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We met up with Ryan from Stag Arms to check out the new SPCTRM (“spectrum”) line of premium Stag 15 rifles. They lovingly call these impressive bad boys the Fifty Shades guns, and if you watch the video below you’ll clearly see why . . .


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  1. Are you *sure* you want ‘Fifty Shades’ and “video” in the title of that post?

    (Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t know…)

    *Snicker* 😉

  2. What do you do with a rifle line that uses a mixture of different colors on its parts because the anodizing or creakote colors got mixed wrong and were messed up and they didn’t want to dispose of the stuff and lose money?

    You call it “Fifty Shades” and market it as ‘we meant to do that’ and hope it catches on enough to become a ‘thing’.


    That ‘mustard yellow’ they call ‘gold’ … yukkk. 🤢

  3. Is an AR with a colt lower and a Bushmaster upper worth $800?
    The gunm shop I go to has one and I might buy it. Not that an AR is any good I just want Another Rifle

  4. Have yet to see a Stag Arms MSR at an LGS yet in their 20yrs of existence. Kinda like CORE. Ordered one of their MSR’s at 2 different LGS’s. That was probably 10 yrs ago. Still waiting for the phone call to come pick them up.

    • Stag’s under new management these days. I’d expect you’re going to see their products much more often and in a wider variety going forward. While we haven’t shot any of them yet outside of SHOT range day, they look impressive.

      Guns are on their way. Reviews to come. Stay tuned.

  5. I searched through the rifles and not one setup would interest me. I use gas block mounted detachable front sights because chances are good a front sight attached to a lengthy handguard is going to be off. None on the list had clamp type rail height gas blocks to accomodate a detachable front sight. Only one had a M-lok float handguard and it had a pin fixed front sight/gas block. To get an A2 style fixed stock you would have to go with the retro model and its 2 piece handguards.

    For my builds it’s basic old school-new school: A1 length fixed stock, detach carry handle, float M-Lok handguard, quality clamp style rail height gas block, detach front sight, cage flash hider.

    • “…because chances are good a front sight attached to a lengthy handguard is going to be off.”


      how long are you talking about?

      I’ve heard this before and checked, never seen any of my sights be “off” on my 12 and 15 inch handguards. of course I use quality handguards on my AR builds, mostly Midwest Industries, but use YMH and Aero too.


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