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NRA-ILA writes: The 2018 Washington Legislative Session convene on Monday. The Senate Law & Justice Committee has indicated it will hold a public hearing on multiple gun bills next Monday, January 15 from 10am -12pm.  The committee agenda has not yet been posted for which bills will be heard. However, anti-gun legislators have already made it clear they are going to push several sweeping gun control bills this year.

Senate Bill 5050, sponsored by Senator David Frockt (D-46), and House Bill 1134, sponsored by Representative Strom Peterson (D-21), would prohibit all possession, purchase, sale or transfer of commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and ammunition magazines holding ten or more rounds.

Senate Bill 5444, sponsored by Senator Frockt, and House Bill 1387, sponsored by Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27), would impose a registration-licensing system for commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and ammunition magazines holding ten or more rounds.

Senate Bill 5463, sponsored by Senator Frockt, and House Bill 1122, sponsored by Representative Ruth Kagi (D-32), would require individuals to lock up firearms or potentially face Class C Felony charges.  This intrusive government legislation invades people’s homes and forces them to render their firearms useless in a self-defense situation by locking them up.

Senate Bill 5992, sponsored by Senator Kevin Van De Wege (D-24), would make it a crime to knowingly possess a firearm accessory or any other device, part or combination of parts that is designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm.

Senate Bill 6049, sponsored by Senator Frockt, would prohibit the possession of ammunition magazines holding ten or more rounds, with limited exceptions.

It’s imperative that Second Amendment supporters make their voice heard during these hearings and throughout the legislative session. If you are able to, please plan to attend the committee hearing in Olympia on January 15th.

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    • Frockt NEEDS TO GET FRACKED!!! “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” means just what it says!! Do not I repeat Do not try this in my state!!!

      • Frockt is a piece of shit of the highest order. I pray he gets metastatic pancreatic cancer very soon. Fuck him and fuck his kind.

      • You can tell he/she/ze/cat-person is a professional libtard troll because they automatically use a different name with every post in this conversation.

        Silly little libtards!

    • Yeah, and if any of these bills pass, it’ll give the NRA plenty of material to use as reasons they need more money.

      I wonder if Dana Loesch’s hand is getting tired from all the handout jobs she’s giving to rich, old men.

      • Absolutly it will benefit the NRA! The more laws like this get passed, the more guns will be sold, the stronger the gun owning voter block becomes, the weaker anti-gunners will become. These issues will all come to a head and eventually go to the supreme court. SCOTUS will either strike down an over reaching government or make felons out of tens of millions of well armed Americans (or play the Potomic 2 step and kick it down to the lesser courts to avoid pissing off a lot of well armed people)…. If it ever comes to that, then the 5-million idots who throw money at the NRA, Dana Loesch, and a hand full of fat old rich men, will be the least of your woes.

    • Josey, are you a Washington state resident? I am, and the NRA did absolutely nothing (except hand out bumper stickers) to combat i594 (WA’s universal background check initiative) a few years back that ended up passing. Since then, they have not received a dime from me, and their attitudes and actions of late has cemented my opinion that they don’t give a crap about preserving OR expanding your rights as a gun owner.

        • The “better ideas” are called GOA and the NSSF. Or even just one guy sitting in his garage does more than the NRA.
          OFC, feel free to now ridicule and vilify anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your exact perspective. IT IS the hallmak of the fundamentalist.
          Everybody listen up!: I’m right, everybody else is __insult here__ .

      • Why would they actually try to help?
        If they fought every piece of legislation and won, there wouldn’t be any need for them except as a firearm safety and training organization. And if you’re annual salary was $1M+ based on donations for fighting legislation, you need to let some things pass so you can justify your position.
        “Help us pass FOPA, even with the Hughes amendment, and we’ll fight said amendment in court. We just need some more money from you folks to make this work and to help fund our court cases we’re preparing.”

        Back when they were about to put the HPA on the table for a vote, the NRA had plenty of chances to go on TV and make the case for the bill. Yet, the entire time they spent attacking the news media and how they were bad guys.

      • I live in WA, and while disappointed I could/can see why they didn’t do much with I-594. It passed 60/40 as an initiative. The NRA can’t swing 20%, no way. They obviously decided not to waste money and time on a lost cause.

        • 60/40? Then they needed to swing only a little over 10% to get majority. Do you think they would’ve been able to do that much? I mean if the even tried.

  1. Yuuuuuup… I pretty much go out of my way to avoid the entire West Coast at this point…

    Enjoy your Socialism! /sarc

    • Texas has Rafael Anchía who proposes anti gun legislation every session also, so I guess you should stay out of that state too.

    • Socialism?
      We have the most regressive taxation system in the country!
      And most of these bills won’t even make it out of committee; none will pass. There are enough pro-gun democrats (that’s actually a thing in Washington) to prevent it.

      • My big fear is that Bloomberg and Watts will use all the free publicity from the legislative process to push these same ideas to victory through our horrid initiative process. Bill Gates and the rest of the billionaire club spent over $11 million just on the background check initiative.

        • But UBCs, which supposedly had 90% national support, only managed to get 56% support in Washington, even with that $11M.

        • You got what you wanted if it was legal marijuana intoxication. The Libertarians, Liberals and the Left got you what was the most important thing to you, pot legalization. The same people who gave you your legal pot are the same ones who are taking your guns away.

          You had a choice Marijuana or Guns. You picked getting high legally instead of guns.



          Reason magazine wrote great praise for Bill Gates and the other Tech billionaires who supported with their own money legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington State. At the same time Reason never said those same billionaires also supported gun control. Libertarians will trade guns for pot because to them guns and pot are of equal value. No big deal. You can still get high legally.

          Your libertarian marijuana utopia can never include guns, because your rich benefactors have always been anti-second amendment.

        • Yeah, you tell ’em! Cuz freedom just ain’t freedom unless it’s an activity you enjoy, right Chris?

          To hell with the millions of people who like participating in an activity that you personally don’t agree with, cuz that’s just not really freedom, is it, Chris? Who the fuck do they think they are?

          Hypocrite. You want freedom for yourself, but screw the next guy who likes something you don’t… You people make me sick.

        • Shall not be infringed
          I believe in Liberty. That gives me the Freedom to choose not to smoke pot. My father started smoking marijuana with me when I was 11 years old.
          I would later choose the US Army instead of smoking pot. Now after twenty years as a soldier I choose guns instead of pot, as a civilian.

          We all have to make choices in life. You sound like my tyrannt pot head father. He also choose smoking pot saying it was more important than anything else.

        • Great, so you have the freedom to choose not to smoke pot. So why do you constantly knock people who make a choice different from yours? Are they harming you in any way? Have you, or anyone you know, ever been directly harmed by another person due to marijuana use?

          Didn’t think so…

          In fact, why should we be forced to choose between them at all – merely because our overbearing government insists on sticking its nose into every person’s private business? As long as one is not shooting under the influence, why should citizens have to give up one or the other semi-permanently in order to be “legal”?

          Finally, please point to where I “chose pot”, or said that “smoking pot… was more important than anything else.” You can’t, because I didn’t – that comes solely from your projection.

          Don’t ever compare me to your father, Chris, because you know absolutely nothing about me – other than the fact that I hold an opinion you don’t like. Guess what? Your opinion isn’t automatically right, simply because you say it is…

      • Woah, take it easy there fellas, didn’t mean to insult your state of choice.

        @Binder – Comparing the gun laws of any West Coast state to Texas?? Bit of a stretch there my man.

        And let’s not talk taxes in Washington, home of the firearms and ammunition tax… just saying. Look, I get it. It’s the same problem New York has. The people in the big cities fuck it up for the rest of the good, decent people in the rest of the state. My sympathies.

        Maybe I’ll come back when/if national reciprocity passes.

        • I lived in AZ and Illinois, I find Texas about square in the middle, and the truth of the matter is that Illinois is about where Texas was 10 years ago. Hell, where do you think the Illinois legislative got the fee and training ideas from.

          I still rember when Tiger Woods freaked out when someone with a fanny pack heckled him. I lived in AZ back when concealed carry licenses became a thing. Not permentless carry. People were more than a little freaked out about it too back then.

          And everyone here should thank Washington State as they were the first one to push back and start the modern shall issue trend in 1961. Texas was not shall issue untill 95

      • Two of my district politicians were considered pro gun democrats before this year but the senator introducing the bumpfire ban is one of them and the other rep answered an email question from me saying he wasn’t comfortable with private ownership of assault style weapons and wanted them registered. This is in a rural county with lots of gunowners and lots of people with a cpl. There is no such animal as a pro gun democrat politician after they seize power.

  2. It’s “retarded”, right? Did I get it right? Yay!

    If you don’t want to use the word (good! you shouldn’t!) then use a better word. Don’t be retar… lazy.

    • Personally I’ve been pushing for the use of not just the word ‘retarded’ but also ‘retard’. Just because it’s not polite to use the word in reference to those with mental handicaps or learning disabilities doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the word for those who should know better or perhaps have a (D) next to their names.

      • I agree, Gov. We use terms like “stupid,” “idiot,” and “dumb,” all of which have the same etymology as “retard,” and we do so without batting an eye. Im not sure why one of them would be off limits.

        • Frankly the reinstatement of the word ‘retard’ into the American vernacular needs to be just the first step in burning down the whole PC, micro-aggressed, social justice snowflake mentality that has infected our culture like a drug resistant case of the clap. Eventually we’ll be able to bring back racially insensitive and misogynist jokes as well. Control the language and you control the culture, and look who we’ve been letting control our language lately.

      • I tend to use the phrase “I’d say you’re retarded, but that would be insulting to the intelligent people with Down Syndrome by lumping you in the same category as them- even they would say you’re stupid.”

  3. And no one is going to turn in their magazines or rifles. It’ll be funny to see all those bills rescinded. I mean, I hope they don’t pass, but…

    • You don’t have to turn them in, but you do have to register them with the State and you cannot sell/transfer them to anyone else who lives in Washington except to a FFL for sale outside the state or to the police for destruction.

      • I just read the licensing law, and it is truly horrendous. The original app is much like a 4473, includes a state and NICS background check, requires fingerprints, and has a $50 price tag. It is good for one year. Renewal licenses are easier to obtain, but they cost $30.

        • Laughably unenforceable for those of us who own a lifetime supply of rifles and magazines. Fuck that cunt Frockt.

    • Nobody proposing these laws actually thinks they’ll work to have the stated effect.

      But they will technically make criminals out of many if not most gun owners in the state.

  4. The Left Coast politicians should be more concerned about the North Koreans floating nukes into their ports and then extorting billions of dollars from them than worrying about being attacked by armed constituents.
    Regardless of Trump’s barking, the US cannot really retaliate using nuclear weapons against North Korea without Chernobilizing the Sea of Japan and the Japanese Islands. No can do as we don’t have enough cash on hand to pay for the damages.

    • The Norks don’t have any nuclear powered vessels to “float” into any harbors.

      Why would a nuclear power plant be a threat?

      And if you mean the fabled “FAIL” weapons (False Atomic Instant Liquidation) that don’t and never have existed…I would literally worry more about Unicorn-riding Tranny Valkyrie cavalry invading.

      Might want to read this book: https://www.amazon.com/Death-Object-Exploding-Nuclear-Weapons/dp/1545516839

      I laugh at how low-functioning most people are that they have bought into this nonsense for 70+ years. Statistically, there should have been at least three criticality events leading to an explosion, based on the number of “warheads,” and basic human fallibility.

      The idea that government competency has magically prevented this is hilarious.

      Also, when will people be able to move back to Hiroshima and Nagasaki? A shame they are both still glowing glass craters…

      Oh. Wait.

  5. The proposed SB5050 is a year old and has been reintroduced. It defines an “assault weapon” under a one feature test, as follows:

    “Assault weapon” means:
    (a) A semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a
    detachable magazine and has one or more of the following:
    (i) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action
    of the weapon;
    (ii) A thumbhole stock;
    (iii) A folding or telescoping stock;
    (iv) A second handgrip or a protruding grip that can be held by
    the nontrigger hand;
    (v) A flash suppressor, muzzle break, muzzle compensator, or
    threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor, muzzle
    break, or muzzle compensator;
    (vi) A grenade launcher or flare launcher

    Interesting that, unlike California, they ban not just flash hiders, but all muzzle devices AND threaded barrels. So if you rifle came with a threaded barrel, you will have to slice off the threads and do a substitute for the pistol grip to avoid registration. Funny thing, the bill does not ban collapsible stocks, the banning of which is a common feature in proposed “assault weapons” bans.

    Semiauto pistols (except ones that accept a magazine outside the pistol grip) are safe, but PDWs will be banned in futuro and subject to registration.

    Once registered, “assault weapons” cannot be sold or transferred in the state, but you can take them to the range and hunting. Same with “large capacity” (i.e. 10+ rounds) magazines, but you have to keep the mags unloaded and in a separate locked container while in transit.

    • What is a muzzle “break?” LOL. The NY SAFE act included that language as well, and that part of the law was invalidated by a judge because no one knew what a muzzle break was.

      Perfect example of laws being written by people who have no idea what the are talking about.

  6. These bills are pushed by these clowns every year, and they routinely get shot down in committee. Here’s hoping this is another routine year…

      • Definitely was. Nobody wanted him around. I got several high fives after I knocked him on his can. 🙂 But seems like there’s a guy like that in every crowd…

      • Democrats have complete control of the Illinois legislative too, and with the exception of legacy local laws (and no more can be passed) they proposed a bunch of assault weapons bans each year too, and they never pass.

      • They have a one vote majority in the senate, and two in the house. There are about half a dozen pro-gun democrats in each.

    • Sadly the Demoncrats now have full control of House, Senate and Governor’s office (after the death of a Republican senator last year, replaced by a Demoncrat in a special election). This crap used to be blocked in committee but now it will all get to the floor for a vote. The only hope will be fear of the voters from rural district Demoncrats, of which there aren’t very many.

  7. Ya know: once everyone’s a criminal, you have to pay/kiss their *ss to stay out of prison… That’s a feature, not a bug…

  8. A special election allowed the Democrats to take control of both houses of the state legislature by one seat. Now the most liberal of the Dems think they can push through their gun control agenda but there are some blue dog Democrats still in the legislature, so hopefully this will all die in committee. Unfortunately the governor and attorney general are both radical far left Dems. Washington isn’t all blue but a couple of the most populous counties around the Seattle-Tacoma area drags the red counties along with them down the rabbit hole.

    • This.

      Outside of Seattle, Olympia, and Bellingham, most Democrats in this state aren’t full on leftists… and a few of them own guns. The term “Blue-dog Democrat” still applies to a few folks in this state.

        • UBC was an initiative that went outside the legislative process. Just a bunch of leftist sheep in Seattle that overwhelmed the rest.

        • It is not a UBC law, it is far worse than that. I prefer UBS or UFGO (farg gun owners).

          This bill makes so many things illegal that it is absurd. Can’t legally had your gun to a friend to let them look at it or shoot it. Better be at an FFL so you can do the transfer to your friend and then transfer it back to you.

          The other thing Universal about it is that it is Universally ignored, creating many criminals each day. Just wait until the progressive ruling class in WA decides to start enforcing it. Although the backlash from that might be a good thing in this case.

  9. I know everybody is all “stay and fight”, but I’m super happy I left WA when I did. I-594 passing was the bold-faced writing in 500-point font on the relatively small vertical surface.

      • Of course, that state has all kinds of lakes, not the mention the ocean. Tragic boating accident waiting to happen if you ask me….

      • I hated to leave Wa 28yrs ago but there were jobs in every state and today jobs are WAY more plentiful

        Crazy Commiefornians were only starting to infest that beautiful state in 1990. Now they and their ilk dominate it.

        • California – mostly Bay Area, Oregon, Texas (from the Austin tech and telecom industry).

          Internationally it’s Mexico, India, and China for most common foreign born newcomers to King County.

          Sadly the influx is mostly from places where gun rights go to die or were not present in the first place.

  10. State AG Bob Ferguson, a true blue liberal gun hater is vying to be the next governor. To win, he needs to curry favor with all the far left libs, and big donations from the tech billionaires. That’s why he pushed for these bills to be reintroduced. Again. Still.

    It’s unlikely they’ll gain much traction, but they do need to be fought, and hard. I’ve sent my emails to the committee members, and plan to be in Olympia on Monday.

    • I am fighting hard via emails/phone calls. I thank you for being there on Monday. I wish I could join you, but was unable to get the day off as I work in healthcare. Keep up the good fight!

      Ferguson is enemy number one. Frockt and Inslee are a close second. All three are anti liberty cunts that should be imprisoned for treason.

  11. Dear TTAG, I hope this is ok to post . . .

    To all WA residents:

    This will likely be a two stage process and it doesn’t matter if your representative is from the opposite political party. They work for YOU and need to hear from YOU:

    1) Try To Stop The Bill In Committee
    Contact all the committee members on the Senate Law & Justice and House Judiciary committees respectively with these handy links for the Senate.

    Click their name > click their “email” link > fill out comment form

    Don’t forget to type in the bill number and click the “oppose” button.

    You can add an actual comment, keep it short, sweet, on point, and polite. It’ll take about 10-15 min per bill to contact all the committee members in each chamber due to repetitive information entering on each e-mail request. Make the time some evening soon.

    2) Stop It On The Chamber Floor:
    If the bills get out of committee (likely so stay engaged!) then we need to contact our individual representatives before a floor vote. Follow these handy links for individual Senators and Representatives respectively.

    If you need help finding your reps, click this link and look up your district.

    Bill Numbers:

    Assault Weapon Ban: SB 5050 and HB 1134

    Magazine Restriction: SB 6049 and HB 2422

    “Safe Storage” Law: SB 5463 and HB 1122

    Enhanced Background Checks for MSRs: SB 5444 and HB 1387

    Mandatory Firearms Insurance: SB 5795

    Trigger Modification Restrictions: SB 5992

    Spread the word to your friends and family that can help!

    Good luck.

  12. If you live in WA, and want to keep your right to beat arms, you need to help oppose it. Otherwise, you’ll end up like us in California: completely at the mercy of the state to decide if we’re criminals or not for trying to exercise our Second Amendment Rights.

  13. As the commie kalifornia infection spreads.
    I’ve warned you folks in FREE STATES and you laughed at me. Damn it, wake the hell up! Get off your couch, stand tall, shell out a few bucks to Pro Gun fighters, write some letters, march on your capitals. DO SOMETHING!

  14. It appears that the only way to stop the anti-firearm hysteria prevalent in the far left leaning states is national action, both in the United States Supreme Court and in the D.C. legislature. For positive Supreme Court results that citizens, who support the Constitution, can reasonably expect, we actually need to wait out one more SC Justice replacement. The current court is 4 – 4 with the supposedly conservative Chief Justice flipping too often on “social justice” issues. Another Trump appointee would make for a solid constitutional court!

    And the House bill on concealed carry reciprocity would make a dent in so many evil overbearing state laws (yes, I wrote “evil” and meant it, hear me New Jersey). If NY, NJ, CA, WA, CT, OR, ME, even SC, were forced to accept CC permits from all other states, just like they must accept driver’s licenses, a lot of the repressive laws would eventually disappear.

    Factually, the CC Reciprocity proposal is legislating something that should be a right without a law. The addition of a separate bill on background checks is problematic, but I will leave that issue alone in this post. I am not a fan of legislating limits on a God given right protected by the Constitution, but in the current climate of globalist action we must fight, piece by piece, to reclaim our rights.

  15. Washington state has 39 counties, the three counties with the major population base is in the Seattle to Olympia area, they are on the west side of the state. These three counties are all liberal democrat controlled. But due to the population base they have the votes and dictate to the other 36 counties (which are almost all republican). The Seattle libs passed I-594 while I believe it failed in about 35 other counties. On the east side of the state, I-594 has almost no teeth. Most police, deputies and L.E. will not enforce it. It is a feel good law that does nothing to hinder actual crime. Law enforcement knows this.

    • The universal background check was passed n 2014. To date, ONE PERSON has been charged. The only reason he was charged was he told the police. But no matter, the gun is gone as is the person.
      Supporters of I-594 claimed “50 people” had been prevented from buying guns. However, when asked how many of these 50 had been arrested, or charged, or convicted? Crickets.

    • It’s the new feudalism, growing more tyrannical in Washington and Oregon both: the urban centers run the entire state for their own satisfaction — which properly speaking is NOT a republican form of government, and thus is unconstitutional.


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