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Clay, trap and wing shooters have relied o red dot and green dot powders for reloading for years. They’ve become absolute staples of the sport. Alliant now claims it’s improved two of their most popular and trusted shotgun powders. Press release below . . .

Alliant Powder Will Launch Two Improved Reloading Propellants at the 2018 SHOT Show

ANOKA, Minnesota – January 10, 2018 – Alliant Powder, a leading manufacturer of smokeless propellant, will launch improved Red Dot and Green Dot reloading powders during the 2018 SHOT Show (Booth No. 14551), January 23-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Improved Alliant Powder Red Dot now burns significantly cleaner and offers better flow characteristics with the same clay-crushing performance the world’s best shooters have trusted since 1932. Red Dot is optimized for 12-gauge target loads, offers Alliant Powder’s legendary lot-to-lot consistency and is proudly made in America.

Enhanced Green Dot is optimized for handicap trap loads, yet versatile enough for a variety of target and field applications. It also offers Alliant Powder’s lot-to-lot consistency and is made in the U.S.A. The improved formulation burns much cleaner, with precise burn rates that produce dense, uniform patterns, as well as less felt recoil.

“Alliant Powder offers shooters even more consistent and cleaner-burning performance with the release of these improved products,” said Brian Anderson, Senior Marketing Manager for Alliant Powder. “The original high-performance clay target powders just got even better.”

Both Red Dot and Green Dot will be available in three container sizes; 1-, 4- and 8-pound bottles.

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    • Wondering the same. If you intend to use these “new” powders, I’d contact Alliant and ask them.

      I don’t use either, so I’m not gonna bother.

      • I’ve got a few years worth of powder currently on hand (8-10 pounds of each)… but in coming years, it’s going to be something to watch!

        I tend to stick to Green dot, Red dot and Bullseye for handguns; it’s an availability thing where I live.

        I mostly asked because I have to figure somebody at Alliant had to be watching the social media/intertubz… maybe they’ll clarify.

        • I just started reloading last year and I’ve really just stuck with Unique, Bullseye, and Trail Boss, but I’ve been thinking about getting Blue Dot for .357 magnum.

          I really don’t have much use of Red or Green dot, unless I do get into loading my own 2 inch Mini Shells.

        • Issac: Out of curiosity, where do you favor Bullseye vs. Red Dot? They always seemed very close in application to me.

          TruthTellers: .357/.38 Special is a great cartridge to start on! I’d humbly suggest also looking into Alliant’s 2400 and 300-MP for the .357, if you’re looking for “magnum” boom and velocity.

          My go-to load for a 4″ barrel is Blue Dot under a 140gr XTP at 1275fps, but I’ve had it get flaky and over-pressure in cold temps. Also, Alliant has warnings against using it for 125 grain bullets.

          2400 is slightly slower than Blue Dot, but a little more temperature stable (IMHO) and meters *way* better. And, 300-MP is similar to H-110 but slightly slower. I’ve had better luck with it than H-110.

        • Depends on the caliber, I’ve always found bullseye works best with 9mm 115 grn berries plated 4.2 grains seems correct (can check notes later if asked). But for the .38/.357 or .45 I prefer the red dot, I think that’s a volume thing it just works better for me.

          Green dot can be an acceptable stand in but it’s kind of a ‘good at all, great at none’ type deal.

    • Green Dot makes a pretty good 9mm load. I had some laying around and found some info in an old reloading manual and they had it listed. Not the cleanest load but maybe the new formula is the ticket for that. I use CFE now since it meters better out of my press.
      Green Dot was my go to load for 20GA. 1 oz loads. when I was shotgunning a lot.

    • It would be a terrible idea for a power manufacturer to reformulate a product and keep the same brand name unless it can be used with previously published recipes. To do otherwise could have catastrophic consequences.

      So I’m guessing you’ll be good to go with previously published load data.

  1. Over 30 years ago I reloaded for shotgun and revolver. I had a .357 magnum Ruger. I could be wrong, it has been a few years, but I remember loading 3 grains of green dot in .38 special cases with a 158 grain semi wadcutter. A decent target load that did for a few snakes and other varmints.

    I think it was green dot.

  2. Never ran Red Dot (use Bullseye typically in fast burn pistol) but heard good things for plinker loads. Alliant has been cranking out new formulations and refactored powders in the last few years. I wonder if the market is demanding innovation right now.

    Personally, I probably need to get some Power Pistol and play around with it. It may displace Blue Dot in my 9mm carbine loads. Then again it may not. 🙂

  3. Is it just me, or does it seem like there are lots of garbage posts like these product releases, air soft crap. Where’s the BEEF.


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