Alyssa Milano NoRA protest speech
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Following the rally across the street from the NRA this morning, another group, the allegedly celebrity-driven NoRA (geddit?) held a smaller, more anemic get-together a few blocks away. The headliner was Alyssa Milano who at one time was an actress, but appears to spend most of her time these days tweeting and picking fights with gun rights supporters on Twitter.

This “protest” only drew about 100 people, about half of whom appeared to have walked over from the City Hall protest like I did.

On my way to the second event, I spied the billboard trucks that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety had circling the convention center area to troll the NRA.

I also ran into Open Carry Texas’s C.J. Grisham, with rifle slung, about a block from the protest site.

And while the NoRA protest site was more attractive than the earlier protest, the attendees were much the same.

This was the angry group that chased an InfoWars t-shirt-wearing dude out of the park (he was asked to leave by the police) with chants of “Hey, hey, NRA, how many kids did you kill today?”

But the highlight of the lightly-attended event was clearly “Hollywood star” Alyssa Milano’s reading of a manifesto she calls the “Gun Safety Bill of Rights.” Enjoy.

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        • Commando: The Musical

          Funny stuff.

          But yeah, I’m quickly running out of pity for the naive and ignorant out there. Granted, they believe they are doing the right thing (i.e. their hearts are in the *right* place but their brains are AWOL), they’re just too dumb to see the actual problem.

          Hint, it has nothing to do with guns.

      • You’d think that starting your career at a young age and honing your skills for decades would result in talent that is hard to find in those who start later, but this seems to be the exact opposite when it comes to child actors.

    • She should have stuck to those movies they used to play back in the mid 90s on Cinemax, you know the ones, usually started around 10 at night. She was great in those.

  1. Hey Alyssa…the red-headed lady wants to show you a t-shirt she wore just for you!

  2. ‘Alyssa Milano who at one time was an actress…’

    Only in the broadest sense of the word.

  3. Thanks for the efforts, snowflakes, but I even looked around for the protesters and didn’t see any. Maybe someone should’ve been handing out pizza and antigun t-shirts or something. Pretty pathetic in a town the size of Dallas that they can’t even make enough noise for those they are “protesting” to even hear them.

  4. Would someone please show the NoRA people how an A R 15 is taken apart so they can fix their logo?

  5. Should just start yelling at her “I’ve seen your boobs!”. That might shut her up.

    • Well they DID look good in Poison Ivy😄😎😏 In her forties not so much..

      • You are right, of course. But, I want to make her uncomfortable about her attempt at holding the moral high ground. Public nudity and public simulations of sex strip that morality away. Especially since she was doing it for money.

  6. how many kids has he nra killed? maybe they should asked planned parenthood how many they have killed.

    • That really is the best reply to their attempts at gun control. Millions dead since Roe v Wade became the law of the land. And what do they say? “Women have the right to control their bodies.”. Okay, I have a right to own guns. But in their eyes, the two cannot be equated. This is a load of crap, of course.
      So both sides will continue to beat their heads on opposite sides of the same wall. Our side must win.

  7. OK, I’m probably the only one here who actually watched that video, so two observations. 1) She’s even stupider in front of a microphone than on Twitter, and 2) I’m pretty sure we already have everything she demanded already. She apparently thinks that the mentally ill and those with a history of violence are free to buy and possess as many g uns as they want and that schools aren’t g un free zones, etc.

    • Well, she did just learn that states make their own gun laws a day or two ago when she discovered that the constitutional carry bill moved forward in OK.

    • I couldn’t bear to even consider more than a second watching it.

      It’s probably because I know how wrong I am and how Hollywood always is right having the high ground on morality, ethics, and politics. My patriarchy privileged hillbilly tiny brain couldn’t possibly grasp her intellect, but it is so noble of her to make the attempt.

      • I was actually interested in hearing what she had to say. But her delivery was so painful, that I had to turn it off. She was a minute in to her monologue and only got off about three sentences. I wanted to ram my head through a window.

    • Gov. ….The mentally ill and the violent criminals that cannot legally buy firearms go to anti NRA and second amendment rallies.

    • I had to put up with her in Charmed because the wife liked the show. She was terrible.

    • Ok, video finally downloaded on my phone. Looks like she has at least one on the left side, probably 2 others here also (they’re dressed a little different but don’t seem to be aides and are out looking at the crowd. Video doesn’t show the right side, so I’d guess there are probably some over there too. I’m guessing there was more than a little iron there guarding her also.

      Big surprise.

  8. When I participated in the (sadly, not well attended) Pro-Gun rallies last month, there were American Flags in many hands.

    I have YET to see a SINGLE American Flag being waved by any of these gun control demonstrators.

    • Don’t give them ideas. Anyone can wrap their ideology in the flag. (Remember that American citizens have attempted to justify even evils like the Japanese-American Internment by painting dissenters as insufficiently supporting the US.)

  9. Hmmm… gun free school zones. Check. Access to politicians. Check. Mental health thingy. Sorta kinda in progress. So check. Anyway, the pattern seemed to ask for things generally already in place. Post on Twitter about how they stood up to the NRA and got most of what they wanted. Victory! After all in Hollywood it isn’t about doing good, it’s about looking good.

    • Doesn’t Nikon actually make rifle optics? If so, I wonder if this means they don’t want to sell any more of them…

    • Really a shame. I thought rifle scopes were a significant part of their business. Guess I was wrong about that. Oh well, my last two scope purchases were Vortex, that as far as I can tell seem dedicated to firearms optics and not likely to pull this kind of stunt.

  10. Well that was the most uneducated, and uninformed anti gun bobble head I have heard today

  11. Good job. I think people have already said this… but everything you Nora guys have so-decreed and thus-demanded, you have it. And more, actually. So… can we all go home now and live in peace?

    Notwithstanding, of course, that there is no such thing as “gun violence.” (Semantics, who needs ’em?) But even so, you still get everything you want. I’m all for it… and it’s all done already.

    Hmm, hang on… In the spirit of this new found cooperation and partnership… maybe can we get some things we want, too? A few little things… to make our communities, schools, and families safer? To make our great country safer! I want National Reciprocity. I would also like at least a partial reform of the NFA, namely a deregulation of suppressors and arbitrary arms lengths.

    Hey! I like this 🙂 Our peaceful cooperation, solidarity, and a mutual commitment to Constitutionally protected guaranteed civil rights. I wholeheartedly endorse this.

    Easy peasy trigger squeezy! Be safe.

    (Who is Nora, btw? A Parkland Murders survivor?)

    • They’re so poorly informed that, I believe, if we were to start a petition advocating the registration of machine guns, an excise tax on firearms and ammunition, legislation requiring firearms dealers have a federal license, prohibition of convicted felons possessing firearms and prohibition of armor piercing handgun ammunition, they would all sign it while shouting that we are *finally* doing something about “gun violence”.

      • Maybe we should do that. Pretend to fight about it, grudgingly give in, waste months of their time during election season… And to stop it, their national propaganda shops would have to tell the drones the truth for once.

      • By god, you said it. We are really onto something big here. Just think of the stunned silence… We must ensure that violent convicted felons are not allowed to legally buy guns, and we must make sure that underage teens can’t waltz into a gun show and buy automatic weapons… and we really must support laws about people holding loaded guns in their hands and pointing them at people in public. This could be the breakthrough!

        Who knew there were so many things we had in common with these crazy Everytown people?! I truly feel a new spirit of harmony and solidarity on the horizon. We must be able to harbor and harness this goodwill… surely after a few “stunning victories” they’ll throw us a little bone, a little reward for being so responsible and “common sensey….”

        There’s just no end to the unity, and we all can contribute– I hereby propose that all semi-automatic weapons MUST only fire ONE round when the trigger is pressed and held down. This is something that I have thought about for a long time, along with magazine capacity– let’s end this high capacity scourge that’s been mowing down Americans like a John Deere, no more excuses. From now on NO magazine should EVER be able to hold more cartridges than the magazine is capable of holding, period. And for that matter, no magazine should be able to be used in a firearm for which it is not compatible– we don’t need kids walking around adding extra killing power to our streets with 200-round belt-fed Glocks. They need books and computers, not machine guns. I think we all know this can work.

        Cool… I am going to try out this new tack on all my California family. 🙂 They’ll think I found religion, I’m sure. I’ll take an impromptu “Sandy Hook Promise” and personally commit myself to never walk into a school and start deliberately shooting people.

        Progress. Sounds good, feels good… is good. 😀

        • Good call, let’s limit magazine capacity to the physical capacity of the magazine. Hear, Hear, Henceforth we shall obey the laws of physics.

  12. Never heard of the bitch. Maybe that’s because I don’t watch much of anything from hollyweird, and I don’t do any form of social media. Keeps me sane.

  13. Oh god…She and followers have the I.Q. of a Spaghetti Squash….Why is any Pro2@ person even listening to them…They should be barred from any politics because the level of stupid is lower than high-school mentality…Less than a GED !

  14. Gun Safety Bill of Rights.
    Freedom from Want.
    Freedom form Fear.
    Freedom from Freedom.
    Right to Safety is not a right.

  15. Go away, Alyssa, you forgotten has-been. And BTW, I just donated an additional $10 to the NRA. Thanks for the further motivation, Milano.

  16. humm?

    and we should listen to a VERY privileged brat that never grew up?

    she has never fought for a paycheck, had a hard day at work, wondered where the the next meal was coming from or worried about the bills being paid…EVER.

    lets not even add the armed guards and high fences of the mansions she lives in??

    I see her crazed ilk everyday living and working in the Hollywood area..and yep I worked the very same stages she did…but I was not a coddled, spoiled child star, who had everything she demanded in seconds!…I had a REAL JOB!

    • You missed her post childhood career when she starred in soft core porn before moving on to Charmed, then.

  17. Just go do your sex tape already cameltoe.oh i forgot.. behind your gated community too.where you are safe.with armed guards.unlike us lesser people.

  18. Why are people taking an actress who starred in soft core porn seriously, again?

  19. Alyssa Milano and her Demanding Commie momies,what do we want “Communism”,when do we want it ,”we want it now.”

  20. A common thread is something I read by an anti gun candidate. While talking about proposed new anti – gun laws they said ; ….. paraphrase —

    ‘ We want a ban on AR’s , and Extreme Risk gun seizure laws ( no due process ) and as long as we GET THAT …. we will drop our demands for a full BAN on Semi – Auto’s. ‘

    So , they are telling us what Freedoms they are going to — ” ALLOW US ” … to keep.
    How nice of them.

  21. So there were 80,000 people inside and somewhere between 200 and 2,000 (depending on who you ask) outside. And the ones outside are trying to convince us they are the ones winning?

    I guess if you repeat the lie often enough?

  22. She’s the only person I’ve ever seen that does a diet system commercial but was still fat.

  23. Two replies are all that are needed in response, both of which were written by men far wiser than most of us, especially Ms. Milano.

    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
    — Benjamin Franklin

    While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
    — 1 Thessalonians 5:3

  24. Well I am glad that the counter protest was small. I was wondering as the gun controllers had had those huge protests throughout the cities and then we had puny pro-gun protests, but now it is the opposite it seems.

  25. Always liked Alyssa because she was pretty. Now I will enjoy her with the sound off.

  26. Guy wears a shirt comparing Trump to hitler, and he wants to give him all the guns. In what realm does that make any sense? Do they realize how illogical that is?

  27. I’d only watch Alyssa Milano read the ‘Gun Safety Bill of Rights’ if she was nekkid.

  28. This was some of the most illiterate and illogical gibberish I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. Doesn’t she have people to read scripts for her? Apparently she was reading the Bloomberg playbook. All it shows is that the antigun mafia don’t know what they want, nor do they know how to get it. They are apparently satisfied with embarrassing themselves in public to the cheers of coached minions, and believe that this constitutes political action. I hope Bloomberg paid her well for this abysmal performance (about par for her movie repertoire). Your guns are safe if dimwit bimbos like this are all they’ve got.

  29. Typical liberal elitist…. she has armed security at the event and lies about it… no guns for the small people…FOAD….

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