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No One Needs An AR (or AK): Video Shows Florida Homeowner Open Fire on 4 Home Invaders

Escambia County home invasion video
Courtesy wtvy.com
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Safety tip: don’t mess with an armed Florida Man™. Video captured aspiring criminals knocking on a homeowner’s door in Escambia County, Florida. When he opened the door, two of them pushed him back inside while a third pulled a gun.

As the homeowner was being bull-rushed, he dropped a handgun he was holding when he opened the door and one of the attackers picked it up.

That’s when the homeowner grabbed a rifle.

From wtvy.com . . .

“The homeowner went and got an AK-47 style gun and he started shooting for his own protection to get them out of his house and to protect himself,” explained Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons.

Here’s video captured by a Ring doorbell camera that Sheriff Simmons released . . .

Faced with a determined and well-armed defender, the home invaders made a hasty retreat into the night.

Investigators are still trying to figure out who one of the guys is (they have him circled in the Ring cam). Three others have been identified:

Arrested is 20-year-old Da’Torrance Hackworth for use/display of a firearm during a felony, possession of a firearm by a felon, larceny, grand theft of a firearm, and robbery/home invasion with a firearm.

Antonio Dewayne Dean Jr., 19, is wanted for use/display of a firearm during a felony, possession of a firearm by a felon, larceny, grand theft of a firearm, and robbery/home invasion with a firearm.

Joseph Roman Sanders is wanted for home invasion with a firearm.

As for the defender firing at his attackers, Sheriff Simmons made it clear that the armed self-defense situation in question happened in a home in Florida’s panhandle…not in a New York City bodega.

“So those of you who might ask the question — is the homeowner going to be charged for shooting at these people? — Absolutely not. The homeowner is protecting himself and in Florida — in Escambia County — you can protect yourself,” said Sheriff Simmons.

Just as it should be. So the next time you hear some demanding mom or pencil-necked Ivy League-er claim that no on needs “high capacity” magazines or a semi-automatic rifle like an AR or, in this case, an AK, keep this post handy. And maybe this one, too. You may not change their ignorant, bigoted opinions, but you’ll feel better after shoving it in their face.

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  1. So why weren’t their at least a couple bodies bleeding out? Homeowner obiously needs some range time.

    • I think it may have been a warning shot type of affair.

      Nice to live in a place where theres no questions asked after something like this, no Foid card BS etc.

      • The FOID card is one of the most unconstitutional laws I’ve ever seen.
        A law like that only hinders the law abiding. What’s it going to do for a criminal, add another 10years on a life sentence?
        Criminals like common sense gunm laws, criminals like cops, cops fallow the law and disarm the law abiding, or even better and arrest them so they can live with the criminals. Law abiding fresh meat, thank you Judge Mentday and Officer Over.

    • I named all my 11 kids DeShawndra, De’Tasha, La’Antionio, DuMalterre.
      They’re Franco-De’Taliano-DeMericanos, you see. Very sophisticated.

      • … Lemonjello, La – a ( that be Ladasha… the dash don’t be silent ), Imbred , Jon E’bad.
        All real names of my SIL’s past students.

        • Well it’s hard to read a doctors or lawyers signature anyway, so those names really didnt matter after all.

  2. Escambia County. That’s Pensacola. We call that area L.A. Lower Alabama. If you were on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico from PCB west this weekend? You’d understand.

    • Guessing the area has a reputation similar to other coastal towns that host large events with out of towners?

    • Escambia County Florida is called the Red Neck Riviera. Basically from Mobile Bay across to Apalachicola Fl. Lower Alabama would be Escambia County Alabama, As well as Baldwin and Mobile Counties.
      Most of this area is pretty pro gun and pro law enforcement.
      What I find amusing is the “Florida Man” crap. Used to see the same kind of dumb decisions back up in Wisc Minn and the UP. There are dumbasses and red necks all across the country.

      • Dumbass and redneck are not synonyms. These 4 were dumbass.

        No one named Da’Torrance is going to qualify as a redneck. 99% is of a dem special people category though.

  3. Why do you need a 30 round magazine? Because sometimes bad doodz come in a four pack.

  4. Also, I recommend not opening the door for anyone you don’t know. Why make it easy for them? All my friends know to knock and announce. Even if expected. Unannounced knocks are verbally challenged. From away from the door.

    • Much as I dislike the concept of a ring doorbell I will admit using it to communicate with potential threats in known positions (that it covers) while you are armed from concealment is a nice feature.

    • Security screen doors are a thing.

      Visits from friends are arranged in advance. Otherwise we call or text on arrival. So someone coming unannounced is someone I don’t know and probably not welcome.

      Except for the Council workers who turned up with a truck and tree shredder to trim the trees overhanging the footpath. My Council rates at work.

      • “Security screen doors are a thing.”

        I’m kinda partial to those ‘security bars’ out there, provided they are hardened against a thief tying a chain on the bars and ripping the bars right off the door with their truck hitch.

        A sheet of Lexan is the cat’s ass for that duty. Plexiglass will easily shatter into pieces if you hit it with a brick, while with Lexan, the brick will just bounce off.

        Seriously neat stuff. Learned of that trick at the second pawn shop I worked for back then. The outside street-facing windows were replaced with thick Lexan, and the burglar bars were mounted in the inside.

        Another neat security trick I learned back then was to replace the bolts holding the door handle with Nylon bolts. That way, if they wrap a chain around the door pull, all they will get for their efforts with the chain is the door pull sheared off.

        Fun business, the pawn and gun biz… 🙂

    • They looked like a bunch of fine upstanding citizens to me.
      Perhaps he thought they were giving away Vote For Biden buttons?

    • “I’m at a loss as to why, after seeing these clowns on the Ring, why the hell he opened the door.”

      Some people really are that trusting.

      I’ll wager he never makes that mistake again… 🙁

  5. 10 round mags?, who are the anti’s trying save again, that’s right their voter base.

  6. The guy has a door camera, and seems to not be using it???
    It’s to bad he missed. That makes two mistakes he made.
    At least in that part of Florida a property owner has civil rights.

  7. why even open the door for these usual suspects? Why let them in? You are just opening yourself up to prosecution by Marxist prosecutors for defending yourself.

  8. The homeowner knew who the visitors were, it seems to me. They are all at least acquaintances.

  9. Opened up with a rifle and no one ended up being bagged and tagged? Someone needs some serious range time.

  10. The only thing those shit heads would have heard was the distinct sound of a round being chambered on the other side of the door and my voice saying….”better get the fuck out of here and I ain’t kidding”

    I got cameras, guns and dogs and I don’t play stupid games.

    I would have NEVER opened the door and if they come in or try, they’re going to be extinct.

  11. its kinda true though:
    since the bugs have been worked out of the 7.62×39 in the ar platform
    there is no need for the ak platform anymore
    lets be real
    the best part of the ak was always the 7.62×39 round itself
    while the best part of the ar
    was always the rifle itself
    and now that a good ar can be had in a million different calibers
    for the same price or even less than a decent ak
    why even bother with it

    • I also have both AK and AR. In a down and dirty gun battle, I’d grab my AK. It’s a milled Arsenal which is considered the top of line AK. It has a 40 round Circle 10 mag. Now for my AR, I have a home built suppressed 300 AAC pistol. It’s a high end build I did, really high end. I used the best of the best on it.

      Ballistically, the ammo would be close 7.62 X 39 VS 7.62 X 35 although the AR is firing 300 black out sub sonic through a Q 7″ barrel with the Trash Panda silencer and the AK is a 16 inch barrel firing super sonic.

      Down and dirty SHTF, the AK, quick home defense, the AR

  12. To sound awake,
    I have AR’sand Ak’s both in 7.62 and 223.

    The AK does have the advantage over the AR in terms of reliability.

  13. In case no one has noticed:

    home invasion is on the rise all across the country. For example > https://www.swtimes.com/story/news/crime/2023/06/29/man-shot-and-killed-in-fort-smith-identified/70371434007/ … and … > https://www.kktv.com/2023/06/28/police-suspected-home-intruder-shot-by-resident/

    And self-defense away from home against criminals is also on the rise across the country, for example > https://abc13.com/houston-crime-mario-ipnia-duque-shot-suspect-accused-of-pistol-whipping-man-couple-shoots-assailant/13437146/

    And along with all that of course violent crime in all different forms is on the rise all across the country and there are simply wayyy to many to list here, but a search will provide all you need to know, for example, Baltimore and Chicago among others.

    Plus, criminal knife attacks are on the rise (no, not guns which are used in less than 11% of violent criminal violence attacks even though it seems like more because MSM and anti-gun coverage amplify’s it). Across the United States in the last three months the number of criminal knife attacks has increased from ~1,500 daily to ~1,700 daily. They rarely make the national news (and a lot of times don’t even make local news. The majority are in police reporting across the country and never make the news) unless there is something spectacular or political or ‘showcasing’ about them, for example > https://romesentinel.com/stories/knife-attack-charged-in-utica,187212 …. and … > https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/02/us/california-college-student-stabbing-tuesday/index.html … and … > https://brooklyn.news12.com/police-fight-at-brooklyn-station-escalates-to-men-wielding-machete-knife … and and … > https://www.idahostatejournal.com/news/crimes_court/police-man-rushed-to-pmc-after-knife-attack-outside-of-pocatello-hotel/article_9454b1cc-1859-11ee-94f7-13c90eadac3e.html … and … > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/man-shot-killed-by-deputy-after-attack-named-by-fresno-co-deputies/ar-AA1dl4VX

    • correction for: (no, not guns which are used in less than 11% of violent criminal violence attacks even though it seems like more because MSM and anti-gun coverage amplify’s it)

      the 11% should have been 13%

      (note: that 13% also includes mass-shootings which includes school-shootings as well. A school shooting is a mass shooting conducted at a school. These shootings account for ~1.2% of that 13%)

  14. They travel in packs these days, like hyenas, so you need multiple rounds. Hopefully, with them being convicted felons, they’ll stay in prison for a while.

    • This story, in fact, happened in July 2022.

      It happened in Florida. So that means that the bad guys SHOULD have been subject to Florida’s 10-20-Life required sentencing law. Most of them would have been eligible for 20 year prison sentences for what they did.

      Maybe TTAG can follow up on this to be sure that Florida isn’t weaseling out on its prison sentences? I might be willing to do the follow up reporting if I can get the byline with the title, “Southeastern US Correspondent, The Truth About Guns”. Hey, think it over!

      • TTAG has always welcomed reader’s submissions, so write it up and send to Dan Z. at the email addy (somewhere) buried at the top of the page.

        (How you’re able to work a keyboard with only talons and a beak, I’ll never know…)

    • They probably keep a pile of these at the ready for when it’s holiday time to keep the site going without much effort.

    • “Very old” is a matter for discussion. I’m glad it was re-told, because I missed it a year ago.

    • ‘encore presentation’ (re-runs) of past things is a sure fire ‘space’ filler for the staff down times for holidays to provide for site user engagement. After all, it got you to comment didn’t it.

  15. When you have two capital letters *and* punctuation in your first name—heh.

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