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“I do not believe (in) imposing my political opinions on the activities of our businesses. I don’t think that we should have a question on the GEICO policyholder form, ‘are you an NRA member?,’ you know, if you are, you just aren’t good enough for us. If you get into which of our companies are pure and which ones aren’t pure, I think it will be very difficult.” – Warren Buffett in Buffett defends doing business with gun manufacturers [via]

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  1. You’ll never get to eleventy billion dollars if you’re wasting your time chanting stupid slogans with Alyssa Milano.

      • Yeah, but he doesn’t use approved big business/Federal Reserve double speech. Those guys spend so much time trying to be opaque and obscure that it is difficult for them to communicate with folks outside of their profession! If Buffett has a problem, think how tough it must be for Janet Yellen. Can you see her struggling with trying to order a cup of coffee at Starbucks, or worse McDonalds?

    • Right, it’s much more efficient to outsource that job, as he does, ny donating heavily to Clinton and Democrat organizations.

      Good grief, the “Sage of Omaha” is such an idiot windbag, no matter how rich he is.

  2. And exactly how does being an NRA Member automatically qualify you as being a Republican? Even by NRA records as of February 2018 approximately 20% are Democrats…

    • They aren’t modern day democrats. I’d bet anything that nearly all of those 20% are baby boomer, old school democrats, probably southern, too, that are “classically Liberal”. Today’s “democrats” are Neo-Marxist, Post-modernist, Alinskyite, subhuman, filth. They are unequivocally anti-American domestic terrorists. Not to say some of these subversively, seditious swine aren’t gun owners, but they sure the hell arent NRA members.

      • They used to be called Blue Dog Democrats.
        Back in the day when a fancy pants was stumped by this, the old he coon walks just before the light of day

      • That very well could be. But the question is: “Why aren’t we represented?” You can bet Republicans only give lip service to one or 2 issues we care about – and then vote against them at the last minute.
        I switched to voting Libertarian

      • I’m not sure I’d call them classically liberal in the true sense, conservative yes, but a lot of those old southern democrats started out giving credit to FDR for keeping them from starving to death. Whether that is a true fact might be questionable but it is what they believe. My father was like that, conservative values, but a dedicated union member and lived on one of FDR’s farm projects as a child. He voted democrat until Carter became president and was a NRA member from as long as I can remember until the day he died.

        • I still submit that Jimmuh Carter was a far better Democrat than Hobama could have EVER thought about being. And I am a devout “No Political Party Affiliation” at my polling place here in the middle of The Land of the Midnight Cheese”.

    • It is primarily assumed the NRA members are Republican because the Democrat party is so virulently anti gun/second amendment. I am an independent social and financial conservative making me more of an Constitutionalist/Libertarian and a NRA Life Member. I believe that the Constitution is written in precise language and clearly states what it means as do the Bill of Rights. I also believe that means that the Judicial branch cannot twist the meaning of the Bill of rights in an attempt to find a right that doesn’t exist.

      • The modern Democrat party practically has ‘destruction of the NRA and the Bill of Rights’ as part of their official campaign platform.

        • Plus communism, satanic worship through taxpayer paid mass abortion and the eating of the bodies, plus destruction of the military, plus destruction of America, its values, its foundation belief in a Judeo-Christian GOD, plus destruction of the Family, plus destruction of Societal Agreement and societal norms, and Societal TERMS. . .

        • Sorry KenW, that isn’t “tinfoil” material, it is a matter of casual observation.

          The Democratic party hasn’t ever been great, but it is now virulently anti-American on virtually every issue.
          JFK wouldn’t be tolerated in today’s (D) leadership. Sheesh, they think NANCY PELOSI is too Centrist. Let that sink in.

    • Yeah my boss is a Democrat. Old school Southern Democrat. Whenever we talk politics, his views come off to me as very moderate. Still voted for Hill-dawg. He’s from an extremely small town, not much formal education, and just votes Democrat because his parents and grandparents were Democrats. Can’t help but wonder how many others like him there are.

      • “Can’t help but wonder how many others like him there are”. Oh, about 20% of NRA members.

  3. I am glad he said this, but he needs to say it to publishing and editorial staff of all the newspapers he has bought up. Virulent Clinton Democrats pushing proggie positions in small southern cities where historically they have not had much success. But the propaganda mill continues unabated in the hope that relocated proggies from the Northeast and California will find their new voices. I will believe him only when his newspapers change their ways.

    • I know. This article is very nearly disingenuous, as Buffet is a primary means of Democrat production (same as Bloomberg, Soros, etc) via donations as well as media orgs. Sure, he’s willing to make money off guns where he can, but behind the scenes, on the margins, and everywhere else he’s working to see them banned, or aiding those who are doing the work directly. Buffet has no purity test when it comes to how he makes his money; that I believe. I also know that this fact has exactly nothing to do with his politics.

      • “..Buffet has no purity test when it comes to how he makes his money..” you go that right. Berkshire Hathaway insurance has been fucking me HARD for almost two years over an on the job injury…even my lawyer says worst hes ever dealt with, by far. Buffets greed knows no bounds…not a secret to anyone whos dealt with him or any of his companies.

        • He does have a big share of Wells Fargo, who now is embarrassed about the shotgun on its iconic stage coaches – not to mention very questionable banking practices.

  4. How very reasonable of you, Mr. Buffet. Meanwhile, he continues to heap riches upon his favorite liberal candidates promoting these exact types of policies by way of the government’s guns. I guess when the government decides who is ‘good enough’ for them, it isn’t ‘very difficult’ at all.

  5. Well, this does sound refreshing, at a time when politicians and CEOs are scampering like rats to see who can be the most politically correct!


      • The article is not misleading. Warren Buffet is disingenuous. Remember also his statements about how Americans should be taxed more, ala “pay your fair share”.

        • You guys are confusing Warren Buffet the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet, private citizen. Big difference.

          Me, I’m a Conservative, liberal/progressive hating private citizen, but as President of my company, I take liberal/progressive money all day long, as long as it’s green.


    All just self preservation bullshit. When you get old, you get afraid of the mob coming to get you, and your security measures begin to look feeble.




  7. Wouldn’t surprise me at the end of the day if when all is said and done that Buffet is just another Madoff. News just broke that they are involved in an “accounting” scandals that has wiped out this year’s earnings. Hmmmmm

    • Well, when you’ve made your $$$$$$$$$$$$$ predominantly (if not solely) on tax-free Municipal bonds (an impossible market to enter on any meaningful scale if you don’t use your hugely wealthy client’s $$$$$$$ to help you get there) you get to tell people what to invest in and steer their lives through support of evil POS (D) issues and policies, and you get to bullshit the American public that you’re not taking sides.

      F em.

  8. The Oracle of Omaha is just an old-fashioned leftard. Think Walter Cronkite. Polite but twisting a knife in your back. The epitome of the hypocrite…

  9. It’s refreshing to hear him say that, however, as others before me have stated, he gives the wrong candidates a lot of money.

    The man knows how to make money, and virtue-signalling isn’t the way to do it.

  10. Companies that are pure and not pure? I might be wrong but my take is, “We don’t like your guns, but we do like your money.” I’m still confused on what a pure company is.

  11. I’m glad he feels that way. Otherwise, Geico would have at least one less customer.

  12. I wonder how many people know that Buffett is one of the largest gun manufacturers in America? He owns Cerro Forge. Have a Keyhole forge mark on you upper or lower reciever? Cerro Forge. Think your Spike’s lower was forged in Florida?

  13. He’s smart to realize that questioning the morality of the companies he buys into is foolish. I mean, think about how much damage pharma does. He’d have to divest from them at some point too. Or hell shady banks that launder money for terrorist nations and drug cartels.

  14. I don’t know about anybody else but I see a business opportunity here
    I wish I had the capital to start a bank
    I would immediately start a niche business lending to gun manufacturers, ammunition companies, and gun stores
    I would also start a credit card clearinghouse and do all the credit card business with all the gun companies and ammo companies
    Wells Fargo and Bank of America don’t want your business?
    Come to the bank of Docduracoat!

    • I think you mean City Bank not Wells Fargo.
      Wells Fargo does more banking loans for gun manufacturers than any other bank
      They also just lost the teachers union because they wouldn’t cut their ties to the gun manufacturing companies.

      • Wells Fargo’s other problems, self created by the way aside, I expect that they will handily survive without the teacher’s union business. By the way, this teachers union might better serve it’s membership by sticking to it’s legitimate??? business.

  15. Oh, sure. Warren Buffet — the Democrat oligarch with a heart of gold.

    I can smell the bovine excrement from here.

  16. Taking what he said at face value, some do otherwise, the gentleman seems to have his head screwed on properly.

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