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In advance of SHOT Show, Palmetto State Armory has been teasing all week about the possibility that they will soon introduce an MP5 clone into the US market. That seems to have been confirmed at this point, thanks to an ARFCOM post their official account has posted these photos of their new MP5 receiver.

PSA expanded out of their AR-15 related niche a couple years ago with their PSAK-47, moving from machined receivers to stamped receivers to generally positive reviews and with downright reasonable price points. It looks like the MP5 will be their next platform to target, probably attempting to under cut other players in the field such as Brethren Armament and POF.

There are still many questions unanswered. Are they stamping the receivers themselves? Buying them from overseas and just welding them in house? Will it be a pistol version or an NFA item? What’s the price point?

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the info as it becomes available.

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  1. Well I’m expecting a rough start, but hopefully a solid products after that. Last I heard they were learning from some early mistakes on the AKs and have a solid rifle now. I still think they should make a 5.56/ar mag AK. I love my zastava m85. An affordable rifle version would be nice considering the m90 isn’t coming in anymore.

  2. If they can make an HK 93 with a .223 Wylie chambered 1 in 9 twist heavy profile barrel melonite coated with MKE or higher quality levels that takes Stang magazines. Or their own take on the HK 32 (In 7.62×39 that uses AK magazines) with higher quality levels that of PTR I would gladly pay $1,500 for either one of them (again if the quality levels meet or exceed that of the current competition).

      • As do I, hahaha. I know it is a pie in the sky dream however so is the PTR 32 if you had asked me a decade ago if it would ever come to market. I would probably not believed it even if you told me it was real hahaha.

      • Yeah sometimes auto correct on my phone misses a few things hahaha. I guess being bilingual also has some negative side effects going back between English and Mandarin. I also took English in college and double majored in business administration, as well as finance. Most of my courses also had an essay segment in the exams as well. I usually did better on my essays than multiple choice to be honest. My finance course taught me many things, mainly analytics specializing in not coming to a conclusion about a subject, individual, or sample set without a sizable amount of data. Which you could also use $1500 dollars to enroll in a course it might help you in the future ;).

    • As TIG guy I’m not terribly impressed by the welds either. Now, I don’t doubt they’re more than sufficient, but I’ve done better hungover on a Saturday.

      Wonder if they’re hiring…

      • I would hazard a guess at this being merely a prototype or even a full-metal mock-up. I seriously doubt that those welds represent anything akin to a final production gun.

        Otherwise, I agree with you as someone who’s certified (TIG pipe).

      • The whole HK-9?/CETME series of guns were based on the prototype StG-45, which was supposed to be an unskilled/slave labor produced blowback sheetmetal assault rifle. Welds that sloppy are perfectly acceptable for what those guns are… H&K just brainwashed everybody in to thinking their guns were masterpieces of refined German engineering and overcharged us for sheetmetal slave guns because H&K hates us.

  3. If this is sub $800 with a pistol brace i will be all over this. Spent many hours pew pewing with a plastic mp5 as boy.

    • I don’t see any MP5 pistols for sale under $1k. Honestly if PSA sells these at anything under a grand, I wouldn’t be able to throw my cash at them fast enough.

      • Grand sounds about right. A PTR91 is about that much. Wouldn’t be surprised if PTR was making it for them given their factory isn’t far from PSA.

        • FWIW, they’ve stated emphatically and clearly that neither Todd Bailey nor PTR have had anything to do with therm in any way or at any point in the process. Now sure they could be lying. But I think it’s safe to say they’re being up-front about that.

      • I’m sure you’re right. The statement was more about my financial position than the value of an mp5 clone. $800 would just be my personal limit for a range toy like i expect this to be.

        If it turns out that after some time these are quite reliable and a serviceable home defense gun, then i could probably go up to $1000 or so.

        Either that or if/when my salary goes up $10k a year, then I’d be able to blow a bunch more money on this kind of thing.

    • Sort-of, I guess. This is a 9mm, the M3 was a .45. The M3 was mostly stamped and welded parts but hey, it worked. Ian over at Forgotten Weapons on YouTube had a nice chat about it once, go look it up.

    • Funny you mention that Astigmatism, my dad was a tanker in the early and mid 80’s, stationed in West Germany, in M60A3’s. He was indeed issued an M3 Grease Gun along with a 1911. He seemed to like it but I regret not asking him about it more when he was still around.

    • Yeah but you get to do that cool slap of the charging handle when you manually lock it back, way cooler than just pushing a button. Make you feel like you’re in an 80’s action flick. Steroids and baby oil not included.

    • Yeah I’m not sure what the mp5 has over most non lrbho ARs in 9mm besides length. Let’s see, easy rail mounts, glock or 9mm colt mags, cheap parts galore, etc… Then again hk people are just that… Hk people. Not knocking it,it just is what it is. I’m an AK guy so I guys I don’t have much to say.

  4. Very interested to see how they turn out, reviews, price points, etc. Will they use some imported parts, or use RCM parts, lsc flats, etc.

  5. There’s already an American company making MP-5 clones. Omega Firearms in Arkansas. Atlantic Firearms stocks them, and they’ve been doing it for a few years now, and the pics I’ve seen look pretty good. Nice, smooth welds, etc.

    • Can confirm on my Omega 9.

      Really like the rifle and was really happy to get it. In my case, I was looking for an MP5 w/ fixedd A2 (or A3 telescoping) stock and willing to put up with a pinned 8″ barrel extension to avoid NFA paperwork BS.

      Bingo. Omega and Atlantic Arms hit the nail on the head.

      Given the market the price was “reasonable” at $1950 or so. And the quality is there as far as I can tell with good clean welds and all the proper places welded and flattened. The paint finish as tough and durable, though a little shiny for my tastes.

      And after over 1000 rounds through it since acquisition . . . zero hiccups. The gun keeps chugging along.

      That said, I’m always interested when there are more options in the market place and would have loved to see PTR come out with their version given how good their PTR91 G.I. R is.

      Good luck, Omega and I’d fully recommend people check them out. They seem to be producing a solid MP5 clone.

      But it’s also good to see PSA will be offering something, too.

      • If it wasnt for the absurd cost of the parts kits I’d have built an MP5/10 ages ago.

        Time all is said and done you’re looking at $1600+ to build your own in 9mm and $2000+ in any other chambering, and that’s assuming you already have a welder and a nice pile of tools.

    • When someone asks about 80% receivers for a roller delayed gun, I know that they have no business trying to build a roller delayed gun off an 80% receiver.

      A flat would be an 80% receiver but most people wouldn’t be able to do anything with a flat.

  6. I won’t mind one of their MP5 clones if it is cleaned up and functions well (the sample picture above looks rough) but it wouldn’t be more than a range toy. I like my PSA AR but if things ever went pear shaped I’d reach for my BCM before reaching for my PSA.

  7. Didn’t Strike Industries tease an upgraded MP5 upper at last Shot Show? After the PSAK GB2 fiasco I’d rather throw my money at SI…

    Then again SI also teased P320 grip modules on FB and they haven’t mentioned them since so I’m not holding my breath. It’ll be a happy surprise if it comes to fruition.

  8. Interesting. However, here in commie kaliforna ain’t going to happen. Freedom and liberty is DEAD in this TYRANNICAL cesspool.
    WARNING AMERICA. Kalifornia is like an STD. Infectious and spreads.

  9. The price is the key. If PSA can bring it in for anywhere close to their AR prices—shut up and take my money. I have one of their AR pistol uppers, and the build quality is just fine.

    Offer it as a pistol and they’ll sell every one they can make. Oh,and if they make magazines—-CHA CHING

  10. Two letters….. S and D…. even in semi…. subsonic with any 115 grain round…. would be amazing…. (F/A would be better… but will take what we
    Can get….)

  11. On that note, the article mentioned the PSAK-47.. why aren’t these more affordable guns reviewed? There’s tons of reviews on here that are priced out of most consumers purchasing range. The sub-1 MOA integrally suppressed boutique rifles with interchangeable barrels are cool.. but you guys should really start reviewing the stuff that your readers are more realistically going to actually buy. Just saying.

  12. Oh joy, PSA.

    I guess if a bunch of cheap gun owners (like all the people above this comment) don’t mind having all your personal data and CC data stolen in order to save a few hundred bucks…go right ahead.

    • I’ve heard that rumor but never had a problem with stealing ordering info.

      And I’m not “cheap,” I like affordable. Cheap implies Raven, Phoenix, Jimenez.. not really into that, obviously. I don’t own any PSA guns but I trust the reviewers of TTAG. I would like to see their take on the PSAK-47, and many other firearms out there. I would like to know which companies are either G2G or lemon party if I’m trying to recommend a gun to a new shooter.

      I helped my friend pick out a RAS-47 AK before there was the amount of literature on it now. I thought since Century may be reliable enough.. but today there’s a lot of negative feedback on it. I wish I would’ve known that now.. I feel kind of bad about it now.

      And yes, if the PSA MP5 comes in at a good price (maybe you would call it “cheap”), you betcha I’d be more inclined to take a flyer on it.

  13. They can’t keep their ar45 or ks47 parts in stock. Barrels have to be modified for the KS47 to take ak mags like they are supposed to do. Marketing for the Ks47 was wrong for months. Constantly spreading misinformation about compatibility of parts for the KS.

    Maybe work on their products they are already selling before trying to bring something else to the market.

  14. I can’t wait to pay for this and someone’s new iPhone when my credit card info is inevitably compromised with my order!


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