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“In the face of this politically motivated coercion, Lockton should have honored its fiduciary obligations and longstanding business relationship with the NRA and taken full responsibility for any compliance related concerns. Simply put, Lockton ceased to protect the NRA and its interests.” – NRA complaint filed in the Eastern District of New York in NRA Sues Insurance Broker Behind ‘Carry Guard’ [via]

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  1. Speaking of the NRA and sponsored contracts, the NRA slapped down a heavy gauntlet a few days ago and called out Yeti on the cooler issue.

    So, who was lying?

    Has Mr. Taylor gotten a response from Yeti yet?

    • It should be very obvious who is lying. Look at who has the most to gain or lose. If the NRA was lying, Yeti would have hit them a lawsuit. The fact they did not would indicate the NRA’s version of events is the correct one.

      Yeti shit the bed, now they have to sleep in it.

      • Pissing off an organization with 5 million plus members who are solidly in the Yeti demographic can be costly on several levels. I suspect that there will be some executive level departures happening pretty soon at Yeti.

        • @ Garrison Hall.

          As I recall, the NRA vs. YETI “Brewhaha” took place in March 2017, Not March 2018. “IF” anyone was or would have been Fired. The “Firing” already would have taken place…

        • At least a 1/2 dozen suppliers at the Annual Meeting looking for the business. All looked to be better bang/buck ratio that the Yeti POS. At least some are made in the US. F Yeti and the donkey they road in on. 2 plastic shells with foam in the middle is NOT $400. Even if filled with barley pop.

        • Best part of the Yeti controversy was finding out Pelican makes their own hardcore coolers with a lifetime warranty.

          • @ Frankie2Lunch.

            Keep in mind the Pelican Lifetime Warranty “Only” applies to the Cooler itself. Latches, Hinges, Gasket and Wheels (if any) aren’t covered by the Warranty…

    • #standwithyeti

      Despite the NRA’s vicious insistence to the contrary, you don’t have to support a corrupt organization like the NRA to support gun rights.

      • It wasn’t a question of supporting or not supporting the NRA. Lockton was the NRA’s insurance broker, and rather than finding a new carrier when the current carrier backed out of any new contracts, and with a NYS Department of Insurance investigation pending (that ultimately ended up with Lockton paying a $7 million fine for violating the excess insurance law), Lockton simply bailed.

        [The excess insurance law requires brokers binding coverage with insurers not admitted to issue insurance in that particular state to seek coverage from at least three state licensed carriers before seeking coverage with non-admitted carriers. It isn’t (necessarily) that non-admitted carriers are “bad,” it is just that they are not subject to regulation and audit by state insurance department regulators.]

      • If you through out a random accusation such as the NRA is corrupt therefore you stand with Yeti proves you are a leftist trying to undermine our 1st amendment rights.

  2. World-wide Globalist attacks! The Cold-Civil War…The fight for US independence against the NWO….The fight for American Constitutional Liberties….By any means possible…..I guess….*(Tinfoil baseball cap—off…)*

      • The migration out of the blue states is pretty much off the hook right now. Not just NY, but CA, WA, NJ, MA, etc etc etc.

        The internet, and modern communication has rendered the need to be in a cesspool state to be obsolete.

        Soon as I can sell my company, i’m exiting stage right myself.

        • “The migration out of the blue states is pretty much off the hook right now. ”

          But why oh why do they feel it necessary to immediately start to recreate their blue state nirvana as soon as they get here in Red country? It is the same problem I have with immigrants who want to recreate shitholistan as soon as they arrive. I welcome immigrants from within and without who joyfully come to my home because of their desire to add to and participate in that which attracted them in the first place.

        • tax reform’s state and local tax (SALT) deduction being capped at $10,000 will not help matters for those inclined to tax and spend.

        • If your company has value (value added/manufacturing) there are any number of “red” states that will likely help you to leave occupied territory. Do so.

        • Unforunatly we are the ones getting over a 1000 a day of those Socialist turds……….

  3. This right here is an example of the “War of Leftist Aggression”. Make no mistake, at some point, these Liberal Terrorists™️ are going to force us to DEFEND ourselves, our rights and our country. They won’t like the outcome, one bit. It’ll be winner take all, once and for all.

    • Really? TM? That might be the saddest thing I have ever seen in a comments section…

    • If it happens it will make the 1st American Civil War look inexpensive. The Tree of Liberty

  4. The NRA shouldn’t ever have offered “carry insurance”. Others do it better especially paying your legal costs upfront. Even my freakin’ Motor Club(Allstate) pays upfront…got a $100000(or more) laying around if you shoot someone in a defense situation?!?

  5. I’m so glad I never wavered from USCCA.

    It should have been telling when the assholes at the NRA locked them out, and wouldn’t let them set up their booth.

    And in b4 all the “so many emails from USCCA” – Delete them or set up a rule to auto-delete them. “Too many unwanted emails” is the kind of avoidable non-problem old people or technological illiterates suffer from.

    • You should not feel abandoned. Once the left is done with the NRA, they will certainly go after the easy prey and end the USCCA with the mere swipe of a pen. This is for everyone: It is easy to sit in your recliner throwing rocks at the organization that is on the front lines fighting off the biggest attack against the 2nd amendment and our constitutional republic of all time. What is hard is getting off you rear, ignore your slight differences, and help. Oh, and when the USCCA finally gets of their own @ss to actually fight for the 2nd amendment instead of the almighty dollar, then maybe they might deserve a place at the grown-ups table.

  6. The NRA sure filed suit fast here…I wonder when the lawsuit against the state of Florida will be filed…you know, for making 25k+ law abiding subjects felons as of oct. and violating the constitutional rights of all those 18-20year olds? Oh yeah, theres no money in that lawsuit, THATS why it never got filed…niiice.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if the industrial rage against the NRA has less to do with guns & gun control, and more to do with them being co-opted by the Republican Party. Remove the emotion (like the soulless power brokers do) and it makes sense that, long term, Democrat-affiliate banks simply cannot do business with Republican-affiliate organizations, for a whole variety of reasons.

    • You misspeak. The NRA is largely ALIGNED with Conservatives. The Rep Party is largely controlled by swampies. And yes, the anti NRA trolls are largely progtards whiners who should go over to

      Your “co-opted” is progtard speak.

  8. . NRA tried to make gun insurance a thing, and eventually everyone with a firearm would have to have insurance to use a gun, just like a car. Fuck that

  9. From the NRA Carry Guard website:

    Lockton Affinity administers comprehensive personal firearms liability insurance designed for NRA Carry Guard members. Learn about the only personal protection plan with individual benefits administered by Lockton®.

    Not available in NY <== this is new

    • I think all of that will disappear soon, given that Lockton threw in the towel. Moreover, if Lockton violated the NYS excess coverage law, then it probably violated it in other states as well by failing to try to find a domestic (i.e., state admitted carrier) before placing the risk with the excess market. I also have to wonder, does the NRA program even have an insurer backing it right now? I read that the original carrier bailed as well (or at least said that it would not renew their coverage).

  10. L-cubes (Lefty’s, Democrats, Muslims,) all want to destroy the United States! the A-holes can’t fix anything but they sure can F-up a wet one!
    Business’s have no business subverting the Constitution and as such we the people have a moral obligation to do the best we can to eradicate this treasonous action!.

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