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The bifurcation of the states along Second Amendment lines continues unabated. North Dakota’s taking steps to ensure that lawful owners of firearms in the Peace Garden State don’t suffer the same fate as Louisianans did after Katrina. From “HB 1467 would prohibit the state or any government agency, during a declared state of emergency, from prohibiting or restricting the otherwise lawful possession, use, carrying, transfer, transportation, storage, or display of a firearm or ammunition; seizure or confiscation of a lawfully possessed firearm; or requiring registration of a firearm or ammunition for which registration is not otherwise required by law.” . . .

HB1467 was approved (10-3) by the House Judiciary Committee and moves to the house floor for consideration. HB 1366, though, which would expand the places valid CWL holders can carry was voted down by the committee on a 6-7 vote, but apparently moves to the full House anyway.

Meanwhile, 1500 miles to the southeast, the West Virginia house passed a similar law preventing firearms seizures during times of trouble:


House Bill 2471 passed the House unanimously Feb. 22. The bill, introduced by Speaker Rick Thompson, D-Wayne, would prohibit the restriction on lawful use of firearms and ammunition during a declared state of emergency. The bill is backed by the National Rifle Association and also creates a legal course of action for those whose weapons are unlawfully confiscated under this bill.

It now moves to the Democrat-controlled Senate, but Delegate Larry Faircloth isn’t worried about the bill’s prospects there.

“I think when it comes down to it, if you’re talking numbers in the House we have 46 members who are technically defined as conservative by ticket, but we have 54 who are Democratic or liberal by ticket,” he said. “I think this is a constitutional value, a moral value and a personal value.

From his lips . . .

[h/t Bill Bargo]

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  1. We have that law here in Tennessee. Between tornados and sitting on one of the largest fault lines in the country, its comforting.

  2. I am all for the states stepping up. Take a stand and show you have a pair. Once the dust settles I will pick where I want to live based on the amount of freedoms they offer to the 2A. Like my other brothers in the military who are getting close to retirement from the armed forces…. This is a drastically different country now than when we signed up and the actions from a few wreck it for all the law abiding people. I am tired of being almost stripped searched at the airport and made a criminal overnight based on politicians who sign bills without even reading them. All these knee jerk politicians need to be voted out next time around.

  3. This is good, but meanwhile, Obama’s OFA is collecting money from big bundlers to lobby for gun control all across the nation. Even the NYT thinks it smells bad.

    I hope all the people here who voted for Obama or stayed home realize that when this admin is through there will be a much greater centralization of power in government and big business. Unless there’s a big backlash in 2014 as there was in 2010, liberty is this country will be greatly diminished. So will the middle class. Yes, the GOP stinks, but the OFA folks are going all out to transform the country in a very bad way. Sorry to get all partisan here, but I hope anyone who thought Obama would be better than Bush, McCain or Romney on this stuff has learned his lesson.

  4. In the after-mass of a blizzard in ND, it’s too god-damned cold to loot, let alone shoot the looters…

    That and North Dakotans are incredibly law-abiding, doncha-know.

  5. @ Rob: We are incredibly law abiding folks up here due to our Conservative beliefs. But “doncha-know” is what they say in Minnesota not ND. Although the Libiots in Fargo ND often fantasize they are a mini Minneapolis.


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