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Click here to see the NRA ad that led the Garden State Governor to destroy his chances of  becoming President of the United States.

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  1. This ass-hat pretty much said, “We’re special. That’s why we get protection.” While implying that us commoners don’t.

    • What do you want to bet that the accolades of Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy were calculated to sink Romney’s ship so he could run in 4 years?

    • You guys are crazy if you think that hurt his future politically. Only the fringiest among you refuse to get what he’s saying. That leaves the vast majority of gun owners and even NRA members agreeing.

      The thing I don’t agree with is that the NRA has real issues to discuss. It doesn’t, hence the dirty tactics. Refusing to budge on background checks and gun availability issues puts them and you on the margins of the debate. You’re not nearly as numerous or as influential as you think.

      • 100 million people are not influential? Where did you come up with this vast majority of NRA members and gun owners that are supposedly on your side of this issue?

        Hello, earth to Mikey numbers, we already do federal background checks at your insistence. You mean they aren’t working? Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. And, just what gun availability are you talking about?

        This is the problem with authoritarians like you Mikey. You are NEVER satisfied. We caved on the background checks you claimed would keep bad people from getting weapons and now you claim they don’t work and need to be stronger, better, tougher than ever. What, pray tell, short of complete citizen disarmament, will finally please you?

        BTW, I never liked this fat slug of a scumbag politician.

        • What do you think that the entire 100 million are as extreme as you?

          The background check system is a joke. What the hell good is it if many states don’t report their criminals and lunatics and you can easily by a gun privately without it anyway?

      • Are you insinuating Big Bill was set up? The guy had a perpetual erection for most of his career. Do you think he had any more respect for the people of this country that he had for women?

    • Yea and he helped Kid Kenya get reelected. How come no one mentions all the promises made to the Sandy victims, some who still are not back in their homes, that have gone un filled? I’ve lost all respect for Christie. Look at the exploitative state he runs. When I first saw him, I thought he was a runaway Bob’s Big Boy statue in a suit. I will not go to NY or NJ. And I live in NY for over 2 decades, but it was a much different place then.

  2. Children have no choice of who their birth father is. However, politicians have the choice whether they put their children in that position. Be an adult and protect your own kids.

    • I say we put them on old 1972 CZ400’s with the throttles wired wide open, duct tape their hands and feet to the foot pegs and grips, and let nature take it’s course. Stock Trial shocks of course….

      • Nice sentiment. Although as I recall;

        CZ 400’s (and 250’s for that matter) throttles usually stuck wide open anyway and you needed the bailing wire just to hold the carb. from rattling off.

        You had to duct tape your hands and feet to the bike just to stay on. Slick pegs and granite hard grips required it.

        But not stock trail shocks. As standard equipment they came with worthless Czech fish oil in the forks and shocks that seeped out from the factory making them just above total garbage. Only suitable for loading and unloading from your truck.

        On the other hand……………..let em have at it!

  3. “don’t drag peoples kids into it”

    You mean like the President did at his speech yesterday?

    “Our children had no choice”

    You mean that the children at Sandy hook, Columbine, etc…, did?

    Typical elitist talk

  4. The NRA’s point was right on. It is bullsh!t that public figures get armed guards, weapon permits etc yet us regular citizens aren’t allowed the same rights and protections.

    Last time I checked being Governor was VOLUNTARY. Your kids had a choice, you didn’t have to run. And being a public figure is VOLUNTARY, you dip.

  5. This fat fvck makes me look,well not skinny, but at least not as fat a fvck. And when he speaks,jeebus, I’m almost embarassed to be an OFWG.

    • Lardass, get you gear squared away. Just one exercise is key, deep knee bends; you can do them in a suit, anytime, anywhere. And if you have knee pain, it will help it if you don’t push; listen to the wisdom of your body at any pain and don’t go so deep and/or wait. The reps and frequency of groups will come.

      Add other stuff when you’re not in a suit.

  6. What about them….??? NJ people have a Second Amendment Rights too. They should go buy guns and practice every weekend with them! The governor of NJ should respect the Second Amendment Rights of his people!!!

    • Correction: people of NJ have extremely limited and restricted 2A rights. I’d bet anything that we will never have concealed carry in this state, even if every single politician was a Republican. I don’t even know why they call themselves Republicans in NJ, they’re to the left of everybody else. New gun laws and bans are just around the corner, Christie will happily sign them into law. You know, for the children.

      • Which is why he will never wedge his fat a$$ behind the desk in the Oval Office. Unfortunately for Jerseyites New Jersey is where he will stay.

  7. Christie, you ass hat. No one is criticizing the presidents kids or saying the Presidents kids should not have protection. They are saying the president and his supports in the Washington and the media are hypocrites to say other peoples kids would not benefit from meaningful security in public schools when they themselves have children that are protected by armed guards.

    • This is the big “Doh!” that has managed to escape the gun banning crowd. On Newsvine, there were all these comments condemning the NRA for suggesting tha the Presidnet and his children should NOT be protected. Wait wait wait, people, the suggestion is that, since we are all equal, OUR children should have the right to armed security too.

      What is so difficult to understand? Even the WH missed the point.

  8. Well, there goes all that MSM love for him as a possible GOP president…..NOT. Assbag can stay in Jersey and let his girlfriend weave his back hair…

  9. I use to think Governor Christie was a decent guy.

    Now I think he’s an idiot.

    If he is honestly stupid enough to conflate the issues that way, then he is too stupid to hold political office. There is an OBVIOUS difference between being a politician having your kids protected by the secret service and wanting all kids to be protected, and a politician having your kids protected by the secret service and wanting all the poor and middle class kids to be unprotected. Obama is the latter, therefore he is a horrible human being.

      • I used to like, maybe that’s too strong of a word, I thought he wasn’t that bad but I was wrong. None of these politicians realize that “bad guys” don’t follow the laws. Isn’t heroin illegal, and cocaine, and you get the point.

  10. I’m only 30 seconds in (and I like Christie, btw), and I already have a beef with what he’s saying:

    No one is blaming the President’s kids.

  11. It no more reprehensible than using kids to make a political point FOR gun control.

    The NRA ad is in poor taste and comes at the subject in the wrong way. Any one should understand his kids have more protection so they cannot be used against him and our country. Are they more important than my kids to me? No of course not. Are they more important to the security of the entire nation than my kids, yes I can see that. I don’t have the responsibility of leading an entire nation, it’s military forces, or nuclear weapons.

    Of course, Christie’s response isn’t much better.

    • Yeah, but Obama is trying to make sure that NO ONE ELSE’S kids are protected, unless they are rich or a politician. Big difference. I have no problem with someone who can afford it sending their kids to fancy private schools with armed guards, but I DO have a problem with the same person if he or she says poor and middle class kids shouldn’t be protected.

      • Right, NRA did a horrible job making that argument. They almost got their right answer wrong through their abysmal delivery and poor style.

        Sorry Nate, I took too long typing my comments again and said the same thing you did (below), but with worse delivery and less style.

  12. ‘‘Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.’’ — Heinrich Himmler

  13. I almost changed my opinion when he was brown nosing Zero after Sandy but I told myself he was kissin ashcan for the good of the PPL of NJ. Now I have had a total change of heart, this guy is just another elitest and a shoo-in as the GOP candidate for 2016. I’m voteing for Rand Paul

  14. What Christie overlooks is that the NRA ad was not referring to the Secret Service security for Obama’s children, but to the fact that Obama’s children, and the children of other Washington notables, attend a school at which they have access, at least by proxy, to lethal response, by people armed with the very sort of weapons these notables would like to deny to the rest of us, to a significant threat against their safety. It’s like New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg seeking to deny New Yorkers the right to defend themselves by lethal force, while the two of them veas at their disposal armed security details, which New Yorkers of lesser prominence don’t have, or like CA’s Senator Dianne Feinstein seeking to deprive others of the sense of security she got when, several years ago, she took out a concealed carry permit. Feinstein may since have given the permit up, but she’s another person who can avail herself of armed protection by proxy, an opportunity most of us do not have. For anyone who counters that we ordinary folks have the police, I will simply repeat the gun-owners’ adage, to wit, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

  15. Why on Earth are people getting so upset at this ad from NRA?

    Have they hit a nerve, perhaps?

    Additionally, I also wouldn’t trust the security hired by a school run by Quakers, but that’s just me…

  16. As much as I hate to admit it, the president’s kids put all of us Americans at greater risk than anyone of us’s individual kids do to the leverage that could be exploited through them. They subsequently live under much greater risk than ours.
    I guess since only my family would really care if harm came to them only my family needs to be armed to protect them. And every other family to protect their own.
    Oh, I guess I reasoned right back to NRA’s underlieing argument. And I’ll keep my guns.

  17. While I personally disliked the ad (very “amateur hour” production wise) I support the message they’re trying convey. I don’t doubt the pres kids, bigwig execs kids, other pols kids, etc. are quite possibly potential high value targets for some crazy person/persons, but it is hypocrisy to suggest that the pres kids are somehow more worthy of protection than my nieces or nephew (I don’t have kids).

  18. Christie is a RINO and always has been. He talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk when it comes to Conservative ideals.

  19. Two points.

    1. He’s running for re-election in NJ. NJ will love this.
    2. If you think becoming the media’s favorite Republican isn’t a smart strategy for getting on top of the Republican ticket, I point you to the last two Presidential elections. You don’t win the Presidency, but you can get the nomination.

  20. Will someone please tell the NRA to provide some media confirmation that the hypocrisy is not merely the seperation of the politicians families having armed protection, some of which they pay for, most of which is provided by our tax dollars. But the FACT that they have legislated my RIGHT to protect my children, or even pay for protection for MY children in the public school system because they say they are a GUN FREE ZONE. Remove this ignorant law and let the PEOPLE manage our schools, the government has NO BUSINESS creating legislation that only allows those finincially able to send their children to private schools of their choice (there are plenty of private ivy league schools without armed security, those happen to not have the obama children enrolled…..) while leaving the other 95% of the american populace at their whim.

  21. I’m sorry but who was the first t0 “bring the kids into it”????????? Not the NRA, I believe it was all those anti gun people! Check me if I’m wrong….

  22. It takes a village……… feed that man. Why does anyone listen that attention loving fat fvck?? I so hope he runs for prez in 2016, I would to see him waste a fortune of money only to lose.

  23. I think the big tub needs some Vagisil and to stfu. In his state you need a permit to purchase a bb gun or slingshot. How’s that for freedom??? Christy didn’t mind when Obama was accusing Romney of being responsible for the deaths of workers and their families. These fascists have no shame. Hey, you can’t be a Guvnah for forever. Maybe soon he’ll be unemployed like so many other Americans.

  24. The choice is clear. Chris Christie and Barack Obama could have chosen not to run for public office. Then, their children would not be in the limelight.

    One other thought…if gun control is such an effective means of combating violent crime, will Obama end Secret Service protection for his children if more stringent gun control measures are passed?

  25. He lost my respect when he ordered the state’s flags flown at half mast because Whitney Houston died. He never got it back and never will…stay in New Jersey dude, you are meant for each other.

  26. Yet another republican(read RINO) coming down
    with a serious case of cranial/rectal inversion.

    We can still hold out hope but the governor’s case
    appears to be politically fatal (hopefully anyway).

  27. I agree with Gov Christie on this. I know, he knows, we all know what point the NRA is trying to make with that ad. But they are absolutely clueless with regard to trying to win the public perception battle. The public, who many of which are already blaming the NRA for Sandy Hook, are now watching the NRA attack Obama’s kids.

    I can’t imagine any parent being happy about the fact that because of their job and due to the nature off the society we live in that without armed protection their kids are at risk. To suggest that the Presidents kids are somehow privileged because they have armed protection is a severe stretch of reality. They are protected by armed guards just as much for our sake as their own. A President grieving over the death of his kids by an armed assailant or kidnapper isn’t much of a President at all.

    And to the Governor’s point, there are so many juicy meatball issues that the NRA could gain support on, why polarize the public against you on this topic.

    The post-Sandy Hook NRA continues to fail miserably in my book.

  28. Christie, you are a fat sack of redundant protoplasm! I’m glad you won’t be wandering the halls of the White House with your fat ass cheeks meandering about like a pair of interstate buses!

  29. It is a shame that Henry Arms moved to Jersey not long ago from New York.
    We would welcome them in Pa. for sure and they wouldn’t have zellots like that to deal with.

  30. Christie is about to change parties, you just wait and see. All of that brown nosing after the hurricane and now this. He loves Obama. I’ve always disliked the guy and stuff like this is why.

  31. I somewhat liked him for a while, even though he’s always been weak on 2A issues. He’s just proven to me he’s not worthy of my support. I hope he stays in New Jersey. They deserve him.

  32. The NRA blew it big time with this ad. We all know the message they wanted to convey, but they failed. It was perceived by many in the way that Christie argues, and they all reacted “what are you stupid? OF COURSE the President’s kids have armed guards.” The point was missed, that it’s not about their necessity for it. It’s about the anti-gun side being so derisive of the NRA’s suggestion for armed guards, saying it won’t work OR will cause even more problems, or saying that “gun free zones” or gun bans are a much better alternative, but then choosing armed security for themselves. How is it possible that they can tell YOU that armed security is a stupid, horrible idea, but it’s necessary to keep them safe. If it doesn’t work, why do they all need it? How about a law saying it’s a Gun Free Zone within 1,000 yards of a politician? If it is the best option to protect our kids, it’s the best option to protect them and theirs. If an assault weapons ban will be so effective, then they can probably get rid of their security as well since no criminal will ever be able to get a deadly weapon again.

  33. It is very scary that people think this way. Someone needs to show this guy some real evil, then maybe he will believe that there really is evil in this world.

    • Your wish for harm on this guy is what the anti-gunners want us to have. It feeds their fears, and supports them as well, that gun owners are crazy-dangerous people and that they are doing the right thing.

  34. I kind of have to admit, for it’s first ad push as a response to renewed calls for gun control… it’s a really shitty ad and deserves to be criticized.

    I swear the NRA is completely tone-deaf and has no idea how to talk to anyone besides it’s own members.

  35. Seriously, NRA:

    You have plenty of members who aren’t far-right Tea Party types. A lot of us aren’t even Republicans, and I bet there’s a few Democrats in there too.

    How about you run some of these ads past us first before releasing them into the public. Maybe get some idea of how they might be perceived by different demographics.

    What the hell are our membership dollars going towards, because it sure as hell isn’t a competent public relations team.

  36. You know, maybe if politicians had less power, like the Constitution requires, there’d be a lot less need for 24 hour guards for them.

    Hey Christie. My kid has no choice in being a victim of a crime either. I can’t afford 24 hour multiple guards like yours get, so I’m arming myself.

    This NRA ad was so effective that the politicians are falling all over themselves blindly reinforcing the point it made. Christie doesn’t even seem to realize that he just said that his kids are more important than ours, and we’re too worthless to need to protect our kids from murderous psychopaths. Only his kids have that value. All praise and honor to our Dear Leader from whom all good things come.

  37. One minute of his nonsense was enough for me to listen too. This elitists who are all upset with the NRA ad would have people believe that the NRA was more at fault and guilty than they the elites are for dismissing the safety of the 99% who are not elites living and dieing on Main Street.

  38. These dunce politicos need to understand that they politicize our children ALL THE TIME!

    If you want to keep kids out of the debate, stop surrounding yourself with kids, stop reading letters from kids, and stop all the photo ops with kids!

    Another classic case of “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

  39. What children DO have a choice regarding a parent’s profession? Such a ridiculous premise. The issue here is that CHOICE has been REMOVED from the adults, the parents of these children. Even if they WANT to protect their children, they are prohibited by onerous Federal and State “Gun Free Zone” laws. THAT is the issue.

  40. Family members of the POTUS get special protection because a kidnapper’s demands would probably be something political in nature, eg release prisoners from Gitmo. So it is our nation’s interest to prevent them from becoming pawns in that way.


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