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Scandal has plagued the National Rifle Association for months now. Plenty of folks, myself included, think the NRA’s EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre owns much of the mess. Others believe Mr. LaPierre has saved the organization from ruin, time and time again, including now.

Even if LaPierre really has saved the organization in the past, the continuing, increasing allegations of scandal and mismanagement have gutted his effectiveness in the leadership role.

As an example of his compromised ineffectiveness, simply look at the comments in a recent TTAG post about the NRA’s statement, “Taking Guns Away From Law-Abiding Citizens Makes Us Less Safe.” The NRA’s chief narrates a slick, well-done video with a solid, powerful message following the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

Kudos, by the way, for doing that inside the NRA instead of paying a vendor millions. Or at least we hope there isn’t a new Ack-Mac that’s been hired by NRA to replace the old one.

Watching LaPierre speak, I couldn’t help but think, “So that’s what a $20,000 suit looks like.” My next thoughts: “That’s two dozen really decent AR-15s he’s wearing” and “If that suit cost twenty grand, how much did the shirt and tie cost?” and lastly, “You know, my $400 suits look almost as nice.”

Turning to the comments, it looks like the NRA’s continuing reports of scandal and mismanagement on Waples Mill Road are weighing heavily on people’s minds.

The very first comment from “Wood”:  “OK Wayne. Retire already.”

The first remotely charitable comment came almost an hour after posting. Gregolas wrote:

Good message.
Wrong messenger.

About halfway through the comments, it looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking about those $20,000 suits from a Beverly Hills clothier. David Pratt did too.

That sure is a nice suit he’s wearing. I wonder how much it cost.

Few had good things to say about the video or its message. And I didn’t see one that thought well of its messenger.

One can’t help but think that even though those commenting on a single story here aren’t a representative sample of Americans, nevertheless they represent a decent number of gun owners and NRA members who are engaged. And people who are engaged are the ones who make things happen.

And TTAG readers aren’t the only ones. This is from a Politico post yesterday titled, ‘I’m worried’: Allies fear NRA has lost its power in Washington . . .

The NRA has a net negative rating for the first time, according to a FOX News poll released this week. Only 42 percent of voters view the NRA favorably, compared with 49 percent in 2018; 47 percent viewed the group unfavorably.

Even those who support the NRA said they are concerned. Michael Hammond, legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America, which opposes new gun restrictions, said his group contacted the NRA asking about its plan of attack on possible legislation. “What we got back was gobbledygook,” he said. “I’m worried.”

The reality is that — outside of a majority of current NRA board members — almost no one else has faith in LaPierre. That undermines his effectiveness as a leader, both publicly and privately.

That lack of confidence is corrosive and diminishes the NRA’s influence at a critical time. It’s difficult to see how even the most staunch LaPierre allies on the board can continue to argue that his presence at the top of the Association is a positive thing for the NRA or gun rights.

Really, Wayne…it’s time to go.



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  1. The NRA isn’t so much the organization as it is it’s people. We teach each other safe and effective firearms handling and we vote and communicate with our representatives at a much higher rate than the general public.

    The organization is a a tough place now, but we are still out here doing what we have always done.

    This commenting system sucks

    • What kind of commenting system would you put it’s place? DisQus is garbage, in bed with the surveillance state, and biased against conservatives. A facebook system is all of those and worse to include being forced into a social media account. And those two alone are basically what the rest of the internet uses.

      • Disqes at least works. I get notifications for comments on very old posts, but none for comments on new posts and I haven’t for months. And if it’s a browser issue, the three browsers installed on this computer all have it,

        • I will never participate in Disqus, Facebook or the like. As soon as Ammoland changed over to registration a couple of months ago, I stopped visiting their site.

          I also permanently ditched another site I had been regularly visiting for eight straight years, after they changed their comment system as well earlier this year.

          This TTAG comment format isn’t perfect, but if they change, I’ll leave. No registration for me.

      • I agree the comments system here is very poor. Here’s one that is free, open source, that I have encountered around the interwebs. I always get notices on topics I subscribed to, I can edit or delete my posts easily.

        Where I have encountered the Simple Machines comment system, users can start their own topics. Maybe that part of it is not something TTAG wants, but as it is open source it should be possible to configure as desired.

      • I like this commenting system. It works, and I can reply from work in my down time. The IT guys blocked Disqus, so please DON’T switch to that. Thanks.

  2. Will LaPierre be a man, and step down for the sake of the NRA and its future? Or, in his quest to keep the status quo (and his lifestyle), will he instead take the NRA down with him?

    • WLP is drunk on the money, the ego trip and the (rapidly diminishing) influence he’s enjoyed for too long.
      If he cared about the organization, it’s mission and most importantly, it’s members, he would have stepped aside already.
      His and the Boards arrogance and indifference only strengthen my belief that he/they are chin deep in self serving and likely illegal practices.

      With the ongoing investigations, the inexcusable amounts of money being thrown at lawyers and others these guys are digging a deeper hole for themselves while they gut the organization.
      Any…any properly structured 501c would have a mechanism to remove him…they thought of and fixed that too.

      Wayne must go, probably to jail, but at a minimum he cannot maintain any affiliation w NRA. Revoke his membership too.

      • Not so much ‘drunk on the money’ as ‘living in a bubble’. Just like Washington elite, they dismiss anyone who’s not in their circle… aka swamp.

      • I’ve been a bit limited in my support because I did not think the NRA was aggressive enough in litigation and also had some major screw ups in messaging following publicized shootings.
        Optics are reality and the public view of the NRA really sucks! No matter the allegations etc.; Wayne has no credibility. The alleged actions and spending, true or not, have completely compromised the organization and will nullify its’ influence in the coming elections.
        I will not donate another $0.01 to the NRA until I see a massive change.
        We, as 2nd Amendment supporters, need to find or found another organization. The NRA may be too compromised to ever
        be effective.

    • I suspect not, and I also suspect that Wayne LaPierre wasn’t the first either. Or Wayne LaPierre would of or might have better control over his overt excesses in spending of NRA funds…

  3. If they had principles and were pro gun. I wouldn’t care about the way they spend. They are anti constitution types though.

    • I do care how much they spend. Maybe a $400 suit is bottom of the barrel, but a $2000 suit is not. He could have 10 suits(6 more than anyone needs) for the cost of 1 suit.

      Just like saying that a preacher should never be dressed better(or drive a nicer car) than the top 40% of his parishioners, ol’ Wayne is dipping a little deep in the collection plate.

      • Yeah i wouldnt care. If they actuallly were pro gun. If they had gotten suppressors deregulated or something like that. How ever they always back fudd politicians.

        I dont go to church because there is no god or afterlife. Seen no evidence for it. I think the nra causes more damage than it helps us.

        • So BIATEC, you’ve scoured the 4 corners of the Earth for evidence of God? And because you’ve done that you now know everything and can make the claim there is no God? Since I know you haven’t done that you might want to consider expanding your search horizons. A great place to start is The Book Of Romans chapter 1 verse 20. God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made so that people are without excuse. Good luck on your search. You will find God if you sincerely seek Him. I’ll pray that you do.

        • lmao. Did I say I know everything? The burden of proof is on you. It’s a very poor argument you are making. I searched. It’s all bull. If you have proof show it but until then suck it up that not everyone believes without hard scientific proof.

        • What IF (just if…) the stuff they call “dark matter” is actually Ki, or Chi (in China), and this dark energy that we postulate MUST be there, but in some invisible form, is actually the source of everything, and is intelligent also? Would that qualify?

      • You could take a decent $250 of the rack suit and get it tailored for around $200 ( at least I can locally mileage may vary) and it will look just as good any $2000 suit. Most of the time you are paying for a name not the clothing.

        • I think you’re losing sight of the ball. Its not the amount the WLP spent on suits. The issue here is the unethical (and probably illegal), and vastly excessive clothing allowance ($140,000/year) that WLP has been enjoying, courtesy of the NRA’s CLIENT, Ackermann-Mcqueen, for many years now.
          What possible reason could there be for the NRA CEO to get his clothing perk (140K/year, remember!) from a CLIENT of the NRA’s? I mean, other than to hide illegal payments? Custom made to order, if THAT was the purpose….

        • Not client, vendor. A client pays you to do something. You pay a vendor for goods or services. NRA paid AM for services, which seem to include things the NRA couldn’t/wouldn’t pay directly for itself. If someone is billing you $40M per year, it’s easy to hide a few $100ks in a huge itemized list or summary billing statement.

      • Hey, I own a $200 suit from Penny’s and have received many favorable comments whenever I’ve worn it. Must be because I’m better lookin than ol Wayne!

    • Boomers are brain-damaged and they don’t actually understand any of their own beliefs. It is all just regurgitated slogans from the 1960s – and this goes for “conservative” boomers as well.

      They were all hippies – never forget that.

      They all listened to the same music, were shaped by the same culture.

      It’s the “conservative” boomers who are calling the loudest for invading the world to bring them this vague “freedom” you hear so much about but which no one ever bothers to explain the value or necessity of.

      And you don’t even really know what it means, because the meaning changes constantly. In the 1960s, it meant LSD, marijuana, out-of-wedlock sex with multiple partners and destroying Christian institutions. Then it meant gay sex and war against Moslems and putting women and blacks in NRA leadership positions/marketing material. Now it means trannies and war with Russia and China and pushing Wayne LaPierre out of the NRA.

      • Dude (or Dudette as the case may be) you spent a hell of a lot of time entirely off topic.

        Perhaps you missed it but the topic of this discussion was the best way to core an apple, skin it, slice it up, add sugar and cinnamon and wrap in pastry dough. Bake at $350 for 12 gallons of English Petrol or until the Frenchies start eating Freedom fries with tongs made out of conflict free narwhal ivory.

        I do hope this aides you in returning to the topic at hand.

        Merry Christmas,


        • Seems to me as if Vlad man has chosen a new handle. Same talking down at everyone else from his lofty position atop the anthill in his parent’s basement. Same arrogant derision, same sense of knowing it all, even while misspelling third grade words, etc.
          All that he’s lacking is the long strings of random, non-alphanumeric characters for no reason….

        • Yeah- but truth man is ultra pro-gun rights, ultra-right wing, and really entertaining; albeit politically incorrect.

          Vlad opposes Wayne LaPierre, Truth man seems to be the only person supporting him.

          Truth man also seems… like he lost his mind. I hope finds it, because his sh*t-posts are hilarious.

          If you don’t think truth man is funny, you have no sense of humor. We need to welcome the alt-right /dailystormer crowd into the gun community, not push them away.

          YOU ARE WELCOME HERE, truth man.

        • enuf,

          I have no idea what you are talking about.

          I wanted to make the point that boomer freedoms involve NEVER TRUMP DANA FAKEBOOBS LOESCH getting $$$$$$$ on while this blog attacks the only thing keeping our guns, the NRA- is bad idea bro.

          viva Wayne! viva NRA!

          NB: oliver north belongs in prison

  4. Perception IS reality. Never so obvious with tone-deaf Old Wayne. As an aside what does GOA really do?!? Anyone???

      • What’s your point??? The NRA does some good things but old Wayne derails most of it. HIS perception is pathetic except to those who benefit from the NRA swamp. WT EFF does swatting have to do with any of this sordid mess? Hungover fella?

  5. Spiraling Scandals Have Made the NRA’s LaPierre Ineffective as Leader of a ineffective organization,i could give Flying Flip what Negotiating Rights Away since 1934 has to say of anything.

    I you already don’t belong join GOA FPC SAF your state org. or any other arms rights organizations.

    • Agreed on joining both national and state gun rights group. We need to support the groups that support us. As the NRA weakens, we need to show strength in numbers.

  6. The mindset of the LaPierre faction is a huge puzzle right now.

    We don’t know how many of them have received questionable favors from LaPierre. We don’t know if they care what the members and potential members think. We don’t know why they claim LaPierre is some kind of deity and the only one who can do the job. We don’t know how many are close friends with LaPierre and have a sense of personal loyalty. We don’t know why they value LaPierre above the survival of the NRA.

    They may be afraid of criminal charges stemming from the various government investigations. We’ve heard that their corporate officer’s liability insurance is no longer in effect. Maybe their expensive lawyers have told them to either shut up or parrot the party line in hopes that the legal troubles will go away. It may not be long before we hear about records being destroyed at NRA HQ.

    Whatever is actually going on, their statements make no sense at all. This leaves those of us on the outside to wonder if the LaPierre faction is suffering from some kind of cultish insanity or if they are just a bunch of crooks who know that the game is over.

    I will offer this advice to NRA board members: If LaPierre invites you all together to share some Kool-Aid, you really should decline the invitation.

    It may not matter in the end. I’ve come to the conclusion that the NRA is doomed due to the malfeasance of the LaPierre faction. The rest of us in the gun rights community need to start thinking about what we will replace it with and how we will keep this from happening again.

  7. He has to have a golden parachute.
    I’ve gotten those really nice upgrade offers to my life membership recently.
    As attractive as they may seem…
    No money until Wayne is gone.

  8. Its time to start all over for the NRA. If it wants people like myself back.
    After 35 years I cant support the current people running the show.
    Wayne its time to retire and take your closet full of clothing with you as a parting gift.
    Me I don’t need another knife or range bag.

    • Wait, who’s gonna pay the Nashvegas hairdressers who keep Wayne’s wife dolled up?

      Probably 2 days since she’s had a mani/pedi.

    • I and my sons are on the same page as Patriot 1775. It’s disheartening to have to say it but the current NRA leadership is a reminder of what a corporate colleague (one with whom I didn’t agree) believed in as one rises to the ranks of corporate leadership: “RHIP” (Rank Has Its Privileges). Apparently Wayne subscribes to the same mantra!

  9. WLP should fall on his sword and ruin a 2o,oo.oo dollar suit,that the members paid for, however he won’t, he will take the organization down with him,kicking and screaming like the child he is,blaming everyone but himself.

    At one time I thought the organization worth saving however the corruption appears so pervasive that now I think it best to burn it to the ground,I do not think if one wanted to rebuild it that the name NRA could /would even be worth using as WLP has so sullied it.

  10. While T. Rex Arms was wasting $10,415 on getting the 82-year old Tennessee tax on ammunition repealed, the NRA spent spent tens of thousands of Dollars more wisely on hair and makeup for Susan LaPierre: It is important to have priorities!

    Stop funding the scam, called NRA. Start funding the real activists. Wayne LaPierre still has this dream that if the NRA wins its first SCOTUS case, challenging a NY gun law, then all of his misdeeds will be forgotten. The NRA is a $400 million per year operation and instead of helping to repeal gun laws, it is working on enacting new restrictions, like the bump stock ban, red flag laws and FixNICS.

    In my state of Tennessee, the NRA worked against the state gun rights organization, Tennessee Firearms Association, and helped enacting a second carry permit system for concealed carry only. Without getting too much into the details, the NRA only wanted this new carry permit, because it wanted to be the sole authority for online training for it, i.e., it wanted to make money! This new permit is not needed and nobody in Tennessee asked for it. Instead, it foiled efforts in enacting permit-less carry.

    PS: This message comes from an NRA Endowment Life Member. The NRA is broken and a huge liability for gun owners. Even if Wayne LaPierre steps down now, it will take years to recover from this chaos.

    • “the NRA spent spent tens of thousands of Dollars more wisely on hair and makeup for Susan LaPierre”

      From the photo of the couple it would appear to have been a complete waste of members money.
      I wonder how dear Suzy likes hubby La PeePee’s girlfriend,er,intern,the apartment warming party must have been a Hoot.

    • All truth. These should be the best of times for NRA, in light of recent events and current political climate, the dollars Should be pouring in. Instead it’s going the other way. I feel bad for loyal members, it’s all very disappointing and frustrating, but to give NRA a penny now would just be stupid.

  11. I keep saying and sent a letter to the same effect, that if Wayne were really a man he would resign for the good of the organization regardless of anything else. Philosophically Green Mtn. is right but can’t piss these oof to the point where they start offering constitutional amendments or worse yet calling for a constitutional convention at which everything could be changed. We need to present a united front even if we don’t like something in particular. Expressions like Negotiating Rights Away don’t need to be articulated because that does nothing but embolden the otherside. Something that requires careful watching is whether or not your state of residence starts mumbling about letting municipalities enact their own gun laws. We don’t need a million scattered rights fights. We should also ask why we have heard no conversation about longer, much longer sentences with absolutely no plea bargaining or parole for abusers of the Second Amendment like girlfriend straw purchases such as 20 years plus attaching a charge for any crime committed by the gun recipient and see how much they love some schmuck and as I said earlier, if you’d do that for a friend you’d be the schmuck.

    • We are identifying the problems. Every organization needs to self evaluate and members are part of that evaluation. Even those outside the organizations can offer insight that can be used You can’t grow with these evaluations. We need an organization that does not show any hint of impropriety to be strong and effective. Right now we have that smell and it needs gone for the better of all of us.

    • A lot of people here left it for being a huge waste of money and time that could’ve been devoted to a more competent gun rights org.

        • That was true last year, now Trump will barely take a call from Wayne. Next year it will be Wayne who? Face it, he is trashing what could be a very effective gun rights organization. Now we are faced with ramping up GOA hard, as it is a long way from five million members. We desperately need a large effective replacement for NRA, since Wayne is clearly going to hang on until he kills it.

          Have you joined GOA, or are you going to stand around telling anyone who will listen about how great Wayne and the NRA are?

  12. Wayne is only the visible malignant tumor. The Board is the matastized cancer. BOTH must go. And soon.

    But the “Old Guard” on the Board will never let go.
    The NRA is doomed by selfish riders of the gravy train.

  13. Once you realize that the NRA is a gun control organization that’s pushes for bad laws, then begs gun owners for money to “fight” those same laws they pushed for, it becomes easy to ignore them.

    If you want a recent example of this behavior, since I’m sure some will try to claim “But that was long ago, they’ve changed!”, just look at the ban on bump-fire stocks. After Vegas, no one was talking about banning bump-fire stocks until the NRA started begging Trump to ban them. Then after the political ball was rolling, they scrubbed their social media of their posts regarding how bump-fire stocks should be banned and started begging gun owners for millions of dollars to “fight this assault on our rights”. The NRA are not, nor have they ever been, our friends.

      • Our resident NRA shill. I was already wondering when you would show up. Working for the ATF now in entrapping gun owners?

        • Well except for the fact that I have a proof button above and well let’s face it you don’t. But keep believing those internet lies and Trump is failing and so is the NRA LOL!! Keep hoping and wishing , the NRA is still the strongest organization in the United States and all the internet Rumors in the world is not going to stop that.

        • Given the fact that possession of a bump stock is a federal felony and you offered a link to buy one, you are working for the ATF. The ATF is know to use firearms dealers that have a black mark on their record to entrap gun owners.

        • Illegally selling a post-ban machine gun is a little bit different than speeding. The former is a federal felony and got a bunch of people killed in Waco.

      • “The selected item is no longer available”
        That’s what comes up, in a bright red box, when you click that link.
        Are you just being a little lazy, or are you intentionally trying to mislead readers?

      • @Steven Lynch:
        NOPE! If you click on “Add to Cart,” you will see a yellow-highlighted banner on the “Cart” stating that that this item is no longer available. Don’t know why they didn’t just pull the web site down altogether. Maybe they’re just trying to mess with your mind.

  14. I disagree: LaPierre has made LaPierre ineffective as leader. As early as 1986 he was lying to the membership to pass gun control, telling them he would repeal the Hughes Amendment when (as he admitted in 2017) he always supported it.

    • That was the NRA’s last straw, for me. They wrote the gun laws, before that.
      They caved to the peanut farmer in DC. They caved to anything the gun grabbers wanted, because THEY WERE the gun grabbers. Then I discovered GOA and that was the last penny I ever sent to the NRA. And that was well before WLP made it into his personal piggy bank.
      I’ve still watched their comedy of errors from afar though. The NRA’s hi-jinx are hilarious when they aren’t stealing MY money…
      The funniest are the rubes STILL giving them money, now, TODAY! Not many NRA cheerleaders left now though. LaTrine has long since driven anyone with a functioning brain cell off. All that’s left are the really brain dead and those withholding money until WLP is no more.

  15. I got my American Rifleman yesterday. I couldn’t bring myself to read Wayne’s or Carolyn’s columns. Sigh.

  16. The waste of money donated to the NRA that it squandered is absolutely staggering. Wayne gets much of the blame and its probably not misplaced either. The longer he stays the less money the NRA gets to bribe prostitute politicians and the election now is only months off. All this could not have come at a worst time in history with maniacs gunning down innocent children and people by the hundreds. Even Republicans are now feeling the heat from their own supporters to do something about maniacs with 100 round drum assault rifles and with a weakened NRA it may be the the biggest political loss the NRA will face and suffer in its history.

    • You have everything backwards.

      The NRA will become increasingly 2nd choice as gun owners turn to the GOA and other organizations that actually protect their gun rights instead of playing into the gun owner identity politics bullshit.


  17. Yes Mr. LaPierre, I also believe it is time for you to step down. Bad publicity is not good for any organization. For the good of the NRA you should do the right thing and just go. We need a strong NRA to defend our rights, particularly in the presence of many adversaries that are attacking them. Your continued presence weakens the NRA causing members like me to think twice before renewing our membership or even feel proud of the organization that we hold so dear. Please consider that it is time for somebody else in the NRA to assume the leadership and become the face of the organization. Thank you.

  18. Wayne needs to go period! He’s a charlatan and a thief. Not another damn cent! I’m a Patron Lifer. I have blocked their calls, put myself on their do not call/mail list. They are dead to me. If they deep six Wayne, I’ll be back!

  19. First, we must look at who broke these “stories”.
    NYT and other Second Amendment haters.
    Then there are those who have been railing against NRA because they are envious of leadership.
    Media who started this, are merely (and effectively) causing us to fight among ourselves.
    And, they’re delighted at this!
    I’ve had the opportunity to dine and talk with WLP, and have found him to be a fighter on behalf of us and the Second Amendment.

    • At this point, it does not matter if he is the greatest man alive, just his mere appearance of impropriety and mismanagement does as much harm as the actual corruption itself. Right or wrong, fair or unfair, as long as he is there he is hurting the 2A cause.

      There are other fighters and people who can do his job without the baggage.

      Not one penny more until Wayne is gone.

    • Bill Hodges,

      Since you know Wayne personally, can you explain why his supporters in the NRA leadership keep saying that he is the only one who can possibly lead the organization? They repeat it in almost every open letter they publish. To me, that sounds more like a cult than a corporation.

    • Bill Hodges, you forgot the American gun owners who disagree with the NRA’s support for the bump stock ban and red flag laws. Who, thanks to Marion Hammer’s e-mail, know that the current NRA leadership will never support repealing the 1986 machine gun ban. Who do not receive a $1.2M salary, like Wayne LaPierre, but scrape their money together to afford annual NRA memberships for their family. Who do not have an organization that is willing to illegally use donations to fund tens of thousands of Dollars a year in clothing purchases, tens on thousands of Dollars in makeup and hair stylists for the wife, and millions of Dollars for a posh Dallas mansion.

      But then, forgetting about and leaving behind the American gun owners is all what the NRA is about. You had the opportunity to dine and talk with Wayne LaPierre. Who cares? Seriously, who cares? Get a grip on reality! The NRA is dying and YOU are as responsible for it as is Wayne LaPierre. Stop with the cult of personality!!!

      PS: Since you seem to have a personal relationship with Wayne LaPierre, maybe you can tell us what the NRA’s legislative strategy is for beating the current assault on our rights? Congressional staffers have not heard from the NRA at all. The NRA does not offer a strategy to work with gun rights organizations.

      ‘I’m worried’: Allies fear NRA has lost its power in Washington

  20. The only way anything will change is for Lapierre and his cronies on the board to go in mass followed by a takeover of new personnel, complete internal and external accounting of funds and a complete restructuring. I do not believe any of that will happen. Instead, I expect the organization to fall apart.
    UNLESS: Someone or group will come along and entice all current members to support a new Organization, possibly one already in existence, and we start al-a-new.

  21. Proud to have you quote me, John. Thanks. Sent the last two fundraising letters from NRA back. Just wrote, “No more money until LaPierre is gone !” in them. Two weeks later, I get two more fundraising letters ! Are they deaf ? Blind ? Illiterate ? Stupid ?
    Life Member since 1990. I am going to the Friends of the NRA banquet next week because it helps the kids and is independent of the NRA. Not leaving the NRA, but have upped my giving to GOA, and 2d Amendment Foundation. I want the NRA reformed into a lean, mean, Fightin’ machine !

  22. So as we collectively face the greatest threat to our civil rights in fifty years TTAG does not hesitate to publish agitation propaganda that try’s to diminish the strength of the only national organization that can defend us. It becomes increasingly obvious that this site considers hits more important than the civil rights of its readers. It is also obvious that the attempt here it to drive a wedge between that organization and its members. That wedge is necessary to the left. Why does TTAG help them?

    • You bring up a valid point and I believe there’s something I can do about it TTAG has just been added to my spam list, goodbye all you Trump hating NRA bashing gun haters, I believe most NRA supporters are out hunting anyway, not getting fat on their phones and computers

      • So, one of the two last NRA shills leave TTAG. Or is it the same shill just posting under different names?

        Given that TTAG is a blog that you have to subscribe to and is not sending unsolicited e-mails, saying “TTAG has just been added to my spam list” is nonsensical.

        • Citidiots have no concept of “words mean things”! Like the way they say “I was literally rolling in the aisles”, when what they mean is “figuratively”. To a brain dead sheep, “literally” just means “I’m being serious NOW!… for the moment”.
          And likewise for “spam”. To the brain dead, it only means; “something on the internet that they didn’t like”.

      • What should we do when the “only national organization that can defend us” doesn’t do it, instead it supports gun control? What to do when they blow our hard earned money on frivolities (and likely embezzle much more) and then come crying for more?
        What to do when they made us, members, a laughing stock and a paper tiger?

    • The current NRA leadership is pretty good in dividing the gun community and does not need any outside help. After all, it wasn’t TTAG that bought those suits and charted flights for Wayne LaPierre using NRA donations without reporting it as income or business expenses. It wasn’t TTAG that paid for a luxury apartment for an intern using NRA donations without reporting it as income or business expenses.

      It wasn’t TTAG either that sought to buy a $6 million mansion for Wayne LaPierre using NRA donations. It wasn’t TTAG that redirected NRA Foundation donations to other non-profits that have nothing to do with gun rights but are connected to Susan LaPierre. It wasn’t TTAG that issues an Ackerman McQueen credit card to Wayne LaPierre.

      All of these allegations have been confirmed to be true by the NRA leadership. The NRA just says that this internal information should have never been made public.

      It wasn’t TTAG either that supported a ban on bump stocks after the Las Vegas massacre. It wasn’t TTAG that supported red flag laws after the Parkland massacre. The NRA was very clear in their communication what they wanted this and divided the gun community in the process.

      Now, the only people supporting the NRA that are left are shills like you and the aging cronies at the NRA leadership. The NRA leadership simply wants to keep their hands in the cookie jar and are not willing to relinquish their power to a new breed of gun rights advocates that are unwilling to compromise.

      It is not up to the NRA members to prove that the NRA leadership is corrupt. It is up to the NRA leadership to prove to its members that they aren’t. “You can’t prove anything”, “we haven’t been caught yet”, and “it’s all propaganda to smear us”, aren’t really fund raising slogans.

    • FelixD: “So as we collectively face the greatest threat to our civil rights in fifty years TTAG does not hesitate to publish agitation propaganda that try’s to diminish the strength of the only national organization that can defend us.”

      This statement is misleading. The NRA leadership has already badly damaged the organization. TTAG and many others who are speaking out want to see a strong and effective NRA arise from the destruction created by the LaPierre faction.

  23. Wayne and all of his leg humping biddies MUST GO NOW!
    Till then, not one dime from this unwashed deplorable. GOA, 2A Foundation, FPC will get my dimes!!!

  24. Excellent article. It’s the suits fiasco that really told me all I needed to know about their ethics. I’m a Life member, but put myself on their “do not call list”. I will wait out LaPierre before opening my wallet to the next donation

    • Now, when LaTrine finally does go, watch VERY closely his replacement. My money is on: he will eventually retire (when the gravy train runs out, as it largely already has…), but only by leaving the organization to a hand picked successor…. with the same huge, easily manipulated BOD, and nothing will change but the name on the office door.
      That’s what my money is on happening. And I don’t think it will work, but I think WLP will try it anyway. Criminal types like WLP always tend to overestimate the amount of wool they can pull over the people’s eyes.

  25. So many different people are telling him to retire yet the BoD are defending him until the end.

    FOX news now calling for Wayne to leave the NRA?

  26. Wayne had his chance. He could have held an independent audit when this all began at the annual meeting. Instead, he and the remaining board are kicking and screaming to not have one.

    • The only problem I see is then what! He’d “WlP”and the “Board” will still be where they are. Back in 2017, Shipyard “HII” was fined ~$9 Million for overcharging the US Government ~$250 Million for services never performed. Approximately 40 Low Level Managers lost their jobs, but the CEO and the BoD still retained their Jobs and Incomes. Unless someone follows through on actually see that things within the NRA actually change, nothing is go to happen…


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