge hit. They’re already predicting a global recession. The transportation industry alone is looking at 20-100 billion dollar hit.

          *That’s* why you want to take precautions – so you don’t end up unemployed on top of being sick.

    • OR you could go about your life and not be a tool for the Dems because this is JUST A NORMAL ROUND OF THE COMMON COLD that the media has distorted in a Hollywood-like production to steal Trump’s economy from him.

      Many colds are Coronaviruses. You have probably had “Coronavirus” before. You sniffled and got back to work. But the media machine is working. So sad.

      • Wrong. This is a new strain of an existing type of virus.

        It kills more people than the common flu, but the it kills the same sort of people – people with respiratory problems and the elderly.

        The problem is the economic impact of trying to rein in the number of people killed.

        So in essence, people who say this isn’t important are basically saying they don’t care if half a million elderly people die because they aren’t elderly themselves.

        Fine, if that’s what you believe. But try to be honest and say it directly.

        It will also kill children with respiratory issues. So be honest and say you don’t care about them, either.

  10. You people are also drinking the koolaid. This is the plan to get rid of Trump. Crash the economy and elect senile Joe or Bernie. Media driven is all it is and everyone is falling for it.

    • Let me guess. You are the kind of dimwit that thought that everything bad that happened in 2015 was a plot to let Obama cancel the election. Now that something bad is happening it’s so Trump will LOSE the election.

      I hope karma hits you in the form of the virus like it does the Brazilian president who also tried to pretend this was a hoax.

      • Tell me, do YOU know anyone who’s gotten “The Virus”? And I’m not talking about your friends who have caught a cold. This is the biggest hoax production we have ever seen and it’s unfolding right in front of our eyes. They lost with the Mueller report, they lost with Impeachment, and now they’re engaging in this production.

        You have probably had “Coronavirus” before! Common colds are what they are! The entire country is shutting down — because some people have caught a cold! Wake up. This has done its job to take away Trump’s economy, which was his strongest factor in re-election. And so many of you are falling for it.

        • “because some people have caught a cold!”

          Of course, Hillary Clinton’s bio lab in the Cosmic pizza basement has produced this disease, it’s all a democrat hoax!

          Oh yeah, that’s the ticket! Just like the chosen one, Donald Trump said, no danger here, you folks just go on out to your tractor pulls, your big-time pro wrestling matches, your golden corral all you can eat feeding trough.

          Nothing to see here, no danger, breath deeply!

          Remain calm, all is well! All is well!

        • Right…China decide to quarantine 25 million people so they could dethrone Trump who’s waging a trade war with them… So did South Korea. So did Italy.


      • Turns out he was actually negative. False alarm. Everything you see on the news or the internet is not gospel. What’s it like chasing what you believe based on what people you don’t know tell you? It mst be terribly tiring

  11. These stories, and others about stuff like movie theaters debating how/if to stay open suggest to me that the video game industry is going to have a great quarter or two here.

    • “Johnny, stop playing COD and go outside.”
      “Boomer if you don’t stop telling me what to do I’ll cough on you.”

      • “Boomer if you don’t stop telling me what to do I’ll cough on you.”

        Times like these make me happy I’m a Gen X’er… 🙂

        • Chief, what about your parents, aunts and uncles, cousin with asthma? Or my elderly parents, and everyone else’s? I’m not worried about myself, but if my parents get it, there’s a good chance I’ll lose them. We need to take this shit seriously without freaking out.

  12. It won’t be long before major figures in the US start requiring hospitalization and some will die.

    Trump is either lying about not being tested or the entire executive branch is out of it’s mind. I tend to believe the former. There is no way they are not getting tested regularly now.

    • How dare you suggest Donald Trump is lying about a serious national emergency!

      What could possibly make you think that Donald Trump would play fast and loose with the truth, he’s never done that before, right?

      Build the wall! Them thar tiny little viruses ain’t going to climb over that sucker!

  13. The problem is not the virus. It’s everyone’s reaction to it. People are freaking out and that makes the whole thing worse. I know people have died. Many have lost their lives to all kinds of things. Fear is what’s being stoked.

    This is NOT captain trips. It is not the end of the world. Everyone needs to calm down and relax. Be diligent and clean. Never underestimate the need for washing your hands and having good hygiene. Situational awareness is always a good way to live your life anyway.

    This cannot be fixed or dealt with by shutting everything down. People should be staying home and healing themselves when sick anyway. There is no reason to be out and about when your sick.

    If this were all about Trump, the US would have the biggest problems with the virus. It doesn’t. The timing just looks coincidental. A person could be forgiven for any conspiracy thinking as the left has made it a normal mode of doing business when working to defeat Trump at all costs. Dems will stop at nothing. Including going to crazy stupid extremes.

    I would not call it a hoax but there are certain things for sure. This is being primarily driven by the media and a small handful on the left. Public panic is worse than the virus itself. It is easier to relax and deal with life with the TV turned off. Shutting down life will never do anything to fix even the perception of a problem. Sure, be cautious. But be cautious anyway. The easiest and best things to do are all already the things to do. People should be trying to keep clean anyway.

    • I would like to add that this event absolutely underscores the need for the US to move back to some degree of independence simply because of supply chain issues with so much production based in China. I think Trump sees this. I think all the hoarding that’s taking place would not exist if we had more things made in America. Domestic production would also make things easier to deal with and recover from. The president hasn’t done a single thing with regard to this situation that I disagree with. Infact, what I see is meaningful moves to that end even before this virus became a concern. We do NOT need to wall ourselves off from the world but a border wall does need to be there.

  14. Almost 3,000 global fatalities attributed to it so far. Lets be generous and assume this will go on all year at at least 1,000 each month. 12,000 dead worldwide a year. Totally going to freak out and rush to my automobile (30,000 US deaths a year) to race to the nearest big box and stock up on shitty foods to eat while I Netflix and chill (650,000 heart disease deaths a year) but first I need to medicate (60,000 drug misuse deaths) this stupid flu I’ve had all week (80,000 deaths last year).

    That’s okay. In the end we’ll be clamoring to build a wall, lock down unchecked immigration, manufacture more goods at home and spend more time and money locally. A new nationalistic era ushered in by hysterical lefties trying to make Trump look bad.

    • Great News: Jared Kushner Doesn’t Think the Coronavirus Is a “Health Reality”
      In related news, Ivanka Trump has been exposed to an individual with a confirmed case.

      • Nothing would make you happier than to have someone you don’t like get sick. You think this is a jab at us? It speaks volumes about you hateful mind. Some self reflection would not be amiss

        • So you think it is immaterial to the issue that the president’s Senior Advisor believes the coronavirus is not a ‘health reality‘?

          In other news, whatever happened to that fella Rudy Giuliani, reckon where he is these days?
          What did he supposed to deliver all this evidence about all these high crimes that were being committed? Nothing but crickets…

    • Trust me, the figure will be far higher than 12,000 worldwide over a year.

      CDC estimates worst case scenario in the US is 120-240 million people get the virus, with 200,000 to one million dead. That’s in the US *alone* – not worldwide.

      Now that was before the interventions currently underway. The US is 1-2 months behind everyone else in reacting to this virus. The CDC screwed up by developing its own tests instead of using tests designed in Europe and Asia. Then the first batch had too many false positives. Plus other people trying to do tests were shot down by the FDA not authorizing it. And of course Trump with his BS tweets about it.

      So instead of doing what China and South Korea did – shut everything down, test everyone – at government expense – and quarantining the positives, the US will fiddle around, and probably end up with the (hopefully) lower end of deaths – and a huge economic impact which will result in a recession.

  15. For a pro-gun site, we sure have more than our share of anti-American, Demonrat, never Trump, anti-NRA, know nothing, trolls here!

  16. Do not care.

    The NRA has sold out gun owners time and time again.

    Go look it up. It’s all true.

    Join a REAL Second Amendment organization.

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