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I talked with Dustin Wallace of Faxon Firearms last week about the Great Pandemic Gun Run last week on Faxon’s podcast. We recorded this last Wednesday which seems like months ago now.

Thanks to Dustin and Faxon for having me on. You can find Faxon’s podcasts at their website, at Spotify and at Apple Podcasts.

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    • Damn. Rabies is a real motherfucker. I mean it is the closest thing to a real life zombie virus.

      • Remember the line in the recent movie World War Z, where one of the scientists explained that the “zombie” virus wiping so many people out was a rabies variant?

        Yeah, I didn’t realize it was that bad, either. Now I definitely know not to hesitate on the trigger when those raccoons trespass in my yard.

      • The Rhabdoviridae family is the one thing that held my wife’s interest in virology. She described them as “Bullet shaped little bastards that kind of make you wonder if God’s a total asshole.”

        I’ve never been quite sure what is is about that family of viruses that caught her attention and, quite frankly, I’m not sure I really want to know.

      • There’s a scene in one of the classics (To Kill a Mockingbird? I don’t remember which one) where they describe how a rabid dog was dealt with… they shot it, doused its corpse with gas and burned it on the spot. Even now rabies is a right bastard.

    • Too soon to say where this new virus will settle, just has not existed long enough. Some viral models from respected institutions see a much higher rate than any of the previous influenzas, for example. Even so, the viral modeling out of the UK that got all the governments to change their tune ran multiple scenarios, showing that best to worst case covers a wide range of bad news.

      When this virus has run two or three annual cycles, that is when the real story will be known.

      And I agree with everyone, that rabies critter is a mean m….. well … you know …

      • The fact that projected 1/4 to 1/3 of those positive for COVID-19 are asymptomatic indicate it’s a mutation from a common coronavirus that a not insignificant % of our population has near immunity or total immunity to.

        But for some, the mutation is different enough that their entire immune system has to start from scratch, and before it can get up to speed and fight it off, it can be a real bastard–especially for those with underlying health issues in the lungs, kidneys or heart.

        • Well, for *years* some Leftists have been dreaming of a plague that wipes out over half of humanity, as a twisted way to “Save the planet”…

          • Wiping out half of humanity would only set us back to 1973 global population levels (whoop dee doo, is that really going to help?). It would take losing 75% to move it back 100 years and 90% to get it back to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In the end the survivors will feel a need to repopulate and will be right back where we started and likely at a faster rate then we had in the first place.

      • This thing about two or three cycles concerns me. I believe most people don’t want to realize that this virus is going to be with us next year too. Hopefully the CDC or big pharma will find a cure. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat like that of the Spanish flu were the second time around becomes more devastating than the first. We must prepare and come together as a nation.

  1. Yes, I also believe people have short memories, but people don’t like, or handle well, being lied to. They remember that and they hold grudges. I think the bigger effect is going to be that these new gun owners are just now learning that the MSM and politicians on the left have been feeding them a line of BS(with malicious intent). Many are going to realize that the FAKE NEWS claims are not just Trumpisms to be dismissed off hand. Questions, that none of them knew needed to be asked, are going to be raised. I think (and hope) there is going to be a lot of voters that will find it hard to just follow the party’s lead after having their trust broken. I feel this because it happened to me after I discovered I needed to arm up for my own safety after a road rage attack.

    • People have learned from previous events. Emergency Services will be stretched beyond breaking point leaving criminals and looters to do their thing unimpeded. A few weeks, or even days, when the food is running out, the drug withdrawal is kicking in, and the tension of being cooped up will result in a backlash at those who were better prepared. Those who were better prepared want the option of defending themselves against those who didn’t.

  2. Great discussion, I just hope all these new gun owners really do get it that it’s not easy to purchase a gun and in some states seriously difficult when it’s election time. Also, that we, gun owners, when we see someone struggling with their gun at a range at least ask if they need some help and either offer to help or if the RSO’s are good that you get one to help them out. We need to welcome them to the community.

  3. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the chart referenced by “I haz a question” is a logica exercise that is statistically and medically a pile of green cow poop. Of the most apparent failures is the failure to normalize the areas open to the infection. What we are seeing compared to the other identified diseases is that C-19 is world-wide when none of the others are. A second one is normalization for method of transmission/infection. If rabies were actually as infectious and easily transmitted as C-19 most of the mammal life on earth would have already died of it. You should always understand the basis of the data you quote and the validity of conclusions drawn from non-comparable data. You can put apples and oranges on the same chart but the fact remains that one is not orange and the other is, and sometimes that IS significant.

  4. The truth is, you can call it a pod cast or Facebook Live. But it’s still just a YouTube video.

    I’m concerned about what these people are going to do with the firearms they have emptied the shelves for a year from now. It has become just as hard for me to buy a gun now as it would be if we had Bloomberg as president shutting down gun stores. The only calibers of ammo that might be available are things I don’t have a gun for. They might as well have repealed the 2nd. I can’t buy anything now. Maybe this is temporary, who knows?

    • “I’m concerned about what these people are going to do with the firearms they have emptied the shelves for a year from now.”

      When the virus abates, NIB Glocks for 200 on gunbroker…

  5. I agree it is a positive thing that all these first time gun buyers are discovering how they’ve been hearing bullcrap about how fast and easy it is to buy a gun. That can only be beneficial, politically speaking.

    The artificial shortages, well that could go away fast or slow, as was discussed in the video. If this virus peaks fairly soon and new infections fall off quickly, the normal production of guns and ammo will soon refill shelves. It it lasts a long time though, that is what will make the mass buying and hoarding continue.

    Just as the constant anti-gun chatter did for many months after Sandy Hook, all the panic needs is a something to feed it and it will keep on going.

    One thing that will feed the panic is all these local politicians saying gun and ammo sales are not essential and the gun shops must stay closed. That’s gasoline, oxygen and a lit match to the panic fire, absolutely.

  6. It’s not only the virus that feeds the latest gun and ammo buying panic. Presidential candidates claiming how they will come and take our rifles away don’t help. 2A infringement bills are still being introduced by power hungry leftists, like the latest 5717 gun grab.

    • How many liberal left leaning first time owners will staunchly say no to a politician grabbing guns?

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