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The National Rifle Association has announced a change for the date and location of the 2022 annual meetings and convention. The nation’s oldest civil rights organization has moved the event from Louisville to Houston, Texas over the Memorial Day weekend, May 27-29.

The NRA has faced plenty of justifiable criticism over its decision-making lately, but this move was both wise and prudent. Kentucky’s Governor, Democrat Martin Beshear, has earned his reputation for radical COVID mitigation mandates, including restrictions on events and gatherings along with lockdowns.

Beshear, no fan of the National Rifle Association, could have seriously hobbled the NRA’s convention and annual meetings with last-minute mandates and rules. Texas, on the other hand, has opted to give its residents and visitors the right to choose whether or not to wear masks or take vaccines.

Here’s the story from Houston NPR:

The National Rifle Association on Wednesday announced that the organization’s 2022 annual meeting and exhibits will be held in Houston, after this year’s event was canceled due to Harris County’s high number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

The annual event, set to celebrate the organization’s 151st anniversary next year, will be held over Memorial Day weekend in May 2022.

The 2022 meeting is expected to bring in about 55,000 attendees and have an economic impact of $16.7 million from hotel bookings, restaurants and entertainment, according to Houston First Corp, the quasi-governmental organization that manages the George R. Brown Convention Center and conventions in the city of Houston.

In a statement, Houston First President and CEO Michael Heckman said the NRA meeting will help Houston’s hospitality industry recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

After two years of cancellations, the NRA desperately needs a successful convention.  Attendees and supporters write checks totaling millions of dollars at the event which help the NRA remain afloat.




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      • A lot. They help write the laws and tell us it’s a good compromise instead of doing what they should be doing. Witch is saying hell no to new laws and fighting to repeal the ones we have.
        Thats the tyranny.

  1. “The nation’s oldest civil rights organization”

    You guys need to stop parroting this lie.

    • The owning of firearms is a civil right. Says so right in the BOR.

      Now, we can argue whether or not the nra actually supports that right…….

      • Thank you for saying that. Arms, in whatever form are the only things you are guaranteed in the founding documents.

  2. Even after all that’s gone on y’all refuse to see the issue and why your failing. All your article sees is them not getting big checks.
    You here writing, editing and publishing this are the issue.

    As far the move scraps one liberal city for another. Again y’all and those who think like you have to go. But it’s too late because the trust is gone.

  3. These assholes. Take this from someone that used to be in the industry:

    Let’s face it, the NRA is required to have a meeting, but they don’t want anybody to attend. So they’re going to do everything in their power to make it difficult to attend.

    Come on, we’re talking about Memorial Day weekend. If you’re a manufacturer there’s no way in heck you’re going to give up a perfectly good holiday weekend when the plant is closed you can enjoy time with your family to go sit in a meeting Hall.

    The event that was scheduled Louisville was taking place the weekend before Memorial Day. So if you’re a manufacturer you can run out and do the show, and get off work and then go enjoy the holiday weekend.

    • “Let’s face it, the NRA is required to have a meeting, but they don’t want anybody to attend.”

      If you truly were “in the industry” you’d have to know that the vast majority of attendees are coming to visit the vendors and displays, not to hear speeches or to attend the actual “Annual Meeting”. Something like 70-80K members and guests attended the last real annual meeting in Indy, there were probably 2-2.4K people actually listening to the presentations at the meeting…

      NRA would make good bucks from the vendors and hosting a meeting without them is fulfillig the spirit and obligations of the Bylaws, Articlw III, Section 8(a). Article III, Section 8(c) covers the Quorum requirement of 100 or more voting members.

      NRA would love to hold a normal, full Annual Meeting and proposes to do so in Houston in 2022. As per the date, when planning an event of this size and magnitude one year out, one likely takes what is available. I’ll be there, just as I was today in Charlotte…

  4. With the current governors in charge. Only the Free Republic of Texas. And the Free Republic of Florida are safe places to have an NRA convention.

    • I agree.
      But why Houston? 🤔
      Houston and Austin are the bluest cities in Texas.

      Many pro-2nd A patriots consider a Houston convention (and on a holiday weekend no less) as a “gathering of the Fuddalo”. 🤡

      Will there be plenty of Joe Beijden approved shotguns, and classes on what angle to hold them at while firing the “warning shots”. 🤪

      Shoot an email to the House Drinker, Nancy P.
      See if San Francisco is up for hosting the 2022 NRA Convention. 🤪

      • I really wish our 2A dollars could be spent in a city that is glad to have us. After the year 2020, Liberal cities should not get the money of gun owners.

        • FYI- there are very few cities in the US that can host and lodge 80K+ attendees and a 14 acre+ exhibit hall with parking, food, etc in a reasonably close proximity to the event.

          If some of those large population centers would start electing reasonable administration leadership it might be possible for NRA to host a normal AM in a gun-friendly venue. As it is, they do the best they can.

          GOA or NAGR could probably serve all their membership in a much smaller city but even in places like Louisville, a person must hop on shuttles and plan way ahead to get from housing to the arena, then another to get to the exhibit hall.

          You have a better suggestion that could handle it? Put it forth.

      • There is a theory about taking it into the “lions den”. IE to “blue” cities. I think was in Minneapolis years ago as the most “blue” example but I think the show had to downsize substantially to fit available hall size. The Gun business (and show) having grown tremenously since does not work.

        There are very few conventions centers large enough to host the NRA annual meeting. That will do so.

  5. Who cares a flying monkey turd about the NRA’s annual dance party? So long as WLP is there stealing the member’s money, committing crimes that endanger the organization’s very existence under the law, the NRA may as well be deceased. Or worse, may as well be working for Bloomberg.

    Have not given the NRA a dime in the last two years. That’s after being a member since I was a boy. A good half century of dues paying.

    These last two years I’ve spread $1000 out of my tax refund to the GOA, FPC and SAF.

    Enough already with the corrupted NRA. Support the organizations that fight for the Second Amendment!

    Also, look up your state’s gun right’s organization. Join up!

    • Well, I for one “care a flying monkey turd” for the annual meeting. Miss interfacing with like minded pro-2A Patriots and getting to talk in person with manufacturers’ personnel that actually know about their products. Meeting is one of my highly anticipated road trips annually.

      Not pleased with the meeting on the Memorial Weekend. That’s an annual party weekend on our 3800 acre big boy playground. Tough choices. To party or to party??? That is the question.

    • So you never had the balls for more than an annual membership (if actually had that). BS.

      Yap about the 2nd somewhere else. Those tiny little groups are irrelevant.

  6. There are some real morons here. Starting with your leftist bashing of the NRA – Aid and comfort to CNN/MSNMBC/DNC wackos is all you’re doing. IF you don’t think this is about the internet trolls/Soros crew projecdt divide and conquer you’re a freaking MORON. The demtards pols in DC FEAR the NRA. They had NO FEAR of GAO or any of the other small time 2nd amendment groups. Get a clue.

    All you anti NRA whining showflakes would LOVE the a visit to the Annual meeting and spending a couple days at the exhibits. Huge fun, some greating educational meetings. See touch every gun you’ve ever heard about/never seen, contests, give aways, etc. And Louisville is in the most gun friendly state the meeting has been in for years (In, Tx, Mo,)

    NRA show does huge $ in Tx (pretend pro gun country). Huge/great show in Dallas in 2018. WAY to many prog flakes/nut in the area and the convention center area pretty much an urban cesspool (shocking). SO good bet holding the show in Houston will do well financially. I’d bet that Houston/TX is making it VERY attractive financially for NRA to come there. Again.

    Was looking forward to taking my daughter to Louisville in the spring 2022 (each kid gets a trip in 8th, 10th grade and as a Senior). Louisville nice city/spot and and convention center 2016. I wouldn’t give 2shits for that cesspool Houston so I won’t be going.

    • Smart, BTW to go to TX since we are planing to move charter there from NYS.

      As per those bashing traditional NRA AMs and vendor showcase, neiowa is exactly right. Compared to GOA’s, NAGR’s, etc annual meetings (oh, yeah, sorry about that), NRA’s generally draws 80K+ people. Groups like SAF are exhibitors at the NRA annual meetings.

      Of course the other groups have no other programs and sub- organizations to worry about funding, ie: training, cert instructors, Eddie Eagle and youth programs, women’s programs, general competitions in a variety of categories, military and LEO programs, on and on…

      At some point intelligent people ought to consider that even without taking into account ILA, which is the lobbying/legislative/political arm of NRA, the safety programs alone have lowered firearms accidents to the point where they aren’t even on the radar of actual statistics for injury or death. (Dacian’s phony, made up CNN and PBS not being considered…).

      Were unintentional firearms incidents actually a leading or common cause of death or injury in the US, our liberties and right would’ve been considered in a different light. As it stands now, the general public isn’t buying the “safety BS” being foisted by the Bloomberg’s, Watts and Betos of the country, in particular when weighed against the rioting and destruction that was caused by their pals.

      Hate NRA all you want but without them, you’ll lose the 2A in months if not weeks.

  7. They were interested in him being a useful idiot and with his chances of being the head of the ATF dashed he’s now just a useless idiot so there’s no interest…

  8. The Kentucky governor is Lil Andy Beshear, not Martin. The state legislature neutered the governor’s emergency powers this year. Doubtful Lil Andy would have tried to play the games suggested in this article. Kentucky has had permitless open carry since we have been a state. We have no state mandated restrictions on face to face private firearm sales.

  9. Oh, my, seems like a lot of people are Wayne hesitant, but Bloomberg compliant. Bloomie wants to split us up, and Wayne gave him the crack, but some people would rather destroy the good enough in search of the fantasy perfect gun Eutopia they will never find. Go ahead destroy the NRA. Bloomies media team will turn you against NSSF, GOA, and SAF, in their turns.

  10. Two years of cancellations? They just had their annual meeting in Charlotte, NC. Didnt you get the memo? I didnt either and that’s one of the many reasons I dont belong anymore.

  11. I stopped supporting the NRA some while ago. As long as LaPierre remains, I will never support them.

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