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By Brad Fitzpatrick

Ronald Kronon, noticed a man steal­ing a vehicle from the parking lot of his business. When he confronted the man, the thief attempted to run Kronon over. As the vehicle bore down on Kronon, he pulled his carry weapon and shot the driver, killing him.

When police arrived, they immediately began a ho­micide investigation. A U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney (IPA)  with the legal firm Richards Carrington served as Kronon’s lawyer for the case and worked extensively with the district attorney and the lead investigator. As a result of the attorney’s diligent efforts, Kronon did not face criminal charges.

Unfortunately for Kronon, that would not be the last time he would need the legal help. A few years later, Kronon, in an effort to help a guy out, hired a convicted felon. The felon had recently been released from prison and was having difficulty finding steady employ­ment, so Kronon hired the man and allowed his new employee to have his mail sent to the property.

Soon after, however, the relationship between Kronon and his new employee soured, and the business owner was forced to fire the man. Despite making it clear to the former employee he was no longer welcome on the property, the man continued appearing at Kronon’s business, often acting aggressively and even kicking Kronon’s dog.

One day, the former employee showed up at the business, punched Kronon in the face and shoved him against a wall. Kronon felt that he was in imminent danger, drew his carry gun and fired a shot. He struck the man in the leg, putting an end to the attack.

Despite his belief that it was a clear case of self-defense, Kronon was charged with felony assault and addi­tional offenses related to the incident; charges that each carried lengthy prison sentences in Colorado. Kronon’s former attorney was once again assigned to his case.

He provided the prosecutor with a mitigation packet, which is a collec­tion of documents often presented to the prosecutor by the defense to give the prosecutor a fuller understanding of the accused and the relevant details of the case. To prepare the mitiga­tion packet, Kronon’s attorney and the legal team at Richards Carrington compiled numerous reports about the alleged victim’s previous violent behavior.

Their private investigator interviewed the former employee who made inconsistent statements and seemed to agree that Kronon’s actions were in self-defense, and they were able to develop a timeline of the man’s escalat­ing violent behavior toward Kronon, supported by security camera footage from Kronon’s shop. As a result, the district attorney dropped all charges against Kronon.

Following the arrest, Kronon’s con­cealed carry permit was revoked. The attorneys at Richards Carrington helped Kronon craft a letter to the sheriff to request review of the revoca­tion. Ultimately, his carry permit was reinstated and his criminal record was permanently sealed.

The moral of the story: It’s a good thing to have competent legal help backing you up if you’re ever in a position that you have to use a firearm to defend yourself.

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  1. “It’s a good thing to have competent legal help backing you up if you’re ever in a position that you have to use a firearm to defend yourself.”


    Been there done that, no T-shirt but competent legal help definitely is a necessity.

    • So true. I think the tacit message here is to leave Colorado, too. It makes me wonder about those without competent legal help, in similar cases.

      • Enough with these “run away!” comments. What good has leaving states done for us? I agree with drew below. Stay, volunteer, vote, and contribute to efforts to roll back 2A everywhere.

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  3. “The moral of the story” – don’t be in a Kommunist state.

    If, for some addlebrained “reason” you “feel” compelled to hire a felon (resist the urge) be VERY VERY selective. WHAT was the felony? What it the infamous “nonviolet”, was it some BS plea bargained down from the actual offense? This guy was obviously stupid with his hiring.

    • neiowa, I agree. As a carrier he should have exercised better judgement. But, I wasn’t there. Tell you what though. I like that Wilson in the pic.

    • Yeah that’s too bad that happened.
      Just makes it harder for honest(?)felons to catch a break.
      Forever punished.

      • Well, yeah, and it sucks that it makes it that much harder on the ones who do want to go straight.
        Especially these days though, can you trust a felon is actually “rehabilitated” by a pass through the criminal justice system?

    • Colorado was a very red state historically. Unfortunately it has been overrun in the last 2 decades with young liberals. It is nice to say don’t live in a communist state but that means for people born there, leaving their generational home. Further we are rapidly approaching a situation where we are ceding entire states to the left which will mean never again winning a presidential election.

      So instead of fleeing liberal states we need to fight to turn them back to red. Keep colorado for cowboys!

  4. It is a sad state of affairs when honest men and women need to have an attorney on speed dial. No other Constitutional right carries this onus.

    • Must be nice.
      My attorneys are court appointed, sometimes.
      The last time I went to jail the court said I did not get an attorney because it wasnt an arrestable offense.
      What? I guess being arrested and going to jail is not an arrestable offense?

  5. Being that using a firearm(even in the USA) in self defense is very rare, the first time needs to be checked out. Now, the second offense is extremely rare, so it must be checked out.
    Now, the fact he was charged is not right, it should have been investigated much more thoughly, maybe he never should have been charged, but we all live here.

    Remember, where there is smoke, there is usually fire and LE likes to jump the gun.

  6. Now that SCOTUS threw Bidens student debt plan to scam tax payers out of billions of $$$ owed from people with student loans….he has a backup plan to accomplish the same thing by simply raising the income level at which they have to pay $0.00 and still scam the American tax payer out if the money owed.

    Chiefs For Change Policy Advocate Reveals Biden Administration’s Secret “Backup” Student Loan Plan.

  7. Even given a second chance. Some criminals are just criminals for the rest of their lives. It’s in their DNA. And sometimes you just have to put them down. There’s no help for them.

  8. I’m betting this is a sponsored post by US LawShield, though I don’t see any acknowledgement of that.

    • ya mean the part where it said “A U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney (IPA)” wasn’t obvious enough?

      • Yes, it’s obvious, but don’t you think TTAG has an obligation to at least put “Sponsored Post” up there somewhere to acknowledge they’re shilling goods?

        • its not actually ‘sponsoring’. notice that although its mentioned its not linked to US Law Shield.

  9. All depends on where your incident occurs…I’ve been on the job 28 plus years and Homicide/Assaults for last 13+ years in a jurisdiction that averages 150 murders a year with about 7-8 of those being deemed justified…when I started H/A in 2010 we had 24 detectives and it was a big deal to reach 100 murders…now, we only have 12 detectives and routinely reach or beat 150…not to mention all the shootings, stabbings, misc assaults we handle…my point is, our DA’s Office doesn’t even want to know about the justified cases. We’re trusted to do our investigations, come to a logical conclusion and make the decision to charge or send you home without having to check with a higher authority. Yeh, you’ll get cuffed and stuffed by uniform, but that’s what they do…then they call us…yes, you’re taken to the office to be interviewed under Miranda while other detective(s) work the scene, talks to witnesses, looks for video, etc…later we all meet at office and compare notes…if WE come to the conclusion that it was a justified shooting, we escort you to the elevator, hand you our card and tell you you’re free to go…no lawyers needed. Matter of fact, we have let convicted felons who had to use a firearm to defend themselves go free. You still have the right to defend yourself even if you’re not allowed to possess or be around firearms anymore. Imagine the look we get when we come back in and tell Mr. Convicted Felon who had an AK pulled on him and he used that handgun he wasn’t supposed to be around (yeh, I know…your brother left it there last night..uh huh) to kill his attacker that he is free to go…no Murder charge, no Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon…and no lawyer…Again, that’s where I work,
    not everywhere.

  10. “Ultimately, his carry permit was reinstated and his criminal record was permanently sealed.”

    Who’s criminal record was sealed? The charges against the man attacked were dropped. And if he had a criminal record in the first place, he’d be ineligible for a carry permit.

    “Ultimately, his carry permit was reinstated and his criminal record was permanently sealed.”

    That statement makes zero sense… 🙁

    • Basically, in most jurisdictions:

      if you have ever been the subject of a police investigaton report for legal justified self/home/others defense or for any ‘criminal law’ area charge that was dropped or not prosecuted…that record is broadly referred to as a ‘criminal record’ because it was initially investigated as a crime.

      All legal justified self/home/others defense is initially assumed under law to be a possible crime until investigation shows otherwise (that what happened did not fit the elements prescribed in law for it to be a crime)

      But for legal justified self/home/others defense the record of it still remains but the record for that is sealed (most times).

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