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Courtesy SC Arms and CNJFO
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By Theresa Inacker

Coalition of New Jersey Firearms Owners sponsor Derek Pitera, President of SC Arms of Spotswood, New Jersey, an FFL licensed and insured firearms dealer, is meeting the needs of the Second Amendment community in New Jersey by making curbside delivery of ammunition to his customers’ homes.

In a telephone interview this afternoon with CNJFO, Pitera stated that he researched ways to keep his business open so that he can continue to provide for his family. This new business approach keeps business flowing and meets the ammunition needs of the Second Amendment community.

After researching the limitations of Governor Phil Murphy’s Executive Order 107, Pitera determined that deliveries and online orders are permitted, even though brick and mortar stores are to remain closed.

If someone is purchasing handgun ammunition, they must provide a driver’s license and a NJ FID firearms purchase ID card, as required per law. Pitera verifies and logs the information through the window of his truck, making no person-to-person contact in this time of social distancing.

HOW TO ORDER AMMO (in New Jersey):

Call the store number 732-425-4996. Pitera stated that while he has excellent contacts with the ammunition industry, there are LIMITED QUANTITIES at this time. Your needs and availability can be discussed when you contact the store’s landline, 732-425-4996, now forwarded to his cell.


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey Delegate to The DC Project, and serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

This post originally appeared at the CNJFO Facebook page and is reprinted here with permission. 

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    • NORDNEG,

      For whatever reason, your thought never really dawned on me. Instead, I was thinking about how serene and peaceful I am since I am well-prepared for our current situation.

      I almost feel sorry for anyone who finally realizes that they should have a firearm and ammunition for self-defense and now they cannot acquire any. I am thinking of the person who never really gave it any thought. They were never hostile to our right to keep and bear arms — they just never got around to considering it. Now that they truly understand their need, they are unable to fulfill it. That would suck royally.

      • A silver lining to this very dark cloud is the number of people who have seen why they need a gun and ammo.

  1. Good for him! I had wondered about that very scenario. Now. What about those unfortunate souls in California who were waiting for their ten days to expire when the retailers were shut down. Could deliveries be made there?

  2. Bellingham Washington mayor considering banning the carrying of a CCW and stopping firearm and ammo sales within the city limits.

    • I believe that level of conspiracy to deprive civil rights under the color of law does indeed rise to the level of Federal prosecution.

  3. Americans always find a way. That’s what makes us so special compared to other societies.
    And why so many of them want to com come here.

  4. Interesting. My grandfather had a business where he went to the fruit and vegetable market in the Bronx, bought produce and then drove around the neighborhood calling out what he had. People would wave him down and buy right at their door. He retired and the business died with him. Never thought I would see anything like that again.

    • And I bet he could do that and get away with it.

      NJ probably has a law tying a retail business to a certain address. That would be a short step to bust him for operating a business in violation of his business license.

      And he may be at risk for violating price-gouging laws with additional penalties for doing it in a time of emergency, like what happened down here when a hurricane hit and a guy came in from out-of state with a box van selling generators for a massive mark-up.

      POTG with a large ammo stash considering selling some on the side for a huge profit should keep that in mind, especially if your local prosecutor has a hard-on for grabbing guns…

  5. That appears to be an off premises sale to me. I certainly would not have published this.

    Thomas J. Morris III
    Member NJ/PA/OH Bars
    Treasurer NJ Assoc. of Firearms Retailers
    Eagle Point Gun/T.J.Morris & Son
    1707 Third Street
    Thorofare, New Jersey 08086

    • You’ll need to explain a little better. The sale goes through the store. He is doing the delivery.

    • For many, many service companies their “office” is their van or truck.
      That’s the way it is, don’t come to my storage facility.

    • I can buy ammo at my local Co-Op, while picking up farm supplies. No permission slip or ID required. I can buy on-line and it’s delivered to my house. I can buy a gun from my neighbor or anyone else in a private sale and the State doesn’t even get sales tax, much less getting any information from me or the seller. I can carry any firearm I want, open or concealed, without a permit.

      But I don’t live in NJ or NY or CA or any other dictatorship.

      You need to get out more.

      • Sounds like paradise…!
        Would you mind sharing what State you live in…?
        Could it possibly be in Missouri…?
        Have a great day and be blessed.

  6. Eh would this be a liability issue. Someone is probably gonna sue them for this service. as They Provided the ammo for the crime without background checks or such. Just sayin’

  7. LMFAO brilliant. I think I’ll start this service here in Oklahoma, where you can literally buy your guns, ammo, and alcohol at the same time, at the same location… Hell, we even have a gun range with a full service bar in OKC. Watching you guys from NJ argue over “off site” sales is hilarious.

    Meanwhile, I just bought 2,000 rnds of 9mm and 1,000 rnds of 5.56 off of sportsman’s guide last month; delivered to my door. We buy, sell, and trade guns through private sales online as a hobby…

    • I have as much desire to be around a nitwit boozer with a firearm as I do being around a nitwit DUI. Frankly…How the range owners have any liability insurance is amazing if they have it at all.

      • You ought to get out more, Deb.

        At ‘The Range at Austin’ in Austin, Texas, there is a bar as part of the complex.

        What you cannot do is, drink at the bar and then shoot. If you enter the bar, you cannot re-enter the gun range that day :

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