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  1. Scary but a fact of life over there. Cant wait until we move on to somewhere else. Here is a clue…. If you cant win a war in under 10 years….. you’ve lost! Declare victory anyhow and lets get our guys back home with their families.

    • Muzzle awareness? Backblast awareness? Walking around with your finger on the trigger and pointing the boomer in every direction except at the target?

      Ever watch what happens when you stack 2 or 3 wooden ammo crates a few yards behind a 106mm or 90mm recoilless rifle, and touch the RR off? Toothpicks.

  2. That is not Afghanistan, most likely Mali or Syria if I had to guess. The men are Arabs and are speaking Arabic, wearing pretty identifiable combatant attire. This is not the way the Taliban operates. The Afghan Air Force does have white MI17s, but the rest of the video screams middle east or north africa and Arabic insurgents in a combat zone where American ISR assets are not prevalent.

    • “Insurgents”? Isn’t that defined as someone associated with a current cause the military/industrial complex has decided we’re at war with today?

      Because it’s NOT Eurasia; we’ve NEVER been at war with Eurasia.

      Or maybe it’s our “good guys” of al-Queda in Libya, as opposed to al-Queda in other places, who everyone knows is our enemy!

  3. And by watching this video DHS now considers us accomplices to AQ or the Muj or whatever group these hadjis belong to…lol…

    • Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

      (That song was the first time I was actually terrified by a piece of music as a child. Thanks Dad.)

  4. Okay, I understand that in the afterlife, male martyrs get 72 virgins or 72 goats or whatever. What do women martyrs get? 72 sweaty guys with scraggly beards and bad teeth who smell like 72 camels’ @sses? 72 pairs of Jimmy Choos? Maybe just a nice piece of jewelry? Something? Anything?

    It just isn’t fair.

    • No, they get hit in the face with 72 rocks because they are women. But because they were martyrs the rocks will be small…

  5. Too bad the HIND didn’t strafe those Islamic scumbags. Shows how brainless and evil Syaian Islamic terrorist Obama’s supports are.

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