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The NRA annual meetings and convention are well under way here in Houston. This is the first NRAAM in three years, the last two falling vicim to COVID fears, so the Association, its members and hoplophiles are happy to have the gathering back up and running. But a couple of aspects to this year’s event are keeping crowds noticeably lower.

Longtime attendees have no doubt noticed lighter crowds on the convention floor.

That photo was taken about 30 minutes after the show floor opened this morning. Crowds have picked up as the day’s gone on, but the aisles aren’t as crowded as they’ve been in years past. Today looks more like a Sunday NRA crowd than a Friday crowd.

There are a few factors that are no doubt affecting this year’s attendance. First, the NRA chose to schedule this year’s event on Memorial Day Weekend. If that’s happened in the past, I can’t remember it.

This year’s NRAAM is also taking place three days and three hundred miles away from Uvalde, Texas. The protesters in the park across the street from the George Brown Convention Center were sparse this morning, but their numbers grew through the day and peaked at about 2:30p. Opportunistic politicians like Robert Francis O’Rourke helped to whip up the crowd and the frenzy was timed to coincide with the NRA Leadership Forum speeches and to make for good video packages for this evening’s newscasts.

The prospect of wading through these protesters (which, in fact, have been kept separate, behind barriers and across the street from the convention center) has likely kept many away who would otherwise be here.

A counter-protester, left in red, is shouted down and has his megaphone taken away by rally attendees for pro-gun control efforts at Discovery Green Park, across the street from the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting at the George R. Brown Convention Center Friday, May 27, 2022, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)

The NRA’s own accumulated scandals and controversies in recent years are most likely playing a role as well. We know of a few exhibitors who declined to participate for exactly that reason.

So it isn’t clear what attendance total will be reported for this weekend, but it seems highly unlikely that this NRAAM will come anywhere close to the usual crowd of between 60,000 and 70,000 happy gawkers, supporters, and attendees. Too many factors and events have seemed to conspire to disappoint the NRA and significantly cut down on this year’s crowds.

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  1. Looks to me like that woman is committing strong arm robbery and assault on the victim with the bullhorn.

    Another peaceful protestor just showing her criminal colors.

    • Lee Greenwood is what like 80? Why would he decide to virtue signal now and not at anytime previously when an incident like this has occurred?

      I’ll never understand this phenomenon of celebs making their little stands “this time” when they had plenty of opportunities in the past. If they care so much they would’ve made their decision decades ago. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn’t know what the NRA is.

      • What happens when Gun Owners fail to define Gun Control by its history of racism and genocide…Gun Control sets the pace and people who talk and sing about freedom fold like cheap tents.

        One person is responsible and he’s deceased. And there is one agenda that throughout history has provided soft targets for criminals and tyrants and that is Gun Control.

        Make no mistake about it…Those who are protesting the loudest have not learned a damned thing…Given the chance they will make soft targets out of you and yours in a heartbeat.

  2. Sad enough. I wanted to go today but I didn’t know how the protesters would be contained, knowing any brush I may have with them would most likely ruin their health and my weekend. NONE OF THEM ARE WORTH MY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. I am not always excited about being present during celebrity speakers but I do want to attend some of the legal update classes and such. Seeing as how the snotballs are contained if I don’t go tomorrow AND Sunday I’ll go Sunday when one of my main interests is being offered.

    To those from out of town here; DONT LET THE SNOTBALL LEFTISTS SUCKER YOU IN TO A FIGHT OR OTHER CONFRONTATION. It’s not worth it and the Houston Police Dept. will not hesitate to baptize you with an ASP baton or reduce you to a grease spot with OC spray if you mess with them. Stay away from the bullshit and enjoy yourselves. Stay in the parts of downtown near the Convention Center and Minute Maid Park if going to a restaurant or club but don’t drift on the other side of Pierce street as it changes from fun to trouble real fast. Have Fun !!!

  3. I love going to conventions, as long as they are in states where I can carry. No convention is worth attending if I have to sacrifice my personal protection. Skipped one my employer registered me for in NYC last week because, well…….NYC.

  4. Protestors are 50% mentally ill degenerates, 40% paid participants and 10% biddies with nothing to do but be outraged. Nobody should pay them any mind.

  5. I’m in Houston now. Not going to convention until tomorrow. Long day, plane flight, about to have a good steak and relax.
    Hope to see some of you here.

  6. The New York attorney general is not interested in getting Justice for the members of the NRA. She’s interested in bleeding the organization dry. Charges should have been filed for prosecution of Wayne and his lieutenants at least 2 years ago.

    I had a great time at the NRA When it came to Nashville TN. But those days are long gone now. It was my first time attending their convention. It was a great learning experience and fun times. I meet some great people from NY. We exchanged CCW permits. And talked about how different New York was compared to Kentucky. They had to list all the guns they possessed on the back of their cards. And they had so many guns they needed to use two cards to list them!!!
    I will admit it was a magical time for me as a first time attendee. Unfortunately those magical times are over with now. Until or even if, the NRA and rid itself, of the corrupt criminals who are now running it.

    Because I think it’s going to have to be the people inside the NRA leadership and force out Wayne LaPierre. Because the New York AG is quite happy to let Wayne spend all of the NRA’s money, if necessary to keep from going to jail.

        • I’m trying to figure out which of Wayne’s cronies neiowa is in real life. He’s a true believer who thinks the NRA shouldn’t be spending tens of millions a year on education and competition programs, promoting pro-gun candidates, lobbying for pro-2A laws, and supporting lawsuits against 2A infringement. Instead, he thinks the money should go to executive perks and outside counsel to delay Wayne and the other wrong doers from going to jail. People know the truth, which is why donations and memberships are down. Ollie North tried to fix it and was kicked out. Allen West is trying to replace Wayne, but I fear there are too many board members invested in Wayne and their own self interest to do what is best for the members and 2A.

        • to Anymouse

          I have read the lawyer for Wayne is getting paid $1,400 an hour. And I think the picture of every current NRA board member should be on “Wanted Posters”. Allen West would be a great replacement for WLP.

  7. I stopped funding the NRA years ago. My funds have been going to a couple of other pro 2A groups. I stopped donating to the United Way about the same time for the same reasons. Too much of the money was going to the Execs and not into the program. And too many internal issues.

    • Which pro-gun groups work and cover all 50 states? Seeing how that is where the gun laws are passed using state’s Rights. Here in Colorado it has gone from basically cowboys to the new California and dems needed to have the 1st gay governor who “passes” executive orders. It is a step away from your home becoming the only place you can keep and bear arms. In Denver it has been illegal to pass through that county with a firearm anywhere in your vehicle (pitbull terriers are illegal as well). For those who are clueless Denver is NOT in the mountains and winter is not snow covered like how Minnesota is pictured.

  8. “… A counter-protester, left in red, is shouted down and has his megaphone taken away by rally attendees for pro-gun control efforts at Discovery Green Park, across the street from the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting at the George R. Brown Convention Center Friday, May 27, 2022, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)…” (article picture caption)

    Idiot….Do not “counter-protest” by getting on top of (or very close to) those “protesting”. Its inciting, brings you down to their level, provides possible physical confrontation access, makes it look like you got close on purpose to be confrontational ….. and makes you look emotionally charged, immature, and willfully confrontational and angry like you made a bad emotional based decision like a six year old on a playground, which is something you as a gun carrier/owner/pro-second-amendment person do not want to reflect.

    • The reason these scum are gaining ground is that attitude like you have right now…The lefties have all the power because they are way more motivated and vocal than any of us..The sheer inaction and laziness of the PRO GUNNERS IS KILLING US…PRO GUN rallies do not even draw 30 people….the 2020 election proved your vote and feelings do not matter anymore…Any one that wants to keep our rights better get a little more radical, motivated and in the streets now…OR you will watch everything VOTED AWAY in a week or two…The Senators and Reps are only afraid of leftist activist and antifa..NO ONE HAS SHOWED THEM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN, SO THEY HAVE NO REASON TO FEAR IT….WAKE UP FOLKS!!..

    • The person you are addressing is possibly a plant hired to make a scene and to have real Americans portrayed as violent idiots. I believe Shannon Watts does this as those who protest her while open carrying appear to be unable to hold a firearm correctly and fail to dress as adults when posing for photos. I would put nothing past these people.
      When BLM came to town a local rag had an article about “pro 2nd” group in camo perched on rooftop with high power rifles adjacent to police headquarters with BLM on the street. If they were real 2nd supporters let me off the bus now, please. Who on Earth would battle a tyrant dressed in the tyrant’s military attire? We have 60,000 soldiers stationed here and a few wear their fatigues off-base but anything ‘battle-ready’ I believe is a strict no-no.

  9. Note Governor Butt Abbott and his cronies cancelled their appearance at the NRA convention. I guess receiving handfuls of blood money from the NRA would at this time been too embarrassing.


    Senators bankrolled by the NRA:

    Mitt Romney: $13,648,000
    Richard Burr: $6,987,000
    Roy Blunt: $4,556,000
    Thom Tillis: $4,421,000
    Marco Rubio: $3,303,000
    Joni Ernst: $3,125,000
    Josh Hawley: $1,392,000
    Mitch McConnell: $1,267,000
    Ted Cruz: $176,000

    An absolute disgrace.

    • Now let’s look at those leftist and liberal DEMOCRATS that have been bankrolled by the American Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party, the Socialist Party of the USA, ANTIFA, BLM, La Raza Unida, MALDEF, Open Borders, Everytown For Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action (both supporters and advocates for deadly gun-free zones), the KKK, Black Panthers, and countless other racist, subversive, seditious, and terrorist organizations.

      I don’t have to provide a monetary amount breakdown of all those as most if not all the extreme left wingers receive a lot collectively like the true traitors and communists they are. The existence of even one of them undermines the whole country and political system and compromises our safety and security.

      And you’re free to renounce your US citizenship, surrender or shred your US passport, and immigrate elsewhere.

    • Note: NRA attendees are normally upper 80,000. This year was around 62,000ish last word on the floor from vendors. Author missed a major no-show reason……$5 /gal gas. Gas from upper Mid-West cost as much as hotel bills. Tough decision to miss third NRA Convention or traditional Memorial weekend at our rural property with fellow vets. Still struggling over my decision
      But, it is one of my annual road trips. In withdrawal last two years. Really dislike the holiday weekend as the traffic is much worse….gas gets hiked even more than Xiden’s current war on oil hike.

      …..and Wayno LePewPew at $1,500,000 annual compensation. What a waste of members’ hard earned membership dues. Should have seen LePewPew at the Members’ meeting. For that kind of expenditure, members should expect more than a Socialist scowl, wire-rims, and combover persona, undisputed $20,000 suit bills, and a trollop’s rent bill. LePewPew may have done some great things in the past but he has become an overly expensive, horrible ROI, and a distraction to the NRA mission. And, once he finally rides off into the sunset, he will remain a financial detriment burden to the members. Members can only hope for an early demise. RIP soon, Wayno.

  11. The NRA has been around for a long time I have been a member for many years and not once have they called for me to go on a big shooting spree or shoot up some school not once have they done that The fake news and the dem/communists have been after the NRA for years I guess they don’t know or care how many regular guys belong to the NRA and all they are doing is pissing off the Americans more with all this anti NRA bullshit All this is an attempt by the fake news and their communist handlers to slant the coverage of the NRA convention to make them look like school shooters.I for one am getting damned tired of the dem/communist bastards like Joe Biteme Chuck you Schummer Lis Squaw SittinWarner Ma Arkansas Clinton Barrack Raghead Odumbo and all the rest I do not now nor have I ever supported these communists.

  12. The NRA didn’t do the shooting. The NRA didn’t cause this shooting nor any others in the past. The NRA didn’t shut down our national mental health system. The NRA didn’t send billions of dollars in cash to our enemy Iran. The NRA didn’t send billions to the Ukraine when so much was needed here also and due to a criminal President.

    The NRA didn’t accept the presidency when it knew the results of an election were the most questionable in our history. The NRA didn’t have a drug addict, sex offending son that committed a felony by falsifying information on an ATF Form 4473. The NRA didn’t abandon American students and other Americans to hostile enemy forces during a failed evacuation from a country we helped build but surrendered to the very enemy we originally fought there that killed thousands of us in one single day.

    The NRA has provided training and education to countless law enforcement agencies, colleges, universities, specialized schools, military academies, law enforcement academies, Boy Scout organizations and many other public service assistance for more than a century. The NRA developed proper targets for proper distances used by our military and police units for basic and continued training of our national armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The NRA has provided world-class firearm safety training to our children in schools that has significantly reduced the amount of firearm-related accidents often previously suffered by school age children. Best of all the NRA conducted extensive threat assessments of our schools and recommended proper security enhancements, corrections, to the physical structures as well as drills and exercises for both school and emergency staff to us in the event of horrific dangers.

    Hardening our school facilities, churches, other such places have been suggested and pleaded for since the 1980(s) and all this time Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, the Bush family, the Clintons, and countless other socialist/globalist-minded tyrannical and seditious Democrats have been in office but refused to even consider a national program and mandate for this. We’ve provided funds amounting to national fortunes to other countries for such safety and security enhancements but never to our schools. Never for OUR children. It totally evades the imagination how these cowardly and selfish politicians, many I consider no better than the very mass shooters themselves, absolutely ignore and deny the most basic modernization security needs FOR THEIR OWN PROPLE, improvements that long ago could’ve saved every student and church worshipper from a mass shooting that has ever occurred regardless of what firearms are owned and available in our country.

    Democrats (members of the party that has long been the ONLY party openly supported by the official American Communist Party) want to repeal our Second Amendment as they know once this is achieved the rest of our rights become totally theirs to change or discard as they wish. All of us are smart enough to realize if this Democrat Party has been the sole impediment to a most necessary hardened school system where the best of all of us grow our future and theirs, we can only horrifyingly imagine what they will do with the rest of our nation, including our children.

    The Democrat Party and other such treasonous organizations, followers, and movements wants to totally outlaw our firearms and our freedoms. I submit it’s long overdue we finally outlaw them.

  13. Why in the Hell is my comment awaiting moderation. I don’t need your assistance in writing what I need to write. Are you still on your push to become a publisher?

    Your “moderators” never actually moderate anything. Often what is being “moderated” remains under moderation forever and never is finished.

    You need to remove that feature permanently.


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