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The Mossberg Shockwave’s been a popular choice for home defense and as a truck gun. But the 12 gauge version of the non-NFA firearm, while certainly packing a punch, certainly isn’t anyone’s idea of a gun that’s fun to shoot. Now, though, with an announcement just before NRA, Mossberg’s added a .410 version to the 12 and 20 bores that may be just what the doctor ordered.

A .410 Shockwave gives you Mossy’s venerable 590 receiver design (with the safety right where God intended it) and a six-round capacity. With all of the .410 loads available now, thanks to guns like the Taurus Judge and S&W Governor (think Winchester PDX1 or Federal Premium Personal Defense), there’s a nice selection of effective personal defense ammo to choose from.

Best of all, a .410 probably won’t make you regret your decision to pull the trigger. We hope to get our hands on one soon to confirm that suspicion. Here are the specs:

Capacity: 6 shells
Chamber: 3 inches
Barrel length: 14 inches
Sights: Bead
Chokes: Cylinder Bore
Length: 26.37 inches
Weight: 4.24 lbs.
MSRP: $455

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    • Can’t we just have fun guns anymore?

      • I agree, I just want this for stupid shenanigans with random objects to shoot at.

      • No we can’t !! Didn’t you hear ? Maybe they will left , I mean let us the h.’ll alone . focus on something other than POTG !! The 590 12 GA is a great home defence ? Not rifle . not shotgun . tool I suppose. $369 at Herb Philipsons. 12 GA model.

      • The 12 gauge Mossy Shockwave isn’t a lot of fun to begin with. First time I picked one up, I strained my shoulder because the damn thing was so unbelievably freaking heavy – far heavier than a Mossberg 500 Cruiser. The Shockwave doesn’t need shells to be an effective, self-defense tool: you can easily bludgeon a thug to death or kill 10,000 Phillistines with it.

        At least the .410 version has a manageable weight.

        • Looking at the photos of the Shockwave didn’t prepare me for how heavy it was. Does it really need to be that way?

        • It weighs 5.25 lbs unloaded. Very light for a shotgun. If you can’t handle that then go get yourself a .380 mouse gun.

    • It feels good when I sell a customer the gun they need.
      It feels better when I sell them the gun that makes them smile.

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    • You know, if the only guns made were for 100% pragmatism, there would be like 3 guns to choose from. Sometimes people want something besides an AR/glock.

        • Recoil with Federal 00 is also interesting. I tried a slug just for fun and fun it was not.

          It’s the lightest 12ga shoulder-able pump I’ve ever handled, and it’s now loaded with reduced recoil 00; with those it’s at least manageable.

          In 20ga or 410 I bet it would be much easier to manage.

        • Anner, try it with reduced recoil loads or, even better, install a Topsol Mini clip and use Aguilla mini slugs. Eight in the tube, one in the pipe. The 12 ga. is positively tame. But still packs a wallop and plenty accurate out to at least 20 yards. What’s the longest line of sight in your house?

    • “It’s 12 and 20 gauge and .410 bore.”

      Don’t forget 16 gauge…everyone forgets 16 gauge.

  1. Now we just need Aguilla to step up and make Minishells in 20. No need to miniaturize .410.

    • “No need to miniaturize .410.”

      Mini- 2-pellet buckshot .410 might be interesting. An extra round in there would be nice.

      I’m having visions of that thing in a custom leather scabbard on the front fork of my bike for doggie control…

    • Mini-shells in both 20 gauge and .410 would be outstanding.

      I am seriously thinking of getting one of those in .410 — although I am not thrilled with the .410 slugs which are only 95 grains. Now, if someone made a .410 shell with a 225 grain slug, THAT would be incredible.

  2. I’ll just stick with my old Mossberg 500 that came with 2 barrels and a pistol grip and cost around $350. If I have to use it in a defensive situation I won’t even feel the recoil and I’ll be glad I’m sending 12 ga. 00 downrange.

    • Mine came with 2 barrels and a fixed shoulder stock. It serves as my primary hunting gun in season and a secondary house gun when the season ends. I paid 179 bucks for it, new, years ago.

      I recently bought a new hunting barrel for it. New with porting and threaded chokes. 179 bucks. I have newer, ‘better’, shotguns. But I still prefer this one to hunt with.

      I have been known to break out one of my old single shots to take on a hunt with me. Gets chuckles from my hunting buddies.

      • I work in sporting goods at a big box store which still sells guns. Whenever someone is looking at a shotgun I make sure to inform them that the Mossy 500 does have shorter barrels available and explain how easy it is to swap out barrels. We may not be able to sell “tactical” or home defense guns any more but I like to let people know how they can have a shotgun that can fill both purposes. Besides, I like modular/convertible guns–that’s probably why I own a P250!

      • Oh, mine came with a shoulder stock and a pistol grip along with the 18″ and 28″ barrels. The 28″ is ported.

  3. Not sure about the .410, but he the 20 gauge seems like it could actually fill a niche. Personally I’d rather have a shot gun with a stock you can shoulder, even if it means a longer barrel to stay legal. But then, I’d also want that in a 12 gauge, so I guess I’m not the target market.

    • I have an 18.5″ 590A1 I put one of those bird’s head grips on, and it’s legal at over 26″ overall length.
      You can do the same for an 870.
      Of course, check local laws first.

    • With a hand that won’t hate you after you shoot it, of course.

      Sheesh… 😉

    • A venerable, finely made 590, that has been a fine piece of American made weaponry for a few decades, or a foreign made piece of shit that is going to fall apart and self destruct, if you can even get it back from Taurus due to the inevitable recall that will ensue.

      Make sense.

    • I have a judge: .410/ .45 long colt
      : 6 in. bbl 12.5 in. overall
      : 3 in mag. cyl.
      : serious fun

    • I’ll stick to my Ruger Charger with its 10″ barrel, 3 lb BX trigger and 110-round GSG drum filled with CCI Stingers that I can fully dump in 20 seconds keeping them inside a 2″ circle at 25 feet (the furthest unobstructed distance inside my house).

      Now, picture that 2″ circle overlaid on a thug’s face and tell me again how .22LR’s would not be good for self-defense.

      Shooting a shotgun off inside my home would render me permanently deaf (not to mention the mess it would make). Not so with my Charger (or even my 10/22).

  4. The 12 gauge recoil isn’t even that bad. Also not fun? I had a sh*t eating grin the whole time. The shockwave grip really helps with the recoil compared to a regular pistol grip

    • Agree, it’s fun. Once you get the hang of it, you can pretty much hit what you’re shooting at. Sometimes you get a gun just for the f*&k of it.

  5. Recoil is a funny thing….my wife, who barely tolerates a .243 for hunting, loves shooting a 12 gauge “from the hip”. She tried a shockwave at the range the other day and thought it was great….

  6. “Shockwave” is what you feel when you shoot the 12 gauge. In .410, it should be more like a powder puff.

    It might be fun to own one, but it’s not legal for FFLs to sell one in the Commonwealth of Massivetwoshits.

  7. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. I’ll take it.

    (Kitchen door gun for the wife, before anyone asks.)

  8. I wish they’d release the SPX Lever gun in a .357/.38 Special configuration.

    I think it’s so stinkin’ ugly that it’s cool.

    One of those is something other than .30-30 would be amazingly fun to shoot.

  9. I’m hoping this will be legal here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey.
    Better get one before our new governor, Phil Murphy, bans it!
    By the way, someone sells a spike that fits into the end of the Mossberg 500 magazine tube (to replace the sling swivel stud), and it seems like it would be a great fit on this, giving this tiny but powerful* gun a tiny bayonet for home defense.

    *To anyone who thinks .410 buckshot from a 14-inch barrel isn’t powerful, it’s like getting shot with three to five 9mm (.357) bullets at the same time! FYI, triple-aught buckshot comes out of a .410 shotgun with the same velocity as it does from a 12-gauge shotgun, there are just fewer pellets, three to five pellets instead of 12. And since it holds six shots, multiply that by six! Tell me anyone (other than a Terminator robot) who could get hit with 18 to 30 9mm (.357) rounds to their center-of-mass and still remain a threat to you. I’m waiting…

    • Derringer Dave,

      While #000 buckshot pellets are the same diameter as 9mm bullets, #000 buckshot pellets only weigh 70 grains — which means those pellets have substantially less sectional density and will not penetrate as deeply as popular 9mm bullets in the 125 to 147 grain range.

      Thus, it is NOT accurate to say that shooting an attacker with a standard .410 shot shell (which has three #000 buckshot pellets) is the same as shooting that attacker with three rounds from a 9mm handgun.

      While those #000 pellets will not penetrate as far as 9mm bullets, I have to wonder if they will nevertheless have the same amount of “stopping power” as 9mm Luger since you would be dumping three pellets into an attacker at the same time. Either way, I sure would not want to be on the receiving end.

  10. Still illegal in Ohio, unless they rifle the barrels and label it a pistol.
    I can drive 5 minutes from my house and cross over into Kentucky and Shockwaves are legal.

  11. I am not sure, I think a barrel shorter than 16 inches is considered a pistol.
    The ammo for .410 has spiked.
    My judge shoots anything you can put in a .410. ( 3 in.)
    #4 shot is .24in diameter ( slightly bigger than a .22 caliber)
    7 -1/2 shot is good home defense. So is .45 long colt

  12. I love the idea, it’s great for people who live in apartments an don’t want to kill the neighbors kid while trying to protect your house. Or kill someone in your own home. I’ve killed Wild Turkeys with a .410 an I deer hunt with a .243 everyone of them have dropped in their track,even had one quartering away an hit behind the shoulder an it came out low an he did a complete flip an kicked once. Guys are are using way too big of a gun in most cases. I guess it’s like the old guy who goes out an buys a Corvette. I think they are making up for a short coming in their life. You put two even small slugs into someones chest that’s enough in most cases.

  13. So wait a minute here. If I can get a shotgun receiver that has “never had a shoulder stock attached” and buy/make a stub grip for it then I can have my own homebrew shockwave?

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